Learning My Lesson: The Beginning

By BabydollSlave

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I made my decision on a rainy day...

It had been a hard week. My boss asked, “we need you to work an extra day and we need you to work extra hours.” I still had my normal house work and papers to do at home on top of these work requests. I glanced down to the clock on the dash...8:35 P.M. I let out the longest sigh imaginable as I thought of all the things I still needed to do with so little time left in the day...well night. I looked back up at the road as the raindrops began misting across the windshield. The pattern grew heavier and more crowded so I turned on my wipers. Great, just what I need now...rain. Before I got another mile down the road my phone chimes...it's him. I pull over to the side of the road. Why the hell don't I just wait till I get home. But no... I'm curious to see what he wants. The road is deserted. No lights or other cars in sight and the burm is wide enough to get me safely off the road to read the message.

The phone reads, “it's raining hard outside, I want to go out and stand in it and feel you all over me”

I stare down at the message; blinking hard not to let a tear roll down my cheek.

It chimes again and says, “i love you”

I don't answer back. This is my boyfriend, Blake. He is a very intense and unusual person. His looks match his personality. He has a large, muscular body with raven black hair that is wickedly wild in appearance. He stands around 5'10 and 180 lbs. His skin is pale white because he doesn't care much about tanning. His eyes are the color of liquid titanium and he has long black lashes that any girl would kill for. He's 25 but carries himself like a man far past his actual years. While he looks individuals in the eyes, others ironically look away from his stares. People get nervous and uneasy around him; where as I find him pleasant and warm and very friendly. I am the complete opposite of him. People describe us as a coin, two complete different sides of the same piece of metal. I am very short and petite. I stand a little over 5 foot and weigh just over 100 lbs. I'm naturally tan and get darker during the warm month. I worship the sun and water like others worship a God. I have natural multifaceted hair; strands of strawberry blonde and browns mix through my locks. My eyes are the color of the pacific ocean after a storm..a pale blue with bits of gray. I am normally full of energy that outshines the sun. I bounce instead of walking and giggle instead of talking. I am Erin, I'm often described as the rain...I'm like the spring freshness that everyone needs and craves.

Last night we had words because I don't know how to say no to people and I spread myself thin, too thin and usually end of sick because of it. I don't like when we fight. He have only been dating for a few months and it seems as the weather changes from fall to winter so is our relationship. 

The chimes again... “please don't ignore me, I need you to understand”. Without a pause it chimes again immediately, “Just saying your heart is a kingdom of glass and it's mine to protect”

The tears I tried so hard to hold back poured down my face and puddle at my open lips as I try to breathe steady and not loose control. I toss the phone on the seat hoping it lands face down so I don't see who is texting me. As if it would be anyone else besides him at this moment. I pull the car back onto the road and start driving towards home. I head down the familiar streets before getting to the large intersection half way between my house and his. I pause and look towards the left fork...his house. Then I turn my attention back to the right...my home. The road is still empty but I still look both ways before signaling my turn. Out of the corner of my eye I look again to the left as the phone chimes again.

Damn it.

I whip my car around in the middle of the intersection and hit the accelerator. I drove fast feeling my heart race as I drove completely over the speed limit. I pulled into his drive and shift it to park; grabbing my phone and tucking it into my pocket out of habit as my headlights caught his silhouette. He was standing in the rain just as he said he was going to with his hood covering most of his face. I could see his smile slowly creeping across his face while his eyes still stayed covered by his hood. My heart stopped and I jumped out of the car as fast as my hands could open the door. 

I walked up to him as the rain pelted my body and it soaked me to the skin. I laid my body against his and look up at him under his hoody to his eyes. They were dripping wet and not from the rain this time. I reached up to his neck and tugged down on him as the drops of his tears fell onto my lashes. He said nothing so I broke the silence. “I'm sorry....I love you...and yes” I whispered it into his ear almost like a prayer to his heart. I hoped he understood what I meant. Thinking back to our fight...to me asking why he needed to control me so much...to him trying to explain that is how he is, how he lives. Thinking back to me being argumentative and saying no..never to his proposition.

He lifted me off my feet. My toes pointed back down to the ground. “Do you mean it? Are you sure?”

“Yes, please, quickly before I change my mind.”

His lips touched mine and he kissed me deeply; he stole the breath from my mouth and I felt the world stop for that moment. He drew his lips away and I immediately craved them again on me. I wiggled up to kiss him once more and he looked at me intensely. “Erin, your mine! You understand that I'm taking you and this is your last free chance at no?”

I looked back at him as my heart slowed to one last pang. “Yes, I understand, but I guess you don't”.

He looked at me with his eyebrow lifted. “What?”

“I gave you my heart months ago, silly. This is just my body now. You might as well claim it too.”

He smiled and with one quick motion I was in his arms being carried up to his loft. He climbed up the stairs with ease never looking away from my eyes.

“I'll apologize now, baby doll” he said quietly as he reached the landing and turned to head towards his bed.

“It's alright” I nervously giggled, the only response that could come to my mind.

He laid me gently down and leaned over me trying to quickly and gently remove all of my clothes. The jeans and shirt came off easily enough then he stopped. I moved my hands to help him with my bra and he looked at me with an eerie expression. 

“What is it?” I asked

He looked me up and down then stopped again at my face, “your beautiful”.

“Oh gezz” rolling my eyes and looking away. I knew I was now scarlet in color matching my shirt from earlier. 

