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Long Distance Love, Chapter 3

We find a way to keep our love alive over the phone lines

I had just finished a stretch of four night shifts in a row on a busy cardiology ward in the hospital affialiated with the local university.  We had very busy nights and not time for breaks, there are nights when you don't even get a chance to pee.  The past four nights were those kinds of nights. 

I went home the morning of my last shift with the beginnings of a migraine headache, and after a shower I collapse into bed, with a ratty old cotton nightie on.  The blinds are drawn, the phone shut off and I take some codeine for the pain.  I fall into a drugged sleep, but a restless one.  I awake, later in the evening, disoriented, wondering what time it is.  I heard the phone in the living room and I check the call display.  It is my lover, and I smile to myself.  I hadn't talked to him in a while, what with working the night shift, but he understands my schedule. 

I answer the phone, trying not to sound as pathetic as I felt.  "Hello."

"Hi Honey, how are you?"  (It's funny how he knows when I need him to call me-that connection is there despite the distance.)

"I have a bad headache, but nothing I can't cope with", not wanting to sound whiny.  (I hate whiny women!)

"I read an article that said sex was a good cure for a headache."

"Oh, really, and just how do you plan to have sex with me when you're there and I'm here?"

"Honestly. Darling, you can be so naive.  Haven't you ever heard of phone sex?"

"Really, Jack, I might be blond, but of course, I've heard of phone sex, but I'm not sure that I could do that, you know talking sex and well. . ."

With a low rumbling chuckle, Jack asks me, "Where are you?" and the light bulb went on in my blond brain.  He wanted to have phone sex with me.  I thought I'd play along and see what we could come "up" with. 

"I'm in bed."

"Hmmm, what are you wearing?"

I giggled, "Really Jack, is that a standard question--what are you wearing--what does it matter?"

"I don't know, I want a visual in my mind."

"Oh god, I wish I could tell you I am in a slinky nightgown, but I'm not."  I was in an old cotton knit T-shirt nightie that wasn't very sexy at all, but I wasn't going to tell him that!"

I heard Jack grin over the phone line, if that is possible, "So you're naked then?"

"Oh crap" and I wrestle with the hem of my nightgown, up over my hips and drop the phone in the process of getting the damn thing off over my head.  I am laughing by now and I can hear Jack calling my name over the phone line.  "I am now" I said, still breathless from wrestling with my nightgown and retrieving the phone handset from the floor!

I scoot down in bed and I cradle the phone between my ear and the pillow.  "What are you wearing?"  I asked Jack, as I wanted the visual too.

I've just had a shower after a run on the beach and I'm lying here with a towel around me."

"Ummm, undo the knot Jack.  I want you naked too."

I hear a sharp intake of breath, as a imagine the towel falling away from him, revealing his lovely hard cock, all nine glorious inches of him.  "Are you touching yourself?" he asks me.

"Not yet."

"Touch your breasts for me.  Tell me how they feel."

I bring both hands up and gently squeeze and massage my breasts.  They are not too big, but Jack has never complained.  He always says they are just a nice handful. 

"How does that feel sweetheart?  Tell me."

"They are heavy, maybe kind of, umm, lonely--I don't know."

"Are your nipples hard yet?"


"Touch them, pinch then, and tell me what you're feeling."  Jack encourages me.

I do as he asks and I pinch and pull and roll my nipples both at the same time.  A moan escapes my lips, "Umm, god, that feels good.  I can feel that right down between my legs!"   I was starting to get very excited at this prospect. 

"Good girl.  Are you wet yet?" he asks.

"I haven't touched myself there yet" as I continued to pull at my nipples.

"Go ahead sweetheart, spread your legs."

"OH", I gasp as the cool evening air drifts across the burning heat radiating from my pussy. 

"What is it hon?"

"I'm so hot Jack."

"Aw, honey, I know just how hot you are, but are you wet?"

"I still haven't touched myself Jack."

"Go on sweetheart, touch your pussy.  I know you do it when you're alone, so go ahead and tell me how it feels."  Jack sighs, almost impatiently.

My right hand leaves my breast and traces it's way down my belly, pausing to rim my navel before continuing on down to the final destination of my throbbing, hot pussy.  (Of course, I describe to Jack where my hand is on it's travels.)  I dip my finger into the warmth of my pussy and gather some of the sweet nectar that has gathered there.  I moan, as my now wet finger starts to work on my clit.  I draw my knees up and let them drop to the side, the good old missionary position for solo fun has always been my favorite.  I hear moans of pleasure, and am surprised that they are coming from me.  "Oh fuck, Jack I'm dripping wet and I'm hot.  My clit is so hard and it feels amazing touching it.  I can feel my pussy throb."  My stomach starts to ache from the building sexual tension and my thighs start to quiver.

