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Lost In Him

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It was a cold October day, the day she realized just what was going on. She was in love, but not just with anyone it had to be the one man she could never have a true relationship with.

They met in September of the year before, she was a junior in college, and he was in his last year. They immediately became fast friends. From that day in September everywhere one went the other went too, but she always knew that in June he would be gone and she would have to remain there alone and life would never be the same, how could she tell him just how she felt, did she really think that it would make a difference, how could she convince him that they were right?

Megan had always been a quit, stay at home kind of girl. Although Megan had been quite in high school and throughout her whole life, she could have been the beauty queen; with red hair that circled her face, and made her big green eyes look even bigger. She looked almost like a porcelain doll, so fair, but since meeting him she had come out of her shell, found the world, and found Devin.

Devin was not your average guy, but he was everything that Megan could have ever wanted. Devin wasn’t the college football quarterback or the star of the school in anyway, but in her eyes he was the best thing in the school. For the most part Devin was average in every way, brown hair, brown eyes, very simple features. But she saw past all that to his beautiful mind.

After weeks of wondering how she would tell him how she felt, trying to find the words; she decided that she was just going to do it. So that night when they went for a walk, she blurted out to him. “You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, I don’t want you to go, I need you.”

He stopped where he was, as she looked at him she thought to herself, “This is it, I have just ruined the best friendship she had ever had”.

Just as she was thinking of saying she was joking; he grabbed her hand looked in to her eyes and said, “I have been waiting so long for this to happen. I have been biting my tongue for weeks wishing I would be able to tell you.” and leaned in and kissed her. His lips were so tender on hers; his arms wrapped around her and embraced her small frame. They stayed there locked to each other for a few min and decided to go back to his apartment. They talked while on the way back to his place, and decided that they should take things slowly for now till they see what this was.

For the next few months they spent every evening together, but it was always in the back of her mind. That in a few short months he would be going back to Georgia, and this would be over. Then one night about a month later, they were discussing summer plans and him giving up his apartment and she realized that in just eight short weeks this wonderful love affair that they were having would be over, and she once again would be alone. She went back to the dorms earlier than usual that night and cried herself to sleep.

How could she have been so stupid to allow herself to fall in love with him, she knew all along that this wouldn’t last? She could no longer control her emotion and she called him on the phone.

“I have something I need to tell you, please just listen. Please stay here with me. I love you.”

Silence on the other end, what had she done? She only had a few weeks left, and then he would be gone. Had she gone too far? She had never told anyone let alone him that she was in love. Then the silence broke, and he said “I love you too, why did you wait so long before telling me? I have wanted to say that for so long, but now it is too late, I have to go”.

She broke down sobbing and hung up the phone. She didn’t know how but she had to get him to stay she was fully determined to get him to stay with her; he was the first boy she ever loved, and was not going to let him go without a fight.

Two days later, she went to see his landlord to see about his apartment. She filled in the application and he had her sign her lease. Now she just had to tell him that she was staying here. She went to tell him that evening. He told her he still had to go, and he took her by the hand and kissed her; telling her “I love you, and it kills me that I have to go, and I wish this never had to end, but it does and we both knew that” she looked at him “but now you will know where to find me if you come back” as the tears stated to run down her cheek. He held her tightly and kissed her, she kissed him firmly on the lips. Their relationship had gotten more serious in the last few weeks, and they had expressed their love for each other physically many times. She spent almost every night with him now in the apartment.

They lay down on the bed, and his strong arms wrapped around her slender body like a blanket. She cuddled in to him nuzzling up next to his neck; right here in the curve of his neck was her favorite place. She kissed his neck so gently, as passionately as he held her tighter. She ran her hands up his back as he kissed her gently on the forehead. While he caressed her body with his hands, running them up and down her, until gently grabbing her bottom while she nibbled his ears. Then they could take no more, and he removed her shirt. Kissing her voluptuous chest, they both felt the hunger. As he kissed her nipples nibbling ever so gently, she moaned with pleasure. Moving down he removed her pants, kissing her body the whole way down. Then starting at her toes he softly kissed her, moving up her legs and stopping briefly to kiss her clit. She shook with pleasure as he gently ran his tongue through her, she moaned, and he continued up her body. He stopped only briefly to gently nibble at her nipples for a moment.

She flipped him over and removed his shirt, kissing his firm chest, moving downward removing his pants and then kissing his toned legs. Till stopping just briefly to treat his engorged member as a lolly, using her tongue she made him moan and squirm. He grabbed her and turned her over again, kissing her firmly on the lips; their tongues caressing the other. Then he slipped his quivering member in to her as she moaned, he pushed it deeper and deeper, in to her. She called out in excitement; they made love for hours, and then lay in bed embracing each other through the night.

In the morning she cooked him breakfast and they ate it in his bed. After they ate, she cleaned up and went to go for a shower when he grabbed her hand and pulled her back in to the bed. Kissing her gently he made love to her again. Afterward, they both got in the shower, he kissed her body and they both knew that this was what they had been looking for all their lives.

