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Louise and Alan

This was inspired by a fantasy that became a reality.
Louise’s Story
It’s the beginning of the weekend, the chores are done, the house empty, everyone has departed to their regular weekday activities, of college and work. Now I can sit down and think. It’s all I ever do in my spare time these days. My daydreams are so real. I sit relaxed and absorbed in my own thoughts. I can be on a sundrenched beach, being kissed and caressed, while the sea whispers in the distance. I may be on a bed, drenched in sweat as the passion over takes me and my lover. Or more often wrapped in my lovers arms and just enjoying the pleasure of being together. Suddenly, I get shaken back to reality.

I pick up my mobile phone. The vibration had shaken the table and shook me out of my erotic dream world. A perfect world, that that contained only, me and you. A world in which you only had eyes for me, and there were no distractions. My ideal world, where we would be together and I could be myself. I saw the alert telling me that I had received a message. Flashing, nudging me, I didn’t have to read it. I knew what it would say. However, I risk a look and my heart soars; the message wasn’t what I had been expecting. Every other time, you have left messages to call our meetings off. Every time a different reason, a different excuse, this time you are on your way.

I put the phone down. Hopefully, that is the last text we will send as strangers. Ok, we are not strangers; you are my first love, but 30 years have not been kind to my body. Yours maybe a different story; you were the gangly 19 year. Just over one year older than me, but that meant you were already out of school and working as an apprentice fitter. I had no idea what that meant; all I knew was you were my world. The person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. All my parents could see was a lad bordering manhood, and me a woman in your eyes, but a child in theirs.

We have been in contact 5 months. Texting and online chat are all we have had since finding each other on Facebook. You have a girlfriend, I have a husband, mine is not the best of marriages and no sex for the past few years, but I am loyal...or I have been............

I have gotten to know you again. First the emails, and the tentative sentences online, which caused me to giggle that almost give me away to my family. Then the texts full of sexual innuendo. Followed by the playful times we spent online.

I’m always wondering what you are doing, I have worked out your shift pattern from the times you are online. I have realised that sometimes you pick your girlfriend up from work....I only made that mistake once. After that I made sure I texted while you were in work.

I have imagined what you look like now so many times. I guess being a postman; you have a tan from being outside in all weathers. The description windswept springs to mind. I remember how tall you were and the cheeky blue/grey eyes. You are not good at describing what you look like. But my mind fills in all the gaps. Agreeing not to send photos was my idea, it gave me time to lose some weight and get a well-deserved make over. Thank goodness for Mother’s Day.

I know you are getting in the car now; it’s only an hour’s drive, but as far as I’m concerned you could be in Outer Mongolia. I don’t drive, which took you by surprise, but I have never needed to, my husband has always been there

Without fail every Friday morning, it has been the same routine, starting with the shower, then clothes and finally my makeup. But this time is different you have sent me a message early. A message that now means that my preparations need to be perfect today.

I look at my clothes, carefully picked out weeks ago in an upmarket woman’s clothes shop, I want to look successful, not the frumpy mum I have become. I also want to look sexy, hoping you might want me. Hurrying to take a shower, I quickly remove my clothes and turn on the water.

I hold my hands up the showerhead, the strength of the water hitting the tips of my fingers making them tingle. The water being forced onto my palms and wrists, while I contort them, twisting and rubbing them together in the hot pressurised liquid. Making sure I relish every feeling, delighting in the pleasure it’s giving, so simple yet so intense. My mind starts to wander. My right arm slowly feeling its way down its counterpart, sensuously snaking its way, all my thoughts are of you. I want you, I need you........God, and do I need you right now

I close my eyes the hot water cascades down my body. My hands smoothing the goose bumps that are appearing all over my skin, as I softly caress my breasts, so sensitive to the touch; my erect nipples, solid, so wanting to be fondled and almost begging to be licked and sucked by a willing mouth.

My mind conjures up your naked body, your hands on my shoulders, strong, confident hands; show you know how to treat a woman. Caressing my neck and washing my hair. Sensual fingers grasping and tugging at my hair, causing throbbing at the roots. I’m transfixed, I want you to dig deeper into my scalp and work in the lathery suds while my body is massage by the heat.

Your hands travel downwards sliding, moving as if they have a life of their own. Down to my breasts searching, tweaking my nipples, the feeling is so so good. The water, gushing over me, emphasises my emotions making it almost impossible for me to stand up. Involuntarily I lean against the wall letting your hands move almost in a rhythmic beat that is so loud in my head.