"Okay, darlin', I want you to put a finger into your lovely hot cunt.  Do you feel the wetness?  Do you feel your muscles clamp down on your finger?"

"Yesss", I hiss at him.

"Now put two fingers in and let your pussy muscle tughten around them."


"Good, but keep working your clit honey.  Don't lose any momentum.  Fuck your fingers in and out of your canal, harder and faster now."

I do as he asks of me and push two fingers of my left hand into my hot, wet, throbbing pussy.  I thrust them in and out again and again, deeper each time.  I can feel the soft spongy opening of my womb.  I rub my clit until the combination of the sensations nearly drive me to distraction.  I am moaning and writhing on the bed.  It is not my hand but Jack's hand, doing these wonderful things to me.

Jack realizes that I can no longer tell him what I am feeling, but he has a pretty good idea of just how close I am to the fulfillment of a roaring climax.  "That's it baby, work your cunt for me, push it hard til you cum.  HARDER, HARDER, BABE, NOW CUM FOR ME NOW!"

I am writhing on the bed and fucking my pussy as Jack prompts me from 1100 miles away.  "OOHH GOD JAAACK, I'M CUMMING, I'M CUMMING NOW"The next thing I hear are my own screams as I crash headlong into the best orgasm of my life.  I feel it start from deep inside me and it builds until I feel the hot cum gush from my pussy, dribbling down between the cheeks of my ass and onto my clean sheets.  I continue to finger my clit as I let the experience wash over me and I shudder with excitement at what we've just done.  Somewhere in the distance, I hear Jack grunting and yell, "Oh fuck I'm cumming!"  I listen to his orgasm and another, weaker one washes over me as he finishes himself off.

The only sound coming over the phone lines now is the sound of our breathing trying to come back to normal.  We are still breathing pretty heavy, but enough time has passes, and Jack asks me, "Sweetheart, are you still there?  Are you okay?"

It takes me a few minutes to answer him.  "Oh yeah, I'm here, and i think I'm okay.  I haven't had an orgasm solo like that well. . .ummm. . .never.  But then it wasn't really "solo" was it?  You may be onto something with this phone sex thing my love."  This little dabble into phone sex may just save our long distance relationship until our next vacation, I think to myself. 

"Ah yes, Darling, but only for you, always for you."

"I'm sorry Jack, but I need to sleep, I have this overwhelming need to sleep."

"Okay.  Oh, Honey, by the way, how's the headache?"

"What headache?" I ask, smiling to myself. 

"The head. . .oh never mind Darling, go to sleep and dream sweet dreams of us."

"Good night, my sweet Lover."  I say, bidding Jack a good night.

"Good night, my Darling."

I am awakened the next morning by a ringing phone.  Oh shit, they want me for overtime.  I had already decided that I wasn't working this weekend.  All I can say, is thank god for call display!  I looked at the phone and it was Jack. 

I answered the phone, and tried to sound sexy, "Hi there big boy.  What are you UP to?"

"Oh, about nine inches."

"Oh my" I gasp. "Jack are you touching your cock?"  I want to know.

"Yeah, I'm running my hand over it, nice and slow.  Up and over the head and back down again, slowly.  Oh fuck, I wish it were your hands Sweetheart."

Jack knows that I like sex, long and slow, and he never fails to excite me.  I moan his name, and I start to finger my wet hole without even realizing it, as I listen to Jack's heavy breathing as he brings himself closer to release.  I now have three fingers in my pussy and my thumb is taking care of my clit.  "Oh Jack, hurry honey, faster Jack".  I can hear him groan as he pumps his hard cock faster.  My hand is spasming inside my wet pussy, and I'm sure Jack should be able to hear the sloshing noises coming from my pussy as I thrust my hand in and out, faster and faster.  We cum together and we both chuckle at our timing.

"Oh fuck, that was good.  When are you coming down here again?", Jack wants to know. 

I sigh, "Not till May, Darling, but that's getting closer, after all it is March already."

"Can't come fast enough for me, if you'll pardon the pun!" says Jack. 

I laugh at his silliness, but I know we will be having longer phone calls than ever before as we cope with the geographical distance between us, but that will only make the reunion in May that much sweeter.




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