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La Vita Bella in Perugia

Love was in the air. Love was always in the air in Italy.
The wind wafted up the valley carrying citrus and olive grove smells into the stone farmhouse. The cold stone floors seemed to hum with life, history and a certain joie da vie that I was unsure what to call in Italian. "La Bella Vita" didn't seem to quite explain these feelings - sure it was "the Beautiful Life" but it was more than that. It was heaven. "Cielo!" Heaven.

The decision, journey and last couple of weeks had been hectic and painful. It would take years to get over it all but right here, right now, at 6am watching the sun rise up the side of the valley and looking to you, the sun highlighting your curves as you sleep peacefully, I think back to last night. God! This is what it is all about. This is why we are here. I am intoxicated. I would do anything and everything you ask...rob a bank, run for President, fly...

The city is only a few miles away. Beautiful, historic, fashionable. Those boutiques sing with gorgeous people, both male and female. The trattorias and piazzas awash with carefree socialites loving life, culture and the each other. Love was in the air. Love was always in the air in Italy. Central to the country this was the perfect location. Rome, Milan, vineyards, lakes and the ocean just a short drive away. Toscana, Umbria, Marche, Lazio, Abruzzi...the famous and beloved counties all within easy access. I loved it. I was born to be here. It made my soul hum with happiness...something I couldn't explain but every neuron in my body vibrated. The sensation was enhanced because now you were here. At my side for a new adventure. My soul sung. I was eternally happy. I vibrated like I was high and I was...on you.

Laying beside you in the dawn light I watch you sleep. Peaceful. Your smell wafts over me... and I inhale. Mixed with the aromas of the rough hewn countryside, I succour it in and float on it. I buzz on the day ahead and begin planning...thinking of the food, sights and wine we will enjoy. Breakfast overlooking Lago Trasimeno, watching the boats, the salty smell of the water and the strong waft of freshly pulled espresso. Shopping downtown Perguia, visiting the boutiques and buying secret things for the night ahead. Lunch in Piazza de la Novembre IV, people watching and enjoying only the best barolo on offer, accompanied with flat bread, olive tapenade, fresh market cheeses, dolce salami and pancetta. Dinner and overnight stay in a grand suite at Hotel Le Tres Vaselles, taking in the Umbrian Jazz festival and enjoying the oversized fireplace and luminous terrace overlooking the vineyard.

The thrill and excitement of sharing this with you is an age in the making and every moment is so sweet that I tremble at the thought. To share these sights with you, never losing touch, always within arms reach and enjoying as the Italian males oogled over your beauty, it is so exciting.

I brush your shoulder and you move to awaken. I wonder who will come to me first...will it be Clare Bear, shy, demure, delicate as a flower? Will it be Clur, funny as the day is long, full of fun and giggles and always so good to be around? Would it be Aurora, your alter ego? Queen of the Dawn and raging with passion, sexual tension and adventure? Or would it be Laydee Gaga? Sassy, sexy, outrageous? I loved these moments...the moment before the eyes open and the day begins. I stop and take it in. You smile and I know you are awake. The day is about to begin.

I take the wide satin sash from her dressing gown. It is strong but light and smooth. Kneeling behind you on the bed, I heard you utter "Mmmmmmmmm". If it was anticipation or remembering last night I didn't know but it was a sound that stirs me every time. I see you smirk but keep your eyes clasped shut, playing along with the game, whatever that was to be. I wrap it gently around your head, covering your eyes and tying it firmly behind your head. Your smile is wide and wicked. I reach for the thick tie that is holding the luxurious curtains back from the window and use it to tie your hands behind your back. You gasp in pleasure at the idea, biting on your lip, obviously running the scenario through your mind.

I lean over you, prone and tied up and whisper,

"Let's have some fun."

"Mmmmmm, yes please!", you reply huskily.

I throw back the light coverlet that we had used to fend off the evening chill and apprais your curves; arms tied behind your back and eyes shielded from what lay ahead. I breathe hotly on your shoulder and down your arm. You shiver. I brush my lips gently against your hips, eying the voluptuous form that is framed by a skimpy g-string: a delicate lovely fabric pink rose adorned the thong in the middle of your back, looking all the world out of place against the devious things running through my mind. I love the dichotomy of this moment. This beautiful woman, tied up, blindfold, with the morning sun streaming over her curves and this delicate little flower in the small of your back on this decadent sexy thong.