You move closer, the feel of your wet slippery skin, warm from the hot water exciting me. Your arms wrapped around my slight shoulders. Our hands in unison massage together, as if they have regular intimate knowledge of our bodies. Both pairs of hands moving at a pace that is almost instinctive. The soapy, silky, velvety, lather, aiding the movement of our fingers as they caress and stroke methodically from the top to the bottom of each other’s naked torsos. Your hands reaching my waist, stopping as I twist my head to find your face. My eyes still closed, I find your mouth, hungrily, desperately our tongues colliding, with a fervour that is almost brutal.

Falling forward, I brace myself against the wall. Firm hands holding my hips, I can feel your cock pressing into my back. Standing on tiptoes I position my ass towards you. I want you inside me. I have not had sex for so long. I want to be penetrated. I feel you crouch down towards me. I know you are going to fuck me. I need this so much, forcing backwards, feeling your cock against my wet pussy lips. Supporting yourself against the wall and my shoulders you push slowly into me. The feeling is so good. I make it as easy as possible for you, and as you invade me I jerk backwards to meet your body. As I oblige you realise how much I want you and your strokes become harder, deeper and faster.

As your pace quickens, I realise my orgasm is in sight. My right hand moves down to my crotch, feeling my clit rubbing and teasing it in time to your solid forceful strokes. But my mind decides to change the scenario. I want to be sucked, licked, and tasted. I want to experience everything with you and my mind selfishly wants gratification.

Showering with you every day my mind wandering, the thoughts of your naked body, sliding up against mine arousing me. I have gone through so many different fantasies, but now I am playing out my favourite one. I haven’t seen your face since we were teenagers, but I don’t need to, all I need to see is the top of your head as it disappears between my legs. Your hands, palms spread on my thighs as you push in between them. My back pressed up against the wall, arching, my pelvis being forced toward you so that you can freely find the jewel you are looking for.

Alan’s Story
Today is my day off; the first one for a long time when I can be selfish. Today I am going to do something for me. I send a text hoping you will read it soon. The door opens sharply, and I panic dropping the phone, causing it to clatter across the table my body shaking, as I realise that Julie had almost caught me again. She had popped her head in the room to remind me she was going to be late home tonight. I hope it didn’t look too suspicious. I seem to be sneaking around a lot lately, but today is important.

Julie and I have been together for 5 years, and at one time, thoughts of marriage had crossed my mind. However having been divorced twice has made me cynical. So living with Julie was enough until now......

Over the past few years things have changed. I have tried to talk to her, but since starting a new job in a bar, she has changed. I am now just a dreary postman; she now has many new friends, both colleagues and customers. We had fitted perfectly when we first met, but now she wants to spend all her free time out clubbing and enjoying the new life she has forged for herself. She seems to be reliving her youth. In fact, there seem to be a lot of new men in her conversations, and I think that she might want to move on.

I don’t feel the need to go out dancing and drinking. Of course, it was different when I was younger; I remember some great times just after leaving school. In fact, they were made more amazing as I was going out with you. I can recall what you looked like perfectly, that bouncy red hair and petite body and breasts that I would have loved to cup and nibble on all day. You wore heels to make you feel tall, and as I am 6 ft. 2 in, I towered above you. But, I loved the way you stretched to kiss me, and your pert breasts were forced towards me, giving me a chance to accidently brush against them. We were not a perfect match in size, but we complemented each other beautifully so many other ways.

When we split up, I was told you had moved on and never wanted to see me again. Mobiles were the size of house bricks and only people with money owned them. So getting in touch with you was almost impossible, as your family didn’t own a phone. I moved on myself, but a part of me always thought about you my little one, my Louise, and her flame red hair.

Julie and I were slowly growing apart, so when the Facebook request arrived from you, I jumped at the chance of your being a friend again. At first, we spoke through emails. Long, long emails.........We had a lot of catching up to do. Next, we spoke by Instant Messenger. You made me want to invest in a new-fangled phone, so I could keep in touch with you daily. I have always been a technophobe, but you brought me into the 21st century. Then, there were the texts. I loved feeling the vibration in my pocket letting me know that you had got in touch. You were company for me, while I was out at work and instead of feeling tired with my job; I began to have a spring in my step. I started to feel younger, when I thought about you. You always made me smile. Sometimes, I thought I heard you giggle; the texts were so personal, and it felt as if we had never been apart. Then, there were the hours we spent online...........

