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Learning More About The Neighbors - Part 3

Sam now knows why Rosie was happy to have sex with the neighbors. What now?
In Part 1, Sam and Rosie went to Anna’s and John’s house for a holiday drink and ended up having sex with them. In Part 2, Anna explains her secrets to Rosie and then John and promises John a special Christmas gift.

I did not know what to think or what to say, so I simply followed orders. I went upstairs, took a shower and decided to shave. I put on casual clothes and went back downstairs. I was about ready to make myself a drink when the phone rang.

A woman whose voice was not familiar was on the line.

“Sam, this is Valerie from the Pussycat Escort Agency. A friend of yours who wants you to have a very merry Christmas has asked me to send two of our most spectacular ladies to your home this evening. I am calling to say that I have reserved two truly delightful girls for you. They will be with you within the hour. I know that you will have a great time.”

‘Valerie’ hung up before I could say anything.

I went to the kitchen and made a really stiff drink. I turned on TV, but just flipped channels, wondering what was going to happen this evening. I was thinking about trying to find the porn on Rosie’s laptop that she had mentioned, but suddenly the doorbell rang.

When I opened the door, two women in long coats were waiting in the cold December air. One of them was easily recognizable as Anna, but it took me a moment to recognize my Rosie. Her hair, which normally hung loosely down to her shoulders, had been highly styled and frizzed … almost a throwback to a 1980s porn star. Rosie usually did not wear much makeup, but her eyes had been heavily done up and she was wearing bright red lipstick.

I realized that I was starting when Anna asked, “Sam, may we come in?”

As they entered, Anna said, “I think our friend Valerie called you. We were told you needed some special Christmas cheer, and we are just the two girls to provide it. My name is Anna, and this is Rosie. We would like to show you an exceptionally good time this evening.”

I did not know what to say (for about the 30th time in the past two days), so I simply played along. “Nice to meet you,” I said. “May I take your coats?”

“Yes, please,” said Anna. I immediately realized that Rosie was really nervous. Anna started to unbutton her long coat, but Rosie was nearly frozen.

Anna quickly clocked this. “Rosie, dear, don’t you want to take off your coat and give it to Sam?”

Rosie’s brain clicked back into action and said, “Of course. I was just looking at how beautiful this house is. Something about it is familiar, but I can’t really figure out what it is.”

Anna slowly removed her coat to show that she was wearing perhaps the smallest dress that I had ever seen. Its hemline barely extended past her pussy, and even then I could tell the only thing separating me from her goods was a minimal red g-string. Much of her ass was clearly showing. The top of the red dress, if you could call it that, consisted of two straps of material which rose from the waist to cover Anna’s huge nipples – and not much else – and tied at the back of her neck.

But, I really wanted to see what Rosie was wearing. When she removed her coat, I certainly was not disappointed. On top, Rosie wore a black velvet bustier. The tight garment squeezed my wife’s large breasts upwards, creating spectacular cleavage. Beneath the top, she wore sheer, flowing black trousers that were virtually transparent. While Anna had covered her pussy with the g-string, Rosie’s was totally bare. I could clearly see that my fairly conservative wife had shaved her pubic hair within the past hour.

She looked like a hooker, but certainly not a cheap one. Her appearance satisfied my wildest dreams.

I stopped staring at my wife long enough to mutter, “Would you like a drink?”

Rosie replied this time. “Yes, certainly, but we have come prepared.” With that, Anna opened the large bag she had been carrying to produce a bottle of chilled champagne. “We have brought the bubbly, but it would be nice if you could get some glasses.”

When I returned from the kitchen with three flutes, the girls had made themselves comfortable on the sofa. I popped the cork and poured three glasses of fizz.

As I handed them the flutes, Anna said: “Sam, why don’t you sit in the chair over there, and then we can discuss what we would like to do tonight.

Rosie quickly said, “Why discuss anything? Let’s just show him.”

With that Rosie reached over to Anna, pushed one of the tiny straps aside and began licking her left nipple, which was starting to swell. Within seconds, Anna began breathe heavier. After another minute, Anna pushed Rosie away. Anna stood up and removed both her dress and tiny panties, so that she was only wearing the stilettos. She then tugged at Rosie’s bustier so that one of Rosie’s tits escaped and began returning the favor to my wife.

While Anna had reacted in a measured way when Rosie had begun licking her nipple, Rosie practically exploded as soon as Anna’s tongue touched her tit. She began to hyperventilate, and began moaning louder and louder. After less than a minute, Rosie began to cum, shouting: “Oh shit! That is so fucking good. Jesus, I don’t want you to ever stop!”

But, Anna did exactly that. She stopped, much to Rosie’s disappointment. Anna stood up and slowly walked over to me, still sitting in the chair.

“Please forgive us. We got carried away. Tonight is about your pleasure, not ours. We can fuck each other later, but now the focus is on you. Please let me begin.”

With that, Anna, wearing only her high heels, plopped in my lap and began kissing me. My hands quickly reached for her fabulous tits and I started to squeeze those huge nipples.

After a few moments, Anna stood up, bent over and began unbuttoning my shirt.

“You have on far too many clothes, my Darling, but I can do something about that. While I am busy here, why don’t you watch Rosie?

So as Anna slowly removed my shirt and began to unbuckle my belt, I watched my shy wife sit on the sofa and masturbate. Both tits had spilled out over the top of the corset. She began pinching her left nipple. Her other hand ventured beneath the waistband of her nearly transparent trousers, and she began to furiously herself.

Rosie then suddenly stopped and reached into Anna’s bag. She withdrew a huge cock-shaped vibrator, nearly as big as John’s huge prick. I could hear it begin to hum as she pulled down her trousers and stuffed the full length into her cunt. It was clear that he pussy was already so wet with excitement that she could readily accommodate the dildo in one thrust.

All the time, Anna continued to remove my clothes: first the shirt, then my shoes and socks. She undid my belt and then motioned for me to sit up a bit in the chair while she slid both my trousers and my boxers down my legs and threw them on the floor.

I was now more naked than Anna, who was still wearing her shoes.

As she sat on the arm of my chair and began to play with my nearly hard cock, she he whispered in my ear:
“Sam, look at Rosie. I have known lots of hookers and escorts, and I think she would make a good one. But, just remember, she’s your whore, not just for tonight. That’s what she told me she really wants to be … your little slut.”

Anna paused and then called to her friend: “Rosie, stop diddling yourself for a minute and come over here and help me with Sam.”

Rosie slowly removed her hand from beneath he trousers and then reached behind her and unclasped the bustier. She coquettishly covered her tits with her hands before she walked slowly across the room and knelt before my chair. Before I could say anything, she was hungrily sucking my cock, taking more of me in her mouth than she had ever done before. While it was not exactly deep throat, it was goddamn good.

“I had Rosie practice while I was doing her hair,” Anna said. “I made her fit most of that vibrator in her mouth. Give her a minute, and it will get better.”

Anna was right. Within moments, Rosie had learned to swallow nearly the entire length of my penis. She began to gag after a moment, but she recovered and then began licking down the side of my cock until her tongue was massaging my balls. I had never ever received a blow job like this from my wife – ever.

However, more thrills were in store. Anna was still sitting on the arm of the chair, but she slowly got up. “I can’t just sit here and do nothing. Rosie, scoot over!”

Anna knelt besides Rosie and, for the first time ever, I experienced how it felt to have two women sucking me at the same time. Anna sucked the head of my cock, while Rosie licked my balls. They would then switch, often breaking off for a kiss. I was in seventh heaven, but I knew I would not last for long. So did Anna.

To Be Continued ...

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