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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 7

I find a riverfront spot where we make love
Kat and Cyrano

Chapter 7: Down by the River

Because I had an all-day training class at another location, not at my office, I wasn’t able to be in his arms on Tuesday, Sept. 30. I hated that! It was a damned miserable day, not being able to start it with him!

On lunch break, however, I discovered something absolutely wonderful, and the naughty possibilities of my discovery made my afternoon much easier to take than my morning.

That night, I emailed him: “Meet me at the bus an hour early tomorrow. I have something to show you in the morning that I know you’re going to like!”

On the bus Wednesday morning, Oct. 1, I told him to stay on, we were getting off two stops past our usual. As we stepped off the bus, I smiled at him and held his hand and led him down to the riverfront.

“I was walking here on lunch break from my class yesterday,” I beamed. “See, how there’s this public trail all along the river?”

“Yeah. So?”

I led him down the trail. “Now see how this trail now branches off here, to a second, lower trail, even closer to the river?” I led him down this more secluded trail.

“Look at this! Two hedges paralleling the river, and a bush at each other, forming a nice little rectangle.”

He looked at me puzzled.

“If we sneak inside that little rectangle, the greenery hides us from being spotted from the higher trail, and from the river below. People will pass by on the river below us and the trail above us, and never know we’re here!”

I smiled at him, and I felt my face flush and my breathing get heavier at the lovely thought of what we were about to do. “The fact that people will be passing by us above and below, and not see is, is so HOT! I’m so turned on right now!”

“Me too!” he grinned as we stepped gingerly between the hedge and the bush.

I opened my briefcase, and he glared. “You’re kidding! You’re going to take out office paperwork now?”

“You silly man!” I giggled as I pulled a blanket out of my briefcase, unfolded it, and spread it on the ground between the hedges.

I laid down on the blanket, pulled him down on top of me, and kissed him with an intense hunger. My tongue pushed his mouth open and drove deep inside.

“Unbutton my blouse?” I asked softly.

“Of course, darling,” as his fingers flew to the task. I fluffed the edges of my open white business blouse around my bare breasts, as if to frame them like a painting. My nipples were so hard they hurt! But the pain of my nipple horniness gave way to pure joy as he sucked and nibbled first the left, and then the right.

I clasped his right wrist and guided his hand to hike up my very very short, crisp, navy blue skirt.

“Oh, baby, no panties…..” he smiled from ear to ear, his love and adoration for me twinkling in his eyes, “I love it!”

“I’m horny as hell right now!” I moaned as I unbuckled his belt. His hand joined mine in unzipping him. “I’ve been hungry for you ever since I found this spot yesterday!

His cock throbbed hard against my bush. I grabbed it and stuffed it into me like I would just about die if he didn’t immediately fill me completely full of himself.

And in moments, he was in me balls deep, every thick loving throbbing inch of him. And I was just purring and purring and purring!

“I’m so happy right now! So happy!” I whispered in his ear. “This is so good!”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, my feet on his butt. And I pushed down on him with all the strength I could muster.

“What are you doing?” he laughed.

“Stuffing as much of you into me as I can!” I moaned lustfully. “I want all of you in me today, baby! All of you! And no bleeding to spoil it all!”

He throbbed really hard in me, and I purred and purred again.

He pulled up, a quarter of him, then a half, disappearing out of me. My feet pushed down very hard on his sweet butt, and he slid effortlessly back into my very wet horniness.

He pushed himself up again, and then he slammed himself back down into me, with no help from me this time. I squeezed the hell out of his cock, and I came so hard I could barely see!

He pulled back yet again, and as he slowly slid back into me, he throbbed and throbbed and throbbed. My trembling pussy squeezed his thick, thick cock so hard, and kissed his mouth with an intense passion. And he exploded.

“Mmmmm,” I purred, “So good baby. So good!”

I raised my ass up of the blanket, and then slammed myself back down to the ground, pulling him even deeper I to me. And we both came really hard, at the exact same moment.

“Have you ever come three times in a row?” I asked him.

“I don’t think so,” he shrugged.

“Good! Then I want to be the first woman ever to give you a triple orgasm!”

With my feet and legs still wrapped tightly around him. I flipped us both over, so I was on top now. He was still completely in me. Then I began riding straight up and down all of his goodness. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, but always purring with the intense pleasure of it all.

When I was coming yet again, he pushed himself even deeper up into me, and he had his third orgasm in me in the past 10 minutes. Then, as I trembled through my fifth orgasm and squeezed his thick cock so tightly, he surprised me, and himself, by coming for a fourth time, and pumping more of his wonderful warm gooeyness up into me than he had the previous three times combined!

I collapsed on top of him, my head on his chest, and he lovingly stroked my shoulder-long black hair as I kissed his mouth over and over again and continued to squeeze his deeply buried hardness.

I don’t know how long we laid there, maybe 20 minutes, maybe 30, but his cock never softened in me that whole time. And my nipples and my clit were still hard, too, when we finally dressed each other.

