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Krissy's Wedding Gift Chapter 3

Beth Ann and Krissy explore new frontiers.

After Beth Ann’s breakthrough in learning how to satisfy a woman, we slept like babies. We awoke with a hug and a kiss. I rose to make us breakfast.

Beth Ann emerged from the bathroom wearing her lovely chemise and entered the kitchen. I was at the stove.

“You don’t have to cook for me. I usually have only cereal and fruit for breakfast,” she said.

I turned, eyeing her up and down. Even upon waking she radiated beauty. I undressed her with my eyes as my gaze travelled up her legs. I paused, envisioning her smooth vagina, and then continued upward. Her abundant breasts filled the chemise pleasingly. Her blonde hair framed her beautiful face. High cheekbones complemented a charming button nose. Her pearly whites gleamed when she moved her handsome mouth.

“Today you’ll have blueberry pancakes. With your figure, you can afford it.” She smiled and sat at the table. “How do you feel today, Beth Ann?”

“Like a woman,” she replied without hesitation. I put down the pancake batter and went and kissed her.

“I’m very happy with how you pleased me, Darling,” I sad, rubbing our noses together. “You did it like a real woman.”

“I loved pleasing you, Krissy,” she said, doe eyed. After a pause she added “Thank you so much for forcing me. I needed a little push and you gave it to me. I enjoyed it.”

“I did, too,” I replied and returned to the stove.

We finished eating, dressed, and then I left Beth Ann alone with her books. She found there were fewer distractions studying at my house than in the university library. I went to visit family for the day to allow her an extended period of quiet.

The next few weekends were essentially the same. We’d see our boyfriends on Friday and each other on Saturday. Beth Ann would spend Saturday night with me and then study all day Sunday. I wasn’t fully satisfied with this arrangement. I didn’t like sharing her with her boyfriend. Actually, I didn’t like her having a boyfriend at all. After a few weekends I broached the topic with her.

“Beth Ann, I enjoy your company immensely,” I explained one Sunday morning. “And I want us to spend more time together. I’d like you to come here right after Friday classes so we can spend the entire weekend together.”

She reflected for a moment. “I’ve been thinking that same thing,” she admitted. “I enjoy your company and your home. I’ll come on Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday evening. We’ll have more time together.”

Beth Ann broke up with David that week and started spending her weekends with me.


The next Friday afternoon Beth Ann arrived at my house in the late afternoon and we got comfortable. After dinner we chatted while I shaved her.

“How are the studies coming along?” I asked as I touched up my work.

“Good. I got two A’s this week,” she replied.

“Congratulations! I knew you’d excel. Now open wide. I want to spank you as a reward.” She looked at me with that devilish smile and slowly spread her legs.

“Open her up for me,” I directed. Beth Ann pulled herself open.

“Wider,” I ordered. Beth Ann complied and held her vagina wide open for me. I spanked, patted really, her pinkness with my index and middle fingers.

“Good girl. Got an A,” I repeated as I patted her opening. The sound of my two fingers padding her abundant wetness and her prone position holding herself open for me was driving her wild.

“Show me your clit. I’m going to spank her, too,” I told her. Beth Ann presented her clitoris to me and I patted it gently. Almost immediately Beth Ann experienced a powerful orgasm. She exhaled intensely as her juices flowed. I gave her some butterfly kisses as she calmed. She sat up, still breathing heavily, and we kissed.

“Wow!” she said, exhaling. “You’re so sexy, Krissy.”

“You liked that,” I stated.

“I loved it. Just the thought of holding myself open for you to spank me there makes me hysterical. You know exactly how to handle me. You’re such a good lover, Krissy.”

“Every time you get an A you’ll be rewarded with a little spanking.”

“I promise I’ll get all A’s.”

“Good girl,” I said with a kiss, my fingers resting on her opening.

Beth Ann continued getting A’s and the spankings continued.


As Beth Ann became more comfortable in our lovemaking, she became more adventuresome and sought to experiment with new positions. After shaving her smooth one evening she took my hand and dragged me to my bed.

“I want to try something,” she announced.

She undressed me and lay me on my bed. She lifted my right leg and, scissoring me, rubbed herself on me. After a minute she stopped.

“Wait,” she said, dismounting me. She grabbed a pillow.

“Lift up your butt,” she instructed. I did as she ordered and she slid a pillow under me. She mounted me again and we rubbed together. Her adorable face expressed dissatisfaction. She grabbed the other pillow.

“Lift your cute butt up again,” she instructed. I did and she slid the other pillow underneath me. Remounting me, she positioned herself and grinded into me.

She was pleased. “That’s better. Do you like this, Krissy?” she asked, holding my right foot against her cheek as she bumped me.

I moved my gaze from her happy face, past her bouncing boobs, down her tight tummy, to see our two vaginas kissing each other.

“Yes. It’s very pretty and very sexy.”

“It is,” she agreed, staring at our coupling.

Beth Ann continued grinding with increased vigor. She reached down and pulled up, exposing her clitoris.

“Take out your clit, Krissy,” she ordered. I lifted my hood and she adjusted her position, causing our swollen nubs to rub.