We have been good though; we have almost had online sex, but I have wanted you to be comfortable talking to me, so I have had to be content with fantasising about you. They were usually at inopportune moments, but there had always been something I had visualised, every time I had a shower. As the water cascaded over my naked body, I remembered one particular time. We had gone swimming, and you were showering before getting dressed. Ok, so you were actually wearing a red bikini, but my god it was the tiniest thing I had ever seen! With my imagination and not being able to touch you in a public place, my mind had worked over time. Through the years, it has been a fantasy I have used occasionally.........OK, more than occasionally, but I would never have admitted that to the partner I was with at the time.

I love giving you a shower. I will spend time washing every bit of you, starting with your hair. When you are clean in all of your private places, I can concentrate on pleasuring you.

You are standing in the shower; the water dripping down your face I get in and stand behind you. You are perfect. You have skin so smooth, not white like other red heads, but a nice golden colour with a slight blush from the summer sun. Your hair is loose, tousled around your shoulders, a shade darker due to the soaking from the swim. The bikini is bright red, (you carry off the colour so well) and is tied around the neck and at each side of your hips. The material only just covering you, although that meant I was constantly trying to think of inane thoughts. It would have been so easy to think of you and not be able to get out of the pool for modesty reasons.

My hand reaches up to your neck to untie the ribbons flowing down your back. You shiver, as my fingers try to undo the knots so securely tied before they got wet. I am struggling, and you reach up and release the back clasp on the bikini top. It loosens and my hands move to the front of your body, to those gorgeous breasts that I know other guys admire but have been mine to play with.

Kneeling down in front of you I can marvel at your body. My hands rest on your thighs, and you seem to anticipate what my actions will lead to, so you lean against the shower wall and push your pelvis out towards me.

My fingers trace around the edges of the red thong, moving to the loops that are holding it up, I tease them and the whole thing falls to the floor. I relish the sight before me. I have never had the chance to appreciate this vision in real life, but the thoughts in my head need no encouragement.

Looking up at your face through the water streaming down your body, I find my hands, journeying up your thighs, smoothing the silvery droplets away as they travel across your skin. Parting your legs, slowly, seductively, I want to savour being with you. Reaching your naked pussy lips, I run my fingertips along your moist slit, and as I do, I feel you shift towards me. I move my head closer feeling the heat of your body. The aroma of the soap and your moistness is mixing to make an intoxicating scent driving me forward.

The fingers of my right hand ease your lips apart, while the other hand is busy playing with the juices that are freely flowing from inside you, while my tongue explores all the crevices it can find. Every bit of your pussy needs some attention, and I indulge in pleasuring you. My tongue delving inside you, deeper, laps up the sweet nectar, while my fingers circle your swollen clit. I, then, adjust my attention and my tongue alternates between your soaking pussy and your tender clit. I am conscious that you are nearing your climax, a thought that encourages me and as your hands force my head between your legs. Your hands frantically trying to support your body as your knees start to buckle. I feel the convulsions spreading through you spasm after spasm.

I have wanted to try that fantasy of mine in a role playing session online with you, but have never had the guts to ask you.

The urge to meet up with you has been overwhelming lately, but today I realised that I need to be happy and living with Julie is not going to get any better. The house is empty, so now I can get ready. I am coming to see you today.

I look at my reflection in the mirror. I have aged, but I try and stay fit by jogging, (a lot of the time topless) so with my job being outside too I have developed a nice tan and as my body is in quite good shape.

I turn the water on, and my mind turns to you.

The Final Chapter
Being together for 6 years has not taken away the shower fantasies that we realised we both shared, but intensified them, as now we have real life experiences to draw on, and they now happen every day. Walking out on our partners that day had been a big decision, but the emotions that were stimulated that day had meant that we could never return to our old lives. Alan stirred and beneath the thin sheet, I realised he must have been having the same recurring dream again, too.

“Morning little one, are you ready” he said with a big grin

I looked towards the door where a classic knee length cream dress was hanging

Our teenage plans of running off to Gretna Green had come had taken nearly 40 years, but we know we will spend the rest of our lives together.

I gave give him a big smile, and said “Of course” and taking his hand I follow him to the shower.

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