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Less Than Professional

A relationship goes from professional to something personal.
She sits in her chair looking down at her feet waiting for her professor to show up to give her last lecture of the day. She has out on her desk, her pen and notebook. The students from the previous class are crowded around the front of the room waiting for their chance to talk to their professor. She looks up and sees her professor who is too familiar for another class walk in slightly frantic. He grabs something from on the desk at the front of the room. He glances up and meets his beautiful green eyes to hers. She sees a slight smirk come across his face, but nothing too revealing to others in the room, and watches it fade as he turns and rushes out the door. She knows she is now entranced by him.

She quickly shoves her notebook and pen into her shoulder bag, stands up, and pushes herself through the large crowd still at the front of the room. She rushes through the door and follows her professor through the hallway, keeping her distance so he doesn’t realize that she is following. She notices that he is wearing his usual attire: black framed glasses, black dress pants that are being held up on his small frame by his black silver-buckled belt, dull black shoes, a deep red button-up shirt that hangs from his long frame, and his shoulder bag hanging from his left side. Shadowing his long strides makes her heart skip a beat the farther she goes from where she was; and the closer to where she knows she is going. He reaches the double glass doors at the end of the hallway and notices in the reflection that she is following him. He lets a grin come over his face. He pushes open the door, letting the autumn sunlight warm him up even more, and continues walking.

She follows his long strides, passing strangers she sees everyday walking across campus, wondering if they can sense her guilty passion. He walks glancing back quickly to see if she is still following. She doesn’t notice, and he lets a grin come across his face. He keeps walking and he opens up his bag to pull out his keys as he hits the threshold of the parking lot. As he crosses into the parking lot, something comes over him. He keeps walking with a purpose. He looks down at his keys to pick out his car key and clicks the automatic opener. He turns around to see her standing there expectantly. The smile on his face reveals that he knew she was following him. She is embarrassed, and contemplates turning around and walking away, but she seems to be paralyzed there.

There is something about the way she carries herself that makes her simply radiant to him. He takes the steps to close the gap between them. He reaches down, takes her hand, and pulls her back in front of him. He softly positions her against the car, scanning her face. She looks at him with a hungry look of desire. He kisses her inviting lips with a deep passionate kiss. She breaks anxiously, and they gather themselves together, checking to see if anyone walking around on campus has taken notice of their display of affection. They are deserted in the middle of the large faculty parking lot in the center of campus.

She bites her lip and moves in to kiss him again. He brings his hand up and tangles it in her long brunette hair. She pulls her lips away from his and stares into his emerald eyes. She brings her hands up and places them up on his chest. She pushes him back to slip out from between him and the car. She begins to walk around his car to the passenger side. He follows quickly and reaches to open her door for her. She seems to be completely exposed to his intent gaze. She bends at the hips and sits down. She quickly she pulls her leg into the car, snapping him to action to close the door. Alone in the car, she lowers her head and takes a deep breath as her heart races while she anticipates what is about to happen. She raises her head and watches him through the window, quickly walking around to the driver’s side.

He gets into the car, looks at her, and sees her staring at him. She didn't have to say anything; he knew exactly what was about to happen. He puts the key in the ignition and turns it, smiling. The car starts up with a rumble. He reaches and puts the car in drive. She impulsively puts her hand on his thigh. The soft touch of her hand rising up on his thigh made his blood feel a bit warmer. She has learned the art of the tease and knows its advantages very well. She can see that it is having its desired effect on him as his pants begin to shift. He hadn’t realized, but he has already driven back to the threshold of the parking lot and she is slouched down to prevent from people from seeing her in the car with him. Gently, she rubs his leg. She slowly moves her hand up his thigh to his swollen piece, which is constricted by his pants. He finds it difficult to drive being so aroused. His pants are straining at his erection and his mind isn't able to focus on the road ahead, but he proceeds safely and quickly to his house just minutes away.

The car has barely stopped before they are both out of it and racing for the doorway. He fumbles for the right key to unlock the door, which reminds her of the first time. As she stands behind him, the wind picks up and carries his invigorating scent to her nose. She closes her eyes as she takes it all in. He finds the right key, puts it in, and unlocks the door. He turns to her and sees that she is stirred by his scent. He reaches his arm around her waist, which startles her, making her open her eyes. He leads her inside.

