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Life: From Virginity to the Highest High and Lowest Low

A college girl falls deeply in love with the man of her dreams.
My name is Elisabeth. I have been called Lizzy, Liz, Tomboy Liz and Beth. Probably other names behind my back. I am 5'8", weigh 130 pounds, am 24 years old and wear an A cup bra, when I wear one at all. People say I am slender, thin, lanky, slim, athletic and flat chested. My eyes are green with flecks of gold and my hair is light brown, hanging just below my shoulders.

I am one of four children; two older brothers and one younger brother. You can imagine what life was like around them and why I was called a tomboy. Our family lived in various locations in the western U.S. as we grew up. My father’s career called for him to move more than any of us would have liked but he made good money, I think anyway; we were not privy to that information as we grew up.

I love my family deeply. We all had, and have, good relationships with each other. The pre-teen and teen years were a bit difficult but that is to be expected. We were all into various sports, depending on the time of year; soccer to skiing. Like most boys, my brothers were into the usual male things (besides sports), cars, how things worked, taking things apart and hopefully getting them back together, exploring the world in general and then the big one, girls.

Probably due somewhat to their influence and also my own natural inclinations, I was into the same type of things. I was never the frilly, dainty, delicate girl that played with dolls and read romance novels. This is not to say I was not interested and concerned about some female things, like boobs for instance. Sex came later.

I remember when I first realized that not only was I the tallest girl in my class but I was one of only a few that had not yet started to show any boob development. I recall, somewhat tearfully, asking my mother what was wrong with me. I thought I detected a worried look on her face but she explained how we are all different and things happen at different times and speeds. “Don’t worry,” she said with a smile, “Yours will begin to grow one day soon and turn out beautiful!” I accepted that as best as I could and life went on; me not developing while my classmates grew.

It was not until I was sixteen that I finally began to notice a different feeling. They were starting to develop. I was thrilled! I was becoming a woman. More time passed. My nipples enlarged but while my friends were clearly developing a noticeable chest, I was flat. More crying to Mom. More explanations. “Remember we all have different bodies and different sizes. It is nothing to worry about. You are a beautiful young woman and it will make no difference in your physical development as a female.” But it made a big difference in my mind!

During this time we had moved twice, so two different schools for all of us. I was always the tall, flat chested, athletic girl, and not very happy about it. I wanted to be ‘normal’. I wanted to be noticed like the boys were noticing other girls.

I had always been somewhat shy. It was just my personality. I was sharp as my Buck knife in my studies, always straight ‘A’s, but never the one to raise my hand. Our moving also did not help, it was hard to make and keep friends when you were not around for more than two or three years. Not to mention being self-conscious over my obvious lack of development.

We moved to Denver when I was fourteen. By the time I was sixteen we were still living in Denver, I was still in the same high school where I had started as a freshman and still flat chested. I had come to accept that this was going to be my lot in life but it did not make me happy and probably continued to contribute to my shyness.

My older brothers had both received cars, older but in good mechanical condition, when they turned sixteen and passed their driving tests. I had always set my heart on a canvas-topped older Jeep. My Dad did not disappoint. I passed my test the day I turned sixteen and the next morning found a light blue CJ-7 Jeep parked out front. I was thrilled when I saw it and received the keys! I could not thank them enough.

I love the outdoors and the Jeep made it possible for me to explore even more of it. So while everyone else that had a car had a sedan of some type, I had a Jeep and I was proud of it! I threw myself into my outdoor life and tried not to think about other things I was missing. My studies and outdoor activities kept me happy but in the back of my mind, where I tried to keep it, there was always this lingering yearning.

I had a definite interest in sex. I read Cosmo online and other even more explicit sites. I had begun to masturbate and experience the wonderful world of orgasms. I would lie in bed at night, dreaming of my prince charming as I rubbed and caressed myself to ecstasy! My nipples had become wonderfully sensitive and the juice ran freely from my hot, swollen pussy as I became more and more excited.

I experimented putting one or two fingers in me; moving them in and out and around felt fantastic. They were always dripping when I withdrew them. Once I licked them and realized they had a very enjoyable taste, it became a regular ritual. My clit was somewhat prominent and loved attention from my fingers. After experimenting a few times I had my first orgasm, what a terrific euphoric ending! With more practice, any combination of fingers inside me or on my clit always rewarded me with an orgasm.

I had read about the ‘toys’ that were available but never had the nerve to go into the places where they were sold and knew I probably could not hide one anyway. So they remained in my mind for future pleasure. Meanwhile I developed my techniques. Discovering the joy the hand held shower head could produce just added more ammunition to my arsenal of fun!

I only had two really good girlfriends. We could talk about anything and pretty much did. They had both had sex numerous times and would tell me about it, blow by blow detail sometimes. This caused more masturbation on my part. I was so frustrated. I went to parties but I know I was a wall flower and no guys showed much, if any, interest in me. My girlfriends would complain about how the guys would always look at their boobs first; I never had that problem!

Eventually I realized that although my boobs were almost non existent, my nipples were very generously developed. Wearing a push-up bra, when there was hardly anything to push up, or any other kind of bra, simply hid my luscious nipples. So at parties and other appropriate events I wore no bra and either a fairly tight tee shirt or a loose, thin poly blouse. Both let my nipples stand straight and proud. Now the guys had something to see, something that was obscured by the bras most other girls wore. I finally felt like a woman!

