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Love in which we Ammend

What began over six years ago, had nearly come to an end over a poor decision. Thomas Alton waited quietly, sitting on the sofa. The television was on, but he paid no attention to it. His eyes stared blankly at the curtains covering the patio doors. He could hear Jane moving around up stairs. She was still angry, and she had good reason to be, she was mad at Thom. As if to confirm this, Thom heard a loud thump as Jane dropped something on the floor. Thom felt it wasn’t a good time to get up and go and see her.

He wished he hadn’t gone. He wished he could turn back time, and decide not to go into the strip club. It wasn’t as though he had been dishonest about it, he had told her that he had been there. The one and only thing in their relationship that she had asked him not to do, he had done. For some reason he felt he had something to prove. Something to prove to his friends maybe or perhaps to even prove to himself, that he was his own person. In all reality, he couldn’t give an honest reason for even going, other than the fact that he didn’t want to look like a loser in the eyes of his friends.

Moments had passed, and Thom found himself thinking of the past, in fact the very first day he had met Jane. They had met on a hot summer’s day. As the sun had begun it’s final decent below the horizon. Thom and his friend Jay, saw Jane and her then boyfriend Steve sitting at a picnic table, during the Canada Day festival. It’s not that they had been total strangers to each other. Thom had been Jane’s classmate in high school, but other than a few conversations, they had never really paid attention to one another.

That day was different. It seemed there had been a magic between their glances, as though an unseen force had brought them together that day. Thom felt it, and he was positive that Jane felt it too, like a mutual feeling un-spoken, and at that time, not possible. They spoke of old days, long gone, what they had been up too, Thom had to mentally remind himself not to stare, even though his heart wanted him to stare.

As the festivities began to subside, Thom knew he would have to leave soon, he’d have to get away from Jane, before he began to get out of line. So he had announced he was leaving, and to his delight Jane had spoke up “ Can I get a ride home with you?” It was a quick answer, maybe a little to fast. He instantly said “ Sure.” He had driven Jane and her boyfriend Steve home. Steve glared at her from the back seat, and Thom could see it very well from the driver seat. Thom wasn’t the only one aware of something happening, so was Steve, who said nothing. He just stared angrily from the back seat. As they pulled up to Jane’s mother’s house, Jane and Steve got out, Steve stomped away, without saying a word. Jane said thank you, and then reached across the seat to where a pen and envelope sat. Quickly she wrote her number down on the envelope, and handed it back to Thom “ Call me sometime.” She said shyly and with that she turned and walked up the driveway. Her mother and father stared at Thom and Jane from the porch. He put the car in gear and drove away. Not sure what the phone number meant. Did it mean friendship, or did it mean something more. Thom wasn’t sure either way, all he knew was that there was something in the way she had looked at him, and the way that he looked at her, that made it impossible for them to be only friends. Picking up the envelope with the phone number on it, Thom put it in the console of his car, and there it stayed for a week. He didn’t call her.

He smiled slightly as he thought of this, a smile to accompany his guilt. The smile disappeared when he heard another bang from up stairs. He listened for a moment, expecting to hear her foot steps coming down the stairs, but they remained on the upstairs level of their tiny home.

Again he thought back to the beginning of their relationship. They had met again, destiny saw to it they would. Thom was sure it had to be destiny, an idea that he never believed in prior to his life with Jane. A week had passed. He had been tempted to call her, it was like a thought that raced throughout his mind, without stop, but somehow he had managed not to. A week later as the city yet again held it’s annual Aqua Festival, Thom and his friend Jay had again bumped into Jane and Steve, and their friend Chris. Steve instantly had become defensive, and Jane instantly friendly, and smiling. How it came to be that Thom hung around with them for the evening, he couldn’t be positive, maybe destiny decided it would drive for a while, he wasn’t sure. All he knew he was intoxicated by Jane, and again he felt compelled to be near her. Compelled to hear her speak, compelled to be apart of her.

The five of them eventually ditched the festival in search of a more lively atmosphere. Thom suggested they head to a local Irish pub, which Jane immediately said was a great idea, since she was proud of her Irish heritage. It is there the attraction had begun to be more than just a glance, it became mutual staring, but Thom nor Jane made a move for each other. They both had morals, they both knew Jane had someone named Steve in her life. A line which Thom wouldn’t cross, not out of fear, but out of his own personal morals. He had left it at that, and watched Jane, drink her share of Guinness and Smirnoff Ice, until she was intoxicated along side Thom, and together they laughed and had a good time. Somewhere through the evening Jane had asked “ Why haven’t you called?” It was a question Thom wasn’t sure how to answer. Did he tell the truth? Did he shrug? Either way he answered meant he had committed to a course of action. If he shrugged it off, it meant her phone number meant nothing to him, but it did. And if he said yes I wanted to call you, but was not sure how to be your friend while being attracted to you at the same time!” He’d have let her know how he was feeling, and maybe just maybe even though he doubted it, she’d say oh I just though we could hang out like friends. So he answered the best he could. “ I’m sorry, I didn’t call, I’ve been busy, but mostly I don’t think Steve likes me very much?” Thom suggested glancing at Steve, who had been busy guzzling another bottle of beer.

