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Long Distance Love, Chapter 2

Long distance love, kept alive on vacation

After months of phone calls (thank god for long distance bundles) and emails, I needed to see my lover again.  I took vacation and booked a cheap flight to Seattle.  I was going to see him again and just the thought was enough to send me looking for my vibrator. (I've even named the damn thing Norman!)  I mean, what does a single girl do when her man is 1100 miles away! 

I was flying in November to spend American Thanksgiving with him.  As a Canadian with American roots, I've celebrated American Thanksgiving for years, but never one as meaningful as this one.  This year, I figured we both would be very thankful. 

This time there were no flight delays on my trip down and yet the plane couldn't seem to get me there fast enough.  I love the thrill of anticipation of going to see my lover and my poor pussy was aching.  I needed relief and I couldn't wait any longer.  I had stuffed a fleece blanket in my carry on, and pulled it out and cuddled underneath it.  My hand found its way down into the elastic waistband of my slacks and panties.  My finger slid inside and hit my clit like a homing missile and I circled the hard protrusion until I came.  Of course, the thrill of doing that in such a public place made the experience all the sweeter, and I couldn't help but wish my lover was with me to join the "mile high club".  I wondered as I smiled to myself if there is such a thing for "solo" fliers!

After my little foray under my blanket, I fell asleep and it wasn't too long until we landed at SeaTac.  I was anxious to see my lover, but vanity over ruled anxiety and I stopped in the ladies room to tidy my hair and fix my make up and put on fresh lipstick.  A breath freshner strip and I was on my way. 

There he was, at the top of the escalator, smiling and when he saw me, his arms opened wide and I literally flew into them.  It was a reunion that has been 18 months in the making and all I could think of was "I can't wait to get you home". 

We waited for my luggage, and couldn't keep our hands to ourselves.  He kept kissing me and carressing my face, arms, back and buttocks.  He pulled me close so that I felt the state of his arousal.  My hands were just as busy, and I noticed that people were watching us and smiling.  I whispered in his ear, "We seem to be the center of attention here."

"Let them look" was his whispered reply followed by his tongue tracing the folds of my ear.  It was a good thing I had my arms around his neck as my knees almost buckled when he whispered, "I can't wait to do this to your sweet pussy."  I felt myself getting wet, from his words and ministrations of his tongue in my ear.  Thankfully the luggage was starting to spill out onto the belt, and we could get out of the airport and into the car.  At least that afforded us a bit of privacy. 

We made our way into the parking garage, holding hands and each dragging a suitcase.  He had brought the truck.  He opened my door (yes fellas, there are still girls out there that like when you are a gentleman) and I slid in.  The first thing I noticed was the bench seat.  He went around the other side and got in and I watched him try to get comfortable since I knew he had an erection.  I smiled sweetly, "I could help you with that" as I slid closer to him and started to undo the snap and zipper of his jeans.  I reached inside the fly of his boxers and felt his cock twitching in my hand, looking for freedom.  I was just the girl to take the job in hand, and mouth, so to speak.  I bent over his cock and gave it a light kiss on the head and stuck my tointed tongue in the slit, where there was a pearly drop of pre cum, just waiting for me.  I grasped the base with my left hand and took him into my mouth.  I started to fondle his balls with my right hand.  He stretched his legs, pushing his feet into the floorboard and lifting his ass off the seat in reaction, but that simple move on his part was enough to make his long cock slide down the back of my throat, past my gag reflex.  I started to suck, for all I was worth, (I was new to this, I'd read how to give a BJ and it was time to practice all that I'd learned).  It really wasn't long until I heard him exclaim, "I'm cumming, oh god, don't stop, please don't stop."  I tried to smile to myself as I though, he's begging me, but that didn't last long as I felt him grab my head and begin gentle thrusting forcing his lovely hard, long cock even further down my throat and soon I felt the warmth of his cum hit the the back of my throat.  I swallowed, because I had no tissues at hand, and didn't want to interupt the moment by leaping up and frantically searching for tissues as cum dribbled down my chin!  Swallowing just seemed to be the proper lady like thing to do.  I brought my head up and licked him clean, savoring him like a fine wine.  I kissed the tip, and tucked his now wilting member back into his shorts and did up his jeans.  I kissed him deeply on the mouth and said, "Let's go home."

He looked at me and asked, "Where did you learn to do THAT?"  I assured him that I had read about the technique, (there really IS nothing you can't learn from a book) but that was the first time I had ever done it. 

Our trip home went by quickly, as we talked about what we wanted to do over the next two weeks.  I was just anxious to get home and have a nice relaxing shower.  He had moved from his one bedroom apartment into a nice house with a great kitchen and a lovely master bedroom and ensuite.  He brought in my luggage.  I was in the master bedroom and getting ready for my shower.  I stepped under the sluicing water and just felt the tension of the day drain from my body. I was standing there with my eyes closed and I felt a rush of cool air as the shower door opened and my lover joined me.  He turned me around and kissed me deeply, our tongues mating with each other, in a premonition of what was to come.  He reached down and separated my pussy lips and found my clit.  He rubbed and teased it until he was sure that my pussy had started to lube.  He rammed two fingers into my willing cunt and I heard "Oh yeah", but I wasn't sure which one of us said it!  He brought his two fingers, dripping with my juices to my mouth and I sucked them clean.  I noticed that his cock was hard and standing proud, ready for action and I reached down to fondle him, but he grabbed my hands and raised them above my head.  He backed into the wall, and held my arms there with one hand.  The other hand went down to tease my clit as he suckled on my right nipple and swirled his tongue around the tip, biting it gently as I moaned with pleasure.  The left nipple reacted and became eraser hard and soon it was rewarded with the same wonderful attention, sucking, swirling and little love nips.  I came hard and gushed sweet nectar over his hand. 

He asked me if I trusted him, and my reply was, "Of course".  I was told to bend over at the waist and brace my hands on the shower wall.  I did as I was told and I felt him grasp my hips and enter my waiting, hungry cunt from behind.  He reached up and started to toy with my nipples and I could feel those wonderful electric shocks right into my clit.  Just when I didn't think it could get any better, he took the hand held shower head and set it "pulse" and turned up the water pressure.  I felt him spread my outer lips and direct the pulsing jet of water directly onto my clit.  I screamed, it felt so wonderful.  He kept the jet there until I was weak with the overhelming power of multiple orgasms.  He dropped the shower head and supported me with his arm around my abdomen.  He was still in me and he pulled out, still erect and not having cum. 

He pickd me up and carried me to the bed, where he dried me off gently with a soft, fluffy towel.  Everywhere that is, except between my legs.  There he licked me and sucked gently at my now bruised and tender clit.  He continued this until I was ready for his cock in my cunt once again, and he climbed on top of me as I spread my legs.  He entered me and began thrusting hard, until I swear the tip of his cock rammed into my womb.  He came and I thought his orgasm would never end.  I came just as he finished.  We lay there like that exhausted and spent, enjoying the little shocks of extstacy that comes after a great ssession of lovemaking.

Yes, indeed, we had a lot to be thankful for this year.

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