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KxB Idyll #1: tumble

Keyes and Bree meet
I’ll be presenting a few Idylls here and there showing scenes and stories of the beginning of Keyes and Bree's relationship.


Lightening shot up his spine. It was like every cell in his body was turned to light.

The laugh wafted through the air again and he immediately turned in the direction of the intoxicating sound. Before he knew it, he was walking. Just two aisles over, near the back wall, in the huge bookstore.

There was giggling now.

When he stepped around the corner, he saw her, a girl. A beautiful girl; slender but curvy, maybe about 5’5” or 5’6”. With a huge mop of dark curly hair in a ponytail that fanned out from her head like thick rich oversized peacock feathers. Her skin was brown as honey.

She was wearing a tight turquoise t-shirt that clung firmly to her large breasts and small waist. And bright true red skinny jeans, and green flip-flops.

She was still giggling at whatever she was reading and the smile on her face melted his heart instantly. He stood there for what seemed like forever watching her. Butterflies stirred in his stomach.

His mouth was suddenly dry, his heart pounding in his ears. He would have thought he was dying if he didn’t feel so fucking fantastic.

What the fuck is happening?

The girl stopped, obviously feeling his presence, slowly turning her head to face him, almost in slow motion; looking up at him through thick dark lashes. Her eyes widened in flickering recognition. Then she tilted her head as if to reexamine him.

“Hi.” She said brightly, her cheeks growing redder, her heart-shaped face full with a beautiful smile that went all the way to her eyes.

“Hi.” Keyes said swallowing hard. He felt himself blushing. He never blushed.

It was all over for him.

Bree had been reading a newly released manga, when she felt heavy eyes on her. She slowly looked over her left shoulder. There was someone there. Someone tall.

She glanced up into twinkling green eyes that seemed to halt her movement. He seemed familiar, but she knew she had never met him before. She would totally remember him if she had.

Her heart skipped then a sudden feeling of warm calm washed over her. It seemed to take forever as it did but she knew it was only an instant. She quickly smiled to try to recover from whatever it was that just hit her.

“What are you reading?” His voice was deep and cool. It made her skin tingle.

“ Huh? Oh, nothing.” She said frazzled shoving the book back on the shelf.

She was getting nervous; her hands were shaking as she pushed the book into place. Her skin was on fire. She glanced up at him again. He was so tall, he made her feel petite (she loved that).

He was wearing a stripped polo shirt, khaki cargo pants and green flip-flops. His face was thin and a bit long but he had a strong jaw line that was covered in almost invisible blonde stubble. He had wild thick sandy blond hair that shadowed his large angular green eyes. And his nice full lips were spread in a wicked grin.

This guy, this man was the most handsome man she had ever seen let alone talked to. He had approached her. HER! She didn’t know what to do. She suddenly felt under dressed. She tried to discretely calm her wild curls and brush off her clothes.

She felt her nipples harden as excitement built in her and she hoped it wasn’t noticeable.

But Keyes noticed as his manhood began to stir.

Keyes had never been at a loss for words with females but here he was nervous and groping for something to say.

“What brings you here?” He bit his tongue. He wanted to shoot himself.

“Books.” She smiled. She wasn’t the only nervous one.

“I mean any specific book?”

“No, just looking.” She shrugged, smiling up at him. She was beginning to fidget again. “What are you looking for?”


“Ah, I'm just waiting for some friends, we were going to see a movie.”

All plans were off now though.

“That’s cool.”


She’s so fucking cute.

He already loved her high cheekbones and how they stood out when she smiled. Her full pink lips. Her big brown eyes narrowed with delight and thick lashes.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her, though she was doing all she could to avoid his intense gaze, but she didn’t dare leave.

“My name is Keyes Uiara.” He extended his large hand.

She hesitated for an instant before she took his hand, which swallowed up her smaller one. Raw carnal energy passed between them.

Bree let out a low gasp as her breath caught. Keyes watched hungrily as he lips parted.

“Oh, I'm Gabriella Dublaise.”

Bree grimaced as she said her name, she never gave anyone her full name because she hated it, but she had done so before she could stop herself.

“What you don’t like it? It’s beautiful.” He shook her hand slowly taking in the feel of her warm soft skin.

“Everyone says that but I hate it. You can call me Bree.”

“That’s pretty too.”


“You’re beautiful.” He said deeply and slowly, making sure to look her in the eye. He was still holding on to her hand.

“Thank you.” Her voice quivered as she replied.

