Lily's Revenge

By Navin

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Angela's life would never be the same again.
Lily despised Angela Menafee ever since the day the Menafees moved in next door to Lily and her parents. From day one, Angela was rude and obnoxious to everyone in the neighborhood, but especially to Lily. Angela was the type that seemed to think the world revolved around her and that everyone should bow at her feet.

Everyone included Angela’s husband Adam. Adam was a kind, polite and quiet man who sometimes seemed more like Angela’s assistant than her husband. Her doted on her and took her verbal abuse without the least bit of complaint. Adam stayed at home, having retired a few years back after doing well in the market. He spent his time caring for his wife and tending his garden. He had been an athlete in his younger days, but as he closed in on fifty, he sported a slight paunch and more than a few gray hairs for his trouble.

Lily thought he was quite handsome and even sexy as she always had a thing for older men. She often wondered why Adam put up with his shrew of a wife.

A few months after the Menafees moved in, the accident happened. Angela came home from working late. As usual, she had a few drinks on the way home from the office and was more than a little tipsy. As she pulled on her street, she attempted to navigate her Mercedes into the driveway, but sideswiped Lily’s Honda that was parked along the curb.

The next day, Angela stormed over to Lily’s house and woke up Lily’s parents by pounding on their front door. She insisted that Lily had totaled her car and that she intended to sue Lily’s family for every penny of the damages. Lily tried to convince her parents that she was not at fault, but due to Lily’s past driving record, which included a few fender benders, and the pressure that Angela Menafee put on them, Lily’s parents agree to pay for the damages.

Lily was furious at her parents for caving in and not believing that she was not at fault. She was even madder at Angela and planned to see to it that she got even.

Her plan took shape the following Sunday. Lily was in her front yard, doing some weeding for her mother as partial punishment for the accident. Lily was wearing short cut-offs and bending at the waist. She noticed Adam Menafee was watering his garden, and not so subtly staring at her gorgeous, 19 year-old ass.

She decided to give him even more of a show. She moved down to her hands and knees, sticking her bottom high in the air as she smoothed the ground around her mother’s roses. Adam continued to absent-mindedly flood the front edge of his garden as he stared at her wiggling ass while his cargo short started to noticeably tent.

For the next few weeks, Lily took every opportunity to flaunt her body in front of Adam. She stopped wearing a bra around the house. She sunbathed frequently in her skimpy yellow bikini. She would leisurely rub lotion on her tummy and breasts and see Adam spying on her from next door. The teasing and the naughtiness excited Lily tremendously. She masturbated often thinking about what an encounter with Adam might be like.

The following Monday, Lily walked over to the Menafees house to volunteer to wash Ms. Menafee’s car. Angela had taken to driving her husband’s Volvo until the repairs could be done on her car and was already at work. Of course, Lily knew this as she knocked on the Menafee’s door.

As Adam answered, his jaw fell open as he saw Lily standing in the doorway. She was wearing short, black, clingy volleyball shorts and a white tank top. Her firm nipples could easily be seen through the light fabric of her top. Her dark, shoulder length hair framed her sexy face. Adam thought Lily was gorgeous. He especially liked her lips. They looked so sensuous and often fantasized that they were wrapped around his thick penis.

“Mr. Menafee?” Lily said stirring him from his daydream.

“Uh yes. Oh, call me Adam. No need to be so formal. What can I do for you today?” he said attempting to regain his composure.

“I just thought I would volunteer to wash Ms. Menafee’s car for her. I just wanted to apologize for the accident. I don’t want her to stay mad at me,” Lily said.

Adam suspected that Angela caused the accident and wondered why Lily was now accepting responsibility. Maybe Lily actually did do it. Regardless, he appreciated the gesture and got her situated with the necessary car cleaning supplies.

Lily did a good job of washing the car and an even better job of getting water and soap all over the front of her shorts and tank top. She also noticed Adam Menafee peering out his front window, watching her as she wiped the excess soap bubbles off of her chest.

When she finished, she returned the cleaning supplies and asked if she could borrow a towel. Adam invited her in to clean up and retrieved two large bath towels from the hall closet.

Lily went into the bathroom and slipped out of her wet clothes. She took a few moments to finger her sensitive clit. Putting on her little show had her quite worked up. After cumming hard and cleaning herself up a little, she wrapped a towel around her naked body and walked back into the living room holding her wet clothes. She asked he would mind washing them because she didn’t want to put her wet clothes back on. He agreed and started a small load of laundry.