I would have had to ask any other man I’d ever been with, but without my having to ask, he helped me pick up the blanket where we had just enjoyed paradise, and shake out the grass, leaves, and dust. The big stain where our juices had just blended on the blanket made me smile. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so beautiful as our fresh passion spot on the blanket—well, except what had been revealed to my adoring eyes when I unzipped him!

We kissed several more times, finger-combed each other’s ruffled hair to at least some amount of neatness, and headed off to our jobs.

At lunchtime, I emailed him, “How long did it take you to calm down before you could focus on work this morning?”

His reply made me laugh. “Who says I’ve calmed down?”

My reply: “All of your warm goodness is still so deep inside of me! Purrrrrrrrrrrr! I could say thank you 1,000 times, and that still wouldn’t be enough to express how happy I am right now. I love you so much! You’re wonderful, and you’re loved more than words can ever express.”

He made me laugh again when he wrote back “Oh, I think we did a pretty good job of expressing how much we love each other this morning!”

“Yes, we did,” I replied. “I’ve never been loved this much, and this good, before.”

When I got home that evening, I passed my husband’s room. I thought the very fact that our marriage had deteriorated so badly that we even needed separate bedrooms was very sad. His door was open, and so was his zipper, and there was internet porn on his computer screen. He didn’t even try to hide it from me, and that made me even sadder that we had come to such a pass.

I glanced at his cock in his hand—a natural thing for a wife to do with her husband, I suppose – and I shook my head in disappointment that he was not nearly as long, and even more importantly, nowhere near as thick, as the man I had already shared four sexual encounters with, each better than the last.

I felt sad that my husband, while a decent enough lover when we began, had never thrilled me ad satisfied me like my new lover. And had spent the last three years blaming me for every bad thing in his life, especially his lack of a job and lack of drive to look for a new one. He even blamed me for bad things that had happened to him many years before we ever met.

I headed on down the hall, slipped off my blouse and skirt, and tossed them into the washing machine, along with the love blanket from that morning. Then I went to my room, drew myself a warm, sudsy bath, and slipped my nakedness into the tub, closing my eyes and remembering the total bliss Eric had given me down by the river earlier that day.

I tried to touch my clit as lovingly as he had. My finger felt good there, but not nearly as good as his thick, hard cock rubbing there on its way I and out of me. I folded the four fingers of my right hand into a circle, and slid all four fingers into myself. To my amazement, even these four grouped fingers weren’t nearly as thick as my lover’s cock!

I pried my sex lips open to approximately the width his cock had stretched me out that morning, and I imagined he was in me once more. The thought made me purr softly, contentedly. And mere moments later, I was trembling on my way to orgasm. I looked down just in time to watch all of his wonderful come, which had been sweetly locked away deep inside of me all day, just pour and pour and pour out of me into the soapy bath water. The sight of all his come just endlessly flowing out of me made me purr several more times…and then my own come, fresh and warm, followed his in flowing endlessly out of me and into the bathtub. Life was good…….so good!

Then I heard the loud, fake-porn moans coming out of my husband’s computer screen. The poor clueless bastard had no idea he had his own porn star in the bedroom next to his…only with my lover, I didn’t need to fake it! Had he not spent the previous three years going out of his way to be as cruel to me as possible, he could have had his own porn star in his bed every night. True, he couldn’t fill me as full as my lover was doing.

But if he’d been good to me, I wouldn’t have been stuffed so good and so deep and so hard at riverside that morning…and I wouldn’t know what I was missing, and I guess I would have been happy to get what my husband could give me, not knowing or caring that there was better out there.

But that was never going to happen, and you can’t unscramble the egg of all of his negativity that had hurt our marriage beyond repair.

But it is what it is, and now I was having the most fun, the most love, and the best sex of my life, and I’d never been happier in my life. I savored the memory of my lover’s smiling face and his thick red cock plunging all thick, hard, and deep into me …. again and again and again. And I trembled into one last orgasm of the day, stepped out of the no longer warm bath water as it drained, and toweled myself dry, remembering Eric’s hands gently and lovingly drying me in the motel room last week after our shared shower. And then off to bed, naked and happy, hoping for sweet erotic dreams of him, to get me through the long, lonely night without him.

And I made a mental note to add Sept 26 (our first time with him in me) and Oct 1 (our first time that I didn’t bleed all over him) to the list of special dates, like my college graduation and my children’s birthdays, that I will never, ever forget. There would be several more special days to follow, and I will never forget any of those calendar dates.

And now as I share my tale with you four years later, I still can’t believe I had such a rare and precious love and such incredible sex, and I totally messed up what we had, and I can never get it back. Oh, I still find my opportunities for sex, all of them outside of the miserable marriage I’m still trapped in, since there is no way I’ll ever again do it with my cruel husband. But my sexual encounters now, all pale compared to what I had four years ago and threw away. And there’s no love in my sexual encounters any more, just physical satisfaction. That has to be enough now, but I have my memories of my Eric to get me through.

More chapters to follow.

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