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Love; A burning desire within

An old flame renuin turns into a passionate and sensual evening
Kate and I met a few years back in the fall of 2005. We did not see each other since elementary school. However, we quickly began to converse about all the years that we had missed. Kate was a red head and loved to be saucy whenever she had the chance. She loved to be dominated, but secretly she yearned to be submissive. Kate was irresistibly stunning and always sported the latest fashion.

Kate was about five'11 and just a few inches taller than I was. Her breasts were plump and she comfortably wore a D cup. Her tummy was flat and she always wore a cut off shirt to tease the boys. Her jeans hugged her wide athletic hips. She loved to wear hipsters and always told me that “she loved showing off her bum.” Her vagina was neatly trimmed like the Garden of Eden. We were both eighteen at the time and enjoyed each other’s company.

Kate and I met up one night after our final dance at school and rediscovered our romantic passion for each other. She drove me back to her place and showed me around. She then led me over to the sofa to talk. Her parents were away on a business trip all weekend. Therefore, we had the house to ourselves and were free to do as we wish.

Tonight was a special night because it was the last senior dance. Kate wore a little black dress and diamond ear rings. Her hair was neatly straitened, and it rested comfortably on her shoulders. We laughed and giggled about all the fun times we had in elementary school. I revealed that I had a crush on her since elementary school. She was more than flattered at that gesture. She asked me what I liked about her the most. I told her I liked her personality. I also liked the way she smiled and laughed. Her response was flirtatious, but in the same token it boasted a hint of playfulness. She leaned in close to me. I seized the opportunity like a special OPS solider ready to capture the moment. I then kissed her and pulled her body closer to me. She moaned softly and loosed up her body. I kiss her tender lips more deeply. This was the moment I had been waiting for almost two decades. Now it was real, and I have her all to myself.

She grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. Her eyes gazed into mine, and I looked back softly as the passion began to build. I unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in her lace panties and bra. I kissed her neck softly, and she jumped into my arms. She ground her Mon’s pubis against my semi-erect shaft. My cock soon jumped to life and became fully erect. I push her body on the bed and began to kiss her upper lip. I sucked her on bottom lip as she worked feverishly to unbutton my dress shirt. Our bodies ground up and down against each other’s as she moaned my name. She threw my shirt on the floor and unzipped my pants. My penis jumped out and she quickly worked to suck my hard cock. I then took off her bra and began to manipulate her breasts. After that, I ripped of her panties and began to finger her as we moved into sixty-nine each other.

We are both naked now and in the throes of passion as we work to pleasure each other’s bodies. I start by rubbing her clit slowly and running my fingers down her outer labia. She starts by sucking the head of my shaft. I work deeper into her vagina by fingering her and working on her G spot. She slides her mouth down my cock further. We both moan between each stroke of pleasure. Our bodies are now soaked with sweat, and our sexual juices are dripping out of our body. We utilize these juices to provide enhanced pleasure for each other. I finger her pussy deeper and faster as she squirms across my face. She now swallows my cock whole and gags on it like a pro.

We quickly disassemble our sexual positions. I enter vaginally from the rear. I am now behind her holding her hips as she quickly works to please her clit. I spank her tight ass as she moans and groans my name. I ask her “who is daddy?” and she replies “you are!” She secretly knows that she is my naughty little girl, and that she loves to be pleasured. I spend another twenty-minute spanking and pleasuring her from behind. She then turns me over and takes charge out of know where. She grabs my cock firmly in her hands and spreads my legs to have full access to my body.

She is now performing falletio and working to help me achieve orgasm. She slides her fingers across my perineum and teases it with her fingers. She takes my testicles in her mouth and sucks them like her favorite cherry blow pop.We then sixty nine, each other and I slide anal beads into her anus as she moans. She quickly works to suck my cock and pleasure me beyond my wildest limits. I finger her and rub clit. I then return the favor by sliding beads in and out of her anus. She moans with intense excitement as she screams my name over and over. We both disengage from our current sexual positions and sit next to each other.

We are now mutually masturbating and working to achieve orgasm in the final part of our sexual routine. We both lay stretched out on the bed and are working to manipulate our own genitals. I orgasm first and Kate quickly licks the leftovers. Kate comes next and orgasms with intense pleasure as she arches her hips back to execute a perfect stream of sweet juice. I follow suit and lick her sweet juices. After an hour of intense sexual play, we retire to the shower and relax as the hot steam fills the bathroom.

We are now in the shower and winding down our evening. We kiss softly, as she straddles me and runs he fingers through my hair. I start by washing her face, and I work my way down her back. She and I stand up to allow for each of us to clean further. I wash her tummy and work my way down her inner thighs. I clean her vagina as she washes her hair. I finish her feet, and we sit back down. She follows the same process with me, and we then finish up. The night ends with us sitting comfortably in the nude together sipping red wine and watching the stars as they paint the early-morning sky.

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