He nods his head to ask her to go into the room to the left of her. She walks in to his home library with a smile. The familiar smell of books reminds her of home. She turns around and sees that he isn’t behind her. There is something about libraries that makes them seem almost sacred. There is a smell of paper and must and binding stuff. It's like all the books are fighting against decay, against turning into dust, and at the same time fighting for attention. For a moment she is distracted, books always did that to her. She likes the secrets locked inside. She pulls a book down from one of the shelves. The book carries a sweet tang, a hint of something inviting. She opens to the first page and starts to read, pronouncing the words in a worshipful murmur. She looks up from the book to scan the room. There is a large rich dark oak desk that is free of all things with a matching chair tucked in. There are two floor-to-ceiling windows with deep red curtains on either side. A dark brown leather couch with cream throw pillows is under one of the windows. All four walls of the room are covered from floor to ceiling in books of all sizes. She turns around and puts the book back on the shelf. She walks parallel to the shelves surveying the books.

He walks into the room seeing the backside of her. He takes a deep breath and quietly approaches her. He wraps his arms around her waist from behind, startling her. He buries his face in her hair, softly kissing her neck behind her ear. She reaches up and pulls her hair to one side. He pulls her body closer to his. She closes her eyes and her mouth separates as she tilts her head slightly to the side to allow him access. He begins to kiss down her neck, to her shoulders where he lingers. She turns around. His curly auburn hair and pale completion juxtapose with his deep green eyes. His eyes have an enthralling effect on her for the short moment that they stare at hers. He smiles a sweet smile before he reaches to pull her body to his even closer. They explore each others mouths with their tongues. His tongue sweeps into her mouth, claiming her. Somehow it is an even better kiss than the ones he has given her in the past. It is like he is starving for her, as if he is kissing her with pent up emotion that hasn't found an outlet until now. The same kind of pent up emotion that she has been struggling with for so long. The kiss consumes her and she kisses him back, just as hungrily.

He breaks their kiss and brings his hands up to undo her button up shirt. She has a hold of his belt buckle, pulling him back to her for more. He moves in and kisses her again, fumbling with the buttons of her shirt. She pushes him back and begins to undo his belt. She takes her hand away and pulls his shirt out of his pants, and begins to do the same to him. He pushes her shirt off of her shoulders, and she slips the sleeves off of her arms, letting it fall to the floor. Leaving his shirt half buttoned up, he reaches around her and undoes her black strapless bra.

He pulls her in and slowly begins to move down her chest, planting kisses as he goes, until he reaches her breasts. Her breasts are suspended perfectly, her erect nipples throbbing with anticipation. Feeling his breath across her nipple raises the excitement in her and she feels her body flush. His left hand moves to cover her right breast and his mouth falls to the other, closing his lips over her nipple and taking as much of her breast into his hungry mouth as he can. The sudden warm sensation of his hand and mouth on her cause her to gasp as her hands go to his head, her fingers getting tangled in his ginger hair. She arches her back, pressing her chest against his touch. The surges of sexual sensations flow through her; her breasts suddenly fill with warmth that seems to flow out to the rest of her body. She wraps her arms around him and gently digs her nails into the small of his back which causes him to be pulled towards her. He softly strokes her nipple with the fingers of one hand while sliding his tongue over the other and sucking her breast into his mouth. He raises his head from the intense pressure from her fingernails as they dig into his skin. She releases her hands and quickly guides them between their bodies to undo her jeans. It paralyzes him when she slides her hand down his stomach and gently brushes against his pulsing gland. His breath is taken away momentarily, but he quickly inhales another. He breaks with her long enough to help her pull her pants and panties off.

Pushing her back towards the couch, she falls back with him following suit. He kisses her just under her breast making his way down her stomach, to her naval. In response she spreads her legs apart to allow him easy access to her. He moves to his knees and kisses the inside of her thigh, and she gasps in anticipation. His touch is sending waves of warmth and pleasure through her body. As he moves closer and closer to her pleasure area, the anticipation keeps building and her loins stir with pleasure. His hand swiftly moves into the crevice between her thighs, and briskly his fingers move to her mound. The sudden rush of his touch makes her gasp for air. She doesn’t realize how much she desires his touch, until it happens. With his hand between her legs, he lets his middle finger stroke side to side, across the soft folds of her opening. She flushes and her whole body shudders with the sudden pleasure from the touch of his fingers.