They spend the rest of the weekend holding each other and making love. Both knowing and trying to forget, that in three weeks he would be gone, and she would be alone. She started to cry he held her tightly. This is where she felt safe in his arms, like no matter what happened in the world nothing could hurt them. She told him she loved him and wished he would stay here with her, but deep down she knew that she would never see him again, and that tore her apart in side.

On Monday morning, she went back to school still thinking about the weekend. How good it had felt to be in his arms, to feel his tender kiss on her lips, his lips kissing her body, his hands running up and down her body, her lips and hands caressing his whole body. How gently they made love just it was the first time.

At the end of the day she left the school, and walked down the road towards the dorms. When he drove up the road in his green Chevy pick up, he pulled up next to her and told her to get in. He had something to show her, she got in and off they went. They drove for about an hour and then they came to a quaint little bed and breakfast, she looked at him,” this is where we are coming next weekend before I go. The movers will be here to pack my stuff on Friday, so we will have our last weekend here”. She smiled at him but inside she was crying, just thinking that he would be gone in less than two weeks.

For the rest of that week they packed his things, and made love through the night. He was always so gentle with her; to her he was and would always be the perfect lover. No other would ever measure up to what he was. They lay in the bed as he caressed her nipples gently with his tongue, kissing her gently. Then making love to her again. On that Friday he picked her up from the dorms, for the drive to the bed and breakfast. The drive was very quiet, as they both knew that at the end of this it would be the end of them. When they arrived he checked them in and they went up to their room.

The room was beautiful, antiquities set off the quaintness of the place, a large bay window seat, overlooked the lake. The sun setting on the lake set the mood beautifully, in the center of the room was a large queen bed, with a beautiful down filled duvet, and throw pillows it looked so inviting. In the corner of the room was a wood burning fire place. Next to it was a wooden washstand with a jug and basin, it was a beautiful room. In the private en suite bathroom there was a jacuzzi tub, and candles. They unpacked their bags and went to the restaurant down the road for supper, when they returned to their room, the owners had entered the room on his request placing rose petals on the bed, and leaving a bottle of wine on ice for them. She excused herself to the bathroom, when she emerged she was wearing a new negligee that she had purchased just for this weekend.

The lace of the blue negligee barely covered her nipples; she could feel his burning from across the room as he looked at her. He went to her holding her close and kissing her, running his hands over her body. He lifted her as she wrapped her long legs around him; he carried her to the bed, he laid her on the bed and kissed her gently. Once he had her on the bed he moved up her negligee to reveal the silky matching blue satin thong. He removed them gently with his teeth, and then kissed her till she could take no more. Running his tongue through her tasting her juices, he flicked her clit hard with his tongue she moaned, and shook. He continued to kiss and nibble at her clit while her body shook, gently running his fingers across her ending at her anus, he rubbed it a bit and she bite her lip to keep herself from screaming as she came all over him. He removed her negligee and kissed her body, she was so wet now that he had to touch her again. She moaned, and stopped him to remove his shirt. Each button would not come off fast enough, once she had his chest bare she kissed him with a hunger he had never felt before. Starting at his neck and moving down to his pants, she removed them to reveal his hard cock. She took him in her mouth and he moaned with pleasure. He grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close, she climbed on top of him as though he was her childhood pony riding him like a pro. He lay their on the bed, eyes closed, wanting this to never end, but he knew it wouldn’t last forever.

He rolled her over on to her back and continued to make love to her. Driving his cock deeper in to her, with every thrust she moaned and her insides pulsed till she came again. This time she couldn’t bite her lip and she called out, he kissed her hard to quiet her. After they finished their love making, they ran a bath and got in together, both with a glass of wine, they talked and then made love again.

They slept that night, holding each other so tightly. The next morning they enjoyed a breakfast of pancakes and strawberries; they fed each other the strawberries, and licked the pancake syrup off each other, before making love again. It was a beautiful may day unseasonably warm, as they walked about the grounds. Stopping to sit on a bench and talk a few times, kissing each other every chance they got.

That night they went to an Italian restaurant and had a private table. They talked and reminisced about the last year they had together, and how much they were going to miss each other. They returned to their room, there was a chill in the night air, they lit the fire place and wrapped a handmade quilt around them. Drinking wine and talking some more, before lying quietly in each other's arms enjoying the wondrous fire in front of them.

They stayed awake all night talking about how good it has been for the last year; how much they loved each other. They sat on the window seat and watched the sun come up, then made love one last time before they packed their things and return to the school. Once they returned to the school, he helped her move her things out of her dorm to what was now her apartment. He stayed there in the apartment one last night together. In the morning she left for school, and he left to return to Georgia. When she returned to the apartment at the end of the day it seemed so empty without him, she longed for him to return, knowing that he would never return. That night she dreamed of the time they had together. Dreams so vivid she could almost feel his hands on her body, his lips touching hers. She dreamt of him all night. The next morning she awoke and prepared for her last week at school.

