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Life's Little Messes

To paraphrase good advice: Don't sweat the small messes; they're all small messes.

She pauses at the door to collect herself.

There has to be a better way.

She shakes her head to scold herself. She's been over this a thousand times in her head. She fears this is the only way.

She opens the door and lets herself in. She glances around the lobby and notices the customer service desk. Beyond, she sees a gift shop and the entrance to a bar. Several men are sitting at tables in a small atrium that is barely separated from the lobby.

She quickly scans each of the men.

Too young. Too old. Maybe, but uhg. Maybe, but too stern. I can't do this.

She knows she has to do it, but looking at the men, she doubts she'll be able to go through with it. She scans the men again. There is no way to know which one she was sent for. Her instructions did not include a description.

Almost as if on cue, two kids run in and join one man, a waitress sits with the next, and an older woman joins the third. Only the angry man is alone. She draws a deep breath, and then goes to him. He sees her approach, and he stands to meet her.

"Hello, I'm Sar... uh... Stephanie from the agency," she stammers. His frown deepens.

"Which is it, Sarah or Stephanie?" he asks in a raspy grumble.

She silently curses at herself as her eyes drop to the floor and she blushes.

"Sarah," she answers.

"I see," he grumbles.

He draws in a deep breath and lets it out. She struggles to get her eyes back up to his. She needs to gauge his mood. She can feel herself preparing to flee.

"Well," he grumbles. "Why don't you have a seat, and we can discuss my needs."

She struggles to keep the shock from showing on her face. A woman has joined the man with the kids. The waitress shamelessly flirts with the other man. Someone will hear. She continues to struggle against the need to run.

"Perhaps someplace more private?" she begs. "I was told what you would expect, just tell me when you'd like me to begin."

His frown deepens. She struggles to keep her thoughts from showing on her face.

I was told to expect reluctance. I was told I would need to be aggressive. How an I supposed to do what needs to be done if he already hates me?

"Look," he grumbles, "You aren't at all what I asked for. Thank you for coming. I'll make sure you get compensation for your time. I'll call the agency and take care of things to get someone else."

For a moment, she is stunned.

She feels herself fill with fear.

What the hell? Does he think something is wrong with me? He doesn't find me attractive?

In an instant, her fear becomes anger at herself.

What the hell is wrong with me? I want nothing to do with this man, and now I'm mad that he's rejecting me?

In another instant, her anger turns on him.

He's rejecting me? Bullshit! If he wants aggressive, I'll show him aggressive.

"You'll do no such thing," she tells him firmly. "This wasn't a 'Take It or Leave It' interview. I am what you get. Now let's go."

He looks shocked for a moment, and then suddenly his whole demeanor changes as a smile lifts the corners of his mouth. She continues to give him a stern look.

"So you're going to 'Mary Poppins' your way into the position?" he laughs. His tone has softened, and she finds that she likes it. "Although," he adds, "wasn't she being hired by the housekeeper?"

He seems to find humor in his statement, but she doesn't see it. She continues to wait with a stern look.

His smile fades, and he blushes.

"Yes, well, why don't we run over to the condo? Did you bring anything?"

She wonders what else she was supposed to have brought, and she shakes her head.

He almost shrugs, and then a bit of a smile creeps back onto his face. She takes a deep breath as she realizes that he almost looks handsome when he smiles.

"Let me show you my new toy," he teases.

His hand sweeps out to direct her towards the exit. They walk side by side down an open corridor past the pro shop and a snack bar. He opens the door for her, and they walk past the tennis courts to a small parking lot full of golf carts.

The cart that he leads her to does not look new. It does look more aggressive than most. It has a raised suspension and larger tires with knobby treads. Unlike the carts that only run when you press the pedal, his starts and runs like a car, and it has a clutch and gears.

He revs the engine a couple of times, and then lets off the gas. The motor drops to a quiet purr, and he gives her a self-depreciating smile.

"I suppose it would be improper to race around and show you how much power she has," he says. "I suppose I can behave myself."

Men and their toys, she thinks, but she simply nods her head to indicate that he should start driving. He takes a deep breath, and his smile fades. He puts the cart in gear and sedately lets the clutch out.