"Don't make me wait!", you plead.

"Oh come now!" I reply, "what's the hurry?!"

I snuggle up behind you, pushing my naked body into you, feeling skin on skin. Nuzzling my head against your neck and shoulder, I nibbled an earlobe gently. My breathing quickens as I savor your smell and taste and I delight in this exsquisite woman laying beside me. I brush my hand along your shoulder and arm, tugging lightly on the tie to make sure it still hold. Your hands and fingernails grasp at my belly, my rising cock only inches below - you are obviously trying to reach it. I push my cock into the cleft of your ass, feeling the heat already there against the heat of my own. My hands seek out your breasts, the nipples standing proud and ready. Twisting one, I whisper in your ear,

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes", you reply.

I rub my hand down your back, tickling the pink flower and tugging at the thong, pulling it tight and up into your labia. You gasp as the fabric splits you and rubs against your anus. You push back into me and into the pull of the thong, arching your back. Your fingernails find the head of my cock and I gasp at the almost painful clutch. I pull the thong to one side and rubbed my fingers along your labia, lubricating them with your juices. You arch your back more, pushing your labia against my fingers, seeking my fingers with your core.

Outside I hear the tinking bells that the sheep wear so they can be found and the barking of the dog that protects them. The farmhouse is remote, at the top of a hill in a sleepy valley of olive groves and citrus farms. The road leading to the house is rocky and steep, rutted by flooding water and requiring a firm foot on the accelerator pedal to ensure upward progress was made. The large steel gate is padlocked, a surprising inconvenience when coming to and fro, but providing a secure compound that is confidence inspiring this far into the countryside. The farmhouse is a converted barn with huge wooden doors that are converted to an entryway. Each window is shuttered with aged wood and locked from the inside. There is no glass panes and when open they provide an unhindered view to the valley below.

I decided to test your boundaries...

As I climb from the bed and you utter a disappointed groan,

"Where are you going?!"

You sound exasperated.

"You are coming too", I reply and pull you gently but firmly from the bed. Your hands are still bound behind you and your eyes blindfold with the satin dressing gown tie. I guide you to the open window, the view of the green fields, wild grasses, huge trees and olive groves impressive. I lean you against the window ledge and exposed your nakedness to the Italian countryside, dressed in only a skimpy thong. The light shines and glimmers on your skin, your breasts and nipples. The glittered body lotion you use sparkles and glints as you move. You feel the light breeze on your face and gasp,

"I hope no-one can see!"

"Of course not!" I reply, looking hastily around. I see only sheep and the countryside but I know that the occasional farmer or cross-country hiker could pass-by. I feel comfortable that it is safe.

I push you against the cold stone walls, using your tied hands to leverage your chest down to the rock. I pull against your hips and and spread your legs apart so that I can see your core. This precious perfect little purse. I kneel behind you, running my hands on your buttocks and down the backs of your legs, perfectly toned. The goosebumps on your skin rise at my whispy touch and I lean closer to you. Gently I lick the labia. You jump at the touch but then sensing my hot breath and tongue you push back into my face, burying it in your core into me. My rough stubble grinds against your labia and I lap vigorously. I love how you taste, so sweet, like nectar. I run both hands over your rump as I lick you, feeling your encourgaging movements and groans. I take a moment to take this image in...savor it and etch in my memory for later.

Your legs shudder and I feel your orgasm building. I insert two fingers into you, searching, pulsing them in and out. I continue to lick with my tongue but reach for the clit, hard and excited, timing the licks with my fingers. You let out a groan,

"Oh god! Please don't stop"

But I have no plans to. I'm not sure if you can stay vertical when you come like this but we are about to find out. You lean against the cold stone window ledge, the window is wide open and the countryside is in front of you but you can't see it because you are blindfolded. The sun dances off your shoulders and hair, heating the skin it contacts but the real heat is down below, on my tongue and fingers. You tense, standing on your tip toes, your whole body tensed as the moment of climax arrives and you fight it off, savoring that high, that moment right before the explosion. I continue to tongue and finger you, feeling your core grip and massage my fingers. Your clit is rock hard and I tongue it gently since it is hypersensitive. I want you to come on my face and am willing you to let go but wait patiently for the thrill. An image of my cock sliding into your labia pops into my mind and sends a shiver of anticipation to my own loins. My cock is hard, ready and waiting on his relief.