The weeks seem to fly after that she got a job working at a local restaurant waitressing. Then one night when she arrived home from work, a message was on her machine; it was him. “Megan, it’s me. I am so sorry, I miss you so much. I should never had left. Call me please 912 555 8578” she felt herself fill up with tears, what should she do? She decided that she couldn’t do that to herself and erased the message.

A few weeks later while relaxing home a knock on the door, she wasn’t expecting anyone, she went to the door and there was Devin. Just as handsome as ever, he stood there with flowers and a bottle of her favorite wine. He got on his knees “please forgive me, please let me in so we can talk”, she let him in; she knew that deep down she was setting herself up for more heart ache.

She let him say his peace, he told her he couldn’t sleep all he could think about was her. He said he couldn’t move back to North Carolina but wanted her to come to Georgia with him, “you only have one semester remaining here, you can finish the rest out there. You can stay with me; it can be just like it was”. She decided to let him stay for the weekend. She didn’t know how she would ever be able to move to Georgia her family all lived her in North Carolina, but it was only one state over and they could visit. But did she really want that? She knew she wanted him, but would have to think about it.

After the weekend was over she told him she would think about it. It was a major move for her, she told him to give her a week and she would decide.

A week went by, then two, finely after a month, she knew that he had been wasting her time. One Friday night about a week later, her friends were begging her to go to jumpers a local dance bar with them, after much convincing she gave in. They headed to the south side of town, went into the bar, and had a few drinks. While they were dancing a tall Puerto Rican man came over to their table and asked her to dance. Her friends urged her to go, so she went, they danced and drank. She asked him to return to her apartment with her. He agreed, and they returned to her apartment. She mixed them a drink and they sat on the couch talking, then he leaned in and kissed her. It had been so long since she had felt the soft lips of a man on hers, she couldn’t stop. She felt his hand sliding up under her shirt and undoing her bra, and then he removed her shirt and kissed her body. She ran her hands over his chest it was so smooth she could hold back she kissed his body; he lifted her skirt to reveal her black lace panties. He removed them and found her pussy juices running, he kissed her and nibbled her clit. She forgot all about Devin now all she could think of was Andres; she removed his pants to find a surprise. She played with him for a bit, before taking him inside her; he wiggled inside of her, making her squeal, he pushed deeper and she squirmed. He hit her g spot and she screamed his name, they made love for hours making her orgasm several more time before he came himself.

They lay in each other’s arms for the rest of the night before waking the next morning; she awoke still in his arms. She kissed his chest, and he awoke, kissing her hard he rolled her over and again introduced her to his member. She squealed with excitement as he drove it deeper, again giving her multiple orgasms before he came. They passed out after and slept away most of the day just lying in each other’s arms.

Over the next few weeks her and Andres dated but never got serious. Till one night he was at her apartment and he looked at her and told her she was the best thing that had happened to him, and never wanted to be with anyone else. She told him that she thought that he was wonderful, but she couldn’t do a serious relationship just yet. She could see that he was hurt, so she decided to explain why. She explained about Devin, and how hurt she had been. He told her he understood that, but he wanted her to be his. She told him that for now she was, he kissed her.

They dated for about a year. Till one day he came to her and told her he had to go back to Puerto Rico. His family needed him, and he wouldn’t be gone long. He left three days later, a week went by, then two, then a month, and she knew he was never coming back. All the memories of Devin and how she felt when he left came rushing back to her. She began to wonder if it was something she did that drove them away.

She finished up her semester at school, and decided that she would stay there and continue to work; she got a job with a major distributor as the junior accountant and loved her job. After a year, she was promoted and she decided that it was time to settle down, she needed to find the man of her dreams someone who would whisk her off her feet.

She went on a few dates but nothing panned out she was starting to think she would never find someone to love. Then one warm Sunday afternoon in May, she decided to go for a walk through the park and to her surprise there he was, after three years he was in front of her. She called out his name “Devin” he turned and looked in disbelief could it really be? They walked together talking about the last few years and what had happened, he told her he got in to some bad stuff and needed to get away from it. So about 6 months ago he moved back to North Carolina, she asked him why he never called or came to see her. He said he was too ashamed after he had left the way he did. They talked for hours, and all the feelings they had came flooding back to them.

They went on a few dates and it felt like they had never been apart. After a few months he moved in to his old apartment with her, he couldn’t believe she still had it, after all these years. Six months later she came home from work to find candles and roses, he had cooked dinner for her. They sat and talked through dinner and then he turned to her and asked her the question she had wanted him to ask for months “Will you marry me?”

She looked him with the look of love and said “Yes” he kissed her and placed the three karat engagement ring on her finger. They kissed and made love through the night.

They married a year later, and spent their honey moon at the quiet little bed and breakfast that they had spend their last night together almost five years before.

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