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Love is Stronger than Pride, Part 3

Tamara felt the bubble burst and it was a joyous feeling of strength and freedom.
As Tamara made her way to her office, she couldn’t hide her good mood as she passed Billie at the desk. “Good morning, Billie,” she smiled as she walked straight into her office leaving Billie wondering.

Billie was on the phone, but if she wasn’t she would’ve been all up in Tamara’s face getting details about Tamara’s weekend away in Atlanta. It was clear that something changed between Tamara and Kent, and obviously for the better. Billie was happy for her friend for taking the leap.

“Speaking of the devil,” Billie said as Kent walked up. “Good morning , Kent.” She greeted him.

“It is a good morning, Billie, isn’t it. Is she in?” Kent asked as he strolled confidently toward Tamara’s office door.

“Yes, she just got in.” Billie nodded.

“Don’t let anyone disturb us,” Kent said before disappearing into Tamara’s office, shutting the door behind him.

Billie heard the click of the lock and smiled knowingly to herself, “It’s about damn time.”

At the same time, Pete, from IT walked up, “Hey Billie, before the weekend Tamara asked me to look at her computer. It was stalling or something.”

“Tamara’s not in yet,” Billie lied.

“Um, I just saw Kent walk into her office,” Pete pointed out.

“He’s waiting for her, inside her office, alone,” Billie said.

There was a loud thump and crash from behind the closed door.

“What was that?” Pete asked curious.

“What was what? I didn’t hear anything.”

“Sounded like something fell. What is Kent doing in there?”

“He’s kind of clumsy. You know Kent, always bumping into things, over and over and over again,” Billie explained.

“Whenever Tamara come in, let her know I can look at her computer today,” Pete said before tossing a skeptical look at Tamara’s office door. “Huh, I would have never thought Kent James a klutz.”

“A major klutz,” Billie said ushering Pete away.

Awhile later, the door to the office opened and Kent walked out just as impeccably dressed as when he went in, in addition he wore a huge smile on his face.

“Thanks, BIllie,” he winked at her.

“Anytime. Really, stop by anytime,” Billie grinned back.

Tamara stepped out shortly, nonchalantly smoothing her hand over her skirt, “Did I get any messages, Billie?” she asked.

Billie handed Tamara a stack of notes, “And Pete from IT stopped by.”

“Thanks, Billie,” Tamara said, then quickly added, “And don’t you say one word.”

Billie sagged disappointed, “I won’t, for now. Just remember, you owe me big time.”

Tamara smiled, “I know.” She went back into her office and sat at her desk. Tamara tried to filter through the notes that Billie just gave her, but she kept losing focus. Just minutes ago, Kent walked into her office, laid her across this very same desk, pushing her skirt to her waist as he lowered his face between her thighs. Her orgasm was swift and intense as his skillful tongue plucked at her love nub. She wanted to cry out for mercy, instead she swallowed her screams of pleasure.

After the past weekend in Atlanta, Tamara had no doubt that Kent wasn’t finished with her and he just made that clear. Tamara knew she should put an end to it, but at the same time she didn’t want to. Of course he was right, denying their physical attraction to one another had been torture, especially when it was so easy, and not to mention fun, to be honest with him about their mutual cravings.  Besides , Tamara thought, it was just a matter of time before we exhausted our tolerance for one another and brought this phase to an end .


Over the next few weeks, Kent and Tamara didn’t show any sign that this phase was coming to an end. Everyday they found a moment to be alone together, from locked offices and stalled elevators to late night visits. The sex was always hot, fast, and very satisfying, that is until the next craving hit.

Late one night, Kent showed up at her apartment unannounced. Tamara let him in, offering him a drink since she was just finishing up a bottle of wine. He noticed that she appeared surprised that he showed up, but he could tell that she had been expecting him. Her dark wavy hair was down from her signature bun, her face clean of any makeup, and her skin carried the intoxicating scent of her favorite body mist which he was all too familiar. Kent followed her to the kitchen, admiring the shape of her ass underneath the short and clingy lounge dress she wore. As they stood in her kitchen, she poured them both a glass of wine and for a moment they pretended that they didn’t have other things on their minds.

