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Krissy's Wedding Gift Part 2

Krissy and Beth Ann's relationship develops.

Dusk was falling when I awoke. Beth Ann lay sleeping in my arms, breathing softly, content as a baby. I held her, admiring her beautiful young face. I hugged her and softly kissed her forehead. She opened her blue eyes.

“Feeling better?” I asked, brushing a lock of hair from her face.

“Between the bike ride and the massage, I was totally drained,” she replied, stretching.

“How is your back?”

A slight look of surprise crossed Beth Ann’s face. “I forgot all about it. The pain is completely gone,” she said, sitting up and twisting, her lovely chest pushed out.

“So my massage technique worked,” I said with a hint of pride as I sat up with her.

“It did,” she sheepishly admitted.

Beth Ann turned to me and looked into my eyes. “I’m so happy we met, Krissy. I’ve been curious about the touch of a woman for some time. I wanted to experiment, but not with a girl my age. I wanted a real woman to show me the ways of love.” Beth Ann slid her hand into mine. “I’m lucky my first time was with you; you treated me so gently.” She grasped my hand tighter. “Thank you for making me a woman, Krissy.”

These were the kindest words a lover had ever said to me. I took Beth Ann in my arms and we softly kissed.

I wanted Beth Ann to stay longer, but that was not possible. She was going to see David that night and I had plans with Jeff. We planned our bike ride for the next Saturday. We parted with a kiss.

The next two Saturdays were essentially repeats of this one. Beth Ann would drive to my house with her bicycle and gear and we’d head out from there. We would ride until midafternoon, and then shower and share intimacy. With Beth Ann being new to ways of feminine love, I asked nothing of her; I only gave.

Beth Ann’s satisfaction was my primary concern, but her inexperience made her impressionable. I had plans for this girl. By utilizing the techniques that I enjoy when I receive affection, I was surreptitiously teaching Beth Ann how to please me. Someone had to teach Beth Ann right. It might as well be me.

I told Beth Ann to come prepared to stay overnight the next Saturday. We rode, as usual, covering forty-one miles, and arrived back at my house in the late afternoon. I offered Beth Ann first dibs on the shower and she accepted.

Beth Ann emerged from her shower wearing an ivory-colored silk chemise with lace trim. I stood there staring, beholding her beauty. Her hair flowed lazily over her shoulders. The chemise outlined her breasts and her nipples were faintly visible through the silk. My eyes traveled down her long legs to her sexy feet. My shower would need to be a cold one.

I would have had Beth Ann on the spot, but we were too hungry after our ride to delay dinner. I had marinated some chicken breasts in the morning and had put them in the oven while Beth Ann showered. When I exited my shower they were almost done. I made some rice and steamed some cauliflower and we sat down to eat.

Beth Ann exhibited refined table manners. She ate daintily, like a lady of upbringing. The subject of our boyfriends came up.

“Have you told Jeff about our relationship?” Beth Ann asked.

“Of course not! That can only lead to problems.”


“He would get ideas of watching us or, worse yet, joining us.” There was no way I wanted Jeff touching Beth Ann. “Have you told David?”


“It’s best you don’t,” I admonished. “He may reason that if you have a girlfriend, why can’t he?” Her eyebrows rose slightly.

“I respect your right to privacy, Beth Ann. What we do together behind closed doors is our business.” She dropped her eyes as the thought sunk in. “Let’s keep our intimacy our little secret.” Beth Ann nodded in agreement as the logic gelled.

We finished eating, cleared the table, and finished the dishes. I then freed a large space on the island countertop next to the sink and laid out a plush bath towel.

“What’s the towel for?”

“I’ll show you in a minute, Beth Ann. First, let’s get you out of that beautiful chemise.”

I slipped my hands under the lace hem. “Raise your arms, Beth Ann.” She did and I lifted it off of her, leaving her wearing only panties.

