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Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 1

Tamara was surprised that a simple touch from him sent a bolt of heat through her core.
After checking in and dropping off her luggage at the hotel, Tamara freshened up her clothing, hair, and makeup. She had only been in Atlanta a little over an hour and the heat and humidity was already making a mark on her usual cool appearance. With her hair neatly pinned back in a tight bun, and her makeup flawless, she headed down to the Bagley & Stephens technology conference in the convention hall. Her work had sent her here for the weekend for the annual company conference.

Tamara signed in at the front table, where she received a badge with her name, Tamara Robinson, followed by her title, Marketing Director, then her region, Chicago. Joining, the throng of people meandering the large room full of tables and booths, Tamara mingled and networked her way through the crowd. Finally, she found her way toward her regional affiliates, finding comfort in familiar faces.

“I’m so glad you made it!” Kristin Smith greeted her. Kristin used to work with Tamara at the Chicago office of Bagley & Stephens, but received a promotion which required a transfer to the Schaumburg branch. Kristin was young, blonde, and has a girl-next-door look that made her the sweetheart of any room she was in. Tamara spent a lot of time defending Kristin from the men at work that thought she was an easy target, through that Kristin and Tamara formed a friendship.

“Yes, me too. Although, I would rather be back in the office. There’s a new campaign coming up that I am trying to get. It’s really not a good time to be away from the office, but Bagley and Stephens insisted that I attend the conference this year,” Tamara remarked.

“I can’t believe this is your first time at the conference,” Kristin said excited.

“Yeah, so this is it." Tamara said looking around the crowded room.

“Oh, this is just the beginning. There’s several regional meet and greets, then meetings and panel discussions and seminars. By this time Sunday, you will actually be happy to get back into the office on Monday. But there’s also time for some fun.” Kristin laughed. Then she nodded her head over Tamara’s shoulder. “Oh no, don’t look now, Kent James is making his way towards us.”

“Hello ladies,” Kent said flashing his brilliant smile as he approached. To say that Kent James was handsome would be an understatement. Handsome only described his physical looks, at 5’11”, his naturally tanned complexion and raven black hair was a strikingly background to his vibrant blue eyes. Although he was tall, he was lean and muscular, proof that he worked out, but wasn’t a gym rat. His charm and overwhelming confidence was intertwined with his attractiveness. At 38, Kent had honed his ability to look at a woman and make her feel like she was the only one that existed to him.

“Hi Kent,” Kristin said, almost in a gooey breathy sigh.

Kent turned to Tamara, his eyes lowered briefly to her name badge. At the same time, his practiced glance took in the whole image of her. She was of average height with smooth caramel skin with dark tresses that she wore pulled back in a polished bun. She had big brown eyes with flecks of gold, a round and perky nose, and full wine hued lips. Her curvy frame worn a stylish yet conservative black Armani blazer over a pale pink draped blouse and a knee length pencil skirt.

“So, you’re the infamous Tamara Robinson,” he grinned extending his hand. “I’ve heard so much about you. You headed the Lee-Reynolds campaign.”

“Yes, I did,” Tamara stated as she politely obliged his handshake. Tamara thought he was charming, too charming. Immediately her instincts told her to be on high guard with him. She was used to a friendly flirt from her male co-workers, but Kent James took his flirting to a whole other level.

“Well, I’m glad that we have finally met. Bagley and Stephens gloats over the work you did on that campaign. You practically single-handedly put the company on the map for marketing and advertising.” Kent complimented her.

Noticing that he still held her hand, she slipped her hand free and informed him, “Well, thanks, but I have a team that deserves some of that praise, too.”

“And modest.” Kent smiled.


That evening, after all the meeting and round table discussions, Tamara agreed to meet with several regional co-workers for dinner and drinks. When she arrived, it was already lively. She had never seen her co-workers as big partiers, but now, away from the responsibilities of work and home, they were literally letting their hair down.

The Atlanta heat was actually more bearable at night, plus being inside the cool air conditioned restaurant helped a lot. Most of the guys dressed casually, forgoing their business suits and ties for khakis or jeans and a short sleeve polo shirt. The ladies dressed casually as well in lightweight summer dresses and sandals.

During the dinner, Tamara couldn’t help but noticed that Kent sat at another table full of women, not far from her. Several times, she looked up and caught him looking her way. The way that he looked at her made her uncomfortable, but Tamara was steadfast on not becoming one of his groupies. She kept up the conversation at her table, sharing stories about some of her memorable campaigns, while trying to ignore him.