Eventually, at a party in my senior year, one of the more popular guys in the school came up to me and offered me a beer. We had talked at school many times before but it was mostly about our homework. I think he appreciated me for my mind. Ha! Like that is what I wanted to be appreciated for! This time he was interested in just me. We talked for a bit, danced some and then he asked me if I wanted to go upstairs with him. I jumped at the chance!

It was not like I had never been kissed but I had never held a cock in my hands, let alone anything further than that. He pulled me down on the bed with him and started to kiss and caress me. He actually paid attention to my small boobs and it felt wonderful. He moved my hand to his cock and I was happy to rub it through his pants. All these new and wonderful feelings!

Soon he was under my tee shirt fondling my nipples. “Mmmm,” I softly moaned. My no bra strategy obviously worked. I know they made me more visually exciting than some of the large chested girls who were also large sized, especially compared to me.

“Do you like that?” he asked with his mouth full. “You have very beautiful, tasty nipples.”

“It is wonderful, don’t stop, I love it.”

He undid his belt and pulled down the zipper. I reached in and felt a cock for the first time. It felt bigger than I had imagined, which just got me more excited. I was stroking it but was completely unsure of what I was doing. He still had his mouth switching from nip to nip and his right hand was rubbing the crotch of my jeans, which were totally soaked.

“Listen,” he said. “Let's just take a quick break so we can get our clothes off and I can get a condom out.”

By the time he finished the sentence, his shirt was off and his pants well on the way. I was lying on my back, shirt around my neck, my chest exposed to a guy for the first time. “God I love your nipples! Not to mention how soaking wet you are. Come on pull those jeans off and let me see what must be a beautiful pussy!”

“Tom, slow down for a minute. I need to talk to you.”

He looked shocked. "Is something wrong? I thought you wanted this. I am sorry if I did something improper!”

“No, nothing is wrong and I do want this! But I just feel like I need to tell you that I have never been with a guy before. I am flying sort of blind here.”

“Oh my god! You’re serious aren’t you?"

“Totally. Just go slow with me. I want this to be great. I want it to be right for both of us. You need to teach me how and what to do.”

“Liz, I am so happy you told me and that you picked me!” He laid back down and held me and softly gave me many kisses. “It will be perfect! Is it okay if we get undressed?”

“Sure, that sounds like a good start.” I said with a little giggle. He laughed also and we proceeded to get naked. First time naked in front of a guy and I felt totally normal and happy.

I think I was lucky because he was extremely gentle and caring. He taught me how to be careful and enjoy giving a blow job. He went down on my hairy pussy and made me cum. That was my only bit of embarrassment, it was the last time a guy every saw my pussy hairy, but he made no comment.

Now there was nothing left except for the big moment! Neither of us said anything. I watched him put the condom on and I laid back, closed my eyes and spread my legs. I wanted this bad. I wanted to be a complete woman. I wanted a man deep in me and I wanted to lose my virginity!

I felt him position himself between my legs and rub his cock up and down between my swollen pussy lips. He gradually began to enter me. In my mind I was thinking of what my fingers felt like. His cock was much bigger and longer. It slowly moved deeper, stretching me like I had never felt. Then he stopped. “I can feel something inside you. I have heard it hurts and you may bleed.”

“Just push through,” I said. “I know what to expect. Fill me deep!”

He pushed and I felt it break. “Oh,” I blurted out.

He paused. “Get all the way in now!” I exclaimed. He quickly plunged as deep as he could and held it there.

I opened my eyes, he was looking at me. “There goes your virginity!” and we both laughed.

“Now fuck me properly like you have probably done with dozens of girls!”

“You are number three, my first virgin and one hell of a woman.” With that he picked up speed little by little until he was really pounding me. We were both moaning and whispering words of passion. I could feel my orgasm building and locked my legs around him. As my orgasm started I squeezed him even tighter. He also began to cum, I could feel the pulsing of his cock. It was the most wonderful, joyful moment of my life. His pulsing stopped but he remained on top, still in me.

“Liz, words cannot express how happy and privileged I feel. This will not be our last time. You are an extraordinary woman!”

“And you are an extraordinary guy! I have heard and read some virginity horror stories but this was absolutely fantastic. Thank you!”

He rolled off and laid beside me. We were both covered in sweat. I saw his semen in the condom and wondered what he tasted like. One day soon I would find out.

We became an ‘item’ for the rest of the year. I tried to make up for what I felt like I had missed and he was happy to oblige. Location was a bit of a problem sometimes due to our families but we managed to work it out. We spent many hours in my jeep, off in a remote area.

I really got into blow jobs. The taste was not exactly what I expected but I learned to live with it, especially when I learned how much fun it was to control a guy until he begged desperately for release. Of course he did the same to me and I had to beg for him to finish me with his wonderful tongue. He was rewarded with my juice flowing.

I intensely wanted to feel him actually cum in me, to avoid the condoms. So I began to use birth control and we both were tested for STDs with negative results. From them on it was bare, skin on skin. It was a wonderfully delicious awareness to feel his hot cum pulse in me and to have it later drip slowly out. I felt so complete. He treated me with respect and love; I could not ask for more.

