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Kat and Cyrano - Chapter 9

Concluding a full week of daily sexual adventures
Kat and Cyrano

Chapter 9: A Full Week of Passion and Joy

The next morning, Wednesday, on the trolley ride into downtown, we talked about how we nearly got caught on that shopping mall stairwell that Tuesday morning.

We had also, a couple of times, made love between bushes in a park.“Maybe we should return to the bushes in our park?” I suggested. “I can lie down instead of standing up like in the stairwell. And then we can enjoy oral sex like yesterday. But I can also enjoy your sword in my sheath again, my darling Cyrano!” I smiled.

When he smiled, “That sounds great!” I knew I was in for a very happy morning.

We walked hand in hand toward the park, when a wind came up out of nowhere, making me shiver. Or was it the sweet thought of riding him again that was making me shiver?

He took off his suede jacket and gently, lovingly put it on my shoulders. “If anything’s going to make you shiver,” he smiled, “it’s going to be me!”

When we got to our secluded spot in the park, I slipped myself out of his jacket, and he laid it out on the grass like a blanket. There, we would be hidden by the bushes. And I laid down on top of his jacket. I looked up at him and smiled as I unbuttoned my blouse, leaving it spread wide open around my lacy black bra.

I stretched my arms upward, wrapped him in a hug, pulled him down on top of me, and kissed him. I kissed him softly at first, and then with my usual intense hunger. The hunger he stirred in me every time we kissed. When we kissed, when we touched, when we started to undress together, I would get a single-minded focus---to enjoy his big, beautiful sword any way and every way I could!

He began to lift up my skirt, but I stopped him. “Only if I can unzip you,” I grinned.

“Like I’m going to object to that?”

I reached up and unzipped him. Only when all of his beauty was revealed to my eyes and to my touch, did I then let him raise my skirt to my waist. I pulled him closer, and soon he was sliding all of his goodness, effortlessly, into my warm moistness again, for the first time in 4 days.

We could hear a gardener with a lawnmower not far away. We knew we couldn’t be too loud, so we wouldn’t get caught, as we almost had in the stairwell the day before.

“We don’t have a lot of time,” I sighed, feeling disappointed that we couldn’t just skip work for the day, and stay there making love in the bushes for the whole day.

Despite my stressing the need to get to our jobs on time, Eric continued to slide slowly in and out of me, clearly wanting to make it last. I wanted that, too, but I needed to feel him come deep inside of me. And I knew that at this pace, that wouldn’t happen without making us late for work.

So I began to desperately squeeze my pussy muscles tighter and tighter around him, to pull him in me deeper, faster—to get to enjoy his explosion, before we ran out of time.

He got the hint at last, and he slid in and out of me faster, deeper. I felt him getting harder and harder in me, and throbbing ever more powerfully. Mmmmmm! When I sensed that he was at his maximum hardness in me, I clamped down tight, so he couldn’t exit again. As all that thick hardness stretched me so wide around him and filled me so completely, and throbbed and throbbed and throbbed so deep in me, I squeezed and relaxed, squeezed and relaxed, in very rapid cycles.

I could tell I was driving him as crazy as he was making me now. He moaned right into my mouth, so other people in the park –especially the gardener nearby – wouldn’t hear his moans. And as his sweet hardness stayed locked away deep inside of me, I purred right back into his mouth!

Breaking our kiss, I clamped my sheath down even tighter around his sweet sword. I was stuffed so full of him now, stuffed so completely full of the man I loved! “Don’t wait for me, darling,” I purred. “I just want to feel all your goodness emptying into me.”

I squeezed again, and with a groan, he finally let himself explode. A split second later, I trembled through my own orgasm, shaking and moaning and purring, endlessly oiling the hardened steel of my sweet Cyrano’s magnificent sword. And then his second burst emptied into me explosively, triggering my second orgasm…and my third!

With another wonderfully powerful throb in the depths of my sheath, into the depths of my soul, he moaned “I need to come again!”

“I need you to come in me!” I agreed enthusiastically. So he did. I squeezed and squeezed, milking every last drop into my hungry depths, as I trembled through two more orgasms. I couldn’t get enough of him! But that was becoming usual for me, and I loved feeling I wanted him and needed him. I loved knowing he would always give me everything I wanted, whenever I wanted, every time.

