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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 6

We find a stairwell for our hands to explore each other
Kat and Cyrano

Chapter 6: Stairway to Paradise

When I got on the bus with my friend – now also my lover – Eric, on Monday morning (Sept. 29), I warned him that I might not be very pleasant company this morning. “As you know, my most unwelcome monthly visitor has been putting me through hell since Thursday night. It got even worse yesterday!”

He put his arm around me, and I purred. “Mmmm, this is nice! I’m feeling better already!” I snuggled in closer and whispered “Remember how closely we snuggled on Friday?”

“We can’t do that on the bus,” he laughed.

“If my body wasn’t making my life miserable right now, I’d probably try!” I smiled. I tried to laugh, but wound up wincing in the attempt.

A pain hit me, and I started to yell, “Mother f----” and then I remembered where I was and stopped myself.

When we got off the bus, I told him I’d better not walk with him today. In my discomfort, I might say something I would regret. And so we went our separate ways to our jobs.

That night, I emailed to him: “Great news, darling! That horrid visitor finally left this afternoon, and my body is very ready to enjoy you again! Tomorrow morning, show me that mall stairway you found? Please? I hunger to touch you in your special place again! Love from your starving Kat….purrrrrr!”

Tuesday morning, Sept. 30, we took the downtown bus an hour earlier than normal, so we would have extra time to enjoy each other.

The stairway he had found was a fire stairway between the two-story mall and the adjoining four-story parking garage. Being an emergency stairway, the doors had no locks, so we looked around to be sure nobody saw us; we entered the stairway, and quickly closed it behind us.

We explored the whole stairway. The first and second floor opened into both the mall and the garage. And, of course, the third and fourth floors were garage only.

There was a four-story elevator right next to the emergency fire stairway, so we knew nobody was likely to use the stairs and find us. Besides, the mall wouldn’t open yet for three hours.

Still, we decided the landing just above the second floor was our best bet. Above and out of sight of anyone who might walk between the first and second floor of the mall. And nobody was likely to walk 3 to 4 flights of fire stairs from the garage side, when they could use the elevator. And the landing gave us more room.

He gently leaned me against the wall. We threw our arms around each other and kissed each other with an intense hunger. We drew back and gazed adoringly into each other’s eyes. Our fingers moved to unbutton each other’s shirts. I had worn no bra, and soon we were stroking and kissing each other’s bare chest.

We resumed kissing. My hard nipples were drilling into his bare chest.

I playfully reached down and unbuckled his belt, leaving it on him and his pants zipped. I eagerly jammed my right hand down the front of his pants, under his boxers. I wrapped my hand around all that wonderful hardness of his. And when he throbbed for me, I couldn’t stop purring!

He hiked up my skirt above my navel, and he took half a step back. I was wearing the teeniest, tiniest black silk g-string, and when he saw it, he started breathing hard.

“You like it?” I grinned.

His only answer was a loud moan of intense desire.

“I bought it for you….for us!”

“I want to nibble it right off of you!” he moaned again.

“Mmmmm, I’d like that!” I grinned and winked at him.

His teeth clasped the center of my panties, and tugged them down my thighs, halfway down to my knees.

We hugged each other tight again, kissing, jamming our tongues into each other’s mouth, my nipples pressed tight up against his chest again. My hand was still encircling his hard cock, and I began lovingly, lustfully stroking my hand up and down.

I unzipped his pants, and I pulled him out through his open zipper. I could pump him much more easily this way.

His fingers stroked my bush, and he groaned, “I love petting your Kat fur!”

“I love it to, but I’d be happier if your fingers would…..”

“Say no more,” he laughed, as he slowly slid his long, slender middle finger deep into my totally uncovered womanhood.

I nuzzled even closer to his nearly naked body, in our secret secluded stairway. The fact that someone could potentially enter the stairway and see us, had my heart pounding in my breast….or was it the thumb he was now pressing hard into my pulsating clit, that had my heart racing? “Purrrrrrrrrr!”

And then his index fingers joined his middle finger in me, as his thumb began to swirl against my very horny clit.


I jacked him off faster and faster, making his sexy moans louder and louder.

His two fingers separated in me, opening me very wide for him. And his fingers slid into me even deeper!

I shuddered hard, from head to toe. He took half a step back from me, his hand still deep inside of me. I looked down, just in time to watch myself pour my excitement all over his hand.

I pumped his goodness so fast now, and we were both staring intently at his massive cock hanging so big and thick out of his open trousers, as he exploded …. exploded all thick, hot, sweet, and sticky onto my adoring fingers and my wrist.

I hadn’t meant to say it, and I surprised myself when I shouted, “I love you!”

He slid his two fingers into me again, and I squeezed my hand tighter around his hard cock. We watched as we both came powerfully hard onto each other’s hand.

When we had both calmed down, he whispered, “How long have we been here?”

“Who cares?” I purred joyously. “I don’t want this moment to ever end!”

“Me either. But our bosses might!”

His comment snapped me back to reality, from my blissful visit to la-la land.

I gently stuffed his still amazingly hard cock back into his boxers, and I zipped him up and re-buckled his belt. He knelt down and kissed my bush, whispered “I love you, too,” kissed me there again, and then he pulled my panties back up my thighs and smoothed my skirt back down into place.

I rubbed his chest, as I re-buttoned each button of his shirt. “I love you,” I whispered.

He nibbled my left nipple, then my right, and after another “I love you,” he re-buttoned my blouse.

Hand in hand, grinning from ear to ear, we walked back down the two and a half flights of fire stairs.

We slowly opened the door, and looked around to see that there was nobody nearby to notice us. Then, tightly holding each other’s sticky, gooey hand, we giggled our way back to where we had to go in different directions to our jobs.

At lunch time, he sent me an email. “I somehow got to the office on time, but I was late for work anyway. When I got there, I was still so hard from the sweet love we shared this morning, I had to head straight to the men’s room and lock the stall.

“I made myself come twice, before I finally lost my very noticeable hard-on, so I wouldn’t have anything to explain to my boss. I love that you did this to me! I love you!”

I wrote back: “I’ve got you beat by one. I was still so horny after we parted this morning, and when I got to my office, it took giving myself three orgasms in the ladies’ room, to finally calm down enough so I could focus on my job. Thank you, thank you, THANK you! Your friend, lover, and so much more. Love, Kat.”

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