But it was our first and last year, not even a full year, together. I had been accepted at the School of Mines, better known as just ‘Mines’, to pursue my science career and he was off to an Ivy school to become a lawyer.

We talked about staying in touch but I think at some level we both knew that was not going to happen. We made the most of the summer, enjoying our time together and having as much sex as possible! I think we opened each other's eyes to the possibilities of a loving, sexual relationship. We both cried when we had to leave each other but aside from a few early communications it was the end.

In August I went to Mines in my Jeep and was once again the tall lanky, rangy, flat chested girl among many well endowed girls that caught the guys' attention. The school was only twelve miles from my house so I lived at home to keep expenses down. My two older brothers were away at State Universities. My younger brother was at home with me, what fun.

In the right circles Mines is a well known school. It is difficult to get in to. I was lucky that I received a scholastic scholarship, otherwise I probably would be at a State school also. But I went knowing no one, and living at home made it all the more difficult to meet people. I did hang out at the right spots but did not have much success. Made some casual acquaintances but no people I really ‘clicked’ with.

Just by pure chance I sat next to a guy, Norman, in Advanced Calculus. My first thought was who names their child Norman? He had nice looking, fairly long curly hair that I think he only washed sometimes and otherwise just let it hang. We said “Hi” to each other when we both sat down in class but other than that, not much communication. He was obviously at least as shy as me but he was also at least as smart as me.

About a month into the semester I was having difficulty with a concept so after class I asked if he would help me. He said, “Sure!” so we found a quiet place to talk. He easily explained it to me. He was very bright and quite talkative about calculus but after we had finished he became quiet.

I really was attracted to his brain and hidden personality so I decided to push things and see if I could get to know him better. He was from Chicago so he had an apartment, a good thing. “My home is only a few miles away so I live at home. Parents and younger brother do not leave me much privacy. If you ever would like to get together let me know. We could go to your place or a Starbucks, whatever.”

“I would really like that! You might have noticed that I am kind of awkward around people, I don’t want to be but I am just sky and reserved. I have wanted to get to know you but just did not know how to approach you.”

I gave him a big smile, “I have had the same thoughts. Good thing we found a way to break the ice! What are you doing now?”

“No plans or classes scheduled ‘til this afternoon.”

“Lets get a Starbucks and walk the campus a bit.”

“Great!” He said.

We bought our coffee and started to walk the beautiful campus. I talked about my family and life a bit and then asked about his. He responded telling me about his life back in Chicago. As time past we both became more open and talkative. Before we knew it, it was past lunch and we both had classes to get to. We exchanged numbers, emails, both wanting this to continue.

We would meet after every calculus class to spend time together, text each other during the day, talk at night occasionally but it went no further. I had the same old thoughts, he enjoys our conversations but was not sexually attracted to me.

Finally I basically invited myself over to his apartment one Monday night. His response was hesitant but he finally said, “Sure, come on over tomorrow after dinner. I need to do some cleaning.” He did not seem exactly excited. I needed to know if I should move on or if there was really more hidden below the superficial part of him. What I found was a huge surprise.

I was really horny. I had been having fairly regular sex and then overnight it was gone. For months I had been limited to my masturbation techniques; I was very frustrated! This is the mood I was in when I showed up at 7pm the next night, wearing tight jeans and tee shirt, no bra of course.

He was really glad to see me and the apartment was spotless. He had a nice wine and some cheese and crackers for us; soft, slow music playing in the background. I could have jumped him right there. My pussy was already wet in hopeful anticipation.

We sat next to each other on the couch enjoying the wine and cheese. I was in a totally unfamiliar position. I had only been with one guy and he made all the moves. Norm gave all the signals of wanting more but he just sat and talked. Should I push this further? Would he reject me? Maybe he was gay?

I snuggled up to him. Put my head on his shoulder, his arm around my shoulders. His fingers were within a few inches of my rock hard nipples. I was ready to scream! Finally his hand started a slow move towards my urgently yearning nipples. Would he never get there?!

At the speed of tar he finally made a tentative brush and I immediately moaned and leaned further into him. He took the hint and began a gentle caressing of both. I whispered, “Go under my shirt.”

He did, being very tender. As he realized how much I was enjoying it, he increased his speed and intensity. I reached for his cock and as I touched him, through his jeans and he jumped. “Did I hurt you?” I asked.

“No, not at all! It just surprised me. It felt wonderful. I really want you!”

I know I had little experience but this did not seem like clothes ripping desire. I was confused.

“Beth, I need to tell you something.”

Oh boy, here it comes I thought! How would he explain I was not for him?

“Beth, I am a virgin. I have never been with a girl in any sexual way. I have always been so shy I just avoided the whole issue. I have no idea what to do or how to respond to you. Do you want to leave?”

I tried very hard to restrain myself but I could not. I broke out in a mild chuckle. He pulled away.

“I know I am a stupid nerd, I am sorry. I can never have a girl like you.”

“Norm, I am so sorry! I laughed because I have only been with one guy and I was in your position not very long ago. I am not a super sexually experienced girl with many notches on my belt. One guy, last year. That’s it.”

He held me tight, gave me several soft kisses, shedding a few tears. “I am emotional sometimes, please forgive my tears. I am so happy.”
I shed a few tears myself. “I was convinced you did not want me because of my tiny boobs. Let’s go in the bedroom and work this out!”