Kent did the same at his table, keeping the conversation flowing, even though he could not tear his eyes away from Tamara. Before joining them for dinner, she exchanged her dark Armani suit for a tropical floral print slip dress, that he thought complimented her dark, exotic skin tone and clung to her curves well. Even if she was going for casual and carefree, Kent thought it was actually more revealing and sexy. He only wished that she had released her hair from the severe bun and let her dark tresses cascade down her slender neck and shoulders.

After the dessert course, several people wander over to the bar to get stronger drinks. Tamara sat at a bar stool and sipped on a martini. She had to admit she was enjoying the change of pace that the weekend had provided. She was the first to say that she was a bit of a workaholic, but she actually loved her job and looked forward to doing it everyday. She was deep into her thoughts when Kent slipped onto the next to her.

“So, you do know how to relax,” he smiled.

“Of course, but there’s a time and a place for it,” she stated.

“Nonsense! You should relax at all times. It looks good on you, Tamara,” he observed, his eyes lowering to the neckline of her dress.

“Thanks.” Tamara humbly accepted the compliment. She was enjoying her drink and didn't want him to think she sought, or needed, his attention.

“So, I find it very strange that we hold the same title for the same company, albeit a different branch, and we have never ran across one another,” he said.

Tamara shrugged her bare shoulders, which she could feel his hot glare on. She felt like a fast food burger warming under a heat lamp.

“Ah, you are right. Let’s not talk shop,” Kent said noticing her glass was almost empty. He gestured for the bartender to get her another martini and a scotch on the rocks for himself. “So, Tamara . . .”

“Before you even start your game, you should know that I've also heard a lot about you,” Tamara said.

“Well, I see. So, what does the gossip mill have to say about me?” he asked curious.

“I’m sure you are aware of your own reputation. I’m not going to sit here and stroke your ego with tales of your own rakish behavior,” Tamara said.

“Touché.” Kent feigned a heartache, then leant in closer to her, his breath warm against her ear, “It’s not my ego that needs stroking tonight.”

Tamara was unable to control her blush before it spread across her face. She hated that he was effecting her in any manner, let alone, making her blush. She was more than relieved when Kristin threw herself between.

“Hey! Tamara, I really need to ask you something, privately,” Kristin said grabbing her arm without giving her a chance to answer. “I hope you don’t mind me stealing her away for a while,” she said to Kent.

“Steal away,” Kent said grinning, as he mentally marked one point down for himself.

Kristin whisked Tamara away to the ladies’ room.

“Tamara, you’re a very bright and intelligent woman. I actually look up to you as a mentor in the workplace, so I feel it’s my duty to warn you not to fall for it,” Kristin said when they were alone in the restroom.

“Fall for what? What are you talking about?” Tamara asked.

“You know, Casanova Kent.”

Tamara laughed. “Oh, they would have to make those drinks a lot stronger for me to even think about that.”

“It doesn't take alcohol to make it on the Kent James’ Dames of Shame list,” Vanessa informed her.

“And you know from experience, huh?” Tamara asked accusingly.

“Not quite. I mean, almost. I had just transferred to the Schaumburg office and he was very welcoming. Of course, he was. I was the new fish in the pond. He offered to help me out a lot, to show me the ropes of the new office. Within a week, I was under his spell,” Kristin said.

“His spell? You make him sound like he’s some kind of magician or sorcerer, with magic spells and voodoo curses.” Tamara laughed as she reapplied her lipstick and tucked a stray hair back into her bun.

“You have to admit, he is devilishly handsome. I mean, those blue eyes and that killer smile, the way he looks at you to make you feel like you are all that matter. I fell for it. When he asked me to join him for dinner, I knew he meant more,” Kristin admitted.

“You slept with him?” Tamara asked aghast.

“No, not quite. I mean, we kind of fooled around, but I knew he was a big flirt in the office. And I was new, I didn't want that reputation from the start. It took me a while to get from under his spell, but even now, I think about how damn sexy he is and how he could make me . . .”

“Kristin.” Tamara waved her hand in front of her friend’s face. She was clearly reminiscing on whatever torrid sex they had shared.

“What?” Kristin responded from her daze.

 "You’re engaged,” Tamara reminded her.

“And I’m still a woman and that man is something wicked. I just felt the need to warn you,” Kristin said.

“Thanks for the warning. But I can handle myself. Kent James is not a threat to me,” was Tamara’s last words as they walked out of the restroom.