She has to hold back a wince of pleasure, only letting out a quick whimper, enjoying the touch of his talented hand. To meet his touch and to ease his motions, she drives her hips forward. With one smooth motion of his fingers, he separates his index and empty ring finger, parting the two protective folds of skin that cover her pink inner flesh, exposing her fully aroused clit to his finger. He applies soft pressure and slides his finger downward, seeking her moist opening, slowly and tenderly stroking the highly sensitive flesh. She looks down and he looks up from his work and gives her a beam. The pleasure of his finger is almost too much for her. She throws her head back down and arches her back slightly. From the rising heat she feels inside her and the enormous growing tension in her loins, she knows that her arousal is very obvious; so obvious that when his finger found her opening, the moisture covers his finger. As hot as she now is, his finger is now well lubricated and the arousal allows him to slide his finger right into her. As he penetrates her, she once again has to control a moan of pleasure, as she closes her eyes. She can feel her moisture now as it flows onto his fingers and her leg.

She is becoming anxious, and can feel the waves of pleasure growing as his hand and fingers probe and glide. His talented hand is pleasuring her tremendously and her moans grow louder as he plays with her moist lips, rubbing gently, then holding her folds apart with two outside fingers and rubbing her clit with the middle. She stops breathing momentarily and then lets out the most beautiful gasp of air. Her legs begin to twitch as she gasps in between the waves of pleasure that overtake her senses. Her flowing moisture soften the sensations that otherwise might send her into orbit and the feelings of pleasure spread to her entire body. It is as if he was rubbing deep inside of her, massaging the pleasure centers of her body. He eases up, and just barely caresses her inner thigh and mound until she starts to recover enough to ride the wave. Opening her eyes, she looks down at him, his arousal is again very obvious, but now he has the advantage, and she is the one who is exposed. He leans in and licks all around the outside of her, occasionally with a quick swipe of his tongue on the more sensitive inner flesh that makes her cry out and twist. Looking down again to see his face moving at the apex of her thighs is one of the sexiest things she has ever seen. Licking his way all around her core, he explores every crevice of her sensitive folds, until she has both hands in his hair, trying to pull him further into him as her hips move, straining against him.

Satisfied that he has teased her enough, he slowly, teasingly slides his finger out of her soaking cavern, adjusts his hand just slightly and with a quick stroke, pushes his finger inside again. This motion causes another quiet moan and she arches her back to meet his motion. He knows that this has to be getting to be too much for her now and he can't keep up the teasing much more himself anyway. She is writhing for him, her thighs and legs tightening around his head and shoulders, hands frantically pulling at him as she spills more honey across his hand. Sliding his finger out of her now, he lets his fingers come together to slide along between the folds of her lower lips of skin, giving a last sensation of intense pleasure to her rose bud before pulling his hand away.

She sits up abruptly. She brings her hands up and her fingers fumble with the button of his pants and zipper. Within a few seconds, she has released him from the confines of his pants. The sensation of being released brings a soft moan of pleasure. He stands before her for a moment with his manhood pulsing under her longing gaze. She grabs his arms and pulls him to lie beside her. She swings her leg up and over his body to straddle him. She can feel his hard member pushing on her soft bottom. She arches her back and shifts herself down his body just slightly. She starts with soft kisses on his neck, letting her hair fall against his skin. She occasionally glances up and stares into his eyes as she continues to tease him. Kissing his chest and nipples next, she can feel the electricity running through his body. She glances back up as she slides her body lower to his stomach. Her hands wrap around his lean thigh as she kisses his belly button. He bites down on his lip as he looks down and sees the devilish grin on her face as she moves lower. She pauses before her fingers wrap around his hardened shaft, feeling its warmth in her hand.

Hungrily, she leans her head down towards his lap. With her hand, she guides the tip of his engorged penis to her soft lips, kissing his thrilled head. She opens her lips and licks at the tip with her tongue, looking up at him with a smirk. Her tongue dances lightly around his head, which drives him insane . She turns her head to the side and brings her lips to the underside, sliding her tongue along the shaft, working his balls with her hands. The slow and inexorable slide down his length had his balls boiling. Every inch she pulls back up to the crown and begins to slide down again, until he is almost whimpering.