And so we did. I said that we should both just take off all our clothes with no embarrassment by either of us and then get to know our bodies and just have fun.

He did not know how nice his equipment was. He was larger than Tom. It was going to be a treat for me! So I took charge. I had him lie on the bed and close his eyes. I worked my way from his mouth to his cock. His body had very sparse hair. I loved his smooth skin. He was hard with no touching from me. I suspected he would cum very quick. I was right. I took him in my mouth and within seconds his body tensed, the pulsing started. I received a large load that I quickly swallowed down.

“Oh my god, holy crap, Ahh, I can’t believe it; I had no idea. It is so sensitive, damn! Oh Beth that was totally incredible! I can’t believe I have missed this for so long. No more shy nerd, at least between us! Show me what to do for you. I want to make you happy, make you cum over and over!”

I did show him and he was a quick learner! After a very brief explanation of my parts it was time for mouth-on experience. I said things like “Do it like that!”; “No not that way”; “Gently, slowly”; “Suck and lick at the same time.” I felt the orgasm building and held his head in place. “Just keep that up, don’t stop!” Rapidly my body convulsed and I let out a small scream. I felt him lick the juice I had released.

“Did I do okay? Is that what makes you happy?”

“Norm, I would never believe you are a virgin. You are perfect so far. We have one more thing to do, the big thing.” I said with a huge grin on my face. “Look at you, hard already. Time for both of us to feel the wonderful sensations of your cock in my pussy.” Neither of us had a condom but I was not worried about disease from him and I was still on birth control.

I thought to myself that I had found this wonderful guy, a self described shy nerd who was quickly moving beyond that condition, at least with me. Not only was he brilliant but he was a natural at sex with a large beautiful cock and an engaging respect and desire for me.

I laid back and spread my legs for him to view my bare, dripping wet pussy. “Come up here and let me guide you in. Just enjoy the feeling. There is no right or wrong. You can go as deep as you want. You will not hurt me, in fact I want you fully in me. When you feel yourself ready to cum do not slow down your movement. Keep up your stroking as you pulse out your love juice and just let the feeling rush through your body. Stay in me after you finish. Lay on me, you won’t hurt me. I want to feel us locked together in ecstasy!”

“Oh god Beth! I had no idea it was this great! You are so slippery wet, your pussy is so hot and tight around me. I feel totally engulfed. I think I am in heaven!”

“Glad you approve”, I said with a chuckle. “Now fuck me!”

He closed his eyes and began to pump me. He did not last long but got in a number of full length strokes before his body was about to take over his mind. I locked my long legs around him as he stiffened and his cock began to throb with the eruption of his hot semen.

Even though I did not cum, I was thrilled. After he subsided, we just laid there, quietly thinking our own thoughts. I loved his weight on me. I could feel his cock slowly getting soft, his seed deep in my pussy. I wanted to hold it in there. As much as I enjoyed sex with Tom, there was something new and very special about this night. I truly felt like I was part of him.

“Beth, I am so glad you hung in there with me. Pushed me a little now and then. You are an exceptionally remarkable woman. I have this feeling like I am one with you. I sense that we have a synchronicity with each other, something I have never come close to feeling before.”

“You have expressed it better than I could have but I have the same feelings. I don’t want to scare you but I feel a very deep affection for you that I can only describe as love.”

“I understand. For me it is like a mystical experience of peace and harmony.”

“I think we are both very very lucky!” I told him.

“I could not agree more!” He said “And believe me I am totally in love with your sexy boobs and sensual, inviting nipples! I would not have you any other way.”

I looked at the clock for the first time since arriving. It was going on midnight. I slowly released my legs and asked him to pull out of me very slowly. I wanted savor this end to the first time.

He gradually rolled off me and his cock finally slipped out. “Let's shower together and then I need to get home,” I said.

The joint shower was great. It gave us both an opportunity to explore each other’s bodies further. We soaped each other and washed everything, and I do mean everything! He made thoroughly sure my pussy and boobs were very clean, just as I did with his cock and balls.

I quickly dried off, threw on my clothes and headed home but not before some big hugs and kisses! I felt like I had been reborn in a new world.

When I arrived home I quietly entered and padded off to my bedroom. I took off my clothes and laid on the bed in the dark, reliving various parts of the evening. There was no way I could go to sleep. Besides being thrilled I had a worry in the back of my mind.

Now that he had experienced a woman, would I be enough for him or would he see all the possibilities walking around and want to try more of them out? I had to stop thinking about it and just be myself, it was all I could do. Trying to fake anything would ultimately lead to disaster. He had to love me for what I was, just as I thought I loved him.

I ultimately fell asleep and woke up when the alarm went off at 10am. I had to go to a class. I glanced at my phone. There was a text from him. “Can we meet today?”

I sent back, “Tell me when free - will tell u when I can make it. Class til 2:30.”

Quickly, “3 outside union”

Back to him, “c u then”

I thought about last night again. I needed to play this meeting kind of cool. I had told him I loved him for god’s sake. Was I crazy? Good first date move I thought. He would be over the passion of the night and what would he be thinking? Well I would find out at three.

When I reached the Union he was outside, sitting on a bench. He jumped up.