Finally the wave washes over you and you chatter uncontrollably as a powerful climax hits you. Your knees buckle and your legs shake but you prop yourself up with your cheek against the window ledge and ride out each sweet moment. I continue to lick and feel the waves grip your core and my fingers, the juices leaking onto my tongue and I lap it up greedily. Your scent hits me and I enjoy this sweet powerful exciting moment as your orgasm subsides.

Italy, in late August, see's a lot of sudden downpours, with unanticipated high winds, drop in temps and rain slashing horizontally. At this moment the heaven's open with a thrust of wind, the temperature drops ten degrees and the rain pelts the pea-gravel driveway. I stand behind you, my cock inches from your labia, but looking out into this powerful weather I decide to keep testing your boundaries.

"Let's go outside", I say.

"But it's raining!", you exclaim.

"I know. But this is mother nature's power and how exciting to fuck in it", I say.

I pull you upright, and support you since your legs are still weak from the orgasm. I guide you out of the patio doors and onto the concerte patio. I place you against the window ledge now looking into the farmhouse and pull your perfect ass to me, pesenting it to the Italian countryside. My cock is bursting and the rain pelts off us strongly. It's cold but we are hot. This is an animalistic moment and I grab at the tie biding your hands and immediately thrust deep inside you, growling loudly at the pleasure. I am overcome with desire and want and can barely contain myself. Inside you I feel your core grab and pulse on me, dripping wetness and searing heat. My balls slap against your clit as I pummel in and out forcefully, holding your hands and using them as leverage. You shout encouragement as the moment overtakes you. We care not about the weather, the rain, the wind, the temperature. We lose ourselves in this animalistic fucking. Heaving against each other. Yelling obsenities. Fucking like animals. I grab your shoulders and pull you to me, standing you up so your back is to my chest. My cock is inside you and your hands grasp at my groin, taking a handful of hair and pulling it. I turn your head to me and devour your mouth, loving the sensation of your hot tongue on mine and my cock inside you. This is heavenly. The powerful storm pounds the earth and we stand naked in it, copulating madly, eating and devouring one another.

A thunderous roar emits from above shaking the ground. It only serves to push us further into ecstasy. Our bodies soaked in the cold rain yet wrapped in each other. We feel nothing but the heat, the skin, the wetness and the heat of each others core. I push you back to the ledge and continue to thrust in and out of you. A sensational climax is building and I focus intently on it, timing my rhythm with your pushing and picturing the moment of orgasm as I release inside you.

A huge clap of thunder echoes through the valley as the rain continues its horizontal assault on our bodies. A lightning bolt lights up the sky as it were high noon on a blazingly sunny day and finally the storm passes over. The clouds break apart and let the sun's rays start the drying cycle. Th feeling of the bright hot sun on our skins an amazing feeling after the heavy humid rain.

I slow my thrusting, easing back from the moment of release and claiming control over my emotions once more. There was something to be said for sex without climax. Holding the release. Building the frustration. Building it for a later bigger release. I decide not to let it go and turn my attentions to your body, shimmering with rain, sparking in the sunlight. Your hair is soaked and sticking to you, you look wild and untamed. I stare in wonder at this gorgeous woman looking back over her shoulder at me, as we stand here in slow copulation outside the farmhouse.

Finally I take my cock out of you and you look questioningly at me. I say,

"Let's build this climax all day with little teases and later when we get back to this it will be fantastic."

You nod, understanding but with a little pout.

"Let's shower and get moving", I say, pulling you to me. We kiss passionately, rubbing our wet bodies together. My hand holds the back of your head and I devour you, savoring the taste of you on my tongue and the feel of your skin against mine.

Inside we soap each others bodies slowly, lovingly. Caressing the skin and crevasses. We look deeply into each other eyes and with no words exchange understand each other completely. The emotions thick in the air. And while I ache for you sexually there is immense pleasure in touching, feeling, sensing, smelling and enjoying the closeness and feeling unencumbered by clothing.

We dress in light airy fashionable clothing, linens and bright colors for the beautiful Italian places we have planned for the day. I inhale deeply the scent of your perfume knowing that it would be forever connected with you and no-one could ever wear it near me without making me think of you.

