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Love at First Sight

To someone special...

Their eyes met across the bar.

She was having a glass of wine after a long day of work at the bank, sitting alone sipping slowly, her long fingers playing with the glass stem. He was there having a beer with his mates — a cheerful company of working guys, all loud and good spirited. After a few drinks all she wanted was some peace and quiet but that wasn't going to happen. Each time a different guy approached, trying to chat her up. She wasn't surprised; she knew her curvaceous body and tight business suit looked good but she wasn't in the mood. Her day had been long and stressful and all she wanted was to give in to the intoxicating feeling of the cold wine.

She looked up wearily as another hopeful, slightly too high spirited guy approached and sighed — "Here we go again…" she thought.

She looked up at him and her eyes focused not on him but on his friend who was next to him. Suddenly she no longer wanted to be alone. All she wanted was to be held in his tanned, muscular arms, pressed against his rock hard chest. The two men were really close now, she could see the first guy starting to speak, his friend hanging back a little, his eyes glued to her. The guy was talking, making some kind of opening line — a joke or something — but she didn't even hear him, her eyes still on his friend.

She mumbled, "No thanks, I'm not interested."

She couldn't move her head or tear her gaze away from him, and she could see he felt it too, but for some reason he wasn't approaching. She kept looking at him until the guy who was trying to chat her up got the point and moved away. They both went back to their table and she felt a twist of disappointment.

The whole evening they kept looking at each other, but he didn't approach her. At some point she shifted — getting ready to leave, too tired and disappointed to wait for him any longer. She paid for her drinks, and was putting on her jacket when she felt a touch on the back of her neck. It was so sure and gentle and warm. She turned around and he was there. His hand was stroking her back, tickling the sensitive spot on the back of her neck. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to have him touch her — no awkwardness, no hesitation — as though they had been together forever.

They left together — no words exchanged — his hand resting on the small of her back. They got into her car and she drove while he stroked the inside of her thigh, gazing at her with lust and longing. They came to her house, she parked and they got out together, walking along the short path to her door.

As they got inside he pressed her to him, sealing her in his strong arms in a passionate embrace. He lifted her and carried her to the sofa. They didn't have to speak — the longing was visible on both faces.

He started stripping her clothes off. Unbuttoning her top slowly, he kissed every inch of skin that was revealed. She sighed in content and let him do as he pleased. He revealed her large soft breasts, hardly held by a red lace bra. He shivered with lust, his eyes feasting on her snow white skin. He continued undressing her, pulling down her skirt, revealing her sumptuous legs covered in stockings, her pussy covered by tiny red lace panties. He kissed every inch of bare skin, running his tongue up her stockinged legs.

She parted her legs and he was drawn to the tangy smell of her juices. He ran his finger up her panties, hooking them at the sides and pulling them down, his lips immediately covering the bare skin of her smoothly shaved pussy, his tongue exploring every fold, intoxicated by her juices and the softness of her skin. It felt so right, so need to speak, no need for anything but the closeness of the other. She moaned softly — a low continuous sound — expressing lust, satisfaction and a feeling of belonging, of finding a long looked for sense of peace and wholeness.

He teased her body, slowly building a low burning of sensual fire. Her skin flushed red with that fire; where his skin came in contact with hers it raised goose bumps. His breathing was shallow, his body both lulled and excited by her.

She lifted off the sofa slowly, kneeling beside him, pulling off his t-shirt, unbuttoning his jeans and peeling them off. His skin was tanned all over in an even way, his muscles rippling under it at the slightest motion. She kissed his neck, sliding her tongue down, letting it linger on his nipples then continuing lower, drawing gentle sighs from his lips. Sneaking her tongue into his belly button, she felt him shiver. She slid his boxers off, his hard cock bouncing, a drop of precum glistening on the head. She licked her lips, her stomach fluttering from the thought of tasting him. She bent over; collecting the drop with her tongue — it was delicious to her. She licked the sensitive head then wrapped her lips around his shaft, taking him as deep as she could.

Her mouth felt like heaven to him, so soft and wet and warm. She looked up into his eyes while she sucked him, and he stroked her face and hair gently. After a few minutes he pulled out of her mouth and kissed her, feeling his own taste in her mouth.

He sat on the sofa and she straddled him, they're movements were slow — looking into each other's eyes — increasing the burning with their languid pace. He unhooked her bra and pinched her nipple, running his hands over her bare skin, her breasts covering in goose bumps, her body shuddering with pleasure. Neither had ever felt a sensation as intense and electric as the touch of the other. Though they had only just met, their bodies were perfectly synchronized, fitting together as though they were made for one another.

They continued their slow lovemaking for hours — both unwilling to get to the end they so much craved, not wanting their bodies to separate.

The climax came unexpectedly; he looked into her eyes and whispered, "Now." It was the first word uttered between them. Her eyes glazed, her body started shaking, her pussy muscles contracting on his cock. It took him over the edge, he locked her in his arms, not letting her move, and shot load after load of cum deep inside her.

When both their orgasms were over he lifted her in his arms again and carried her to the bath, filling her large tub with warm water.

It was the beginning of the rest of their lives .

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