“Now sit up on the island,” I said. Leaning back against the counter, Beth Ann placed her hands behind her and with a slight jump, situated herself on the edge, sitting on the towel. I gave her a kiss.

“What’s this all about?”

“I’m going to shave you, Beth Ann.”

Her face remained frozen for just a moment, and then a devilish smile formed on her lips.

“You have such a beautiful vagina, Beth Ann. It’s a shame to hide her behind hair. Wait here. I’ll get my Venus.”

I returned with my shaving equipment and a clean washcloth.

“Now turn and lay back, Doll. I want your vagina over the sink.”

“Oh, I get it,” she said as she understood. Beth Ann enthusiastically situated herself with her long legs spanning the sink. She wiggled her butt into position, ensuring she was situated properly.

“Is this good, Krissy?” she asked, seeking my approval.

“It’s perfect.” I tugged at the elastic of her panties and she lifted her butt to accommodate me. I gently pulled them off.

“Now let’s get you smooth,” I said, running my fingers through her hair and across her lips. I lathered up some soap and bathed her hair. After a soothing warm water rinse with the faucet sprayer, I massaged in the shaving cream. I carefully drew my Venus across her mound, leaving a hairless trail in its wake. I soon had her mound smooth.

“Open your legs wider, Beth Ann. I’m going to shave your labia majora now.” Beth Ann complied by lifting her feet in the air with knees bent and spreading wide, allowing me uninhibited access. Her vagina yawned open.

This was more secret training. I intended to keep Beth Ann shaved and wanted her to automatically open wide for me when I did.

“You can help me, Doll.” I took her hand in mine and led her to her lips. “Pull your left lip all the way to the right,” I instructed. “It will help me get you smoother.” Beth Ann did as I directed. I shaved inward from her thigh to her slit; that direction results in a smoother shave.

“Now pull your right lip to the left,” I instructed. Beth Ann complied as best she could; she was dripping wet.

“I know. They’re slippery. Use two hands and do the best you can,” I said. I shaved her right side.

“Open a little bit wider, Beth Ann. I want to touch up.” Wetness oozed from her opening.

I was dripping wet myself. The sight of beautiful Beth Ann naked on her back on my kitchen island countertop, legs spread wide, tugging on her lips as I shaved her, was more than a mere mortal could bear. But when duty calls, brave women answer.

I rinsed Beth Ann with a warm water spray, and then soaked the washcloth with hot water, folded it in half, and lightly pressed it between her legs. The warm moisture soaked in as I held it in place. I lifted it off, revealing her tight vagina completely shorn of hair.

“Keep your legs wide, Doll. I want to see if I missed a spot,” I said, my fingers lightly resting on her vagina. Beth Ann spread even wider for me.

I inspected my work close up, fondling her mound and labia majora searching for imperfections. I pulled each of her lips side to side and examined my handiwork. She was as smooth as silk.

I helped Beth Ann sit up and we kissed, my hand still between her legs, rubbing her smoothness. Beth Ann eyed her new look with a smile, touching herself and marveling at her baldness.

“She’s beautiful,” I said. “Do you like her?”

“She looks more feminine without hair,” Beth Ann observed. “I love it,” she added, still admiring and rubbing her smoothness.

“I knew you would. She’s been a good girl. Let’s give her a reward.” I helped Beth Ann to her feet and took her by the hand. I was still fully clothed and Beth Ann wore nary a stitch. I led her to my bed. She sat, still touching herself as I undressed in front of her, putting on a show as I did. I laid her on her back and, skipping the preliminaries, went right to the scene of my labor.

Beth Ann’s shaved vagina was truly a work of art. She sported a healthy pink mound. She was dripping wet and I toyed with her slipperiness, wiping a healthy dose on each of her nipples and offering her a taste of her nectar.

After manipulating Beth Ann’s smoothness to my pleasure, I put my hands behind her knees and pushed her legs back and into the air. I pulled her open and rested my cheek on her smoothness, using it as a pillow. After thirty seconds I switched cheeks, giving her stretched opening a kiss as I did.