“We’re going to be late for work,” he reminded me.

I think I said something like “Oh, poo!” Anyway, I felt all pouty inside, maybe even a little bit bitchy at the thought of having to let his sword slip out of my sheath just yet. After three of his orgasms and five of mine, can you blame me for preferring that we stay here? Stay here with his sweet hardness buried in me, for even more of this bliss…..rather than going to our separate offices.

“I know,” he groaned. “I can’t stand to pull out of you, either!”

“So don’t!” I smiled. He throbbed three or four more times, as I let out several more happy purrs, Then a moment later, I very reluctantly agreed, “I can’t afford to lose my job. “

I put my hand on his belly, and gently pushed him up off of me and out of me. I patted his still hard sword, my pats expressing how much I loved both him and his sword. Then I said “You amaze me!” And I reluctantly zipped him up again, as he straightened my skirt. We could still hear the lawnmower, and it sounded even closer.

We emerged hand in hand from the bushes, turned a corner, and saw the gardener mowing the lawn. A different part of the same lawn we had just been lying on and loving each other so sweetly on. We smiled at the gardener, and wondered to ourselves if he knew where we had just emerged from, and what we had just been doing there.

And off to work again. My coworkers must have been wondering by now, why I now smile so bright all morning, every morning. Not that I would never smile, but I hadn’t smiled that happily or for that long, until that previous Friday.

When I got home that night, I sent another email to my Dear Heart, my precious Cyrano: “Thank you for walking with me this morning, and for loaning your jacket. The park, the bushes, it was wonderful. You were wonderful. You, deep in me, were wonderful! And it all evoked thoughts of some intense, yet profoundly tender moments. I love giving myself to you, giving all of me to you, as you give yourself so sweetly and so generously to me……like this morning. And now and ever I’m……Yours, all yours - Kat

Before work the next morning, my sweet Cyrano sent me another erotically charged reply: “ Good morning, Sweetness . Yes, this morning in the park will be added to my growing list of great memories we’re building between us. This morning, I’m picturing the prettiness I now know so well is between your thighs. Made all the more beautiful by the luxuriously furry carpet that surrounds it. Like a gilt-edged frame on a classic painting, your Kat furriness –now amazingly being unveiled to my adoring eyes and my worshiping tongue and my very happy sword daily – your fur provides the perfect frame to highlight the perfect beauty so sweetly and perfectly set between your creamy thighs. The entire image is indelibly etched in my brain now. And as familiar as the incredible beauty between your thighs is becoming to me now, I’ll never tire of that view. I’ll never take that view—or take you – for granted . Your very happy and appreciative lover, your Dear Heart, your adoring Cyrano.”

“ Good morning, dear heart,” I replied, “Reading your loving and sexy message, as usual, brightens my day. I'm thinking of that handsome 'soldier standing at attention,' especially the 'sword.' Quite a marvelous image for me. The sensations evoked as I watched and felt your skilled swordsmanship, thrusting your steel-hard sword into me lovingly and deeply and repeatedly. Mmmmmm, makes me smile through and through, even all these hours later. I’m still getting the shivers, remembering. On that lawn with the gardener, and who knows who else, likely to see and hear us. It was wonderful. You were wonderful. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Talk about ‘splendor in the grass!’

“You, too, are indelibly etched upon my mind, heart and soul—the sight of you, the incredible feel of you, the soothing sound of your loving voice. I love feeling your sword enmeshed with the ‘painting and frame’ you described so well.

“I love you and I appreciate you, more than words can say. So much so, that only our lovemaking can fully and properly express what I feel for you, how I feel about you. Here’s to lots more expressing ourselves to each other! Yours, Kat”

The next morning, Thursday, we had no time for our morning magic. So we just went our separate ways to work. In the evening, we had time only to grab a quick snack together at Starbuck’s, before we both had to go home.

But even that shared snack started a new exchange of erotic emails between us.

He started it: “My Sweetness. I enjoyed our trolley ride this morning, and sharing our simple repast at Starbuck's this evening. The company and the conversation, and the flirting with each other, and the hungry gazes into each other's eyes. Hearing of your tough situation with your family right now, and your understanding about mine. As you say, it's all good. As we long as we have each other, it’s all good. And yes you had my soldier standing at attention both times again, this morning and this evening…just being with you does that to me! As for my sword, I love where it was sheathed on Friday and yesterday morning, and hopefully will be sheathed there again soon.