In the car we enjoy an open window drive to Passignano, a lovely little historic town by Lago Trasimeno's north shore, and stroll hand in hand through the stone streets. The buildings look aged and many are in disrepair but there's a calm quiet about this town that relaxes the soul.

We enter Del Pescatore located at the end of the pier jutting out into the lago and find it quietly busy for breakfast. People chatted and picked at their breakfast while sipping large espresso's with heaps of sugar. Food was not an Italian breakfast but coffee and pastries were, lighter fare to bide one over until the real meal of the day, lunch, followed by the traditional siesta. We sat at a table by the large glass window which was cracked to let in the salty breeze and clucking of the seagulls who were far from the sea but found the lago a very acceptable alternative.

The espresso was strong and hot and the pastries light and sugary. We enjoyed a long peaceful time chatting, people watching and playing footsie beneath the table, while many of the other patrons smiled broadly at the touriste who were obviously deeply in love. Italians love to be in love - and they love nothing more than to see people in love. Many men and women nodded their approval as we lightly brushed one anothers arms and hair. Never far from each others grasp. I was bursting to have you but I knew that this long morning and afternoon of teasing would only serve to make the sex much more intense later as the wanton that builds throughout the day to a tremendous coda finish.

We saunter along Via Nationale looking in shop windows, oogling properties for sale and wonder aloud what it would be like to buy something here and run away from the world to this little piece of paradise. What would we do? Farm? Write? Consult? Whatever it was we knew it would be heavenly to be together and that eternity together seemed too short. Love, sexual tension, adoring glances, simple touching and contentedness accompanied our walk and we nodded happily to passers by who uttered their greetings in Italian even though we were plainly foreigners. We smiled broadly in return and replied as best we could but the look of love was enough reply for most.

Back in the car we weave along the Autoroute 1 through the hills from Lago Trasimeno to Perguia and deliver the car with valet at the Hotel del Rosetta. Checking in can wait and we immediately make for the outdoors and into the busy cobbled streets of Perguia seeking out shopping. We walk past Fontana Maggiore, Palazzo dei Priori and the anciet Rocca Paolina and stop at Dolce e Gabbana, Gucci, Ferregamo, Hermes. I relish watching you shop and encourage you to buy whatever pleases the eye or suits your fancy. There are no limits and you whisk through wide eyed and beaming as you select dresses, blouses, shoes and sexy lingerie. You try various clothing on for me and parade around showing off your figure for your boy, enjoying both mine and others admiring glances. I tell you to buy something nice for dinner, a whole outfit, whatever you want and watch as you whirl around like a kid in a candy store.

The late morning turns to afternoon and the crowds head towards their favorite eating spots. I carry the shopping haul as we wander through the piazzas looking for an inviting spot for lunch and find it in the form of a elegant white-linen cloth and wide matching table umbrellas trattoria located in a secluded corner of the Piazza Del Novembre IV. We sit facing the piazza so we can people watch and order a delicate Pinot Grigio that is cold and light enough to help temper the afternoon heat and would go very nciely with the Lombetto, celery and black Norcia truffle salad. We picked at the salad and enjoyed the light wine as we chatted, laughed and savored each others company. We followed the salad with Tagliatelle with courgettes, courgette flowers and saffron cream, a rich dish that required a switch to a gorgeously bouquetted Barolo.

We giggled our way through a very long lunch and finally notice the time when the sun dipped behind the tall stone walls and left us shade that was quite a bit cooler than when we were in the sun. You shiver as a chill wind breezed through the piazza and we decide to make a move.

Back at the hotel we check in and arriving at last in the large suite we drop the shopping bags and collapse on the bed slightly drunk from the wine. It has been an amazing day so far and I am entranced and addicted to your sounds and smells. I follow you around like a lost puppy, skipping on every word and delighting as I watch you talk, laugh, giggle, and smile. I am intoxicated. I am addicted. I cannot get enough. Even today where we have spent every waking second side by side, I want more.

We cuddle, whispering sweet nothings and eventually drift off to a light sleep. The hotel windows are open and a cool breeze whisks through the room. The bed is large, four posted and inviting, with high thread count sheets and pillows that are oversized and exceptionally comfortable.