He follows a cart path as it follows the road. There are several buildings of apartment style condos arranged along the golf course, but he drives past those. Several very expensive single family homes are next, but he doesn't slow down. He finally turns into a small subdivision of quad-plex condos, and he pulls into the carport of a unit that faces away from the golf course. He stops next to a very sporty compact car.

She takes a deep breath to prepare herself as he guides her to the door. Once again, she considers running, while she still has a chance. He nearly smiles at her as he waves his wallet near some kind of electronic pad, and she realizes that her mental protest was only a token gesture. She wonders if he will give her a real smile when she's done. With a quiet buzz and a click, the door swings open.

The door lets into a small entryway with laundry utilities and a coat rack. When he pauses to kick off his shoes, she follows suit. When he pauses to make a statement, she attacks.

His eyes are wide in surprise as she pushes him up against the wall and smashes her lips against his. She presses her whole body against his and probes his lips with her tongue, but he resists. She pulls back to chastise him.

"Stephanie... Sarah... Stop!" he gasps.

"I think not," she croons as she attacks again.

Her hands push in under his shirt and she scrapes her nails up his ribs to find his nipples. She loves how hard they are and she lets her nails bite his skin as she pinches them. Her lips don't press nearly as hard, and as her tongue probes, his lips part. His tongue meets hers and begs for mercy.

His body shakes, and he is barely able to speak when she pulls away.

"Please," is the only word he finds.

"Yes?" she asks coyly.

She doesn't wait. His shorts are loose enough that her hand easily slides in to grasp his growing cock. She flexes her other hand against his chest and then drags her nails back to his nipple to pinch it. He groans in desperation, but his lips meet hers and then his tongue meets hers to wrestle with their growing desire.

Her own desire catches her off guard. She realizes that it is growing as fast as the cock in her hand. She had expected to struggle to get through this, but suddenly she feels how eager she is to take him.

In the same thought, she realizes that her lust is fueled by her dominance over him. He is easily several inches taller, yet he seems to cower before her attack. His reluctance and concession combine to fill her with the desire to take more.

For a split moment, she considers what her ex-husband would have done to her if she had tried to dominate him like this. She quickly pushes the thought away. This whole misadventure was his fault, and she hates him for everything that he has done to her. She pushes the thought away, but not before she allows it to dictate what she must do to this man next.

She breaks the kiss, leaving him gasping as he tries to follow. She pins him to the wall with a look, and she is surprised to see reluctant obedience in his eyes. Her eyes hold him as her hands make short work of his belt and button. She pushes his shorts and boxers over his hips, and then she gasps as she beholds the prize she plans on claiming.

She is shocked to feel her knees go weak, yet she allows herself to drop to her knees in front of him. He is only slightly bigger than her ex, but he is already rock hard. She always hated when her ex would expect her to take his limp excuse of a manhood into her mouth, and it astounds her how eagerly she desires this hardness.

Her eyes sweep up to his, and she gives him a warning. Even though no words are spoken, she sees in his eyes that he understands. She takes his cock for her own pleasure, and he had best not let anything interfere.

She has no words for the pleasure she finds. He smells a little salty and faintly of musk, yet her tongue finds an enticing sweetness. He fills her mouth with his hardness, but she is eager to use her tongue to find a way to draw him in deeper. He is so hard and yet soft and smooth in her hand. Her saliva coats him and he easily slides in and out.

He makes a motion with his hand that draws her attention. His fingers are spread as he holds his hand out to stop her. His hand shakes and his body trembles, but he doesn't follow through to push her away. She lets her eyes commend him for his acceptance of her control.

"Sarah, I can't..." he starts to protest, but her eyes harden and his words fade. "Stop," he begs with the last of his breath, but he knows his protest has come much too late.

Suddenly, his cock seems to jump in her mouth, lifting hard and pressing in deeper than ever. A strange feeling surges through her, a feeling she had never felt before. She imagines a large inaudible bell has rung, sending subsonic tones ringing out of his body and pouring into hers. The energy races from his vibrating cock to fill her body. The echoes all gather together and crash into her loins, inflaming her needs. She swipes her tongue down his cock, hoping that it will ring again.

His fingers plunge into the hair on the side of head, and he grasps tightly, but there is no chance that he can stop her from taking what she wants. Her fingers tighten her grip on his balls to remind him of her demands.