“What floor are we going to?” Kent asked as the elevator doors closed and he pushed Tamara against the wall.

“Five. I’m on the fifth floor,” Tamara managed to say between kisses as his tongue expertly sought hers. In the back of her mind, she was thinking what the hell was she doing. She should have heeded Kristin’s warning. Clearly she didn't.

Tamara thought she was a stronger woman than Kristin, or any of the other women that fell for Kent’s game. She accepted his drink offer and decided to play along to show him that she was immune to his ways. Little did she know that Kent was unstoppable when it came to a challenge.

“Good. I’m on the nineteenth and no way can I wait that long to get into this,” he said as his hand moved up her thigh and caressed her damp panties. Kent couldn't believe it, he was going to fuck Tamara Robinson tonight. She was actually letting him have his way with her after putting up a good front. He admired that, even more than the women that dropped their panties at the first wink from him.

Tamara tried to hold back a moan as his fingertips slipped inside her panties. She silently cursed herself for letting it go this far. It was just simple flirtation that turned into a challenge of wills, now there was no way she could stop it. She didn't want to stop it, she was too heated and so wet. God, was she wet, she thought, as his fingers moved deeper. She pushed the button marked five and the elevator went up and Kent went down on his knees.

As he kissed her gently through the damp fabric of her panties, Tamara hoped that the elevator would stop on floors in between to let other hotel guests on. Yes, it would be embarrassing to be caught in this position, but it would bring her back to her senses. She could work some will power up to turn him away. Unfortunately, it was a quick trip to the fifth floor, the elevator dinged and the doors opened faster than she wanted. Tamara reluctantly pulled away and stepped out of the elevator. Kent straightened up and followed her down the hall.

When she stopped at her door to swipe her key card, he pressed her against the door, one hand cupped her breast, as his other hand sought the hairpins in her hair and released them. Her thick dark wavy mane of hair fell to her shoulders as he kissed her neck. He pressed his thick, growing erection against her round ass and playfully bit her earlobe. “You feel how hard I am for you.”

Just tell him to leave now, Tamara thought. It was fun, he was hot and an amazing kisser, but she didn't want to sleep with him. Tamara pushed back against him, her ass pressed against him, wedging his cock between her ass cheeks. What started as her wanting to push him away, had the opposite effect. The feel of his erection against her set her on fire to her core. Her body had a mind of its own, and it wanted to be in control tonight.

As the door opened, Tamara turned around in his arms and pressed her body against his full length. He took her mouth with his, making her eager tongue dance with his. At the same time, he grabbed her waist and lifted her up, wrapping her legs around his back as he carried her to the luxury king sized bed.

Nothing impressed Tamara more than a man that could effortlessly pick her up like a rag doll and carry her to bed. When he tossed her down on the bed, she immediately grabbed for him, she pulled his shirt off and started undoing his pants.

Kent had other plans, he pushed her back in bed and laid on top, kissing her thoroughly. As they kissed, he moved his hand up her thigh, between her legs, then to the edge of her panties. He pulled them down her hips, revealing her neatly groomed strip of dark hair, down past her knees, to her ankles, and at last, off. He tossed the damp panties aside as he grabbed her smooth caramel thighs and held her legs wide apart, watching as the dark lips parted, revealing her moist pink center. He knew she felt open and exposed, but he loved just looking at her pussy before lowering his face to it.

Tamara was surprised that instead of feeling his lips or tongue on her, he pressed his nose against her clit and took a deep intoxicating inhale. It was the hottest and most erotic thing that anyone ever done to her. Tamara felt herself getting wetter as he just sniffed her, taking in the aroma of her sex.

“You smell so fucking delicious. I want to eat your pussy until you cum,” he said to her.

“Yes.” Tamara moaned. She rarely cum from oral, but knew by the way he was worshipping her pussy that he could make it happen. She settled back, comfortably in bed, as he got to work.


With a spring in her step, Tamara stepped off the elevator and greeted the receptionist.

“Good morning, Margie.” She smiled.

“Good morning Ms. Robinson. You look refreshed. I guessed that conference in Atlanta was the break you needed.” Margie smiled back before answering the phone.

“I guess you can say that.” Tamara smiled as she headed down the corridor toward her office. “Did I get any messages?” she flashed a smile to her long time administrative assistant, best friend, and confidante, Billie Logan, as she continued into her office.