Beth Ann had a soft, pleasant taste and I savored her sweetness a while, and then focused on her clitoris. Between the shaving and my oral attention, it didn’t take long. Beth Ann experienced an orgasm of epic proportions. Exhaling through her teeth and gripping the sheets for dear life, she squirted a healthy dose of girl fluid into my face.

I didn’t let her come down; I kept my attention on her clitoris and gave her multiples. She panted and gripped and moaned through wave after wave. During the height of her throes, she whimpered and tears rolled down her temples.

After too many to count I let her come back to earth. Holding her open as she calmed, I planted kiss after soft kiss between her supple lips, allowing her clitoris to desensitize.

“So gentle,” she whispered, wiping her tears.

I finished with a soft kiss on her clitoris and came up to kiss her mouth.

“You made me cry,” she explained with a wry laugh. Her emotions were all over the map. She rose and sat on the edge of the bed, catching her breath. I sat next to her and held her.

“I lost track of time. What time is it?” she asked, bewildered and reaching for her phone on the night table.

It slipped out of her hand and bounced under the bed. She got down on all fours and reached to retrieve it. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor. Beth Ann rose to her knees and paused, staring at my vagina. I was smooth, too; I had shaved in the shower.

Beth Ann remained kneeling in front of me. She had never been this close to my, or any other woman’s vagina. She stared in awe of the sight.

“Go ahead and touch her, Beth Ann. She doesn’t bite.” I took her empty hand in mine and placed it on my womanhood.

Beth Ann’s hand didn’t move; it was frozen.

“Caress me,” I suggested, widening my legs. Beth Ann placed her phone back on the nightstand and fondled my vagina.

“How do I feel?”

“Like a woman,” she replied without averting her attention from her new discovery.

“Pull me open,” I instructed. She obeyed, parting my lips.

Using my own hands, I pulled up and showed her my swollen clitoris. Her eyes widened.

“She’s been looking forward to meeting you, Beth Ann. Keep her out,” I said, positioning one of her hands to keep me exposed. She brought her other hand up to keep me uncovered.

This being Beth Ann’s first time touching a woman, I gave her as much time as she needed to get familiar with me. She tugged and toyed, pushed and pulled, and detected and discovered. I rubbed behind her ears and played with her beautiful hair as she did. She moved once as if to kiss me, and then hesitated. She wanted to, but was nervous. She repeated this apprehension again. The third time she came near I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her in.

Beth Ann’s lips careened into mine. She attempted to retreat but I held her in place. She squirmed and moaned into my folds. I placed my feet flat on her back to confine her. The more she struggled the greater my resolve to restrain her. After about thirty seconds of these fruitless exertions, Beth Ann surrendered. I relaxed my hold.

Beth Ann resigned herself to her defeat and gave me a tentative kiss. Several more followed as she acclimated herself to my kitty. It turned out that Beth Ann had been learning from how I had been treating her and her kisses became more confident. She did what I did; she kissed first, then buried her tongue and licked the length of my slit slowly but deliberately. She audibly lapped my wetness, and after teasing me sufficiently, turned her attention to my clitoris.

After enjoying her company all day, shaving her, bringing her to her wild finish, and forcing her face into my kitty, I was ready before she started. In mere minutes I exploded. I held Beth Ann fast in place as I rode out my ecstasy. Faithful girlfriend that she had become, she kept her tongue buried as I did.

I eventually calmed and pulled Beth Ann to me. We kissed.

“You did great, Beth Ann. You gave me a powerful orgasm,” I said softly as I held her.

“Thank you for that, Krissy. It was beautiful.” I detected my scent on her breath as she spoke.

“I’m going to keep you,” I declared with a kiss.

“I’m yours, Krissy,” she confirmed.

We held each other and kissed for a while longer. It had been a big day and I decided it was time for bed. We got cleaned up, slid under the sheets, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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