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KxB Idyll #2: 20 questions about love and sex

Keyes and Bree at the beginning of their relationship, getting to know each other.
Time seemed to stand still for them as the conversation flowed.

Keyes had totally blown off the movie sending his friends the text: Hanging with the future Mrs. Uiara.

They had talked about movies, music, TV, comics, manga, games, sports, favorite foods and colors. Their tastes streamed along the same lines. This wasn’t really surprising to either one.

She had learned most of his dating stock came from his job as a manager of women’s clothing store. He was also the reason why the store was so successful.

“So does that give you a lot of satisfied customers or dissatisfied, with all your lady friends coming in and out of the store.”

“I told you I stopped dating from the store a long time ago. Because it did cause too many problems. I gotta get outta there soon anyway. Its driving me crazy. I want something a little more challenging.”

"Juggling several dozen women isn't challenging?"

"It was never several dozen.... maybe a half dozen at most. I told you brat, I've given all that up."

He had found out that, she hated her job at the call center and that she longed to create her own manga.

“Don’t get me wrong,” she had said as they made another loop around the mall. They had been walking and talking for hours neither seeming to get tired or bored. “It’s a great job, good benefits all that stuff. It’s just not a good job for me. I feel like I'm going to my doom every time it go there.”
“What's your dream job?"

“Writing and drawing.” Her face lit up like the sun again. “I wanna draw and write my own stories and stuff. Like Tite Kubo or more like Kengo Yonekura.”

The more he learned about her, the more he loved her but Keyes wanted racier fare. He wasn't one for beating around the bush or wasting time and he definitely didn't want to start now. He wanted to talk about sex.

“So do you have a boyfriend?”

She had never answered his question he asked hours ago.

They were in his car now, parked by the lake. There were joggers and baby walkers taking the trail around the huge body of water. The windows to his red sports coupe were down letting the cool air blow in off the lake.

Bree was sitting in the passengers set with her legs folded, nursing a huge slushy drink Keyes had bought her. Keyes seat was reclined a bit, his arm out the window. They had been sitting in silence for about fifteen minutes just enjoying the view and each other’s company.

He watched her lips as they encircled the straw and she sucked in more of the sugary drink. A small lusty smile crept on his face.

“Don’t act like you don’t hear me?” he said with a smile in his voice his eyebrow cocked as he looked at her.

“We’re back to this?”


“No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” she replied exasperated. She didn't like thinking about it that’s why she didn't want to answer it. Like it wasn’t really real unless she verbalized it.

“Why not?”

“I don’t know,” she said slowly as if examining herself to try to understand why.

She was cute enough, nice enough. Her body was pretty awesome since she had stopped eating so much candy and lost weight. But still she was alone. Romance hadn't happened in quite a while.

“You seem sane.”

“Why thank you.” She stuck her tongue out at him, giggling. “I am sane, for the most part. I'm not a raving bitch if that’s what you’re getting at.”

“No, that’s not what I meant, but it’s good to know. There’s no one at your job you like?” Not that he really cared though he was feeling out if there was any competition on the horizon.

“Hell no. I mean there are cute people there but no one I'm really attracted to. And I told you all I do is go to work and go home so I don’t really get out much. I don’t know, I guess I’d rather be alone than screw around with just any one so I won’t be alone. I did that a couple of times and it ended poorly.”

Keyes watched her intently; she immediately averted her gaze looking out the window again. He wanted to know more but not enough to upset her.

“Do you want a boyfriend?”

“Of course. I want to fall-..” She got a faraway look in her eyes, and then she glanced back at him blushing. “When’s the last time you went on a date?” she said quickly changing the subject.

“I wasn't done asking my questions.”

“So.” She smiled at him matter a factly.

He gave up for now. “A few weeks ago.”

“What happened? What did you guys do?”

“We went out to dinner and some new club downtown.”

“Can you dance?” Her eyes brightened.

“Yeah,” he said proudly. “What you don’t think I can because I'm white.”