His cock surges again, and the waves of energy fill her again as they race towards her desire. A flood of bitter-sweet heat fills her mouth at the same time, and it takes her an eternity to realize what has happened. Her mind races as she struggles with wanting to be disgusted and yet wanting to take more.

She fears that she is lost, and her eyes sweep up to his. The look she sees in his eyes is an apology for failing her. A surge of new desire fills her as she realizes that she has complete control of him. Her eyes reply with a simple command-- "Give!" His eyes roll back as he surrenders, and his body surges for her.

She swallows his flavors, and then she lets his cock fill her mouth again. Each surge of his cock sends waves of burning desire racing through her body, and she fights to let herself be overcome by them. Each wave pushes her higher, yet, as close as she feels, none of them push her over the edge. She swallows every drop, and then lets his flagging cock fall from her mouth.

He still leans against the wall and struggles to catch his breath as she stands up again. She takes hold of his manhood and gives it a gentle squeeze. His eyes race to hers.

"Bedroom?" she asks and commands.

"Upstairs," he barely manages to answer. His eyes direct her attention to the stairs.

She leads him across the open space of the first floor. She barely notes the space is openly divided into a kitchen, dining room, and living room. She doesn't let go of his cock as she pulls him along and up the stairs. At the top of the stairs is a short hallway that might lead to a bath and smaller bedrooms. Directly ahead of them is a loft overlooking the first floor. There is a large, unkempt bed in the middle of the space. She pulls him over to it.

With her free hand, she pulls the front of his shirt away from his body and then lets go.

"Lose it," she commands.

He quickly lifts the shirt over his head, and then throws it at a pile of dirty clothes by the wall.

She catches his eyes with her own, and with her eyes only, she demands that he pay attention.

She watches his eyes closely as she quickly undresses. She had been told to dress conservatively, so as not to draw attention. Her blouse and shorts may not have been form fitting, but they certainly didn't hide her shape, or the lack there-of. He has already said that she was not what he asked for, and she worries that he might yet turn her away.

She is shocked and pleased by what she sees in his eyes. She stands naked before him, and there is no hiding the couple of extra pounds here, or the slight sagging there, and yet, she sees raw lust in his eyes. The desire that has filled her pushes her even closer to the edge.

"My turn," she commands as she steps past him and sits on the edge of the bed.

His eyes understand exactly what she wants, and they race to lust between her legs. He almost eagerly falls to his knees and he quickly lifts her knees to his shoulders. She hisses her need, and he plunges right in.

For a moment, she thinks she has made a mistake. Her ex never pleasured her this way, and she wants to make it last. As his tongue pushes inside of her, she knows it will be over in moments. She almost asks him to stop, but then it's too late, and she explodes.

It takes her forever to open her eyes again. In her euphoria, she barely registers the minutes that slip by. After the explosion of ecstasy, her whole body contracts, and she finds it hard to breathe.

Her lover seems to know how she feels. He never stops licking, but the intensity eases off for a bit. She tries to sit up as he starts nibbling and teasing again.

"Again?" she asks in a shaky voice.

He moans and delves deeper.

"Say it like you mean it," he suggests, but he doesn't wait for the command.

His tongue flares inside her, and as it plows a trench up to her clit, he pushes fingers inside of her.

She stares at him in astonishment. Her ecstasy had crashed hard, yet his eagerness pushes her right back to the edge again. She runs her fingers through his hair, petting him, as he explores her limits.

She trembles with desire. His wicked tongue and commanding fingers have brought her to the edge, but then he changes gears and lets her coast along. She shakes her head in wonder as he savors her flavors and weaves an intricate dance with his tongue on her swollen lips. His eyes slowly open, and they smile as they ask her if she is ready again. Her eyes have no answer for his, and he seems pleased. His eyes drift shut in pleasure as he plunges his tongue deep inside again.

She loses count of the number of times that he brings her to the edge and then backs away. Each time, his eyes tease hers with the pleasure he is enjoying, and she loses track of who is pleasing whom.

He brings her to the edge again. His eyes tease, and her eyes can only ask for more. She starts to tremble as she realizes that they will always ask for more.

