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Lost in Paradise

I received your email reply and was thrilled about our forth coming meeting. It was roughly about a year since our holiday romance and I couldn’t wait to see you again. Our Greek Islands Odyssey had now faded to a distance memory for me and I wondered if I would still feel the same after all this time. I would find out pretty soon. I had arranged a weekend break for us in a beautiful part of the country.

The three hundred mile distance separating us was proving too great and I must admit I did have a few doubts about our future together. We had got on so well and certainly from my point of view, we seemed to be the perfect couple. But, I wanted to move on and this really was make or break time. There was a fair bit of pressure on and I have to say I did have a few butterflies in my tummy.

Later that same week I made my way to out arranged meeting point in my little sports convertible and parked up at the NCP. My pride and joy should be okay here, after-all they were charging me an arm and a leg. I bought myself a coffee in the small café opposite and waited for you to arrive. I crossed my legs and sipped my hot steaming drink. Waiting patiently on my prize.

It wasn’t very long, five minutes perhaps until I saw your familiar form cross the road toward the small café. You looked good, the name James Bond sprang to mind. You somehow looked different, but mostly as I remembered you. My all action hero. You kissed me on the lips and gave me a warm hug. Your bright cheery smile still the very same. Within a few minutes we were off to find your car in the over congested NCP.

Your relaxed fashion was still the same, as you calmly negotiated the morning traffic. A few minutes took us onto the motorway. I leant back and left you to the long drive north. We were still easy in each others company as you brushed my thigh on the gear shift. I saw you smile in my peripheral vision, and a flicker of amusement passed through me. Perhaps this could be fun after-all.

You looked good in your Levis and your usual brand of after-shave still got me the very same way. I tingle of desire passed through me in a small wave. You made some small talk on the way and I must admit I let you do most of it. The journey was enjoyable as the spectacular countryside swept past. You gazed at me occasionally and I tried to read your thoughts. You gave a few glances towards my ample cleavage as we talked and I couldn’t help but smile, you hadn’t changed at all.

I must have dosed off as I heard you calling my name. “Kate, … we’ve arrived.”

“Crikey, … already.” I said with a weary yawn. “I must have fallen asleep.”

“Yeah, for a full hour and a half.” You said with a cheeky grin.

Our woodland chalet looked fab, and booked in as Mr & Mrs Smith, a bit old fashioned to think that way, but it spared me some embarrassment, being well brought up and all that. Mmm, … Mr & Mrs Smith for this weekend, I chuckled at the very thought. I followed your confident stride as you carried our bags into the woody domain. You said the view was amazing with it’s rolling hills and watery glens.

You produced a bottle of 10 year old Mccallan from your bag and poured two generous measures as you brushed my right hand. Not your usual tipple I said. No, you’d developed a taste for my favourite brand. I kind of liked the old Bushmills, but perhaps some other time. Some Dutch courage I thought and swallowed it in two or three gulps. It stung my throat and you patted my back. A shiver ran down me at your very touch and with a kiss you cupped my beautiful firm ass.

Thank God that was over our very first clinch, I looked up to face you, your green eyes searched mine. And I suppose I must have approved your advances as we fell into a beautiful and sultry dance. I watched transfixed as you removed my clothes. Your eyes keeping contact with mine. You kissed and nuzzled my neck, you had remembered I love this and lowered your hand as you went.

You found my trimmed pussy, your hand inched between my legs. Quite wet now and awaiting your next move my long distance pen-friend. How corny it had been as our eyes met across a crowded room. I saw your cheeky smile and immediately I new you’d be mine. Those heady days were now long ago. The Greek Odyssey it sure was a blast.

We shouldn’t be disturbed at our Highland retreat, just you me and the low lying mist. You pulled me across to the little camp-bed as I unfastened your belt in great and furious haste. I could hardly wait to grip your pink cock, so frisky and full of pace. My juices they flowed at each and every glorious stroke. I massaged the full length of your semi erect cock, it felt so damn good in my hand. I breathed in your luscious whisky breath as I peeled off your Levis and felt you pulsate beneath my hand.

The sight of my open legs had you sizzling as you kissed and caressed my thigh. Your head lay between my long open legs as you watched me pleasure my pussy with an expert and practiced hand. With steady strokes I rubbed my clitoris up and down, the tips of my fingers clipping the hard bud of my ultimate pleasure zone. Your eyes were bewitched and your widening grin said it all.

You wanted to try and your tongue probed my soft dark pink flesh. I gave out a gasp as you continued to flick and lick, my sweet juices now dripping off your gorgeous chin. Your really loved to gaze at my swollen and sensual pussy, as you increased my arousal ten-fold. You inserted two fingers, my g-spot you found eventually to my intense and profound delight. And you said your dick was on fire. I was so enjoying our little game of foreplay, but I so wanted you to fuck me with rapturous and lustful desire.

My ankles were on your shoulders as you entered my dripping wet pussy. So deep, you thrust your dick with an artful gentle technique. I gasped again as you continued the exquisite action, making me obey your locked position and fanciful tactics. I was trapped as you held onto my ankles and I bowed to your demands my glorious master. My cries would not be heard in our distant and mist bound cabin. You thrust your rock hard dick so many times, I groaned at your every action my glorious respected master.

I thought wouldn’t it be great if we could climaxed together. Your released your grip and I changed my position to mount your hungry throbbing prick. We rode like the wind as you caressed my shapely breast. With a fervent action I gripped your cock in a vice like lock. Your eyes were gleaming, your stare so intense and completely beguiling. Your strong arms I gripped onto, much needed support for the tricky manoeuvre. I thrust back and forth to your utter delight, your breath was shallow with each and every piston like action.

I rocked against you magnificent cock, as you rubbed my full and glorious breasts. The feeling so intense I want to explode, as you gently squeezed my pink nipples and rubbed my dark and sensitive clit. The feeling was mounting and knew I couldn’t last. I told you to come as my orgasm gripped me with so much forceful I nearly collapsed. You shot your cum right to the back, spurt after spurt, six times you convulsed if I remember back. You kept your cock in right to last, making sure your last remaining drop was now gone.

We collapsed into a heap your lips finding mine. How long it had been since our last day-time romp way back in time. You closed your eyes and held me so close, my head on your heavenly chest. Would the great sex be enough to keep us together, I feared not as my heart gave one furious lurch. It was truly amazing I have to say, your great lustful body gave me so much today. I rose and poured myself a generous measure, each and every sip reminded me of you. I’ll never forget you, as I move on my lover. I hope you remember me sometime, as you stroll hand in hand with your beautiful future wife ...

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