“I didn't say that. Some people just can’t dance regardless.” She smiled up at him.

“Did you have sex with her that night?


“You did, didn't you? Was it good?”

He was supposed to be getting info on her sex life.

“Was it?”

“Yeah it’s always good with me.”

She rolled her eyes and groaned.

“Oh gosh. You are too much.”

“That’s what they tell me.”

“Oh my gosh.” She groaned again.“ Was she any good?”


Bree looked at him, her mind flitting to scenes of what the girl probably looked like (a super model of course); and how their beautiful bodies writhed together. She was sick sometimes.

“Have you ever had a one night stand?”


“How many?”

He didn't like these questions, but he wouldn’t lie to her either.

“Quite a few.”


“Have you?”


“You sound disappointed.”

“I am a little. Do you have any baby mommas?”

“No because I don’t have any kids? You got any baby daddies.”

“No… how many sexual partners have you had to date?”

Holy shit, what is she trying to do to me?

“Too many,” he answered soberly.

“I need a number.”

“How many have you had?”


“Just four?”

“Yeah. Now you.”

“Probably about 30-35? I had a very active social life in high school and college.”


“Is that bad?”

“No, I thought it would be more actually. When did you lose your virginity?”

“Ah... when I was about 16.” He felt like he was being interviewed now.

“To whom?”

“To whom? What are you an English teacher?”

“No, but my mom is.”

“That explains it.”

“Are you gonna answer?”

“It was this girl that used to babysit me. I always had a crush on that girl. She was one of those girls that was really hot but she didn't think she was, like you. She had this long blonde curly hair too, that she hated. But I gotta thing for girls with curls.”

He looked over at Bree and winked. Her stomach fluttered and she tried to hide her smile as he continued.

“Anyway, I used to try and spy on her when she was over at my house, walk in on her when she was in the bathroom or whatever. I was always trying to touch her legs or fall against her so I could cop a feel of her breasts.

“When I was taking karate, she would help me train and we would end up wrestling around. That drove me crazy, my hands were going everywhere every chance I got and she didn't get too mad cause I’d apologize like I didn't mean to. But I’m pretty sure she knew it was bullshit.

"One summer day, I went over to her house just to say ‘hi’ cause she hadn't been babysitting me for about a year. We started talking and she was like how much I had grown and how cute I was. Then I flashed her this smile and we started goofing around in the pool. The next thing I knew she was shouting my name." He paused and smiled, immersed in the memory. "We were at it for hours.”

“Oh my gosh, at it for hours, whatever.” Bree tried to act disinterested as she swallowed hard, heat rushing through her. Her mind full of a 16-year-old eager horny Keyes. Warmth was spreading quickly between her legs.

“Did you cum really fast?”

“Ahh.” Keyes grimaced, his face erupted in heat; he was completely caught off guard by the question. This girl was driving him crazy in the best possible way, he didn't know whether to spank her ass or kiss her. Both sounded equally pleasing.

Her bold query sent a jolt of jagged pleasure through him. He licked his lips staring at her trying to keep himself from jumping her right then.

“It was my first time.. of course.”

“You're cute when you blush.”

That didn't help his situation as he looked away fidgeting in his seat, he knew his face was as red as her jeans.

“Anyway, I can go all night now.”

“Whatever,” she said with a blatant roll of her eyes and yet another groan.

“You don’t believe me?”

“I don’t believe any guy who says that.”

“Who have you been dating?”

“Touché. Well anyway I can say I’ve outlasted the guys I've been with.”

“Yeah all four of them.”

“Shut up.” Bree pouted, poking her bottom lip out as if she had been wounded.

Fuck, she’s cute!

“So the poor suckers couldn't keep up with you huh?”

“I had two call me a nympho. A NYMPHO! If I was a nympho, I’d want sex with anybody. I just wanted to do it with them because I really like sex…”

“You don’t know how happy I am to hear that.”

