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Love Chooses You

Ani gets kicked out of her house and moves in with her friend since childhood.
Ian and I sit in his living room listening to Panic At The Disco. That was one of his favorite bands along with Hollywood Undead, 3OH!3, Boys Like Girls, and a few countless others. So far that's all he listened to I've noticed since moving in his home three weeks ago. I had nowhere else to go since my parents were in Hawaii on vacation and my friends were all in college. Either way, Ian would have been my first choice. We've been great friends since birth—he's always been there for me and I've always been there for him.

Since being around Ian for nearly twenty years of my life it was inevitable that I grow a tremendous crush on him. I'd see him every day thanks to the fact we went to the same school and were neighbors. Once he dropped out of school I hardly ever saw him because he moved to his current location. I finished school and met my boyfriend of two years, David. Unfortunately the bastard was cheating on me then kicked me out! Which is why I now live with Ian. I called him the night I had to pack and asked him if he knew of a place where I could stay until I found a place of my own. That's when he suggested I move in with him. Ian lived alone and thought it be a great idea to for me to come stay for a while.

Still wearing his work uniform, Ian sits in his chair with his feet propped up on the corner of the coffee table writing a song for his band to play. His facial expression says that he's deep in thought. Every now and then he'd pick up his guitar to test a few notes that match his lyrics before sitting it back down, scrawling the notes and lyrics down. Quietly I lay sprawled out on his sofa, reading a nice little romantic fantasy-fiction. Whenever Ian tested his ideas I would pause on my reading to listen in.

"...With a kiss on the cheek she'll be down on her knees begging please, baby, please..." were the lyrics he'd just sang as he strummed the musical instrument.

"What kind of song are you writing?" I ask curiously.

"It's a song I dedicate to my ex, Lexi," he smirked. "She's a dick-hopper." I knew Lexi; she and I had been best friends in ninth grade year. After school she'd come over to my house, and I swear it was just so she'd discover my secrets because one time she asked me how I felt about Ian. My dumbass filled her in on the crush I had on him since I was eight. She promised to take that secret to the grave, but then a week later they begin talking and it didn't take long before they hooked up. For a year and a half they were together before he dropped out and I was no longer interested in him. Over the next year or so after they broke up I heard he always threw parties, got drunk, and slept with numerous girls. I believed it except for how many girls he slept with; Ian wasn't that stupid or low.

Laughing at his comment I blurt, "Yeah, I know."

"You two were friends weren't you?" Ian asks while he continues to strum his guitar.

I shrug. "I guess you could say so."

"Well then maybe you can tell me why she's such a whore," he says. We both fall in a fit of laughter. Once all laughter was done Ian went back to writing. After a few moments of silence, he asks, "Why would you associate yourself with someone like that, Ani? I mean you are far from a girl like Lexi. Too sweet, too caring, honest, and loyal... A girl like you having a friend like her equals trouble."

With that I just shrug. In all truth, Lexi did cause me trouble. The only reason I hung around her was because she was pretty and popular, everything I wasn't, and I thought if I hung around her I'd be able to change that. Well, to say I wasn't pretty was a lie—I just unwanted when it came to guys. I suppose standing next to Lexi backfired with that subject. But once she and I stopped talking I met David.

It felt like hours had flown on by as we sat there doing our own thing. We hadn't eaten dinner yet, and I was beginning to feel stomach pains starting in my empty stomach. A growl rolled through my stomach causing Ian to look over at me. "Hungry?"

"Yes, very," I admitted.

Standing up then stretching his muscles before relaxing them, Ian came to stand directly in front of me. "How does a home made meal sound?"


In all the time I'd been staying with Ian never once had I seen him cook. For dinner he made grilled garlic chicken with au gratin rice and dinner rolls. As we ate we laughed and joked about silly things from stupid tv shows, actors, songs, and people we knew.

After we ate I thanked Ian for the meal. "That was really good. Haven't had a home cooked meal in ages," I compliment him. Ian just shoots me his famous eat-your-heart-out smile that had got me as a kid. He grabs both of our plates and says something about it being his turn to do dishes tonight. Carrying the plates over to the sink I'm quick to object. "No, you cooked tonight. I'll do dishes."

"I don't mind doing them, Ani."

We argued for a moment about who was washing dishes. The whole time we did this I watched how happier he seemed to be. Before tonight Ian had looked down like he was taking beatings from life, but not now. The change in his mood had me wondering if it had anything to do with me? That eight-year old girl's hope of him liking me filled my mind and now I knew that those feelings weren't completely gone, just dim. "How 'bout I wash and you dry?"