“Beth! Over here.”

“Hey, glad you made it. How are you?”

“Missing you. Want to come over again tonight?”

“Think you can put up with me for another evening,” I said with a grin.

“I think I might be able to squeeze you into my busy schedule! I can make spaghetti if you want to come for dinner.”

“Sounds great, six okay?”

“Perfect, see you then. Sorry but I need to run to another class. See you tonight.”

As he got up and jogged away, I smiled to myself and thought, that went pretty well. Maybe there is hope for me and Norm. He was the only guy I ever knew with that name. Must have a family significance.

By 5:30pm I was ready to go. I lived in jeans and tee shirts but this time I put on a nicer, diaphanous blouse and super tight jeans. Mom wanted to know where I was going. “To a friend’s apartment for dinner and a movie. Call if you need me,” I said, as I ran out of the house.

“We will talk later!” she shouted to me, as I left.

I arrived at his place and rang the bell promptly at 5:59pm. He opened the door and I walked in. “Wow! You look terrific. That blouse is hot as hell, not to mention the whole package!”

I gave him a peck on the cheek. He grabbed me and spun me around, holding me tight. He kissed my neck and his hands started to slowly wander up my blouse. I leaned back into him and sighed. He picked up on my signal and went to my boobs, caressing and fondling them. I moaned from the pleasure he was giving me. For a shy guy he was a fast learner.

“If you do not stop we will not eat dinner and it smells delicious. I can’t believe you can cook.”

He let me go, telling me how much last night had meant to him and how much I meant to him. I told him I felt the same.

“I could not sleep last night. I was thinking about you so much,” He said. “I do not want to scare you off. I am not a jealous or possessive guy but if you like me as much as I am hoping, then I want us to be together. This is not an over reaction to first time sex. I have thought about it quite a bit and for a number of good reasons and no bad ones, I believe we could have something very special.” He paused and looked at me.

Even though it was something I wanted, it took a few moments for me to fully process what he had said. Finally I said, “I think you are totally right! Let’s explore life together.”

He hugged me and gave me a gentle, loving kiss. “Let’s eat lover.” I am sure we both had huge smiles as we proceeded to have an amazingly good dinner.

Afterwards we ended up in the bedroom pretty quick, shedding clothes as we went. I led the way with him close behind, his arms around me, fingers firmly planted on my nipples when they were not removing clothes. He was getting me wet and more excited so I was not about to complain.

I flopped down on my back, legs spread for him. He lost no time putting his tongue and lips to work on my pussy and his hands on my nipples. I was soon writhing in pleasure, moaning from his attention and feeling the orgasm building. He must have felt it also because he backed off a bit as I was trying to pull his head into me.

“Don’t slow down, it is so good, I am on the edge, make me cum!” He just smiled at me. “Damn you, I need it so bad!” I said.

Suddenly he locked on to my clit with his sucking and began flicking his tongue fast and hard right on it. The orgasm overwhelmed me! “Ahh fuck, fuck!” I screamed. I was pounding the bed with my arms and trying to push him off my now super-sensitive clit.

“Stop, stop, I can’t stand it, I am so sensitive!”

But he held me tight and kept simulating me. I tried to get him off me but he was stronger and he held me tight. Before I knew it I could feel another orgasm building. I went from pushing him to pulling him. “Oh god, keep it up, you are going to get me again! Oh Fuck here it cums, damn, damn!”

I locked my legs around his head as I came and once again pounded the bed. This time I felt some of my juice squirt out. This was the first time in my life that had happened. It surprised us both.

He managed to pull away from me. “Damn, babe, that was a surprise and super hot! I love your taste! Do you do that often?”

“First time ever! Are you sure it was okay?”

“Okay?! Hell it was the coolest thing you could do and I feel so lucky I am the first guy. I love you so much!”

He jumped up, rubbed his face all over mine and gave me a huge, deep kiss. “I hope we can bring out many more ‘squirts’! You are one hot woman!”

He held me tight for a few moments and then flipped me onto my hands and knees. “I need you so bad!” And with that his cock slipped deep in my pussy. He wasted no time fucking me hard and deep. Slapping my ass hard, holding and pulling my hair as he did me as deep and fast as he could.

We were both dripping with sweat. The only thing stopping me from collapsing was his strength. He let go of my hair and my face fell to the bed. He had one arm under me and was slapping my ass with the other as he pounded me. Every slap shot through me like electricity. Each one seeming to urge my body more quickly towards orgasm.

“Give it to me, I need you, slap harder, fill me up, I am going to cum again. Fuck!, Ahh, damn!” I yelled. I felt his cock stiffen more and the pulsing started with his hot cum flowing in me.

“Oh Beth I am cumming! I feel your pussy tightening. Do you feel it?”

“Yes baby yes, shoot it all, fill me up, I love your cum!”

Too quickly it was over. His cock pulled out as we both flopped on our backs. I hated it coming out of me. There were still a few drops of cum on its tip so I licked them off and sucked him clean, then fell back next to him.

“There is something we have to face and soon,” I said.

“What is it?” He asked in a worried voice.

“Meeting my parents. They want to know who is fucking their only daughter.”

He laughed, “I want to meet them also. It will be fun. So invite me over for dinner.”