His eyes start to close, but he seems to notice a change in the way she trembles. His eyes light up with a wicked grin, and suddenly he viciously attacks her pleasure. Instead of pushing her over the edge, he metaphorically gathers her up and throws her as far as he can with all of his might. She cries out and lets her body explode for him. He moans in ecstasy as she floods his mouth, but he just keeps pushing and pushing until she is afraid she will drown him with her flavors as he drowns her in her own pleasure.

Gasping, she pulls him away, holding his head between her hands. Their eyes meet, and she can tell that he wants to kiss her as badly as she wants to kiss him, but she hesitates as she sees the disgusting mess she has made on his face. He seems to understand, and he stands to look for anything that he can use to wipe his face.

Suddenly, she sees his cock rising between them. It is fully hard, and she needs it, now!

Her eyes race up to his and issue a command. His eyes flare in surprise as he realizes that she is still in charge. He falls forward at her command, and he only hesitates for a moment as his cock presses her swollen lips apart.

"Fill me!" she hisses, and he plunges in.

The look of absolute pleasure on his face unhinges her mind. He pulls back, and then thrusts in again, but he tries to keep his back arched to keep his face clear of hers. She needs to possess all of him, so she ignores the wetness on his face and she pulls him into a scorching kiss. They both groan as his thrusting brings them both racing to the edge again.

He lets one hand grab her breast while the other slides behind her neck to hold her close. Together, they squeeze the air from her lungs. She doesn't care; it's what she wants.

Her hands find his ass and his neck. She revels in the strength of his thrusts and the sweetness of his kiss. She realizes that she loved how his lips tasted the first time she kissed him, and she loves them even more now that they are soaked in her lust. She knows that she will share those flavors with him every time, from now on.

The part of her mind that likes to torture herself teases her about that thought. She knows this is a one time deal. She knows that she is only doing this to clear a debt, and it won't happen again. She tells that part of her mind to fuck off, and then she lets herself dream of taking and consuming this man as he pushes her over the edge.

Her orgasm is near perfection, and she tries to break the kiss to let her eyes tell him so. His eyes are already begging for forgiveness, and then suddenly his cock lurches inside of her. The inaudible tones start to ring through her body, and they both surrender to lust perfectly consummated.

She feels crushed by her lust, and she can't breathe. He rolls away to give her air. She feels that she is captured by his lust. She burrows into his arms and lays her head on his chest.

She knows it's wrong to make him hold so tightly. She can't even begin to imagine what kind of a creep he really is, knowing how she got here. She tries not to let him know how happy she is, and then she nearly laughs at herself for being happy. She wonders how a beast who would pay or barter for sex could feel so good, smell so good, taste so good.

A wicked thought jumps into her mind, and her eyes pop open. She knows she should be disgusted with herself, but that doesn't stop her as she lifts up off of him and starts sliding down his body. His cock lies in puddles of their lust, and nothing will stop her.

She doesn't want him to get any ideas, though.

"Just this once, I will clean this for you, but then I have to go," she says.

She doesn't wait for an answer, and her tongue eagerly dives right in. The bed shakes, and someone moans. She isn't sure who did what, or if maybe they both did. Everything mixes together like the flavors on her tongue, and someone purrs in pleasure. She milks his cock, savoring the strength of his flavors. She paints the flavors from between her legs on his soft cock, and revels in the splendor.

She wonders if he'll ignore her words and get hard again. She swoons at the thought of taking his lust and tasting another round.

"You have to go?" he asks softly. He sounds distracted, maybe concerned.

She doesn't answer. The answer is obvious, and she wants to taste every trace of their lust before she goes.

"What about the housework?" he persists.

"Housework?" she echoes, trying to keep from being distracted.

"Merry Maids Cleaning Agency?" he suggests. "I asked for an unattractive older woman for a reason."

Lightning strikes her and she jolts upright to stare at him.

He thinks I'm unattractive? No, I'm not what he asked for! This isn't the right guy!

Right on cue, the cell phone that she was instructed to carry starts to ring persistently. Her eyes swing away from him to stare at the pile of clothes she left on the floor. She can't even look at him as she takes one step, then another, and then bends to get the phone.

As soon as she presses the green button, a voice starts barking at her. Her mind races in too many directions for her to make out words.

"Angelo, please, slow down, I can't understand you," she protests.