Rousing from the nap I see only a short time has passed but I feel refreshed. I ponder the evenings events as I wait for you wake and stop to once more to caress your lovely hair and watch you sleep. You look peaceful, contented and happy and I think how lucky I am and how happy.

I leave the bedroom of the suite and go to the phone in the living room. Calling the front desk I order a chilled bottle of champagne. I call the matre de and discuss the dinner plans I had in mind. This is Italy and anything can be arranged with good humor, a good story and a little extra money.

I return to the bedroom and you have just started to awake. I snuggle up to you, holding you tight and we whisper more sweet nothings. I am high on you and you are returning the same feelings.

"Okay time for you to get ready for dinner," I say rising and pointing to your shoppnig bags.

"I'll leave you to it. Take your time, I'll be on the veranda".

You smile as I leave with a gentle kiss and wink. The tux I have with me is pressed and ready and the shoes neatly groomed so I have time to go check on the preparations for dinner.

The evenining settles onto the city with a fiery sunset that is a sight to behold. The bright orange sun glinting on the tile rooftops and highlighting the clouds. Music wafts through the air as the annual jazz festival gets underway and people come and go down below us on their way to dinner or their evening plans. I knock on the bedroom door and you call out your approval for me to enter. Inside I see you for the first time and you are exsquisitely dressed in a shimmering black gown that is breath-taking. A long slit rises from the ankle to mid thigh exposing your legs so sexily. The pink Ferragamo shoes matching the beautiful ruby necklace we bought this afternoon. Your hair is perfect. You look perfect. I float over to you taking this vision in and thanking the gods for my good fortune. How can this sensational creature be standing here in front of my after all these years and challenges? Can this be the perfect moment? I take you in my arms and hold you there, telling you how beautiful you look and how proud I am to take you to dinner tonight. We giggle at the thought of all the Italian men who will be whistling at you and calling in italian.

We ride the elevator to the lobby and I usher you towards the courtyard. Outside the door the matre de meets us and immediately you notice what I have planned for you. He comments,

"Bella donna. Quello è un vestito meraviglioso," to you, complimenting your dress, and then to me,

"Congratulazioni è bella. Questo senso, per favore". He is telling me congratulations on your beauty and ushering us to the table.

Delicate and vivid rose petals are scattered from the doors to the one lone table that sits in the center of the courtyard that could easily hold one hundred. Candles and small sparkling lights are hung from the trees and bushes and in the corner a single guitarist plays beautiful melodies. Tonight we eat together, in this ancient courtyard in Italy, on the stage for every one to see this gorgeous woman.

You look stunned but happy. You are red faced but look so happy to have this elegant dinner in this wonderful setting. Refreshed and excited. You lean to me,

"This is so lovely. Thank you."

"For you? Anything. Or as the Italians would say 'coglierei le stelle dai cieli per voi' - I would pluck the stars from the sky for you."

You kiss me so gently and I smell your perfume.

"Commando," you whisper and lean back in your chair with a very wicked grin on your face.

"This is going to be so good," I think to myself.

I nod to the matre de and he leaves us on the errand I had previously arranged. A waiter, neat and proper in his pure white apron, serves us Montalcino in large crystal glasses and sit sipping as you look around at the setting. Passers by look at us and smile, probably wondering who this tuxedoed man and gorgeous woman are sitting center stage in this ancient stone courtyard. The music lilts across the air and seems to mix beautifully with the aromas of the rose petals and candles, creating a magical aura. It's like a dream, this moment, so clearly us and so clearly real but it seems unreal to be sitting here across the table with you.

I notice the matre de position himself in my line of sight over your shoulder and he nods to tell me things are in motion. I grin and pick up my glass, offering up a toast,

"To us. And to hitting pause on life so we can stop the world and enjoy each other here in this amazing setting."

We clink glasses and after a short pause the tenor begins his accompaniment. The strong clear voice ringing loudly in the courtyard. You turn, wide-eyed, to watch and a smile comes across your face as you recognize Nessum Dorma from Puccini's Turandot. We listen, sipping. I giggle to myself thinking of the meaning of the song: sung by Calaf, "il principe ignoto" (the unknown prince), who falls in love at first sight with the beautiful but cold Princess Turandot. However, any man who wishes to wed Turandot must first answer her three riddles. If he fails, he will be beheaded!