Slowly she moves down, planting kisses and licking his shaft. She comes up and lingers over top of his head for a moment before diving down taking in most of him. He can feel her throat constrict around him. He lets out a moan and his body shudders. She tastes how hard he feels inside her mouth. She feels his hands slip from his side to her brunette locks of hair, holding her head gently. Her mouth moves up and down, slowly at first as she tasted him. The bed under them squeaks gently. She takes as much of him as she can in her mouth, sucking harder. Her head begins to move up and down at a quicker pace. He moans louder. Raising her head again, she brings her lips to the tip, and slowly pushes her mouth down, allowing her moist lips to slide along. The tight feel of her throat muscles clenching around the bulbous head is incredible. Her tongue lashes the underside of his length. She pulls away again, gasping for air.

Only a moment later she is sliding all the way back down again, until her lips press against his groin. Feeling the length of him inside her mouth, she moves her tongue around his shaft. His moans of pleasure make it obvious that he enjoys what she is doing. He can feel the orgasm starting to rise in the base of his spine, his balls tingling with awareness. She hasn’t given him an ounce of mercy, the steady suction, and her tireless enjoyment of orally pleasuring him, is overcoming the last of his resistance. The feeling of his warm piece in her mouth makes her even hotter, and she can feel the moisture now obviously flowing from between her legs. She raises her head, sliding her lips up, until her tongue is again able to flick at the tip. With a quick adjustment, she swallows his entire manhood into her wet mouth. He lets a moan escape his mouth as his body shudders. After several moments, he can breathe normally again. He pulls her up to his level and kisses her passionately. She can’t let go of him after all of the anticipation. She continues to work at him by sliding her hand up and down his shaft.

He softens his hold on her as she turned her back to him, still holding his member in her hand and looking into his eyes to watch his reactions to what she wants. She tugs at him as she moves him to his bedroom. As he follows close behind, his cock pulses in her hand, being led by her.

She approaches the bed. He doesn't have to wait for instructions as she subtly leads his cock with her hand to her gaping opening before letting him take over. The tension has been rising within him and his hard cock is still throbbing, anticipating the slick opening it approaches. She positions herself leaning over his bed with her legs spread open. With his right hand he guides his straining cock down to her slippery, moist slit. Teasingly he rubs his head along the slippery slit, feeling her slippery moisture cover his pulsing cock as it easily slides along the tender flesh between her folds. Finding her clit with the head, he rubs against it. She responds with a moan and presses back against him, grinding against his erection. Not able to take much more of this, he slides back along her moist flesh until his head finds the soft opening of her hole.

Completely lubricated with her slippery moisture and saliva, he instantly slides inside the soft, moist opening, just covering the head. As she feels him just inside her hungry opening, she lets out a moan of intense pleasure. He pulls back, watching the head and tip of his cock, glistening with her moisture, and slide out of her love canal which beckons for his return. She reaches between their bodies and moans as she takes him in her hand and guides it inside her. She closes her eyes as she feels him enter her again. She bounces slowly back onto his lap. Both of their hearts are racing. With his hands on her hips, he pulls her back onto him while pushing forward with his hips. His manhood glides easily into her slippery canal, which seems to swallow him. He feels her engulfing him as he continues to slowly sink into her. Her body shudders as she feels his hardness sliding deep into her. She savors this feeling.

He fills her with his length and fullness. He lets out a low moan of pleasure. She drives her hips back to meet his forward motion, wanting to have him fill her completely. He is buried deep inside of her and she can feel her insides stretch to accommodate his length as another shudder of pleasure comes over her body. She feels herself coming closer and closer to the edge as she moves on his hardness. Grinding backwards into him, letting out moans of pleasure and feeling every inch of him inside her. The orgasm that is building deep inside of her is like nothing she has ever felt before, a spinning vortex of need and fantasy, years of pent-up desire and emotion, all coming to culmination as a physical response to their intimate carnality. She doesn't doubt that he feels it too.