Her cheeks burst into red again, while she slowly pulled her hand away. Her palms were starting to sweat and she didn’t want the handsome boy to notice.

“So what do you normally read?”

An impish smile crept on her face.

“I like manga and comics.”


“Yeah, do you?”

“Yeah, what titles do you read?”

“I mostly read scanalations online then I come here when they’re translated and try to pick them up but that’s getting expensive. There’s so many I like.”

“So you just come here to read them.”

“Yeah.” She giggled almost apologetically.

He was in love with that smile, it radiated from her like light and through him like warm shower.

I'm gonna make sure she never stops smiling.

He took a deliberate step closer to her, his gaze fixed on her wide brown eyes before he turned his head to look at the shelf of titles she had been perusing.

Bree wanted to step back, to give him some room but she couldn’t move.

He was so tall, that was a turn on in itself. But he was also lean and muscled. There was energy, raw magnetism, a power, carnal power in his presence that blanketed her. She wanted to lose herself in it. Her heart was beating in her ears again. Her eyes skimmed over his body quickly trying to take it all in. She didn’t know how long this little interlude with a god would last so she wanted to try to remember everything.

“I gotta a lot of these titles at home," He was lying, though he'd buy them if he had to. "So you can borrow them anytime, or come over and use my place as a library.” He was still bent over, his face level with hers when he turned to face her with his statement.

He took a deep breath, she smelled sweet, almost like the color pink.

She just smiled and giggled, but she didn’t move.

“Unless your boyfriend would disapprove.”

Very smooth segue.

She just smiled.

“Do you have a boyfriend?”

It doesn’t matter if you do; I’ll make you forget all about him soon enough.

“Do you?”

“Have a boyfriend? No!” He said tersely, standing straight up but instantly pulling back his mounting annoyance seeing the impish grin curling on her lips.

Oh, she's got jokes huh?

“Do you want one?” Bree continued. She liked that he didn’t get all crazy when she asked the boyfriend question. It meant he didn’t take himself too seriously and he could take a joke. She was loving this guy.


“Do you have a girlfriend?” she tilted her head, her eyebrow cocked as she asked, the impish grin still in place.

Technically he didn’t, though Jazmin thought different.


“Not even anyone you’re just ‘seeing’?”

He had to be ‘seeing’ someone. He was just too gorgeous.

“I like how you just switched this all around to me.”

“And I like how you didn’t answer the question.”


Keyes was loving her more and more.

“If I answer your question will you answer mine?”

“You’ve already answered mine.”

“Have I?”

“Yes. If you weren’t seeing any body, you’d be waving it like a flag but seeing how you didn’t it means that you are. And by the looks of you, it’s probably a couple of girls.”

She watched his face as he tried to hide his grimace.

“More than two?… Wow.”

“What do you mean ‘by the looks of me’?”

“Well.. You’re hot.”

Keyes chest swelled with pride, though he tried to hide it. This wasn’t unnoticed by Bree.

“You know you are.” She shook her head smirking at his mock modesty.

“It doesn’t hurt to hear you say it.”

“So, is that why you’re here?”


“Waiting for one of your lady friends.”

Uh-oh. Keyes could see this was going to be a problem. He would definitely have to make some calls later.

“No, that’s not why I'm here. I told you, I'm going to see a move with some of my guy friends.”

“Your boyfriends?”

“Keep that up and see what happens.” He had such a mischievous look in his eyes when he said it Bree instantly saw herself over his knee as he spanked her.And she didn't hate that either.

She giggled, tilting her head coyly, inadvertently taking a step back from him in case he got any ideas; he matched her by taking another step towards her.

“I won’t keep you, then. It was nice meeting you.” She said turning trying to mask the aching doubt that had just washed over her. There was no way a gorgeous guy like him would be into her. She was delusional for thinking it. He was just passing time.

“You’re just gonna blow me off like that? You’re not keeping me from anything... You can come too. We’re gonna see that new action movie. Or you can pick the movie.”

How was he losing this one?

“That’s ok, I don’t want to get in the way of your guys night out.”

“Who cares. We see each other all the time.”

She shook her head no and began looking at the manga on the shelves again.

“At least hang out with me until they get here. Sometimes I get so lonely.” He pouted trying to give her his cutest puppy dog look.

She rolled her eyes trying to hide her smile.

“Does this work very often for you?

“Yes. Are you gonna stay?” he asked hopefully.

She couldn’t resist.

“For a little while.”


to be continued

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