Bree giggled as she bit her lip, she couldn't believe how candid she was being with a total stranger. What was stranger still was that he didn't feel like a total stranger.

Keyes licked his own still trying to quell the growing desire to jump the poor girl.

“Anyway, I cared about them and I loved having sex with them. And each was ranting and raving at the beginning how long they could go. But they couldn't handle me I guess. A well." she sighed lamenting all the missed opportunities for sex. "So you like older women, huh?”

“Sometimes. Besides she was just a couple of years older. When was your first time?”

“When I was 19. I was a late bloomer.”

“But bloom you did," he said looking down at her breasts.

"Oh these girls have been with me since before I was 19. I was an early bloomer as far as my body goes. That caused a lot of trouble in it self."

Keyes’ mind began to wander to dangerous places as his mouth watered hungrily. His shorts were starting to get tight thinking of a young blossoming Bree and her love of sex.Oh the wonderful dirty things he could have taught her innocent body.

“I only had sex with him because he wanted to and I thought I should have had sex by the time I was 19. I remember when I first saw him I thought he was so cute, but I wasn't wearing my glasses.”

Keyes tilted his head looking at her.

“Contacts, anyway but when I got up on him and got a good look at him I was like. ‘Jeez’. I mean he wasn't ugly just not as cute as I thought.”

“Then why’d you date him?’

“I told you because he liked me and he was cute enough, besides unlike your dance card mine wasn't very full. I wish now of course I had waited at least until number 2 but what can ya do?”

She looked at him feeling very pathetic now. She wasn't like this sharing so much anymore.

“I wish I had known you then I would have told you how beautiful you are.”

That had helped a little.Bree smiled, now it was her turn to blush.

"Number 2. Is that code for something?"

"I guess. I don't say the names of the boys I dated. They're not worth remembering."

"Oh that's harsh." Keyes didn't want to be a part of that distinguished group.

"I just give them a number."

"You're very weird."

"Thank you." Her voice was bright and happy.

"Did you like it? Your first time?”

“Nah, not really. I mean I was all horny and ready for it but when it came down to it, it was like. ‘Is that all’? I can do better by myself."

“Did you cum?”

“No. I didn't cum from penetration until my second boyfriend.” She leaned back against the passenger side door, she was sitting on her knees now, and she took another long sip from the red straw in her slushy.

“That’s why you felt like it sucked 'cause you didn't cum.”

“Well I know that Sherlock," she replied sarcastically, cocking her eyebrow with a smug smile as if daring him to retort.

"Keep that up and see what happens."

"Promises, promises." She giggled, taking another sip and looking up coyly at him from under her thick lashes.

Oh, I want this girl so bad.

The vision of him spanking her bare bottom, made him gasp as his shifted in his seat.

"Do you watch a lot of porn?”

“Do you have these questions written down someplace?”

“No, I'm just asking?”

“Yes, I like porn. Do you?”

“Yeah, I'm kind of a pervert though.”

“Really? That’s very good to hear. ‘Cause I'm a big pervert.”

She giggled, rubbing her neck nervously.

“That doesn't surprise me.”

She looked at him, that impish smile on her lips again. He knew another round of questions was coming.

“Have you ever paid for sex?”

“What!? No,” he said coldly, his eyes narrowed. As much as he wanted to be angry, he couldn't, but this girl was begging to be put over his knee. If she knew how close she was she would stop asking these insane questions.

“Just asking."

"Do I look like I'd have to pay for sex?" He turned in his set to face her, his face strong, eyebrow cocked, his voice arrogant and challenging now.

Of course the answer was no.She just looked at him sheepishly, trying to hide her smile. His confidence was showing in full force now and was threatening to overwhelm her.

"Have you ever been paid for sex?”

Keyes grimaced. Could she read his mind?

There was an incident in college. Lines were crossed and a date that ended in sex got him 100 for the night.

“Ah... you have! You’re a giggalo*.”