After a minute of polishing our clitorises on each other’s, Beth Ann released a furious orgasm, kissing my foot as she did. She continued to grind as she drenched me with orgasmic fluid. As her orgasm reached a crescendo she let out a yelp. She slowed her pace and soon froze, our lips locked, our juices comingled.

She calmed and fell on top of me. I slid my finger up her slippery slit and put it in her mouth.

“Savory,” she panted. I fingered her slit again and tasted our cocktail of feminine juices.

“Savory,” I agreed, caressing her as she settled.

Beth Ann enjoyed her newly-found position and deemed more practice necessary. We bumped twice more that weekend, once with her on top again, and once with me in the driver’s seat. Her finishes were equally intense.

It was time for Beth Ann to return home on Sunday evening.

“I had a lovely weekend. You’re so sexy, Krissy. I’m so lucky I found you,” she said as she held me in her arms.

“I had a lovely weekend too, Beth Ann. Making love with you is exquisite. You’re extraordinarily sexy and so much better,” I responded.

Beth Ann’s eyes dropped. “Have you had other girlfriends?”

“I had a girl until a few months ago. We broke up. She was selfish and deceitful. And she was a lousy lover, besides. I’m glad to be rid of her. You’re a better person and a better lover,” I said straightforwardly. “I don’t miss her and I’d rather not talk about her,” I added. “I want to talk about us.” We kissed.


The next Friday Beth Ann arrived at her usual time. We ate and showered. After shaving her she dragged me to bed again.

“I thought about you constantly today, Krissy. I longed for your taste all day. I couldn’t concentrate,” she said impatiently, practically throwing me onto my bed. She immediately went downtown, very slowly licking me, delighting in my taste.

Contented purring emanated from her. “I missed you so much,” she sighed, resting her cheek on my wetness. I wasn’t sure if she was addressing me or my vagina.

She kissed me a few more times and then mounted me. She grinded us together and then ordered me on top. As I mounted her, she placed her hands on my butt and pulled me forward.

”Come up here, Angelface. Sit on my face,” she insisted. I was happy to oblige

I slid up over her boobs, making sure to leave a slippery trail, and placed myself over her mouth. She wriggled underneath me, adjusting her position for maximum access. Satisfied, she gave me some full licks.

I wanted you sitting on my face since the moment I laid eyes on you at that wedding,” she revealed, pulling me open.

‘Oh, so that explains the inscrutable look on her face when we met,’ I thought.

Beth Ann forced her tongue into my opening, licked me full length, and flicked my clitoris with her tongue. She reached up and squeezed my boobs.

“I love your boobs, Krissy. I want them in my hands at all times,” she said between licks.

“I give you carte blanche access to my boobs.”

“I’m going to hold you to that,” she playfully warned, her pretty face smiling underneath my vagina.

“Good. Hold me.”

She fondled my boobs, squeezing and teasing them, and then returned to my kitty.

“Push out your tongue, Doll,” I ordered.

Beth Ann complied and I situated my opening on it.

“Keep it stiff,” I told her. She did and I rode up and down her tongue, bouncing on her face energetically.

I reached around and rubbed her smooth vagina. I was getting wetter by the second.

“I’m going to give you a facial,” I announced. I picked up her legs and, holding her by her feet, smeared my wetness all over her cute face. I was marking my territory.

“Keep your tongue out,” I reminded her. I was riding her hard when a thought came to me.

“Beth Ann, you told me earlier that you got two A’s this week. I owe you a spanking. Open up,” I ordered.

Beth Ann released my vagina and pulled hers open. I released her left foot, reached back, and gave her a gentle spanking.

“Good girl. Good Beth Ann,” I said in a tone as if addressing a dog or a child. “You got more A’s,” I repeated as I patted her.

“Show me your clit. I’m going to spank her too.” Beth Ann uncovered herself.

“Good girl,” I exclaimed as I enjoyed her face and spanked her.

This was nearly driving her crazy and she experienced a wild orgasm. Her pretty face between my legs gleaming with my wetness, her gorgeous vagina under my hand, and her sharp exhaling into my wetness had me on the edge, but not quite there. Still holding her right foot in my left hand, I tickled myself and soon arrived.

“Open wide, Beth Ann. I’m going to come in your mouth,” I advised her.

Beth Ann opened her mouth wide and kept her tongue buried inside me. I released a spirited orgasm, tickling myself for the entire duration. Beth Ann eagerly received me as I stimulated myself in her face. I eventually calmed and slid down, lying on top of her.

Beth Ann looked as if she had run a marathon. Her face was wet with my orgasm and her eyes were unfocused. I held her and kissed her.

“I never, I mean I didn’t think, you, you couldn’t….” She was out of breath and delirious.

“Shhh, Darling. Be still,” I said, holding her sticky face. I lay next to her and we rested.


We rose in a half-hour, hungry after our activities. Beth Ann was still awestruck.

“That was wild,” she reflected, snacking on a rice cake. “You sitting on my face and spanking me was so kinky. I never knew how sexy that could be.”