The two of them sat on the sofa. Adam tried not to stare at the beautiful young woman clothed only in a towel right next to him. He also tried to cross his legs to hide the obvious erection that he was sporting.

“Adam? I’ve noticed you watching me lately. Do you like what you see?” she said coyly.
Adam blushed and could only nod his head yes in reply.

She took the corners of the towel in her hands and opened it, exposing her firm, tanned body. “Would you like to have me?” she said.

Adam’s heart raced. His mind was flooded with a thousand different thoughts. His conscience told him to cover her back up and to get her the hell out of there, but his body won the argument and he pulled her naked body into his arms. They kissed feverishly. He covered her face and neck with warm, wet kisses. His passion overwhelmed her.

No words were spoken or necessary. He quickly fumbled out of his clothes and helped her straddle his stiff cock. She ground into him, taking him deep inside her. His hands roughly massaged her breasts and they continued to kiss. He pinched and gently pulled on her nipples as she moaned into his mouth. After several minutes of heated fucking, he came inside her and she knew that her plan was progressing nicely.

Lily continued visiting Adam Menafee every chance she got. They managed to keep their passionate visits secret both from his wife and her parents for weeks. They usually met after Lily’s college classes for a quick blowjob or some intense fucking. They reserved the weekends for longer sessions. That was usually not a problem, because Angela Menafee had been fucking around on her husband for years. She usually told him that she was out with girlfriends, but he had long suspected the truth.

After talking with Adam, Lily discovered that the Menafees were essentially partners in a loveless marriage. Adam stayed with Angela mostly out of habit. He had gotten use to her snotty attitude, and until meeting and falling for Lily, had become used to the idea that he would be with Angela until the day he died.

Lily had reawakened a passion in Adam. He suddenly saw endless possibilities at his fingertips for the first time in years. When they were apart, Adam could think of nothing besides Lily’s laugh or smile or those luscious lips.

Although her relationship with Adam started out as a way to get back at Angela, Lily found herself falling for him. She loved the way he treated her. He made her feel so special and sexy and loved. When she was away from him, she missed his tender touch. Lily decided it was time to move to the next phase of her plan, and the next phase of her life.

That afternoon, she met Adam and they agreed on their plans for the future. Over the next week arrangements were made. Lily withdrew from her classes at school and packed her belongings. There would be time for books and school later. Adam liquidated all the assets that he could without his wife’s knowledge and they both hopped into Lily’s Honda and drove away.

The only thing they left for Angela was a DVD in an envelope that they had taped to the door of the Menafee house. Puzzled, she put the DVD in the machine, sat down, and watched as her life crumbled before her eyes.

As it started, Lily had her back to the camera. She was naked and on her knees in front of Adam. His hard cock was deep down her throat. Angela could not identify the young woman blowing her husband, but her blood boiled as she watched. She wanted to throw something at the screen, but she couldn’t stop watching. It was making her pussy throb.

Adam was moaning. His eyes were closed in a state of bliss. Suddenly, his eyes opened and he smiled directly into the camera. “Hello Angela. This is a blowjob. I thought I would tell you because you haven’t given me one in about ten years.”

He moaned as Lily bobbed up and down on his dick. Angela could feel her body reacting to the erotic scene in front of her. She had no idea that watching her husband this way would make her so hot. In truth, Angela had given many blowjobs throughout the last ten years, just none to Adam. She stuck her hand under her thigh-high dress and stroked her swollen clit.

Lily stood up and turned to face the camera. She sat in Adams lap, sinking onto his thick cock. She smiled directly into the camera. Angela’s jaw dropped open. Her mind was racing out of control. She was furious at Lily and at Adam, but at the same time, she was slamming three fingers deep inside her pussy.

Lily moaned as Adam sped up. She knew that he was very close to cumming, as was she. She looked directly into Angela Menafee’s eyes. “This is what you will never have again.” Lily dropped all of her weight onto Adam’s cock and felt the orgasm course through her body. She could also hear Adam moan as they came simultaneously. Angela came right along with them with the most intense orgasm of her entire life.

As Lily and Adam caught their breaths, Lily looked into the camera and directly at Angela Menafee for the last time. “I hope you that you enjoy that car. I am certainly going to enjoy your husband.”