“Don't” taking my chin. “Don't ever look away from me, please”

I leaned up and kissed him softly on the lips looking him in the eyes the whole time. And in return I could see him smile through his.

I sat up so he could undo the latch of my lacy teal bra and then slowly laid back again. He ran his hands slowly around my ribs to my breast and carefully pulled gently on my nipples.

“Mmm” I moaned softly and closed my eyes.

“That's how I want you” he said as his hands trailed back down my chest to my panties.

I lifted my ass slightly off the bed so he could pull them off.

I heard his breath stop as my kitty was revealed to him.

I smiled and said “I told you” and giggled hard.

“I'm glad to finally see it” he quickly added. Then he smacked my cleanly waxed kitty with a wink.

He leaned down over me and put his knee between my legs. Slowly he kissed my ribs and worked his tongue into little spots all over me. When he reached my breasts he moved over to the nipple and pulled it slowly into his wet mouth. I gasped as I felt his tongue work it slowly and perfectly into a hard nub. He drew more and more into his mouth until I gasped. “Blake” I moaned. He chuckled as his hand slid down my body to my pussy that was rapidly getting wetter. When he reach my mound he cupped it gently and rubbed once. “Mmmm” I writhed under his hand moving my slit hard against his palm. I arched my hips up at him. 

“Yes this is how I want you to react to me every time. I want you willing, ready and needy. This will work; we are made for each other.”

“Oh?” I asked. 

“Yes, your mine and I will always love you. Let me show you.”Quickly he stood up and pulled his hoody and pants off and cast them to the side of the bed.

I looked down at him and tried not to stare at him. He had explain and described his size but I still couldn't visualize it well. Until now while he stood there naked from head to toe. His erection thick and long; laying against him stomach almost reaching his belly button.

He ran his hand down my thighs to my hips and then slowly parted my thighs. My skin prickled under his gentle touch. I could feel myself grow wetter as I wondered with anticipation what he would do next. Sitting between my legs he could see me completely. I felt exposed and wiggled a little too much. His smile widen and he said “your perfect, waiting, wet and dripping. I have never seen anything more I that I have ever desired.”

With his last words he leaned down over my body his cock immediately finding my slit. He paused for one moment to look me in the eyes. “tell me what you want, my pet. Tell me and I will give it to you.”

The words jumbled in my throat as I felt myself desperately ache for him. “I want you.”

“More, tell me what you want exactly.”

I blushed as he smiled to my reaction. “I want you inside me, please.”

His head was already paused and throbbing at my slit. He was waiting for me to use the right words and with that he pushed into me hard and smooth. I yelled out as he filled me so fully. His cock stretched and pulled at my pussy and reached my womb. “Damn, your pussy is so tight” he moaned low. And began pumping me slowly, letting me stretch little by little.

“I'm sorry” I whimpered as the pain of the pleasure rocked through my body. I arched my hips up to ease the pain some. 

“No, keep them down” he pushed my hips back down and gripped them hard. He began pumping me faster and faster, numbing and aching pulsed all over my body. He leaned down and bit my shoulder. Then ran his tongue across my collar bone to the other shoulder and bit that one too. Looking up at me he asked, “Do you like?”

“Yes,” I eagerly and quickly answered.

He looked into my eyes and smiled, “you want more? Tell me.”

“I want more!”

"Then say it like I want to hear and I will give it to you and more."

I looked up at him with desire in my eyes and lightly brought my lips to his and while he began to kiss me I moaned “I want you in my tight pussy, I want you to fill me and mark me as yours and yours ownly.”

He growled low and thrust into me with animalistic control. I looked at him as he smiled and said “always my baby doll”. I felt him grow even thicker with every pump. I cried out. I felt my legs tingle and my pussy soak him. He continued harder and faster till I felt his balls slap against my ass. “You need to come?”

I felt myself tighten against his shaft. After all I was pretty new to all this, I had a little experience but not like this. I felt the world move with him. I felt my swollen clit rub against him and begged for a release. “Yes....Sir?” I said what I thought I should say and hoped it was right.

He moaned “yes, my good girl. Then cum for me, like the slut I'm going to make you.” He took his free hand and cupped my breast and squeezed it hard. He put his mouth over my other breast and sucked hard on my nipple, brushing it with his teeth; shooting pleasure straight through me.

I threw my head back hearing him say to cum. My body immediately reacted to his demand. I let go for the first real orgasm with a man; I have ever had and have always wanted. It made my heart stop, my legs went limp as my pussy flooded him with every ounce my body could make. 

He immediately returned with his own release as I felt him grow thick in me and fill me with streams of his precious cum. I moaned and kissed him again. He stayed on top of me for what seemed like forever. I looked at him as I felt a tear from him or me. I was happy for the first time, in a very long time as he rolled my softly on my side next to him. 

“So I guess you liked my final text, I'm glad.. I meant it with all myself.” he nuzzled down into my shoulder, growling quietly in my ear.

“Oh? Hmm...I never read it?”

“You must have? You said yes...you came..” he mumbled, half asleep in my ear.

I looked over the edge of the bed to my phone partially out of my pocket and still lite up with his last text....

Come home to me, my future, my love, my future wife.

My breath hitched up and then stopped. Then I felt his arms wrap easelessly around my waist and pull me into him...and my last thought was....wife isn't such a bad thing either. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.