“They have high standards.” I said as I began to play with his cock. “They expect perfection.”

He reciprocated by sliding his finger in me. “They provided the perfect daughter and the guy who is fucking her will match those standards. Do we need to demonstrate or will they just take my word?”

I laughed as he rolled on top and began to slap my clit with his cock. “Oh yeah! Keep that up and you will have to demonstrate right now!”

“My plan exactly! Penetration in moments, orgasms to follow.”

We interlocked fingers. He pinned me to the bed as he slid smoothly into my depths, all the while staring deep into my eyes. He was slow and forceful, each stroke slowly going to its full depth and then rubbing hard against me, ensuring my clit was fully stimulated. I tried to move my hips to make it faster but he had me down and was in full control. He was a very quick study. He was playing me like a fiddle and my orgasm was slowly building.

“Fuck me faster! Do me hard and fast! I love you and your cock. My pussy is yours, use it!"

He released my hands, grabbed my waist, quickly flipped me onto my knees and his cock was back in me and moving.

“So your pussy is mine...?”

“Yes! Fuck it!” I exclaimed.

“Is your ass mine also?”

I was caught short, surprised. “You know I have never done that...”

“So you took my virginity and now I can take your virgin ass.”

We had talked about it. We had both seen anal porn but it still scared me. I could not imagine how it could feel good and besides, I had a very nice pussy, ready made for cock. But I wanted to do anything for him.

“Yes! My ass is yours also. Just be slow. Let me relax. Ease it in as you feel me open to you.”

I felt the lube drip on my ass. He rubbed it around and slipped a finger in me. It did not hurt which was promising. Then two fingers and no pain. All the time he was still slowly fucking me. Then his fingers came out and so did his cock, only to replace his fingers.

I felt slow, even pressure on my ass. I lowered my face to the bed. Eyes closed, relax, relax, relax. I relied on my several years of meditation to help me relax. My muscle slowly gave in to his pressure. The head was in and no pain. More lube dripping on me as his cock very slowly began to slide in.

“Good girl! You are relaxing. The tip is in. How do you feel?”

“I am okay. No pain. A very different feeling. It actually feels good. A totally different but exciting feeling. You do own my ass! Slowly fuck me. Go deeper. Yes, that’s good.”

“You are so tight! The feeling is different for me also but I love it. I want to really fuck your ass!"

I was amazed at how easily I had relaxed and how good he felt. It reminded me a bit of the combination of feelings like ass slapping and fucking, pain and pleasure. There was some pain but also pleasure. I wanted him deep in my ass.

I started yelling, “Do me baby, do it. You do own my ass! Fuck me. Make me cum! Ohh god sweetie I am going to cum! Ahh! Damn, damn!! Cum babe. Fill my ass with your hot jizz. Oh yeah I feel you pulsing! Pump it all out.“

As we both calmed down I told him to hold me and stay in me as I lay flat. I wanted to continue the experience, to feel him as he got smaller.

We both eased down flat on the bed. He whispered in my ear, “I love you. You are my treasure. I love being buried in you.”

“I feel totally the same about you! I can’t believe how good your cock felt in my ass. You made this very special. It will not be the last time for sure.”

We laid together for several minutes, hugging and kissing as he became smaller. Finally he pulled out. “Am I still open a bit?” I asked.

“Yes, it is not totally closed.”

“Good, I was trying to stay relaxed. I think that is a good sign. Now go get cleaned up! I need to get home. Dinner soon with parents!”

I arrived home late and went directly to bed. In the morning Mom was waiting for me and wanted to know what was going on with me and this new guy. I left out the sex except to admit we were having it and were in love. She started in on a small lecture. I interrupted her to remind her the she and Dad were High School sweethearts, went to the same college and had my oldest brother a year after they graduated. She had to admit I had a point.

I told her to give me a couple weeks and I would invite Norm over for dinner on a Friday night so she and Dad could grill him. I also told her that I was thinking of moving in with him but not til they met him. I went into an explanation of why it made sense and she reluctantly agreed. But then there was Dad. I would deal with that later, after class.

I talked with Norm after class and told him about 'the' conversation. I could tell he was reluctant.

“How about I come over Thursday night, we talk and... “ I said with a big smile.

“Okay, you know I am nervous.”

“Listen, everything, and I mean everything, is going to be just fine. No worries! Thursday fun and in a couple weeks we get the big meeting over with. They will love you. They love smart, quiet, polite, good looking guys. Think Thursday and what you are going to make me for dinner! The Friday dinner will take care of itself.”

So the weeks went by. We got to know each other even better and found places on campus to have sex of one sort or another. I took him to the mountains in my jeep several times. We camped overnight in my tent twice and had great sex under the sky with the sounds of nature around us. It was all totally new to a Chicago boy and the open air mountain sex new to me. It was a wonderful time for us, getting both mentally and physically closer.

The Friday arrived. Little brother had been sent to spend the night with a friend. Norm showed up promptly at six pm, dressed nicer than I had ever seen. No jeans and tee shirt. Dress pants, long sleeve shirt and sport coat; all designer made. Mom and Dad were obviously impressed, as was I!

The night went very well. After he left they both they both could not say enough good things about both of us. My moving was approved.

I texted him, “Who was that at my house tonight?”

“Still waters run deep.” I got back.