"What. The. Fuck," the voice barks.

"I... I can explain," she stammers.

"There's nothing to explain," the voice answers sternly. "You were supposed to be aggressive, not make him be aggressive. You were to dress conservatively, not wear a girdle and support hose like someone's grandma. You're lucky as hell that he's mostly happy, but this is going to cost you big-time. The next time, you better get it right."

"The... the next time?" she stammers.

"And the time after that, and the time after that," the voice confirms. He starts to bark again as he says, "Don't be stupid, bitch! A stupid cunt like you has no..."

She pulls the phone away from her ear and just stares at it.

It was a one time deal. The debt would be cleared.

The man she has been ignoring takes the phone from her hand. She is startled that he stands beside her. She is aghast when he presses the red button and the barking stops.

"That was Angelo Constantine," he states. His eyes ask her to deny it.

She nods. He frowns.

"Why? Why?" he nearly growls.

She wants to cry. She wants to run. Her eyes plead with his, seeking mercy. She talks.

It all spills out, and she is mortified. He listens as she tells of her ex, and his gambling. She amazes herself when she tells of his death and she hears that her voice is steady. She tells of the debt that her ex left behind, the angry man that came to collect, and the photos she didn't know her ex had taken, and this thing that she has been blackmailed into doing.

It exhausts her spirit to tell the tale, and she fears she might collapse. She is shocked to find that strong arms are supporting her, her voice made steady by the firmness of the chest her cheek rests against.

When she runs out of words, she leans against him, and waits to see how long it will be before he casts her out. When he takes a breath to speak, she prepares herself for the worst.

"Can you wait here for a moment?" he asks.

She worries about what he is thinking, but she has to agree. She nods against his chest.

He puts his hands on her shoulders and steps away. His eyes seek to reassure her, and he has a gentle smile on his face. She finds that she can breathe again, and she nods at him.

He reassures her again, and then walks over and descends the stairs. She can't stop from stepping to the edge of the loft to watch him cross the first floor. He gives her a naughty grin as he pulls his shorts on, and then he exits to the carport. He leaves the door open as he goes.

For a moment, she is distracted by the view. The wall opposite the loft is all glass, and it affords a superb view of the lake. A low line of trees block the view of the beach that she knows is there, but beyond she can see a huge section of the lake, with it's blue water and sail boats. She wishes she could stare at it forever, but he returns almost immediately with a cell phone in his hand.

He carries the phone all the way back up to the loft to join her. He nearly leers as he smiles at her nakedness, but then he pushes his shorts off to join her in her lack of attire. He scrolls through his phone, but stops short without pushing the button to dial.

"What is your last name, Sarah?" he asks with a smile.

"Thompson," she answers without hesitation. She fights the need to frown, and then asks, "Are you going to tell me your name?"

He looks surprised, but then his eyes study her closely as he answers, "Paul Jefferson."

The name sounds familiar, but she can't quite place it. She almost asks another question, but his finger taps his phone, and she politely waits as he places his call.

He pushes another button to put the phone on speakerphone. A brisk voice answers.

"Talk fast, Paul, I'm about to be too busy to talk."

Paul doesn't seem fazed by the greeting.

"You're about to be busier," he says. Without waiting, he says, "Write down this name: Sarah Thompson. She's run amok of your friend Angelo, and it would be a nice favor to me if you can make him stop. He says he has pictures. Make it clean."

The man on the other end chuckles.

"Why is it that you're always showing up to bail me out with things I don't even know I need. Wait 'til you see how this pans out. It that all?"

"That's it."

The line goes dead.

Paul seems to accept that the call has ended and he shrugs as he looks at the phone.

"What just happened?" she asks.

He smiles at her as he sets the phone down and walks over to her. He slides his fingers into her hair and caresses her scalp.

"You weren't sent here for me," he states, but she can tell it was a question.

She frowns as several thoughts fight for attention. She is embarrassed by what she has done. She is angry that he is changing the subject. She is aroused by the familiarity of his touch. She manages to shake her head to answer him.

"If I ask you to stay, are you going to assert your dominance again?" he asks.

For the shortest of moments, she is stunned by his question.

What does he want? Why is he holding his breath? He really should answer my question before he asks his own.