“ Steve and I are not very close.” Jane replied, her smile disappearing from her face. Her stare deeper and more intent on Thom’s face. Not sure what she was trying to get at with that statement Thom said nothing in return. He didn’t think she said it as invite to make a move, but as a notice of her availability to come. Not much happened after that, they had gone their separate ways, as the next day began, Thom had decided he would call her, he needed to hear her voice, like a drug addict needs a hit. He needed to know she was ok, from the drinking of last night.

He called, his hands trembled slightly as he dialled the number. A voice in his head suggested he shouldn’t be doing it, but he ignored it. To his surprise a hung over Jane answered the phone. “ Hello!” She said her voice raspy and slightly rough. “ Hi, Jane.” Thom said feeling an awkwardness form in his stomach. “ Hey.” She said, her voice sounding happy and amused. Thom knew it in his heart she was happy to hear him. They spoke for a while, talking about the night before. Eventually they cut the conversation off, and Thom thought he’d never hear from her again, but then he did hear from her again. The next day.

“ Hi, Thom.” She said as he picked up the phone and said hello. An unexplainable happiness seemed to come over him, and he couldn’t contain in his voice. Then as though there was no other thing to say Jane said “ Steve and I broke up today!” Surprised and aware of the opportunity Thom replied “ You broke up!”

“ Yeah, it’s really been over for a long time. He just didn’t know how to accept it that it was!”

Somehow they had spoke for a while and then Thom asked “ would you like to go out for a bit.” Jane accepted without pause.

He had picked her up at her parents house. Again, her mother and father stared at Thom as he pulled up to the house. Jane came down the driveway, she looked beautiful, and Thom watched every move she made, un aware of his smile as she opened the door, and got in. They drove away, and it didn’t take long for them to end up somewhere. “ I didn’” was all Thom managed to get out, as Jane pulled him close to kiss her. He kissed back, feeling like electricity was running through his body. The kiss gave him an erection within a second, but he didn’t let her know about it. He kept kissing her, as though there would be no tomorrow. As they sat back and stared at each other. Jane spoke “ I’ve been wanting to do that since I saw you at the festival the other day!” Thom nodded he too, wanted to do that. To kiss her and be kissed by her.

They had gone to her parents home, who had now gone out. They went into the little living room, which was Jane’s. She rented from her Mother and Father. They sat on a sofa, and within a moment they were kissing again. His hands reached out and touched her breasts through the fabric of her shirt. She let her hand fall between his legs, where it rubbed against his hard erection. Jane’s shirt came off, her large breasts cupped in Thom’s hands. He brought his face down to one of her nipples and put it in his mouth, letting his tongue lick and dance upon it. Jane unbuttoned his pants slipping her hand underneath his boxer shorts. Groping at his hard firm member their kiss continued. Thom had never been this far before with any woman before. He had a secret, he was still a virgin. It wasn’t something he was necessarily ashamed of, it was simply because he had never known how to push further, when it came to trying to lose his virginity.

“I’m a virgin!” Thom had whispered, his excitement almost more than he could bare. Jane slowed her rubbing and then she said “ Really!” In a disbelieving voice. Thom could only nod, feeling as though she were now going to say something like “ What’s wrong with you?” or “ Yeah Right.” but instead she did the total opposite, she kissed him again, slowly. Caressing him, with a soft gentle hand. Moisture seemed to drip from his penis, as his excitement began to get the better of him. Jane stood and removed all of her clothes, letting her corduroy pants slide gracefully down her thighs. Thom watched intently, his breathing deep and heavy as Jane pulled her panties down her legs. She motioned for Thom to stand. It seemed as though his legs had turned into rubber and then she pulled down his jeans removing his boxer shorts. She tilted her head up, letting Thom kiss her again. Jane had held him close, he could feel his hard on, firmly pressed against her skin of her body. It had been the most wonderful time in his life. She sat him down on the sofa again. Letting herself climb on top of Thom, Jane grabbed his awaiting penis, and directed it into her. The warmth of Jane proved to be more than he could handle. She slowly began riding him in long deep thrusts. Already Thom could feel himself ready to reach his climax. “ Oh.” A deep moan had come from his throat. Any second now he would cum. “ I’m going to cum!” Thom had whispered out, more as a warning than just to let her know, afraid she may get pregnant. Then to his surprise, Jane began riding him hard and fast. His hands tightened around her beautiful bum cheeks, as his virgin load erupted deep into her a waiting vagina. Thom couldn’t remember if he screamed or moaned or said a thing. He had disappeared into a sky of white clouds and soft blue. He had felt as though every muscle in his body had become loose and non-existent. All that was here in this place was Thom and Jane.

