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Letters to my Sister. 1 - 10 April 2012

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I start writing letters to my sister to substitute for our long talks...

My darling sister,


Because you are my big sis, you have always been the one I could tell everything to. Even if your life was always a lot more traditional than mine, you have always been the one that never judged me for all the bad things I did. You were always the one whom I could confess everything to. Remember the times I came to you after I visited my lover? I really needed a shower because I could hardly go back to my husband with dried sperm in my hair. You didn't even blink when you saw that. Afterwards we would be curled up on the couch and talk.

I now have moved out of the country with my latest and probably last love and I miss those times. We can still talk, of course, over the phone or when I come back for a visit, but the phone is just not the same and when I visit it's always with John, and I am not ready to share all my secrets with him yet. So, if it's ok with you I will write you. It's a little like old-fashioned hand-written letters, but of course now I send them by email.

John is a keeper! You've met him and I'm sure you agree. We met on a dating site, although we both didn't want to go there. It was when we first started using Facebook and we didn't know that you shouldn't just click on any post there. It said something like "Meet new people here!" and that's how we saw each other's profiles. To keep a long story short, we decided to meet for dinner quickly afterward and he would pick me up at my place. We only talked on the phone before, so when he was at my door, he tried to just give me a friendly kiss on the cheek, but I didn't let him. Instead I found his lips and gave him a deep kiss. Then we sat on the couch and made out with urgency.

"Why don't you cancel the reservation at the restaurant and we order in?" I said after five minutes. We took each other's clothes off and got onto the bed. Sis, I've had my pussy licked before, but never with 'gusto'. My ex-husband and previous lovers did it sometimes when I asked, but they weren't really into it. Yes, they loved to have me suck their cock and come in my mouth (sorry, but I still can't get used to the taste), but when it was their turn to go down on me it was like a mandatory exercise, which they wanted to get over with as quickly as possible. They could never make me come, probably they never even tried.

But John is different. He loves it. It's his way of worshipping me and my body and that first time was a revelation. He used his tongue with expertise, alternating between my labia and my clit, also sometimes focusing on my ass. It was perfect and it must have been quite the sight; me on my back, my legs (you know how long they are) spread and stretched out in the air, with John kneeling by the side of the bed with his face buried in my cunt. I wish I had a picture of it. Like that I was screaming out my first oral orgasm. That was a real accomplishment because I told you before that I don't come easily. I need a lot of stimulation, especially on my clit. But John was doing all the right things and didn't give up. I think that was the moment that I really fell in love with him.

The rest of the evening we spent in bed, sucking and fucking. He made me come one more time and that was a first for me, twice on one day that is. We never got to order food that evening. Instead, John fried some eggs and we ate those with a bottle of sweet wine. When I woke up the next morning I looked at him sleeping and right then I knew I would never leave him.

Sis, love, I have a lot more to tell you and I will. Like that first holiday with John on the Adriatic, the erotic fair and more.

Don't worry you'll know it all, but for now I have to go.


With love,





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