“Guess so! C u tomorrow-moving approved-get ready!”

He was there early Saturday and we were packed and gone in a couple hours. He had made plenty of space for me. First thing we did was hit the bed! I started to suck him. He laid back and moaned in pleasure. I was dripping from my excitement as I slowly made my way up and down his cock, holding his balls gently in one hand.

“I am going to cum if you do not stop.”

I did stop and quickly climbed on top, his cock easily sliding deep into my soaking wet puss. I kept him deep and rubbed my clit on him, my motion getting faster and faster as I felt my orgasm building. He put his arms up to hold my hands and support me as my body began to spasm from the orgasm . “Ohh shit, fuck, fuck!” I yelled out.

He held me tight as I lost control of my body, cumming and squirting all over him. He flipped me over without ever coming out of me and started to pound me. “Oh god, oh god, do me, baby, do me!” He did, just like a jackhammer.

He did not last long. His cock became even stiffer and started to pulse. “I am cumming, baby!” His orgasm triggered mine.

“Me too!”

We were both so out of breath we could hardly talk. “How can it get better each time?” I managed to ask.

“Love sweetheart, love.”

We finished the few things we needed to do to make the unpacking complete and took off for a ride in the jeep to the mountains. We arrived at one of my favorite hiking trails and set off up the mountain. After about an hour we arrived at a great vista view of the Rockies. We sat, drank water and caught our breath. We were both hot and sweaty so I was not in the mood. We packed up and headed back down, arriving quicker than the climb, got into the jeep and headed home. Home, my new home. Even though I wanted this really bad it was a daunting thought to be living with a guy. What terrible habits would I find?

Oh well, back home and into the shower for both of us. He stood behind me and made sure my boobs and pussy were extra clean while I reached behind myself and did the same for his cock and balls. We had turned the water stream very low.

“Bend over.” He said. I held the water control and bent. Quickly his cock was sliding in me. He was giving me the slow pump that I loved, hell I loved it all! My natural lube started flowing and he was holding my hips, pumping hard now.

I closed my eyes and just moaned. “Oh, yes, mmm.” On and on I went. Not moving, just enjoying every thrust. Soon I felt his finger enter my ass. “Oh yes,” I said, pressing back into him. A second finger entered. “Oh damn. Stretch me!”

“Now relax completely. When I feel the pressure release my fingers I will enter you.”

I had been practicing this. My meditation helped me and I wanted him in there. I had learned to love anal sex! Mentally I concentrated. Relax, relax, relax was my mantra. I felt shower gel pour on my ass and get massaged in. His fingers slipped out and then his cock, already slippery from my pussy, entered my ass.

“Oh baby yes! Fuck my ass. Do me, do me, do me!” I had a tight grip on the faucet. I thought I might rip it out of the wall. He began to really pound me, holding my hips and fucking me deeply. “Oh god yes! Faster, harder, do it, do it, make me cum! Ahh, yes baby, yes!” I shouted.

I clamped down on him as I came, almost locking him in me. He stayed in as I calmed down and relaxed, he slid out, pulled me up and hugged me.

“It was wonderful, absolutely wonderful.” I said

I dropped to my knees, washed his cock and quickly engulfed it with my mouth. Taking all of him deep and slowly pulling away, licking as I did. Over and over until he suddenly shot a huge load, I almost choked! “Funny man! No more surprises from you. That was very good,” I said, with a laugh. “But seriously, no more.”

He was laughing. “Okay okay I get it. I had to see if I could do it without saying anything.”

“Now you know.”

We dried off, dressed and began to do some class work that was due Monday. The afternoon passed, we made dinner and watched a rented movie. We were both tired so we called it an early night. My first night really sleeping with a guy and his with a girl. What to wear, what side of the bed, did he snore? I always slept in a tee shirt so I got one of mine out and put it on, no panties. He slept nude and thankfully did not snore!

I woke up early Sunday morning. He was on his back and his cock was hard as a rock, sticking straight up. I had heard of morning woodies and he had a great one. I retrieved the lube, rubbed it onto my pussy and carefully climbed on top of him. What a sound sleeper! I eased him into me until he was fully deep and I began to slowly move up and down. After four or five strokes he opened his eyes.

“Oh my god! You little devil! Taking advantage of a poor sleeping guy. You better hurry up and finish because I have to pee and I would hate for it to be in you!”

I did speed up and had a quick orgasm. He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He was only gone a short time. He then explained the morning woody and that he hoped I would use it as often as I wanted but if he said he had to pee, he really did! Another new thing learned.

I did take advantage of his woodies. Usually several times a week, to the delight of us both. The best was when he did not have to pee. They usually turned into nice long sessions. Morning sex, another advantage of living together and a great way to start the day!

Life went on. We learned each other’s quirks. I met his parents over Skype, we became good friends. Class work continued to be taxing for both of us. He came for Thanksgiving dinner and had a great time with my brothers. We had sex as often as possible; in as many ways as possible; in as many places as possible.

His parents wanted me to come to Chicago for Christmas but I could not leave my family for that day so Norm came over to our house for Christmas and we flew to Chicago the next day. He bought the tickets. We stayed until after New Year. His parents were great, welcomed me like a member of the family. Their lifestyle made it obvious they were not hurting for money.