“It’s not what you think,” Keyes said ready to explain but Bree was on to the next question.

“Have you ever been a part of an orgy?”

Keyes diverted his eyes and looked out the window.

“Oh my gosh you have!”

“It was a little one.”

“A little orgy? Is there such a thing? ”

“There was a lot of drinking involved.”

“I see. May I call you Caligula?”

“No you may not, and don’t look at me like that.”

“I'm not looking at you anyway Cal….You've just had a very adventurous sex life. I'm in awe. And a little jealous. That’s all.”

She smiled at him innocently, no judgment in her eyes just joy … and mischief. He adored her.

“You certainly seem to have lots of energy,” she said taking the chance to feel his muscled lean arm.

“I got good chi. ”

“I’ll say…So…Have you ever crossed dressed?”

Keyes clenched his jaw.

“You have!… I would love to see that.”

“Unfortunately she probably still has the pictures.”

“Who is this girl? I need to talk to her?”

Off guard by the sudden turn of the questioning, a subdued look fell across Keyes face, as he got lost in thought; it instantly took the wind out of Bree’s sails.

She sat back in her seat not daring to look at him now, only staring out the front window of the car. She hoped she hadn't offended him; they had been having so much fun. Maybe this was why she didn't have a boyfriend. She didn't know when to stop playing around.

Keyes was surprised at the reaction to the memory of ‘her’. Maybe it was because having met Bree now that part of his life was truly over. He snapped back to himself when he heard the passenger door open. He turned abruptly seeing Bree getting out of the car and walking to the bank of the lake.

“Where you going?’ Keyes shouted after her, a twinge of panic in his chest and throat, while exiting the car as well. He followed her to the edge of the water.

There was an awkward space between them now. Trepidation was welling in him. He didn't know what to do.

Bree turned and looked up at him, eager longing brimming beneath the surface of her apologetic gaze.

Oh fuck, she’s so fucking cute. I could just eat her up.

Without a word, she wrapped her arms around his waist, her head on his chest as she hugged him. Keyes melted in her arms, his eyes closing in calming bliss, as he wrapped his arms around her as well. Keyes thought he would explode with joy. Just from that simple hug.

They stayed entwined for several minutes, each hugging the other tighter as if holding onto a lifeline, before Bree stepped back looking up at him.

“What was that for?”

“’Cause I wanted to.” She shrugged like a child as she spoke. “I like you. You're fun. I'm sorry if I said something wrong.”

"You didn't. I'll answer whatever questions you want." He reached up to stroke her cheek but Bree (missing the cue) walked back to the water’s edge.

“Have you ever been in love?” She tried to sound cheery as she spoke. She knew the answer before she asked but she wanted to hear him say it.

It took Keyes several moments before he answered. He was in love now but he was sure she meant before they met.

“Yes.” His voice was almost inaudible, but Bree heard him loud and clear. Her heart ached when he answered.

Of course, he had been in love. Maybe he still loved that girl.

“What’s her name?”



“What does she look like?”

“She’s beautiful, tall.”

“Taller than me?”

“Yeah, about 5’10. She had these long slender legs but she had huge feet.” He smiled as he talked his eyes glazed as he mind was filled with his beautiful ex-lover. “She was self-conscious about them but she always kept them in immaculate condition..”

He wasn't really talking to Bree anymore, just conveying his memories aloud. Anyone could have been standing there.

Bree felt like she was eavesdropping. She kept looking around as if she could escape, regretting with each word that she had asked the question, but still wanting to hear all about this girl.

“She had a regal face, like a queen. Gorgeous smooth olive skin. Beautiful lips, auburn hair with gold streaks in it. She was beautiful.”

“She had these big bright blue eyes that could sometimes stare through me, stop me in me tracks and when she was mad I swear they would turn midnight blue.

“But when she laughed, all was right with the world.”

Bree felt jealousy swelling in her now, tears were welling in her eyes and she couldn't stop them. She wanted to run away. She felt so small.