As the crescendo rises, I step to your side and kneel. You turn to me and I say,

"My life is incomplete without you. I love that we have this digital relationship and that we check so many boxes for each other. The world seems inconsequential to me when you are not in it and I spend every waking moment thinking about you. I ache to have you beside me for all eternity. I ache to feel you surround me in your beauty, your humour, your style. You make life sparkle for me and I must not let you go again."

"This is what love is," I continue, "it is engaging, dangerous, fulfilling, exciting, adventurous, passionate. I feel all those things when I am with you. 'Ed il mio bacio scioglierà il silenzio che ti fa mia!', I quote Turandot, 'And my kiss will dissolve the silence that makes you mine!'".

I lean to you and we kiss sweetly but passionately. I burn inside, bursting from within and swell with contentedness as I feel your touch, smell you, taste your lips. Not everyone finds perfection but in this moment I have and I wish for nothing more than for it to continue forever so I don't have to try to remember what it is like.

The matre de interrupts politely with a clearing of his throat. Dinner has arrived and it was good timing, and before our passion overtakes us we settle back for the food. The server introduced a delicate salad of strawberries & arugola salads, dry ricotta cheese, drizzled in balsamic reduction. We share it, teasing and feeding one another, enjoying the spicy reduction against the sweet strawberries and the wonderful Montalcino wine.

The entree arrives in a flurry of activity as the tenor continues serenading us in beautiful songs. The eggplant parmigiana ravioli, rolling fresh tomato sauce, with pancetta and a hint of marjoram is again shared with funny stories, laughs and relaxing, refreshing moments that charm me into a trance. I am intoxicated and smitten. Grateful that this wonderful creature had found a way to be with me.

Dinner is slow and peaceful. The music and singing continuing throughout and providing the perfect Italian backdrop to this scene. The service is delightfully discreet and courteous, showing the real class of the establishment. They take no heed of our stroking, kissing, or teasing.

I call the matre de to the table and request that he deliver dessert to our suite, and taking your hand I guide you toward the entrance. We nod politely to onlookers who are obviously still wondering who this glamorous couple are and make for the elevator arm in arm. Inside th elevator we kiss passionately, my hand slipping up your dress via the slit and I find you are telling the truth - no underwear. You giggle at my whispy touch and ask,

"You like?"

"Of course", I reply, spreading your legs slightly. I rub your labia gently and you kiss me passionately, your hands at the back of my neck pulling me closer. The ride is short and as we come to a stop we gather ourselves and exit to the hallway, but no-one is there. I put my hand on your ass, feeling the firm skin under the shimeering gown and think ahead to the pleasures that will accompany us into the long night ahead. You look knowingly over your shoulder at me as we walk down the hallway and I begin to feel a rise from the temptation.

Inside the room we find the service has beaten to it, somehow. A small table is set with white linen cloth, a silver bucket of ice filled with a bottle of champagne, and a large creme brulee decorated with blueberries and a sprig of mint. The bright fire burns hotly, the wood popping and crackling and a great aroma fills the room. The double doors are open to the veranda and a light breeze billows the curtains.

I pop the champagne bottle as you settle into an oversized leather chair beside the fire. The light dances on your features and you look husky and sexy. The flames dance on your eyes making you look devilish and you watch me intently as I dim the lights so that only the fire remains.

I hand you a glass of chilled champagne and kneel beside you with the dessert. I tease your lips with a taste then allow you to bite the blueberry from the spoon. I watch you and this is so erotic to me, watching you eat and lick your lips seductively. I take a bit, tasting the vanilla, caramel crunchy topping and silky smooth creme; so perfectly made. But my appetite has been whet for you, not this dessert, and I pass you the plate and spoon and move in front of you. I spreading your legs and watch the dress move up to expose your legs. Up and up, so very slowly, until it exposes your core and you shift in the chair in anticipation. You are so perfectly trimmed and I stare at it for long seconds, taking my time to enjoy each and every moment.

"Eat", I command and watch you take another bite, rubbing the creme on your lips and winking sexily at me. You are so supremely confident in your actions that my heart soars and I want for nothing more than be right here with you at this moment. I want this to be the best sex either of us have had and I concentrate on how to make it long and slow yet tender and close.

I kiss your thigh lightly, my stubble grazing you purposefully

"I want to devour you. For now. Forever.", I say.

