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Love Confession

Online friends meeting and falling in love.
To Frank, he who is my inspiration and the man I love.

“Hey Linda! How are you?”, Frank asked me over the phone.

He was calling me to let me know that he was coming to my town for his work project. It was a not a very long project but he still was going to be in my town for 3 months at this stage.

I and Frank knew each other from a dating site, we did not frequent it a lot but we occasionally bumped into each other in the chat rooms and spent some time chatting and exchanging jokes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a busy Monday and my phone ringed again.

“Hiya! I am here”, Frank said from the other side with smile.

“Oh that’s great, welcome to my little piece of the world! And how do you find it?”, I asked him.

The conversation went on for few minutes and then he asked me if I was free on the weekend to catch up for a cup of coffee.

I was a bit reluctant to say yes as I was sceptical about meeting someone from a dating site. I had never done that in the past. I told him I would let him know by Thursday.

“That’s excellent”, he replied.

I thought to myself that Frank had been a nice guy in the chat rooms with everyone and that I should give it a try. After all we were only meeting outside and not at anyone’s home.

I called him to confirm that Saturday Morning was ok for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Yes, finally Saturday was here...

I was a bit nervous since morning as I was going to meet him. I thought to myself “why should I be nervous? He is just like any other guy. I see so many people every day at my work; this is not different to that”

After gathering my thoughts and courage I finally arrived at the coffee shop that he was supposed to meet me.

He waved at me from the table and walked towards me.

“Ah! Not many people there, why won’t he guess it would be me? He is clever”, I thought and smiled.

Frank was a good looking, nice built, average height person but always well dressed.

The first impression was good at least.

We sat there for a while and talked about his project and my jobs. He told me his office was close by and he just walked to work every day from his apartment.

I walked with him asking him about his schedule and his plans. I was little nervous and I knew it was only fear of unknown.

We still kept seeing each other on that dating site few times a week and now we were feeling a bit more comfortable talking with each other after knowing who we were chatting with.

In his first two months we met few times for coffee and even once for lunch and few times for evening walk.

Slowly we became very familiar with each other and we became good friends. We had long conversations and we shared past experiences and expectations.

During these visits we talked about our past relationships and consoled each other. We both knew the importance of love in the relationship. We both believed that a relationship is more than just sexual connection.

On many occasions in these two months he bought me flowers, he took me to lunch, dropped me home after dinner. He did all those things to show he cared for me. We knew in our minds that we were feeling love for each other, but we did not know how to say it.

I was not sure still, if it really was a love feeling or just attraction because he was a nice person. However, if I did not see him every single day, my mind became restless. why ? why?...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It is his last week and he asked me if I would like to go for a walk on the lake early morning.

We chose Saturday for that walk, so we could get more time with each other. He was leaving next week and I wanted to spend more time with him.

There was so much yet untold and now that I knew what I felt for him I wished he could stay much longer.

He always wore casual dress when we went for walk in the evening. He looked very fresh this morning and he was making me laugh with his jokes.

After walking in the bush about half a mile, we stopped beside the lake where we thought we can see the lovely sunrise.

When I stopped laughing from his jokes, he tickled me and that made me giggle again. There is still time for the sun to come out.

He smiled at me as I took his hand to place it on mine and I covered it with my other hand as I smiled back at him searching his eyes.

He was going back to his place soon and I wanted the time to stop. I was getting so close to him that it was difficult for me to be without him.

In our last visit, he even asked me if there was anyone in my life, and whether I loved someone.

I decided I was going to tell him that there was no one in my life and I was falling in love with him. I knew he felt the same way and he was waiting for me to express it. Though we expressed it through with actions; it was now a time to say it out loud.

Holding him close to me and resting my head against his shoulder I whispered in his ear, “There’s something I want to tell you”.

I did not want this precious moment to go as my lips whispered, “I love you Frank.”

He suddenly stopped and I saw his face became serious. His eyes became watery. He held my hands close to his heart, and said, “I was hoping that you will express your love for me one day. I am glad that you did”, he kissed my hands and replied “I love you too Linda. I need you in my life”.

Wow! That was a moment to be held in our heart. We snuggled with each other. Now we were talking with each other as lovers, the feeling inside our hearts was different than what we felt until yesterday.

Standing close as the sun was coming out, he held my face in front of him and kissed me gently on my lips, then said again, “I love you Linda”.

My heart was melting looking in his eyes the love he had for me. This moment was so perfect, the sun was smiling with us as we looked at each other while we declared our love for each other.

More people started to arrive to enjoy a family picnic; it was a lovely day to spend it outdoors.

Now that we had confessed our love for each other, we could not stop saying it.