Billie came to a full stop and followed Tamara into her office. “Oh my god! Look at you, Miss Thang,” Billie teased at the confident swagger in Tamara step.

“Messages?” Tamara asked again.

“Uh uh, no hold up. What’s up with all this glowing and all this extra perkiness?” Billie asked curious.

“What are you talking about, Billie?” Tamara asked.

“You got some, didn't you? On your little trip to Hot-lanta. You little ho!” Billie said teasingly.

“Must I remind you we are at work," Tamara said sternly.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Billie said then closed Tamara’s office door. “Okay, c'mon. I've heard what goes on at those conferences, a lot of meetings and corporate mingling during the day, afterwards everyone get blasted and suddenly Bob Turner in accounting is hot stuff. So, spill it? Who did you fuck?” Billie asked bluntly with her hand on her hip.

“You don’t know him. He’s not from our office and, most importantly, it will never happen again,” Tamara said, then realized that she admitted too many details. Tamara couldn't help but smile, Billie had a way of making her confess her sins. Relatively, to the young single life that Billie lived, her sins were very innocent.

“Oh really? But he was hot and he did it to it, huh?” Billie teased.

“Yes, he was very attractive.” Tamara smiled as she took off her blazer. Just thinking of Kent made her warm and tingly between the legs.

“And? Tell me more.” Billie sat on the edge of the desk, hungry for more details.

“And, it was nice,” Tamara admitted as she went to sit in the swivel chair behind her desk.

“Better than Craig?” Billie asked bringing up Tamara’s on again-off again boyfriend.

“I’m not going to compare, that would be unfair to Craig.” she said, but knew that she had already been unfair.

“So, he was better, huh?”

“Incredible,” Tamara finally admitted, remembering the ways Kent used his tongue, she subconsciously crossed her legs behind the desk, squeezing her thighs. “It was pretty hot.”

“That’s my girl.” Billie smiled and high-fived Tamara. “It’s about time. Craig left for Japan, what? Five weeks ago. And he’s coming back when?”

“Another three weeks,” Tamara said sadly. “Still that’s no reason to sleep with another guy.”

“Hell, he expect you to keep it on lock down for that long? I bet he’s getting some hot Asian poon over there.”

Tamara laughed, she loved that Billie was so free spirited and open minded, it made her feel less guilty about the whole weekend. “You’re a mess, girl. Besides, it was just a one time fling. Something that happened, was enjoyed, and will never happen again.”

“Say you had the chance to do it again with Mr. Hot-lanta. Would you?” Billie asked curious.

Tamara thought about it and quickly dismissed the thought. She knew that Kent really wasn't that far away, Schaumburg was less than an hour from the city.

“No, it will definitely not happen again,” she said more to convince herself then Billie. She looked at her watch. “Shit, see how you are making me late for the meeting with Bagley and Stephens.” she said pulling her blazer back on.

Tamara walked down the hall to the meeting room, confident and excited to find out the details on her bid for a new campaign. Her excitement died quickly the moment she saw who was sitting at the table with Mr. Bagley and Mr. Stephens.

“Miss Robinson just joined us, now we can get started,” Tom Bagley, president of Bagley & Stephens, said welcoming her into the room.

For Tamara, all she heard was a barrage of words spliced in with a soundtrack of her moans and Kent moans and her screams of pleasure, sounds from her explicit sexcapade over the weekend. Along with the sounds, a montage of images flashed through her mind so quickly, like a highlight reel of a sporting event, of Kent between her legs, her on top of him, riding him, her bent over the bed and Kent behind her, and here, and in real time Kent James sat, leaning back comfortably in a padded leather chair. Smiling at her, that smile, that cat-that-ate-the-canary, the early-bird-that-got-the-worm, smile of his. She wanted to reach across the room and slap that smug smile from his face. Instead she greeted her bosses, politely.

“Mr. Bagley. Mr. Stephens.” She smiled civilly as they stood to greet her and shook her hand.

“And Mr. James,” Bagley pointed out. “I was informed that the two of you have met at the conference this weekend. You’ll have to share details about your experience there later with us.”

“Of course. Yes, we met this weekend,” Kent said extending his hand to Tamara. “Its nice to see you again, Miss Robinson.” He smiled.

“Likewise, Mr. James,” she said as she took his hand only so that she didn't come off as rude in front of her bosses. Although the handshake was brief, Tamara was surprised that the simple touch of him sent a bolt of heat through her core. Why did he still have that effect on her?
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