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Long and Hard

A Trucker coming home

Long and Hard





          I was on the last leg of my run from the east coast, traveling on I-80 bound for home, it’s been too long since I’ve seen my wife and children and to make matters worse, it was 2 days till Christmas. After fueling up in Reno, I started up towards the pass, the weather was turning into a nightmare with blowing snow and the temperature was dropping fast, I told myself there was no way old man winter was going to stop me from getting home to the family. I had the defroster going full blast and my speed was down to a mere 10mph, icy was forming on the windshield and I knew from the looks of this, that the front grill was clogged with ice and I had to make a stop real soon to clear it before my old Peterbuilt had overheated. I had just topped the pass and I saw a clearing just ahead, I pulled over and started to clear the ice and just as I finished up, I noticed someone coming towards me from the forest near the edge of the road, whatever it or he was, it had a glow around him or it, I heard this whisper and all of a sudden, the bright blueish light surrounded me and I felt something passing through me and then all of a sudden like, it was gone.


          I stood there for a few minutes trying to collect my thoughts and decided I had wasted enough time, I jumped in and started towards Sacramento and then on to Modesto where my family was waiting for me, as I got on to southbound 99, there was hardly any traffic so I gunned it towards home. I dropped the trailer at the consignee and parked in front of the house where the kids had it all lite up with Christmas lights. Renee, my wife was waiting at the door for me and as soon as I entered, she practically gave me a bear hug that took my breath away, we kissed like mad passionate lovers and we both looked into the other’s eyes and knew, it was a good night to be home together.


          After looking in on the kids, who were in bed sleeping, I took a shower and was greeted by this sexy woman who I married holding a towel in one hand and hot mug of coco. I’ll never forget how she had dried me off, she spent more time drying Mr. Woody woodpecker then any other part of my body. We spent the next 30 minutes French kissing and caressing each other and then ended up giggling and teasing the other, it was wonderful being home with someone you really loved. Formalities aside, we were now hot and ready to get down to some serious love making and as I can attest to this fact, Mr. Woody Woodpecker was up to the task at hand (no pun intended).


          It was just after entering the tight sheath of my wife’s tight pussy that we both noticed something was different or should I say, felt. As I was buried balls deep, my cock was growing, I can’t explain it but we both felt it was growing in Length and in its Circumference, I was just about to pull out but Renee stopped me and whispered in my ear, “Leave it in, let’s see what happens”.


          Well, I wasn’t about to argue since it was feeling very good, as a matter of fact, it was feeling real good to both of us. I started thrusting in and out of my wife’s pussy real slow and with a tenderness that we had forgotten long ago. Renee, had her heels dug in my ass trying to get me to penetrate her deep, she was literally forcing me to see if I could come out the other end and fuck the mattress that lay underneath us. Oh my god, it felt good, I was up to my balls deep in my wife’s pussy and I was causing her to moan out loud, she was scratching my back and humping upwards every time I thrusted into her, she was having orgasms one after the other and was gushing out her essence like never before. I slowed down and pushed myself off of her and withdrew my cock, as I did this we both looked down and saw that my cock had grown to about 9” and 2” round, almost like a baseball bat.


          How on earth could this happen to me and then it struck me I could have hurt the one I really loved. Never had I forced myself upon my wife and I never had imagined once in having a bigger cock like this one I had now. I sat up and she wrapped her hand, at least tried too, around my cock and she realized that it would take both of her hands to close around it completely. She was amazed with the size of it and asked me what the hell I took to make it so big, I told her nothing, and I didn’t think that there was anything I took out of the ordinary.


          Well, she had this funny look on her face and then she was stroking it with both hands, she was jacking it up and down with her hands and then I saw something incredible, she was licking her lips! I knew that look and I told her, “Babe, don’t you do it, I might hurt you and I don’t want it to choke you if you do this”, She looked into my eyes and just smiled, she was beating my cock faster and faster, I was getting closer to having a major cum spurt. I was only about 30 sec away from Cumming all over the place and she knew what was coming, she moved her head down towards my monster of a cock and then she did it!


          She stuck out her tongue and swabbed at the tip and I let loose with a gusher, she directed my spurting cock towards her breasts and I just about drowned those puppies and then since I was still Cumming, I told her to lay back and I would spray her luscious pussy with my cream. She held her legs up and spread them apart and I aimed my big fat hard cock and spurted 4-6 times on her bush, I looked up and said “Babe, can I stick my cock back in and bathe your insides with my essence?”


          She said “Honey, stick it back in and make sure it’s LONG and HARD!”


                                      I said “Always Baby, just for you!”






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