Her mind fixates on her final thought, and she doesn't even think. She turns to him with a stern look and she takes a firm hold of his cock with her thumb over the top of it and her fingers grasping his balls.

"What makes you think you have earned the right to ask that?" she demands.

His smile wavers as he tries to hold his confidence.

"To ask you to stay or to ask for your...?"

His words cut off as she squeezes his hardening shaft. She raises her eyebrow at his startled look.

"I'm not going to give you anything until you tell me what that call was all about," she states.

He swallows hard and then shudders as she squeezes again.

"You know who I am, even if you don't remember," he says. She waits. "Two years ago, my wife's car was hit by a very drunk politician. She died. It was big news."

Her eyes flair.

"He killed himself," she remembers aloud, "but it was suspicious. Everyone thinks his own party did it and set it up to look like suicide."

"He was as crooked as they come," Paul adds. "When all of the lawsuits were finished, I was awarded most of his assets, which were considerably more than any politician should have been expected to have."

He gasps when she gives him another squeeze because he isn't answering her question fast enough.

"I'm getting there, I'm getting there," he quickly protests.

"You certainly are," she purrs as she changes her grip to stroke his mostly hard cock.

He gasps again as he stares at her stroking hand with a stunned look. She gives him a hard look and he starts talking.

"Even as I was being award possession, I was approached by a man that I will simply call an honorable criminal. The politician had dirt on a lot of people, and the criminal made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I've seen how he has used that information to take down other dirty politicians and the worst of criminals. It has made him very powerful at what he does, and he feels that he owes me a favor or two. I've never had to ask for one until now."

As he speaks, she uses her grip to steer him back to the bed. She is amazed that he manages to keep talking even as she forces him to sit so that she can kneel between his legs. He stops talking when she uses the pointed tip of her tongue to draw a line up the front of his cock. She teases the slit for a moment and then draws her tongue in to savor his flavor.

"You think he has the leverage to make my problem go away?" she asks sweetly. Before he can answer, her tongue darts out to tease his cock head, and he can't find the words to answer.

For a moment, she considers devouring his cock. She is surprised at her own desire to taste his cum again. She is even more surprised at her desire to dominate him completely. She releases his cock, and then presses her breasts against his abdomen as she slides up his body.

"I guess, if it works out as nicely as you seem to think it will, I'll probably owe you a favor as well," she croons.

She straddles him and presses herself against his hard shaft. They both tremble to feel how much heat is developing between their legs. He struggles to find words even as he struggles to keep from forcing his way inside her.

"Ask your favors," she whispers, her lips just barely touching his. "I can feel how you lust me, so I might stay. I can feel your need to be controlled, and I will dominate you. I can feel your need to take charge. Show me you deserve it, and I will let you take anything you want."

"Please," he begs, and she slides up a bit, preparing to take him inside. She pauses and waits.

"Please," he begs again. She brushes her lips against his, but she waits.

He draws a shuddering breath.

"Please," he whispers, "just one simple favor. Promise your lust is for me, and not the rest of it."

"The rest of who?" she asks with a frown. Her eyes nearly demand an explanation from him, but she suddenly realizes what he is asking. She wonders how many women have tried to seduce him for his money.

Her eyes promise her earnestness as she says, "Like I have never felt for anyone before, I lust you."

She lifts, he thrusts. She devours, he fills. She rides, he spurs her on. Together, they lust, they expect, they fulfill.

Later, she rests again, with her head on his chest.

"You should stay," he murmurs as he kisses the top of her head.

"Tonight, yes," she agrees.

"Every night?" he persists.

She knows her answer. She waits for a moment. She doesn't want him to think she is too easy.

"Yes," she answers.

"Do we still want to hire a house cleaner?" he asks.

She can hear that he is teasing. She waits a moment. She doesn't want him to think everything is easy.

"Maybe I should do the hiring. It was all too easy for the last applicant to take advantage of you."

"I'm not that easy," he teases, "and you weren't really an applicant."

"No?" she replies to the first half of his statement as she starts to stroke his cock. She purrs as she turns and takes his growing shaft into her mouth. She turns and straddles his chest and presses her lower lips to his face. He resists for a moment, and she pulls back from deep-throating his cock. She hovers, and waits, knowing that he will soon surrender to their pleasure.

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