Coming to he opened his eyes to see Jane smiling “ I’m happy you let me be your first!” she said softly. In his life Thom could recall no other time feeling so alive. Pulling her close and hugging Jane, he kissed her again as his penis now softened slowly within her, he realized Jane was slowly grinding herself against him. He kissed her more and held her tighter, she began to move faster, her wetness present between the two of them. Then like a hurricane had blown through her. She too came, her body tensing as she moaned into his ear. Jane’s body shuddered against his, as her orgasm was followed by another.

As they lay there a long time, holding one another Thom knew he was in love, and he had been in love with Jane since seeing her the first time at the festival. He didn’t say it to her, apart of him knew it was to soon to say it. Secretly he kept it inside and enjoyed the company of Jane, the woman who brought him into man hood.

The television displayed an ad for a new type of work out machine, guaranteed to give you abs of steel in two weeks, but that isn’t what brought him out of his thoughts. It was Jane calling to him from the top of the stairs. “ When you come to bed, can you make sure you turn off all the lights?” Thom took a second to answer, letting the thoughts of the past disappear into the special memories department of his mind. “ Yeah, I will.” He called back.

After turning off all the lights he climbed up the stairs to the bedroom. Jane lay underneath the covers reading her latest book of interest. Without saying a word he climbed into bed beside her after taking off his clothes so he remained in his boxers. He lay beside her and then he spoke “ I’m sorry. I’m an asshole.” Jane pulled her face out of her book, then pushed her glasses up the brim of her nose. “ Your not an asshole, a jerk sure, but not an asshole.” Jane replied not smiling or frowning.

“ I think I’m an asshole.” Thom said looking at her again. “ I mean, you’re my world and all that matters and I went and did something stupid like that. I’m sorry.”

Jane put her book down, and then grabbed his hand and took it in hers. “ I just don’t understand, why you would go knowing I hate those places, knowing that I think there wrong, and knowing that I never wanted you to go to one. I don’t like thinking that you were there looking at other women, and here I am at home waiting for you.” As she spoke, Thom could feel a new wave of guilt wash over him. He wanted to tell her everything, about how he really didn’t want to go, he just didn’t want to look like he had no say on what he did in his life. He didn’t want to be the wuss who went home, because his friends would think he was. The problem was would she believe him, would Jane be able to understand that, because the answer was no, she wouldn’t and she shouldn’t have too, because he did do it, and that is what the issue was.

He pulled her close to him and then whispered in her ear “ I love you Jane, I have always loved you and will always love you. There is no one else in this world who will ever compare to you.” He then kissed her softly on her neck. She smelled of her soap, she turned her head toward his, he kissed her, and she kissed back. Thom didn’t expect her to kiss back, he expected her to push him away. Without a word they kissed, he pulled down on the collar of her loose fitting night gown, letting her large breasts out. Gently he stroked her nipples as they grew hard underneath his finger tips.

She kissed passionately and touched him back. Taking off her night gown top, she lay before him now completely naked. A sight that he has never grown tired of looking at, a sight he hopes he can see for the rest of his life, because without Jane there would be no life. Kissing softly down her neck, until his mouth hovered over one of her firm nipples. Thom let his tongue touch softly against it, feeling Jane’s fingers bury into the hair on the back of Thom’s head pulling him into breast. Tenderly and slowly he sucked making her nipples grow extremely hard under his mouth, Thom then kissed down her stomach, where he still continued to rub her nipples with his free hand. Kissing softly down her thigh he held his head slightly above Jane’s vagina. Softly he kissed her clitoris, and then softly let his tongue lick against it. A soft moan escaped from Jane. Thom lifted her legs up and spread them apart. Inserting his tongue deeply into her wet pussy. A moan escaped from Jane’s mouth. Thom pushed a finger deeply into where his tongue had been . Jane pushed herself against his finger. “ I want you!” She whispered out. Slipping off his boxers his hard-on ready to take on Jane, Thom slipped himself deeply into her. Slowly thrusting letting himself push as deep as he could into her. A moan escaped from her mouth again. A moment later her climax came, she held him tightly as she did so. Thom could feel himself growing near and began pushing a little harder and faster. “ Come for me, Baby!” Jane said, knowing that it would make Thom cum in a matter of seconds. “ I want to feel you come Baby, Come for me.” A moment later Thom’s load let go, deep inside of Jane. Jane came again, feeling his release. Panting together as they came. Thom said “ I love you.” “ I love you too, but this doesn’t get you off the hook that easily. You owe me!” Jane replied. For a fraction of a second Thom was positive that he saw a smile on her lips. “ You owe me a night out!” She added, letting herself lay into Thom’s arms.

As Jane slept in his arms Thom listened to her long deep breathing, his own eyes feeling heavy and tired. He leaned forward and kissed her forehead and into the darkness of their room he whispered “ I am the luckiest man to have you!” With that he lay back and went to sleep.



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