We spent the whole day at the park, sharing breakfast even lunch with the birds that were witnesses to this day.

As the evening approached, people started to leave to go to their homes but we were relunctant to do it.

We moved to a more secluded spot behind a beautiful garden where we could watch the sun set as we hold hands.

I took a peek behind him and saw there was a nice patch of tall grass. I smiled at him then my smile turned into a mischievous grin when suddenly I threw myself on him making him fall backwards, and we both giggled as I fell on top of him.

With the tip of a finger I slowly traced down his cheek and all the way down to his neck. I slipped my hand behind his neck and pulled him up so that I could slide my arms around him and wrapped him up in my arms.

“I love you Frank”, I said to him as I craddled him in my arms.

Suddenly I saw an ant trying to compete for attention as it started crawling up his shoulder. Sending it flying with a little blow of air I claimed back his shoulders sliding my arms around his neck and caressed his cheek with my lips leaving a trail of small kisses.

“I think we are disturbing the locals” I whispered into his ear but since I was so happy to be there with him I just had a staring contest with the ant as my fingers slid down his chest and caressed him slowly.

As we both were laying there covered by tall grass, my arms wound around him, he wrapped his arms around me then he gently lifted my legs with his and rest them on top of his legs. He held me close to his chest and our bodies met from head to toe. My head was resting on his, my nose was touching his, and his fingers were playing with mine.

My whole body on top of his touched every part from head to toe. He gently raised my chin, letting his lips touch my lips and kissed me so sweetly that my heart just melted with the love and care he expressed with that one kiss.

We looked deep into each others' eyes as our lips caressed each other slowly, shy touches at first but warming up little by little. With our fingers entwined holding hands together our lips decided to do some further exploring and inviting our tongues to greet each other as we shifted to enjoy a deeper kiss never breaking eye contact.

My love was holding me firmly in his arms; he ran his fingers on my tender skin, my neck and back felt his gentle touch. It was the first sensual kiss our lips were doing and that made both of us shiver and our bodies started to feel the heat. Tongues tasted each others’ lips as we licked each other on the lips and then moved further to lick the tongues.

He tilted his head up allowing me to kiss his neck and then shoulder as he moved his arms around my waist. He moved his fingers slowly through my shirt, letting my belly feel the touch of his hand. As I caressed his chest with my fingers we let our lips play.

He slowly pressed his lower lip on my neck then started to move it further up to reach my ear, gently taking it in his mouth, and sucking the ear lobe.

I was shivering at the touch of his lips and warm breath on my ear and neck. My fingers nimbly undid his buttons and slid my hands under his shirt making a trail of light tickles down his chest and with a wink my lips chased after my fingers tasting his skin, planting small kisses all the way down to his navel and tickled all around his belly button with my tongue.

I looked up at him and gave him a big smile before I merciless attacked his belly with licks, kisses and nibbles.

I held him firmly in my embrace, making him feel comfortable, planting a kiss on his neck. I felt his soft fingers touching my chest and belly through my clothes. It felt so nice, I closed my eyes.

I asked him with a cheeky grin “Am I allowed listening to my mind’s wish?”

I slid my hand under his shirt and started to rub his back. Ah! With my eyes closed I moaned as we switched positions and he rested his body on top of me.

There were butterflies in my stomach as he kissed my navel. I held him tight as he planted the kisses on my stomach. I placed my both hands on his head, running fingers through his hair.

I looked down at him and watch how his licks tickled me, then I looked back in his eyes, he sensed that this was making me warm. I watched how his hot kisses, teasing nibbles and slow licks were taking control over me. I held his face in my hand and bent down to kiss his lips.

“I want you”, I whispered against his lips and kissed him back, opening my mouth welcoming his. Closing my eyes briefly I got lost into his kiss, I felt the stirrings deep inside me wanting him so badly.

My hands gripped his shoulders as I molded my body to his, my tongue caressed his lips and I moaned softly into his mouth as our kiss deepened.

Breathing faster I slid my hands around him to touch and caress his back, my hips slowly gyrating feeling his growing need.

I drew back from the kiss and taking a deep breath I looked into his eyes as my fingers followed the rim of his pants waist and met at the front.

Playing with the fly, I lowered it undoing the zipper. I slowly slipped my hand down and touch him intimately as our lips met again in another passionate kiss.

The feeling of my touch on his hardening member, and my hot breath on his lips was an invitation for him to kiss me passionately. He let himself relish the mouth to mouth kiss of our intimate time.

He gave lot of attention to how we engaged into our first intimate kiss, how my tongue circled inside his mouth. We let the tongues do tongueshake; we let them explore the pure ecstasy of passionate kissing. He held my face in his hands as we spent few memorable moments on our loving erotic kisses.