"Please do. I want you now. Make it slow. Make it last", you reply. Sweet words and I need no further encouragement.

I take your foot, the sublime Ferragamo shoes smell of new leather and look perfect against your tanned leg. I kiss from the foot to the thigh, slowly, taking in the smell, the taste, the softness of your skin. I brush aside the dress, fully exposing you, pantiless and you look at me but instead of being embarassed you look jazzed and energized. Your confidence is inspiring and fill with pride at what you have become. So much more than before and now you are this vixen, confident, sexy and you know what you want. I am in heaven

I kiss the other leg from the patent leather shoe to the thigh and using my hands behind your back I pull you forward in the chair until you core is offered to me right on the edge. I take a sip of champagne and lean into you, licking the labia with the bubbly shapr on my tongue. You grind your hips to me with a low moan. I take another sip and use my tongue to drip some inside you. You squirm as the bubbles pop inside you and I grind my tongue on your clit push toward me.

"Hmmmmm", I say, "delicious!"

I lick your labia and clit greedily, savoring your taste and smell and the grinding motion of your hips as you guide my movements. But I don't want you to come...not yet. I pull you by the arms to me so that your mouth meets mine; your juices mixing with mine and our tongues dance and twirl.

"This is such a perfect day," you say dreamily.

My heart buldges in my chest, beating loudly and hard as my emotions roll over me. I am overcome and I continue to kiss you, feeling your body heat, feeling your own emotions through your skin. I take a sip of champagne and we kiss again, swirling tongues, popping bubbles, the sharp delicate flavor of the wine and its bouquet only highlighting each sensation.

I pull you to standing and hold you close in my arms. You put your head on my shoulder and we stand here swaying slowing and closely to some unheard song. I look down at your hair, so perfectly coifed, your neckline, beautiful and smooth, the pearl necklace, white as snow against your skin. Every inch of my body that is touching you is singing with incredible energy and I fight to stay standing as a swoon washes over me. Somehow your energy is intoxicating me, your taste, smell and feel just highlighting each sensation.

I reach for the zipper on your dress and pull it quickly down your back exposing the skin. You hum your encouragement and grind your body to mine. No words are needed, we are so perfectly in sync that we know by each others movements what each other wants. I know you want me. I can feel it.

You look up at me and our eyes meet; yours a pool of emotion that I swim in for long seconds. This is so intense and I feel a tear reach the edge of my eyelid and prepare for the fall down my cheek. You smile sweetly and the intense moment of emotion overwhelms us both. We kiss again and whisper sweet nothings. It seems that we cannot get close enough, touch enough, feel enough. "Forever" does not seem like enough.

I pull the strap of your dress from your shoulder and you shrug your arm out of it, letting it fall to your side.

"Keep going. I want you so much", you say.

I pull the other strap and the dress falls to the floor. You are standing next to me naked except for the exceptional shoes bought on our shopping trip today. I delight in your body, loving and soaking in every curve, every rise, every goosbump that rises as the breeze whips through the room. It is a gorgeous warm evening that has just enough humidity to keep the chill out. I pull you to me and run my hands down your back lightly, feeling the softness of your skin from the back of your neck to the rump of your bum. So smooth. So perfect.

I kiss your neck just below your chin and continue down to your collarbone, chest, cleavage, belly, until I am kneeling before you. You have a wild look into your eyes as you anticipate my tongue on your core and you grab a handful of my hair to pull my head to you. But not yet...

I stand before you and shrug off the tuxedo coat and immediately you grab my tie, hastily removing it and you start to unbutton the shirt.

"What happened to slow?", I say playfully and you smile in response. That perfect grin is part cheeky and part sexy - it drives me wild.

I watch you remove my clothes enthusiastically and I feel a surge to my core as your energy washes over me. I am bulging inside the trousers, my own excitement obvious. I take off the unbuttoned shirt as you move your hands to my chest, touching me tenderly, stroking the hair and my nipples. You lean your head to me and suck and bite on a nipple as I continue to remove the shirt. A zing of electricity runs through me and to my crotch, raising goosebumps on the way. I hold the back of your head in encouragement and finally your hands reach my waistband, tugging at the belt and then the top button. You release the zipper and let the trousers fall. I step out of them and you immediately tug at my shorts, your hands going into them and grasping at my bum to pull me to you. Our mouths meet again and we devour each other, our passions overcoming us. We hold each other close, strongly, burning with emotion and riding a wave of ecstacy. You feel so hot against me even thought the room has cooled. The log firelight dances along your torso and warms your skin. I want to feel every inch of you at the same moment and my hands seek, stroke, knead and pull at you. I am overcome.