“She was smart, smarter than me. She could be stern too, everything was kind of by the book with her,organized. I wanted her to cut loose more but that wasn't her way. But she was soft and tender and loving as well. Very loving. She kept me in line and out trouble for the most part.

“We always had a lot of fun together. She was my best friend, but she didn't need me, not really. She loved me, we loved each other. She wanted me. But she didn't need me. It’s nice to be needed….”

There was a long dry pause of silence as Keyes finished his thoughts to himself. Moments later he shook off the memory and for an instant forgot where he was until he looked over at Bree.

She had a small smile on her face that didn't reach her eyes. He felt a twinge in his chest.

“You were really in love huh? Why aren't you married?”

“I almost did marry her.”


She felt like someone punched her in the chest. He had loved this girl enough to almost marry her. Bree knew she didn't stand a chance.

“What happened?”

“As good as we were together, as much as we loved each other, she wasn't the one for me; I wasn't the one for her. She knew it I knew it. So we just let it go.”

The calm lapping of the water filled the space between them.

“Were you sad when it was over?”

“A little…because I figured if she wasn't it then she was the closest I was going to get. That kinda scared me.”

Until now.

“I mean I do want to get married and all that. But not just to get married like its something you check off your to do list. It has to be right, with the right person, or isn't that missing the whole point?”

"I totally agree with you."

Bree had her own thoughts about marriage that she didn't want to get into here and now.

“Do you miss her?"

“Sometimes. She was my best friend, you know. So I miss her that way. But I like making new friends.” He looked expectantly at Bree but she was looking at the water, seeming not to have heard him.

"Do you still love her?"

"As a friend. I'm not in love with her though."

“Where is she?”

“She moved back east, Connecticut somewhere.”


“Have you ever been in love?”

“Yep. But not like you,” Bree said turned to him trying to sound chipper.

“Who was this lucky guy?”

“Some dude,” she said blandly with a cast off shrug.

“Some dude? What's that mean?”

“Just a guy. Number 2 in fact. I loved him and he stabbed me in the back.”

I'll kill him.

“What happened?”

“He was cool at first. He was so funny. So funny. He always made me laugh. It so true if you can make a girl laugh, your half way there. Anyway, we started dating and I fell in love with him. And he said he loved me too. I believe he did, but his family didn't like me. I mean I felt they didn’t; especially his mom of course. I told him that but he was like ‘No they like you. They like you.’

“Then one day all I remember is him saying, ‘My family doesn't want me to see you anymore.’ And all I could see in my mind was a knife in my back. Cause I knew all along they didn't like me but he was trying to act like I was crazy. And all the while he was telling me he was in love with me and wanted to be with me, but he was telling them we were just friends, so they thought I was some bossy bitchy girl taking up all his time….Anyway, it doesn't matter. I knew we wouldn’t ever get married if it had worked out, but I did really love him.”

Keyes felt tightness in his chest seeing her trying to fight back tears. He moved quickly to her, towering over her as she stared at the ground.

She reminded him of a scared little girl. He had to- NO! He would protect her from now on. She needed him and he definitely needed her.

“Can I get another hug?” he asked stretching out his arms on either side of her so she couldn't refuse even if she wanted to.

“Mmm.” She buried her face in his chest, trying to muffle her sobs as they embraced tightly again. Bree didn't want to let go. Keyes body felt like home and she had just met him. He was solid, strong and warm, his arms around her felt like heaven, like she was safe. She couldn't see how anyone woman would or could want to leave him.

“Where is he now?”

“I don’t know. Don’t care really.” She pulled away turning her back to him trying to subtly wipe her face. “Like an idiot, I got into this other relationship right after and I thought I loved that guy but …. He cheated on me. Have you ever cheated?” She said loudly in an accusatory tone.

“I am happy to say I have not?"

“That’s good. That’s very good.” She turned to face Keyes. A full smile on her face. “Sooo… you said you could dance. Show me.”