It was the kiss of our passion. It was the kiss of our love for each other. It was the kiss of sensual feelings towards each other. It was not just a bodily kiss but it uttered our emotions for each other. It conveyed our need for each other.

Tilting his head to the right I pressed my tongue deeper, our lips were locked, and tongues wanting to get tangled. Tongues traced our teeth from one end to the other.

Our minds were possessed with rushing thoughts and were unsure whether they wanted to know what sanity was.

My thighs started twittering with touch of his gyrating hips. Touches through the clothes were creating the fire in our brain.

I felt his hands gripped on my shoulder, and then he moved his hands down to my hips gently picking me in his arms. He turned me over so I rested on my stomach as he layed there beside me.

He reached the zip of my top and leisurely pulled it down exposing the soft skin of my back. He started to run his fingers from neck to hips. Moving closer he planted a kiss with his lips apart, letting me feel his hot breath.

His hot breath on my naked skin and the touch of his fingers sent shivers through my body making my breath come out in gasps, the anticipation making me wriggle a bit. I felt his hand on my lower back as he planted a kiss on my neck.

I rose just enough to let the top fall on the floor and moved to on my side to reach him with my hand, with his lips and hands still resting on my back.

His chest was mine to explore with my touch but his shirt was getting in the way, so I pulled it over his shoulders and I caressed him as I stroked down his side.

I grabbed his pants tugging at them wanting them off as my face moved forward and kissed his arm. We sat down facing each other.

Love and lust flashed in our eyes as we caressed each other with our gaze and hands, no words spoken, none were needed as we both, at the same time, reached for each others’ lips and gave a hungry kiss. A kiss that was broken just as we helped each other out of the rest of our clothes.

Our hearts were pounding like crazy in our chests, so much passion wanting to be released. Gasping we took a moment to look at each other, finally naked, skin to skin, our bodies were begging to become one as we held each other.

My eyes slowly dropped down his chest and then further down to find him hard and ready. My hands followed my gaze and caressed him, slowly, tracing him with my fingers. I looked back up at him and whispered against his lips with a gentle bite, “I want to taste you”.

I lay down on my stomach and brought my lips to kiss his hip, his belly, his other hip. I looked up at him again smiling as my tongue sneaked out and gave his rod a long slow lick, smiling more as I saw his body shiver.

I opened my mouth to close my lips around the tip, kissing, rubbing with my tongue. I slowly slid my mouth down his dick, then back up, then down again, loving the way he felt in my mouth, hearing him moan, wanting to give him so much pleasure.

My hand grabbed his balls as I slowly pulled him out of my mouth and gave his whole rod lazy licks and kisses.

“You like it my love?”, I asked him in a husky voice and flicked my tongue over his tip as I started stroking him with my hand, up and down, fast then slow never stopping to kiss and lick his tip.

So much passionate we were as we touched each other with our bare skins. I watched him sitting there as his cock went in and out of my mouth. His eyes closed frequently expressing the pleasure of sexual act.

He loved the softness of my tongue on his cock tip. His cock was now hard and ready to fuck me. His cock wanting so much to get inside that love hole of mine.

He was thinking totally dirty and he wanted to cum inside me right now. He started to squeeze my breasts slowly as I was still playing with his dick.

He pulled me up and bent over to kiss my one nipple, his other hand was playing with my aureola of other breast.

While playing with my breast he kept nibbling on my nipple. He made it erect with his licks and soft bites. I was starting to moan as I felt erotic and felt a tingle in my genitals.

He lay beside me and pressed his dick against my thigh. He was still sucking on my nipple and pulling it with his lips.

“Wow! It’s so hard”, he said softly. Now taking charge of other nipple completely he started rolling it in his fingers. Both of my nipples were looking pink now and I was so hot, rather I was so fucking hot.

He was not ready to wait any longer either. He whispered in my ear, “I want get inside you”.

I kissed his lips again as he placed himself on top of me. He was enjoying the look of my whole naked body from top.

Watching me first time naked with him, he was unable to believe it was really happening. He touched my belly and felt the skin. He played with my belly button and kissed it, and then he started to slowly lick it. After a few licks on my navel and belly he moved further down and looked straight at my pussy lips.

“Yum! They are already swollen with anticipation. Ah! I am going to fuck this pussy”, he said with a wicked grin.

The thought of making love to me for the very first time was making his cock throb again and again. He kissed my thighs and then caressed my breasts. He saw that my head leaned back and I was feeling intensely turned on. He felt the pressure on my thighs as I pressed them hard against him.

He looked at me for a moment and our eyes met, telling each other that yes we wanted this so much.