"Fine," I allowed. Hopping up on the counter, Ian handed me a towel and got to work.

By the time we were done washing and drying dishes Ian turned the stereo up, still blaring Panic At The Disco, and I went to swap my jeans in for my favorite pair of girl joe-boxer shorts then came back and reclaimed my spot on the counter.Ian had changed as well; traded in his work uniform for a black beader and a matching pair of Dickies pants that he let sag a bit below his boxer's waistband. They were, surprisingly, white. Ian in all black was a sight my eyes couldn't look away from. Ian is skinny, but with a rock-hard eight pack and muscular forarms, which the beader hugged to give me a vague view of their outline. He was tall, towering over me at five foot ten—I was five foot five and a half. I envied Lexi for being able to touch his body when she was nowhere near worthy enough.

Walking in to the kitchen, Ian stops. His hazel eyes trail down my body then back up to my face. I laughed at the look plastered on his face. A mixture of recognition and surprise is how he looked. It had my body temperature rising. "When in hell did you get the body of a model and start showing skin?"

"The body I always had, but I didn't start showing skin 'til I was in my senior year, which reminds me. You weren't at my graduation!" I give him a humorous pointed glare.

"Oh, sorry," he shrugged. "But when we were kids you always wore one-piece bathing suits, sweaters, jeans, long sleeves... Hell! Whenever I stayed the night you'd wear a sweater and sweat pants, not to mention socks!" It shocked me that he remembered all of that when I had such a hard time remembering my fashion trend back then. I knew I concealed myself but I didn't recall what I concealed myself with. "Damn. I missed a lot didn't I?"

Shrugging my shoulders, starting a case of nervous swinging of the legs, I say, "Lexi made sure you didn't have time for me anymore."

"Bitch..." we say at the same time and laugh.

Suddenly, Ian came over to where I sat on the counter and stood right in front of me. Lifting my chin to gaze in to those warm hazel brown eyes of his, he says, "I'm sorry about her. And I'm sorry about David. If I knew it wouldn't hurt you, I'd beat his ass for causing you so much pain. I know he was your first boyfriend, and I wasn't there to watch your back, and allowed a skank to get between our friendship."

Things to reply with ran through my mind but nothing would come out. How did you reply to something like that? I was rendered speechless because of him. "Now, I remember," he began, the lower part of his body pressing against my inner thighs, "there being this girl who had long gorgeous black hair and amazing blue eyes that I'd get lost in. Every day I'd see her sitting on her front steps, arms wrapped around her knees, face hidden.. She looked so sad, but the sight of me would bring a smile to her face. I realized in those moments how she'd never leave my side, held my hand even for no reason, and how she defended me when it seemed the whole world was out to get me. It was in those moments that I remember being the happiest... Do you remember that girl, Ani?"

Out of nowhere the room started spinning. Ian's face was super close now with his eyes staring intensely into mine, breath hitting my face, while his lower body continued to press harder against mine. His arms lay on either side of me on the counter so he could better balance himself as he leaned further toward me. All of this was too much: him, what he said, the closeness, and the heat that continued to boil inside of me. He basically just told me how he felt about me, which was a dream come true! I couldn't believe it. Urges to wrap my arms around his neck, to knot my fingers in his tangled mess of brown hair, to crush his lips on mine trilled through me, yet, I stayed perfectly still.

He continued to stare at me, waiting. There'd be times where his eyes would drop to my lips then lean in an inch then return to look me in the eye. "What are you thinking, Ani?"

"I'm thinking that I'm in a dream," I admit.

"Why is that?" he draws closer.

"Because you don't know what this means to me."

He digests that for a few. "What does it mean to you—me telling you that I've always had feelings for you?"

I don't answer. Talking just makes the dizziness worse. My body seems to have a mind of it's own because suddenly my hands are resting on his shoulders and my face is inching closer to his. "Ian," my voice trembles. That's all it takes, me breathing his name, for him to slam his mouth down on mine. Things got heated then: his hands as well as mine explored one anothers body. My fingers trailed along his waistline while his hands were conflicted on whether to go further up my shirt or feel my ass. Then he chose both.