You push me into the armchair, the soft leather cold against my back, and reach for my shoes, ripping each one off along with the socks. I am naked but for the boxers and my cock is fighting at the fabric for release. You kneel on the chair, one leg each side of mine, your breasts right in front of my face and put your arms around my head and pull my mouth to your nipples. I suck and bite, feeling you writhe naked on my lap, your core's heat on my thighs and teasing at my bulge. I hear the pounding of your heart against your chest and you moan encouragement, "oooh so nice", "yes like that", "oh I am so hot" and on and on.

I run my hands up the backs of your legs to your ass and pull you into me, grinding your core against my chest and I take in the heat and smell of you. Wafting on a cloud of excitement. I long to be inside you. I tease your labia lightly, lubricating them very gently. You dive onto my fingers, overtaken by lust and desire, feeding my fingers into you and gasping in delight.

You stand up, naked before me, with a look of passion and lust in your eyes that I have never seen before. You tell me to stand and then you kneel in front of me, my bulge in front of your face. Reaching inside you grab my cock, looking up at me and smiling you say,

"Now I finally get to meet this guy. The video star", and laugh.

You pull it from beneath the waistband and pull the boxers to the floor with the other hand, holding it firmly in your hand. You look it over closely, stroking it gently, rubbing your fingertip along the shiny red helmet. I look down as you bring it close to your face, rubbing it lightly along your cheek.

"Mmmmm", say, closing your eyes and feeling the pulse of it on your cheek.

You stroke it slowly and purposefully, watching the skin slide back and feeling the blood pump through it. This has been building since the fuck in the storm and now I am bursting, standing proud and erect. You grip it so tightly and very gently lick the head underneath. It jumps a little in your hand and I caution you that the trigger might not be far away. But you sense that already and are taking methodical movements. You pull the pearl necklace from around your neck and wrap around the base tightly and I fight to hold back the inevitable. You are so sexy, so lustful, so confident and yet beautiful, radiant and intoxicating.

You breathe hotly on my skin, opening your mouth to surround the head, you can feel him pulsing in your hand and my heart pounds in anticipation. Slowly you move your hand up and down the shaft, feeding it into your mouth, circling your tongue around, licking. You tongue finds the opening and it tickles but I give a start as a fresh flow of blood pours into him. He is so hard and I can feel your teeth rub so gently against me as you feed it deeper and deeper into your mouth.

Your hand moves to the bottom of the shaft forming a circle around it and continue to tongue it inside your mouth. Saliva runs from your mouth, hot, wet, and drips down the shaft to your fingers. I am so hot for you, groaning encouragement, pushing the pearls into your hand and my cock into your mouth, deeper and deeper. Somehow you take it all while still licking. I am amazed at your skill level and I am concentrating so hard to make this last.

You move the tip to your mouth, releasing the shaft but use the saliva there to rub and massage. Then you plunge it back into your mouth, so deep that I touch the back of your throat for a second. I throw my head back in ecstacy. I've never felt this before and I am floating on a cloud of emotion. I feel nothing but your hot mouth and pulsing hand; the click clack of the pearls accompanying the sucking and licking.

You feel me clench, knowing that the point of release is not far, and back off, removing most of the shaft from your mouth and lightly tonguing the head.

"Oh I can't believe I am saying this but you will have to stop. I need to feel it inside you. Please," I beg.

You lay back on the fluffy luxurious rug in front of the fire. The logs continue to pop and crackle and the aroma is amazing. I kneel between your legs, brushing my hands along their length gently, taking in the softness. You open your legs and and pull yourself apart for me. I am stunned by your confidence and it makes me so hot for you. I lean over you,

"This has been the best day ever and I hope it never ends. You make me laugh, you make me happy and I want this to last forever."

You smile in reply and say,

"I am so happy we are together for this. The connection is so deep and strong that it makes me forget everything else. I could float away on a cloud with you never to return."

We kiss passionately and I touch your lips with the head. You push your hips forward seeking me and I plunge into you as our tongues swirl.

To be continued...
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