He brought his lips close to my pussy lips, placing his lips softly on my pussy, he relished the moment.

“Wow! They are hot”, he whispered against my wet vagina. The heat was coming out of my love hole; I wanted him to lick me whole day.

He got his tongue out and gave a long slurping lick on my pussy lips. He took my hands and asked me to spread those pussy lips as he was so fucking ready to dive in. He wanted to taste me so much. He wanted to eat that wet pussy. He was hot, he was horny. I could feel it as dirty thoughts lingered our minds.

I was unbelievably hot and wet and my body was begging to have him inside me. Every kiss, every touch, every whisper inflamed my body and I just could not wait any longer.

I wanted him, I needed to feel him inside me, I wanted to become one with him.

Through the fog in my brain I heard him ask me to spread my pussy lips for him as he held my hands. My body was quivering and so ready for him. I placed my fingers at my entrance and started rubbing my clit just a little bit.

“Oh my fucking lover I am so wet! So hot!”, I said breathing heavily.

I was about to tell him to take me when he chose that moment to shove his middle finger deep inside my pussy at same time his lips closed around my clit and sucked hard. I screamed out his name before I exploded in a mind blowing orgasm.

But he did not stop there; he licked me and fingered me until I was completely spent with another jolt of orgasm.

He pulled me on top of him as I recovered. He held me so tenderly; his lips kissed mine so sweetly my heart just melted. I wanted him more; I wanted him more than ever and not wanting to wait any longer.

I slid myself down on his hard dick, feeling the veins of his cock rubbing my cunt walls. I gently sat on it without taking it completely inside yet. I rubbed my wet pussy up and down on it bathing it with my cum juices.

I was mesmerised by his eyes so full of love and lust. He wanted this as much as I wanted it. He raised his hands to caress my breasts and played with my nipples which made me squirm in pleasure.

I just loved the way he touched me. His right hand slowly moved down my chest then further down my belly. He slowly rubbed my swollen lips with his fingers, and then he gently pushed me up. With his left hand he held his cock and teased my clit with his tip.

No more waiting, no more teasing, I spread my pussy lips wide open for him and pushed myself down as he shoved his hard dick in me at the same time.

He was in me, we were making love and the feeling was so overwhelming. We both wanted time to stop; we wanted to be with each other like this forever.

We started rubbing against each other, moving together, up and down, going deeper.

Hours had passed and it was completely dark by then. Our love making filled the night with sensual sounds and even the night critters had fallen silent.

Hands held hands as I bounced up and down while he pushed his cock in and out of my gripping pussy. I loved the way he was calling out my name, I loved hearing his moans and groans, it only made me want to give him more.

I started to hump on his cock faster, feeling the tip of his dick touching my pelvis. It was hard and the veins were pushing the inner walls of my slippery vagina.

I straddled him and his hands grabbed my breasts firmly. His firm grip lowered me in rhythm. His balls were slapping between my vagina and ass cheeks. I started to moan a little louder as the rock hard cock was hitting the end of my pussy canal.

I was unable to take it any longer. I squeezed his cock with my pussy lips tighter, giving his cock rough touch and masturbating it with my wet dripping cunt.

My juices started to mix with his inside my love hole. Moving back and forth on his lap I agitated his cock.

I gripped his shoulders as I screamead out with pleasure, “Fuck me! Ah! Fuck me faster, I am going to cum”.

His one hand now grabbed my shoulder and he pushed himself deeper inside my cave.

My head was thrown back as I was no longer able to hold the ejaculation. I jerked and my whole body shook with the love making pleasure.

The tremor of my orgasm sent him over the edge and his load hit the deepest spot of my vagina. “Ahhh! Fuccckkk! Aaggghhhh! I am cummingggg, love I am cumming”, he screamed loudly holding me tight in his embrace.

I collapsed on his torso as I continued to ejaculate. Our love juices started to flow from my pussy canal.

He held me close to his chest and he caressed my hair. He smiled at me and we kissed each other on the lips.

Bringing his lips close to my ears he said it lovingly, “I love you my sweet love”

We lay there in each others arms recovering from the first ever memorable love making act. Bodies were tired and we dozed off in each others arms in no time.

I slowly curled up in his embrace, placing his hands in mine and keeping my lips close to his, feeling his warm breath against them. “I love you so much”, I whispered in his ear.

What a wonderful, loving time we had that day.

Three months later, I moved out with him.

Now we live together but this loving day we remember every year and celebrate it as our anniversary.

Whenever we read about this day from our diary, we smile and cuddle with each other and the lips naturally whisper, “I love you my love”

I love you LOML!

Happy Anniversary!

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