Ian's one hand wandered further up my shirt and under my bra to fondle my breast firmly in his hand, while his other hand pulled my body closer to his before resting on my hip. Instinctively my legs wrap around his waist in order to bring him closer. Then, without warning, he grabs my ass in both hands and is lifting me up, carrying me into his room then lays me down on the bed before getting on top of me. He does this without breaking the kiss. His body presses harder against mine, allowing me to feel the bulge in his pants. His hips very gently move so he could rub the bulge of his pants against my pussy. It hadn't been until that moment when I realized how wet I had become. My panties were soaked to that they clung to my pussy.

Several minutes passed when I decided to undo his belt and rip it out the holders. Ian's pants were already loose enough so sliding them down was effortless. Now that his pants were no longer in the way, I could feel the full extent of Ian's hardness. It felt like there was a rock in his boxers. As he rubbed his erection against my pussy, dry humping me, I began to moan more. "Touch me, Ian," I all but begged. Instantly his hand slid down my inner thight went under the fabric of my shorts and panties. The second his fingers dipped inside me I came. Ian continued despite the fact. Just to be fair I brought one of my hands up to his dick and rubbed him through his trousers.

"Fuck, Ani," Ian breathed. "I wanna be inside you." His words pushed me in wrapping my fingers around his dick and jerking him off. Moans came from both of us now as we touched each other. In the blink of an eye, Ian is ripping and tearing at his clothes as well as mine. Once we're both naked Ian takes my hand in his and brings it to his clean shaven cock. He wraps my fingers back around his hardness then uses my hand to jack him off, all the while sucking on my breast. It doesn't take long for him to shoot a thick load of seed all over my stomach and pussy. "I can't take it anymore. Can I go inside, Ani?"

"Yes," I breathe. Roughly, Ian rams his cock deep inside of me. His hips thrust fast and hard as he fucks me. I can feel his dick filling me completely and stretching my walls, driving deeper and deeper inside. My womb is kissed continuously by the head of his large cock. "I can feel you deep inside me! Your dick feels soooooo damn good. More, Ian. I want more!" I scream. He gives me more.

Hitching one of my legs over his shoulder Ian fucks me harder, reaching further inside. "Ani, I wanna cum in your pussy and fill you up. Can I?" he asks, now rubbing a finger in circles around my clit.

"But, won't I get pregnant?" I try to think clearly which is more complicated than I'd ever thought it'd be. With David I felt this way when we'd first began having sex, but after a while things became dull. However, even then, David never brought on such huge reactions. "You aren't wearing a condom, though!"

Leaning down and kissing me tenderly while still thrusting, he says, "It's a possibility, but it's a chance I'm willing to take with you, Ani. Only you." With that I nodded my head in consent. Now with my permission, Ian pulled out of me then rolled me to my knees. At first he placed himself at my entry but didn't thrust inside like I anticipated him to do. I wondered what he was waiting for so I turned to see what the hold up was. Pulled back, gaze glued to my pussy, Ian smiled. "You look so sexy this way with your juices dripping out of your pussy."

"You did it," I bit my lip both nervous, embarrassed, and even more turned on than I was moments prior to now.

"I can't believe David got to touch you before I did," he shook his head. Then he got back on his knees, placed the head of his dick at my dripping wet pussy hole, and ran me through. "But never again. This pussy," he rammed into me to emphasize his point, "is mine. These tits," bending over, diving further into me, Ian took one of my breasts in his hand, "is mine as well."

"Ian..." I could feel my walls throb and convulse around his wonderful rod. My legs were begging to quiver under the massive pressure that would soon be my ultimate eruption. "Harder! Faster!" I cry out in desperate need of reaching that limit. Inside the confines of my pussy Ian's dick throbbed and twitched, also in the dyer need to blow.

Just to drive Ian to overload, I willed my walls to constrict more around him. "FUCK! Ani, I'm 'bout to cum!"

"Me too! Ian. Ian! IAN!" I scream as we build up to bust. Right as we're about to mix our fluids together he pulls up on my shoulders and wraps his arms around me. As I cum hard, lubricating his dick, I feel him shoot every shot of his seed in my womb.

We collapse on the bed. Our bodies are a mass of sweat, well he is anyway—his nut from earlier remains on my stomach. We pant from the intense love making, our hearts racing like crazy. "So...." pant. "You're gonna take responsibility if I get knocked up." Ian laughs though I am completely serious.It wasn't a question, more like a fact.

"Ani," he rolls on his side, "I will take responsibility of both you and our child if you are. I'm not leaving you again. I love you."

"I love you, too," is all I manage to let out before he's pulling me into his arms and kissing me. We stay like this for the rest of the night until we fall asleep.

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