“And I look forward to when my fingers can again stroke and caress your ‘soft Kat's fur.’ Your fur looks wonderful, and feels even better against my fingers…and against my soldier. You’re on my mind and in my heart always and constantly….…even when you’re not impaling yourself on my sword, you’re always on my mind! - Your loving swordsman Cyrano”

I replied: “My dear heart - I love the image your words evoke, of your fingers stroking something soft and making my kitten purr …... or is it that soldier of yours standing hard at attention? I love the way you think, it gives me the shivers - and lots of ideas.

“The thought of our hungry gazes at each other brings up another image for me. Rather than being blatantly graphic, I'll give you just a few details, and leave the rest to our imagination. You can let me know if I weave as good a scenario as you. Hope you and I are on the same page.

“Here goes... We're snuggled together, and you roll onto your back. I look into your eyes and then begin to kiss you... softly at first. And then with the intense hunger we both feel, as I gently explore the contours of your body with my fingers and my lips, all the way down......slowly down……down to the sweetest and tastiest thing that’s been in my mouth in a very long time! I could get used to feasting on that very special part of you ….. every day…..definitely! Are we in agreement on this image I paint?

“Soon, very soon, we must spend a full day in a motel, not just minutes or an hour or two. Even five hours with you on Friday wasn’t nearly enough. I need you from dawn to dusk. I want to enjoy you and let you enjoy me all day. We should turn the page to see what ‘comes’ next! Pleasant dreams! Your Kat”

The enthusiasm in his reply made my heart, and other places, just totally melt into gooeyness!

“Sweetness,” he wrote. “Wow! Your caresses and your kisses all the way down my body. Mmmmmm, you make me throb with just a few simple words. You say you like how I think? I'm loving how you think! Oh to taste each other yet again, in such special and magical locations, and you know where I mean. Soon, I know darling. Soon, very soon.

“All I'm wearing right now is my boxers, and my steel-hard ‘sword’ that your words caused… boxers can barely contain me right now, after reading your words…and I know if we were together right now, my boxers would soon be on the floor. Along with your panties.

“Wishing it was you …. and not my laptop …. seated on top of my legs right now. I have a present to give you, a big present, and I know it’s your favorite gift that I give you.

“Is it hot here is it just us? Hot..... and yet we both shiver.

“I had some household chores to do this evening, which is why I didn't answer you sooner. And now I'm tired, and thanks to you, I'm extremely horny too. So I think I'll say good night now and I'll try to get some sleep. I'm sure you'll be in my dreams—beautifully naked and in my arms. And your beautiful fur, and your sweet and so pretty little tight sheath for my sword, lovingly taking in what your amazingly erotic words have caused. Your loving, adoring Cyrano.”

My turn to write: “ Good evening dear heart...Mmmmmmmmmm... purr! The image of you all nice and hard in your boxers because of my words! Wow! What that mental picture does to me! You thrill me!!!

“Pleasant dreams tonight, darling. I'll look forward to your call tomorrow morning! You’re on my mind, in my dreams and in my heart. Hopefully, soon in my arms again and again in my….....deep in my ……
Hugs, kisses, licks, and more!!! – Kat”

I couldn’t sleep. Thoughts of him, all nice and hard for me in his boxers, had my head swimming ….and my sheath opening wide and dripping! So I fired off a second, more detailed reply to his message:

“Darling. It's us that's hot, honey. I think we've lit a fire. Love the way you think - and great minds think alike!

“To end this evening, I too wish you were holding me, and not the laptop. However, it's nice to know that my bedtime stories are as exciting as yours. Soon, we will be telling each other these bedtime tales in bed again, I know.

“Talk to you in the morning, my sweet. My fingers shall be busy tonight, thinking of you. (I suspect, and I hope, my words, my hunger for you, will keep your fingers busy as well—until our fingers can again be on each other!)

Hugs, kisses...and kisses not just on your mouth…. and so much more! – Kat”

What an amazing week that was! What a sweet, joyous memory to last me a lifetime!

We haven’t been together in over 3 years now. And rereading these words, remembering, even now I can still feel the magic of him, so sweetly and so deeply in me!

(More chapters to follow)

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