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Let Me Take You Away

Ladies ... This one is for you

We are all alone….no distractions expected…..all the kids are away ….. We are totally alone.   We open a bottle of wine and sit there sipping away in front of a roaring fire.   As we feel the wines’ effects, we get a little closer.   I take you in my arms and look deep into your eyes and kiss you gently on the mouth.   You look at me with those big round eyes and kiss me back, a little harder.   Our tongues begin to mingle and I can taste the wine in your mouth.   You let me know that you want me….need me.    I begin to explore your body with my hands….as you explore mine… You find that I am aroused by you.   I open your blouse; I lick and kiss your neck.   I undo your bra and slide it open to reveal an ample set of breasts with very hard nipples.   I feel each one…gently rolling them between my fingers.   I lean down and suck each one into my mouth…one then the other and back again.   I slide your blouse and bra off…you feel the heat from the fire…and me.   You lie back as I kiss down your stomach and focus in on your naval. I stick my tongue and lick it all around.   I open your pants. You lift your hips, and I slide them off with your panties.   You lie there completely nude feeling the heat build as I throw another log on the fire.   I look at you, admiring the beauty.   You lift your arms to me.   I lie down next to you and we hold each other for the moment…savoring our time together.   I touch you…. The heat is radiating off you.   I bend down and take a nipple into my mouth. You moan.   I start licking my way down again….down ….down…I lightly lick your pussy.   You want more as I lick on down to your knees…then your feet…down to your toes.   As I suck on each toe you start moaning aloud.   I work my way back up to your knees…behind them…the real tender spot.   I work up… licking your thighs…you moan even louder as I get closer to your love nest. As I get closer your legs spread even wider for me. As I move in …I part the folds of flesh and blow gently.   You scream with passion…begging me.   I lick slowly…teasing, finding that magical button already very swollen, getting bigger by the minute.   I take it into my mouth and run my tongue around and around.   You can’t take it any longer as you begin to cum…and cum.   I continue to lick. Opening those lips and finding your honey pot, I stick my tongue in… you rise up to meet it, trying to ride my tongue.   I just continue to lick and lick, nibbling so very gently.   I begin licking, sticking my tongue in.   You scream out in passion again as you cum again…loving every minute of it.   I begin working on your pussy again.   I lick around and around that love button until you scream again for more.   By now you want me very bad….you want my hard cock in your dripping wet pussy.   Not tonight….this is your night.   I will lick you…. fuck you with a dildo…. Do what ever you want, except slide my rock hard cock in you.    This night is all yours…..let me take YOU away.

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