He removes himself and takes her by the hips and flips her onto her back. Her eyes light up as he crawls on top of her. Her legs open as she feels his weight pressing down against hers. He lightly kisses her, and holds himself there as he reaches between their bodies with one hand and guides himself inside her. She bites his bottom lips as she feels him press against the inside of her body. They kiss intensely as the move together in a perfect rhythm. The bed shakes with each thrust of his body into hers. Her nails dig into his shoulders, spurring him to go faster. The room echoes with the sound of moaning as they both give into their desires for each other. He gazes into her eyes with a big grin. Her circling hips help him to slide as deep into her as possible and the sensation is incredible. He feels her tight canal all around the length of his member. His hands tickle up and down her spine, making her body shiver at his touch. They kiss as his fingers trace her spine. From the quiet moans that come from her he can tell that she is very close to a climax. He enjoys the sensation of being buried deep inside her. He grabs her hips with a firm grip as he begins to slide his cock back watching again as the glistening shaft emerges from her slippery love canal. She lets out a sigh of pleasure as she stares fixedly at him. With even pressure, he thrusts his hips forward and pulls back on her hips with his hands, watching as her moist entrance expands to accept his hardness and then swallows the length of him as again he drives deep into her. Her breathing is loud. Not letting things stand still, he pulls himself back and forth, making her sigh as she gets close.

Her eyes roll into the back of her head, her hands dropping from him to the bed, grabbing the sheets tightly. He kisses her neck as he watches her surrender completely. The eruption instantly grows into an explosion as wave after wave of shuddering orgasm rocks through her body. She continues to rock against him, riding his cock, feeling him pounding inside her. She can hardly breathe, but is making short quick gasping sounds every time he slowly enters and withdraws from her. The waves crash outward from her pussy with tremendous pleasure, filling her body with an overwhelming explosion of sexual pleasure and release. His manhood inside of her stirs new waves and triggers more minor explosions with each movement. Her orgasm seems to continue for minutes, but she has lost all concept of time, vanished in complete sexual ecstasy. He feels the waves rock through her body as she bucks against him. With every movement of him inside her, her body shudders with more waves of pleasure. He slows his motion and holds himself steady inside of her, letting the waves of her orgasm subside as he enjoys the sensations of her still quivering love canal on his hardness.

As he moves inside of her again her body shudders with an aftershock of orgasm, the waves still coursing through her body. Gently he lets his cock slide out of her quaking pussy, drenched and glistening from her lubricating juices. Reentering her, after pausing for a brief second allowing her to settle to the sensation of being filled again, he begins moving inside of her. He quickens his pace. He moves so easily inside of her, stroking deep into her then out, taking time to pause every so often inside of her and grind his hips in a circle like motion, allowing her to feel all of him. His pace quickens as the waves grew larger and larger inside of him. She can tell that he will come soon. Her pleasure grows with his as his pace quickens. She matches his rhythm with her hips as he moved inside her, the waves still flow through her, never having really stopped from before, but growing more intense now. Her hands move to his hips, guiding his motions, filling her with every stroke of his body. Wave after wave courses through her and it becomes hard for her to keep her breath as the pleasure begins to build inside of her again, the waves only precursors to something bigger.

With a low groan he uses one hand to caress her breast, the other going behind her head to tilt her lips up for a deep kiss. He strokes the inside of her mouth with his tongue, twirling her nipple between his fingers, and loving the way her insides trembled around his piece as he pushes further into her. She spreads her legs wider, splaying them apart so that she can feel every inch of him as he plunges into her. She savors the feeling of his groin pressing against hers, her breasts crushed against his chest. He is gliding in and out of her and the pleasure continues to build inside of him like waves growing in a storm. She writhes beneath him, her fingers sliding over his chest, urging him to further heights of ecstasy.

When he puts his hands under her butt and lifts her, it changes the direction of his thrusts, sending him deeper inside of her. Plunging into her again he felt the waves inside of him reaching their break point. It is coming now, and he feels it growing inside of him, building in pressure as he continues. She looks at his face and figures he is close too. She wraps her legs around his waist. He can feel every ounce of his body tense up. He pushes himself deep one more time, filling her and feeling her engulfing him. He feels the pressure that has built inside of him now explode out of him; from his feet to his hands, his body tremors with release and explosive pleasure. He grabs her hips and pulls her to him. She feels him throbbing and pulsating. Her body quivers, and she clutches at his body. The waves crash through her uncontrollably as she feels completely satisfied. She still pulls him to her as the last waves course through her.

They begin to get their senses back. He brings his mouth to hers and kisses her deeply, his lips caressing hers, his tongue meeting hers. He leans back. She is in awe, staring at him. He has intense eyes, as if he can see through her. She can’t take her eyes off him. She reaches for him, cradling his chin in her hands and pulls him in for a kiss. He is hers and she is his.
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