“Come on Beth, lets us girls do some Christmas shopping,” his mother said. She took me to Michigan Avenue. She would not let me pay for anything and bought me things I would never buy because I could not afford them.

I tried to protest but she would have none of it. “I am enjoying this as much or more than you so no more about it, just enjoy everything we found together.” It was a great day together.

Later that night his Dad mentioned Norm’s trust in a passing way. I never asked anything, I did not have to, it was obvious. No wonder he drove an AWD Audi at Mines.

We flew home with a couple days to unpack and get ready for the next semester. Finally some total privacy and some screaming sex! I think I loved him more every day. I could never find anything bad or even annoying. We enjoyed the same things. Pretty much thought the same way. Definitely enjoyed sex the same amount! Life was more than good, it was perfect.

The winter season was upon us. Everyone in our family had a snowmobile. I had a trailer for my jeep that would carry two.

“Time for you to learn the thrill of a snowmobile.” I told him one day.

“Great! Lets do it.”

So we borrowed one from my brother and I took him up into the mountains to introduce him to the fun of snowmobile riding. Of course my Father had to teach him the basics before he would feel good about letting us go. He also told Norm about the satellite personal locator he always made me carry so, as usual, I had it on this trip.

I went to my favorite parking locations. We unloaded and prepared for our first ride. I took him on a gentle ride close to the tree line to see the beauty of the snow and mountains. It was one of those days when the air was cold but the sun made it feel warm. We stopped and had a simple lunch I had brought with me. I also brought a sleeping bag and a towel, to protect my bag from our bodily fluids!

After lunch I showed him what else I had brought and suggested that nature’s beauty might be inspiring. He quickly picked up on my observation and we were soon naked in the bag with him on top.

My anticipation of this had me more than ready for him. Some gentle manipulation with my hands had him ready and he gently slipped into me. “Let’s do this nice and slow, stretch it out to the max. I want to remember this forever,” I quietly said to him.

We seemed to just go on and on. Finally I whispered, “I am going to cum.” I had the most quiet but powerful orgasm ever. He soon followed suit, pulsing and throbbing a large load deep in me. “Oh Beth, I love you so much,” he softly said.

It was one of the more beautiful sexual experiences we had. It was a combination of muted raw sexual energy and the enjoyment of nature that surrounded us. He slowly rolled off me and we both just looked at the sky, speechless.

We eventually packed up and rode back slower than we had climbed the mountain so he could get a good feel for the subtleties of riding a snow machine. We arrived at the Jeep, loaded up and headed for home. Once there we unloaded the machines, said 'Hi' to Mom and Dad and took off for our place.

School, sex and sleep, in that order, took up our time. We made several more trips to the mountains with the snowmobiles, we both loved them and the sex that was always involved.

One weekend we decided to camp overnight in the mountains. I had the equipment so we went for it. “This is going to be a great trip! Sleeping and... more, out there in the cold night. The stars will be beautiful.”

We left on a Saturday and planed to return on Sunday. We went to my favorite parking location, unloaded the machines and gear and took off, both of us anticipating our night together in the wilderness!

As we were racing up the mountain Norm went off the trail to race through the woods. I had warned him about stumps and logs hidden under the snow but he thought he was an expert I guess. I followed close behind him, trying to get him back on the trail but with no success.

My worst fears came true. As I was following he hit something (later proved to be a stump) and he was catapulted off the machine and hit a tree with his back, head down.

I stopped, activated my emergency locator and ran to him. He was laying in the snow, moaning, twisted in a totally unnatural position.

“Norm are you okay? What hurts? Can you move?”

“I can’t feel my legs and I am having trouble breathing.”

“I have sent an emergency call. A helicopter should be here soon! Do not try to move anything. I am here and will see you through this!”

I had a thermal blanked I wrapped him in and kept talking to him. “Just look at me. Don’t worry, help is coming. You are going to be fine!”

“Sorry I messed up the trip and the machine. I will be okay,” he whispered.

“Don’t worry about that shit! Just stay with me, keep looking at me. Remember our life together, I love you, nothing can separate us. Don’t close your eyes! Keep looking at me! Help is coming.”

“I love you Beth. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You and me together forever.”

His breathing became more and more labored. He kept looking at me and slowly his eyes glazed over, he stopped breathing. I knew I had lost him. I broke into uncontrollable sobbing and held him tight.

“No, no, this is not right,” I screamed, to the sky. “He cannot die. We are meant forever.” I could not stop sobbing. I heard the helicopter coming. Soon a voice by my side said, "You can let go Miss, we have it from here.”

They had to pull me off him. I sat in a stupor as I watched them load him on a stretcher and lift him up. A paramedic stayed with me and got me down the mountain. My parents were waiting at our parking spot. I broke down again. The best thing in my life was gone.

They took me home and sedated me so I would sleep. Many hours later I awoke hoping it was a bad dream. They assured me it was not and provided what comfort they could.

The rest of it was a blur. I flew to Chicago for the funeral. His parents tried to comfort me but there is no closure. You just have to deal with it. Somehow life goes on but it is never the same.

I am back in school, struggling through and hoping someday I will get over Norm, the love of my life. I vowed to take advantage of every moment of life. You never know when it will be over and it can happen in seconds. He will always have a special place in my heart!


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