“You discovered something about yourself, Doll.” She thought for a second.

“I did.” She paused and then added, “You have an innate sense of what I need, Krissy. You’re the perfect lover.”

“For you, I am, Doll,” I averred. “Keep the A’s coming,” I added.

“I certainly will, Krissy.”

We moved to the couch and continued talking. Beth Ann brought up a new subject.

“On Saturday evening the students and professors from the various medical colleges at my university are meeting for a social gathering. It will include a buffet dinner with a carving board, wine, dessert, and some brief speeches from the department heads. I’d like you to come as my guest, Krissy.”

“I’d be delighted!”

She hesitated and then asked, “Will Jeff be jealous?”

I was tired of waiting for Jeff. I increasingly felt that I was wasting my time and had been seeing less of him. Now that I had Beth Ann I was ready to ditch him.

“Don’t worry about him, Beth Ann; I’m done with him. He became a panda.”

She knit her eyebrows. “A panda?”

“Yes. He eats shoots and leaves.”

Beth Ann was brilliant academically, but she was no nerd. She caught on right away and laughed. I laughed with her.


We arrived at the college social at 7:00 o’clock. There were mostly undergraduate students there with a smattering of graduate students and professors. Beth Ann sported a charcoal pencil skirt with a side ruffle. She wore a magenta sleeveless button-down top tucked into her skirt. It accentuated her slim waistline. Her hair hung freely and she wore open-toe pumps. She was drop-dead gorgeous.

We stood talking to each other, sampling hors d’oeuvres. A bevy of guys was ogling us, Beth Ann mostly. A few approached her. They were kids really, overconfident and swaggering to win her favor. She listened politely, but remained indifferent. One especially obnoxious braggart approached and tried to make time with her. She wrinkled her nose at him; he slinked away in defeat.

“Hi Beth Ann,” came a voice from behind us. We turned to see a more mature man approaching us. “Glad you could make it.”

Beth Ann smiled politely and exchanged greetings with him. She turned to me.

“Krissy, this is my neurology professor and student advisor, Dr. Mark Toscano. Dr. Toscano, this is my friend Krissy.”

Dr. Toscano appeared to be in his early thirties. He stood about 6’1” and was of slim build. He had a luxuriant head of hair and handsome facial features. He extended his hand and I extended mine. His handshake was gentle and warm.

“I’m pleased to meet you, Krissy.”

“Thank you. I’m pleased to meet you too, Dr. Toscano,” I replied.

Dr. Toscano had soft, sincere eyes, and they smiled with him. Our eyes remained locked for five seconds as we held hands. I immediately liked him.

We made small talk. It was evident that Dr. Toscano was enamored by Beth Ann’s academic prowess as well as her beauty. His praise was lavish.

“She gets a lot of A’s,” he gushed. I suppressed a chuckle.

“Yes. Beth Ann is very bright and works hard. In addition to her weeknight evenings, she spends all day Sunday studying. She’s a very serious student.”

Dr. Toscano agreed. Beth Ann excused herself to use the ladies room. Dr. Toscano and I continued our conversation.

“I’m a scheduled speaker tonight,” he informed me. “My assistant’s standard advice to me is ‘Stand up, speak up, then shut up’.”

“That’s good advice,” I said with a laugh. ”I should remember that. I make speeches for my job, too.”

“Where do you work, Krissy?”

“I work for a management consulting firm. We provide advice to corporate clients concerning restructurings, mergers and acquisitions, and executive compensation packages. We have domestic offices nationwide as well as international offices. I sometimes have to travel for work.”

“I do, too. I need to represent my department at medical conferences occasionally.”

Beth Ann returned and rejoined our conversation. Our tête-à-tête was pleasant.

A little tart approached and tried to force her way into our conversation.

“Hello Dr. Toscano. I just loved your lecture last week on molecular biology,” she said, all smiles and flirty.

Oh, puhleeze! How phony can one be?

The good doctor thanked her and gave her no play. He turned his attention back to Beth Ann and me. The three of us chatted on until Dr. Toscano had to take his leave.

“If you ladies will excuse me, I need to make some final preparations for my speech.”

“It was a pleasure meeting you, Dr. Toscano,” I said, cutting off the tart before she could speak.

“Likewise, Krissy,” he replied, reaching for my hand again. We shook.

“Oh, and ladies, I’d like to talk to you before you leave tonight,” he added.

“Certainly, Doctor Toscano.”

He turned and left without saying goodbye to the tart.

Dr. Toscano delivered a short speech between dinner and the roll out of the dessert cart. After conferring with some other professors, he sought us out. Beth Ann found a reason to leave us alone.

“Krissy, can I call on you sometime?” Dr. Toscano asked.

“I’d like that, Dr. Toscano.”

“That’s great. And Krissy, please call me Mark.”

“Alright Mark.”

“My work schedule leaves me available only one weeknight. Does that fit your schedule, Krissy?”

“It fits perfectly, Mark.” I didn’t tell him my weekends were occupied with Beth Ann.

We arranged a dinner date for Wednesday evening.



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