“You want me to dance for you?”

She nodded eagerly. She was ready for something, anything to get the past wiped from her mind. If laughing at him trying to dance would do it, she’d take it.

“What do I get?”

I know what I want.

“I’ll answer your questions without changing the subject.”

That’ll do for now.


Keyes walked back to his car, and turned on his iPod through the car speakers.

“You have any house music?”

“Yep.” Keyes sat in driver’s seat scanning through his music, until he came to what he felt was the perfect song to demonstrate his dancing skills. He was never afraid to show off

Bree was standing at the front of the car now, her arms folded waiting, trying to contain the smile that was threatening to burst on her face.

The music started and Keyes stood and closed the door moving to the front of the car with Bree. His demeanor changed immediately as the bass started. He was manlier (if that was possible), he stood straighter chest out, head cocked to one side. A delicious wicked smirk on his face. He knew he was hot as hell and sexy. That in itself made Bree want to take off her clothes.

He had full swag bursting from him. You would have thought he ruled the universe.

She was grinning now.

The beat of music start shaking the car through the speakers and Keyes body moved in time. His chest popping to the music.

Bree was giggling uncontrollably. He could dance. And it was fucking sexy as hell. Her mind flashed to him in bed and his hard naked body moving horizontally with hers.Her clit prickling with desire as strong thick waves of pleasure burst in her.

His neck and shoulders were moving to the beat. His slim hips rolling to the thumping bass. He held out his hand and reached for her. She didn't hesitate and began moving to the music with him.

She stared up into her narrowed green eyes, bubbling with excitement and pleasure. Bree’s head lolled wildly to the pounding beat, her arms waving in the air. Her breasts wobbled and bounced as she moved, Keyes watched her excitedly. He took ever opportunity to touch her gyrating body.

Cars passing by honked at the two as they bobbed, popped and gyrated in time to the music as if it were only them in world.

Keyes maneuvered himself behind Bree, his large hands gripped her hips as he began to subtly grind his hips into hers, not too much to be obscene but just enough to let her know he was there.

He wished they were alone in his apartment, lights low, music pounding. She felt so good in his arms, her body moving next to his, He wanted to feel the supple softness of her caramel skin next to his. In his mind he saw his in his bed tangled in his sheets happily exhausted.

The two just kept dancing until too many people had actually parked and were watching the free show. Keyes wrapped his arms around Bree’s waist pulling her to him as she laughed happily and they swayed, tight against each other, in place.

“I told you,” he said as she spun around to face him. His breath caught as he looked at her.

She was so beautiful, panting and giggling in his arms. His mind was going blank with need. He had to have her, taste her.Overwhelmed with desire and joy, he leaned in breathless to kiss her, but she pulled back.

He bit his lip smiling.

Not yet.

Why did I do that? Bree chastised herself she giggle sheepishly. Maybe this was why she didn't have a boyfriend, she didn't know how to read cues.

But she felt herself getting lost a little in all the events of the day. It was better that she did pull back, at least for now.

“That’s fucking awesome,” she said panting trying to play off the awkward exchange.

“You didn't think I could dance did you?”

“I wasn't sure. But I'm glad you can.”

“Are you gonna let me take you dancing?”


“How about tonight?”


“Yeah, really?”


She was glowing, her skin was dewy with sweat and she was smiling.

That smile.

He stared at Bree as she began to sway again to the music. Keyes was having one of the best times of his life.

“Hey, c’mere,” he said pulling out his phone. “Let me take a picture of you.”

“No, I don’t look good.”

“What are you talking about? You’re the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.”

His statement said plainly and sincerely stopped her in her tracks as Keyes snapped a picture of her.

“Let’s get a few together,” he said coming up beside her and wrapping his arm around her shoulder, moving in cheek to cheek with her.

Bree smiled brightly glancing over at him before looking up at the phone as the camera flashed.


*Bree purposely mispronounced the word gigolo

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