Kent took a sip of wine, then smiled at Tamara, “This is nice wine.”

Tamara, with a rare playful smile on her lips, sat her glass aside, “So, you came over to have a drink or to fuck me?”

“Can I do both?” Kent asked as he took another sip.

“I would rather fuck.” Tamara walked over to him and started undoing his pants. She pushed her hand inside his boxer briefs stroking his cock to life. Kent just smiled at her, he was enjoying her frisky mood. Although Tamara didn’t deny her sexual attraction to him anymore, it was uncommon for her to initiate, especially so boldly. Kent didn’t object one bit as she dropped to her knees before him.

Tamara took his cock into her mouth, all the while smiling up at Kent as he sipped on his wine. Slowly, she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, teasing, licking, and sucking until he achieved a full erection. When she stood up, she took the wine glass from his hand and downed the rest of his wine before sitting the wine glass on the counter top.

“Wine’s all gone. I guess that just leaves the fucking,” she gave a wicked smile.

Kent smiled back as he grabbed her by the waist, he turned her back to him, kissing her neck before he bent her over the kitchen table. He raised the hem of her dress to her waist, pleased that she wasn’t wearing underwear, then drove his solid length deep within her.

Tamara moaned loudly gripping onto the table edge as he slowly moved his hips back and forth against her ass. She eagerly pushed back against him, demanding that he fuck her harder. Kent was in the habit of giving her anything she wanted and when she wanted the sex hard and fast, he was willing to comply, as he slammed into her deeper.

After they had sex across her kitchen table, they moved to her bedroom for more. As they rested in bed together, Tamara once again let herself believe. It was easy to forget about the world outside her apartment and cuddle up next to Kent’s warm body. She imagined him wrapping his strong arms around her and drifting off to sleep together, then waking up in the morning and having more toe-curling sex.

Tamara turned to Kent with a smile. He was lying back in bed smiling up at her. Kent always had a way of walking into any room and being at home, and here in her bed, was no exception. He looked completely at ease reclining back in all his glorious nakedness. Looking into his sparkling blue eyes, it was on the tip of her tongue to ask him to spend the night, that was before he spoke.

“So, I did come over for a reason,” Kent said.

“Oh, fucking like rabbits wasn’t your reason?” Tamara teased him.

“That’s always the reason, but really, I wanted to tell you something,” he sat up in bed.

Tamara could tell from the serious tone that he adopted it was something big. “What? What did you want to tell me?” Tamara asked curious.

“I had a talk with Tina. I told her I was sleeping with someone else,” Kent admitted.

Tamara sat up and pulled the sheet over herself. This was not a conversation she wanted to have naked. “You told Tina?”

“I didn’t tell her it was you,” Kent added, “I told her that it was someone I’ve known for a while, someone I knew before her, someone I was developing strong feelings for.”

A tiny part of Tamara shattered at his words. She understood the meaning of his words, but at the same time she had a hard time comprehending what he was saying. Tamara was silent for a long while, taking it all in and trying to sort her own thoughts. She walked over to her wardrobe and pulled on a short silk kimono-style robe. The red satiny floral print garment complimented her dark skin, making her look even more exotic and sexy.

As she tied the belt, Kent sat on the edge of the bed, “You don’t have anything to say to that?”

“What do you want me to say, Kent?” Tamara asked.

“That’s this is not just sex, that you have feelings for me, too.”

Tamara grabbed a hair clip as she twisted her thick curls into a bun on top of her head and clipped it into place.

“Tamara, babe, say something.” Kent walked over to her and tried to hold her hands.

She pulled her hands away, “Kent, don’t touch me right now.” She knew that if he touched her, she wouldn’t be able to have clear thoughts or think without her pussy involved.

“Wow! This is not going how I thought it would go. I thought this is what you wanted.” Kent pushed on.

“How did you think it would go, Kent? We just fucked, now you want to talk about your girlfriend?” Tamara blurted out despite her effort to stay cool.

“No, I want to talk about my feelings for you. And how you feel about me.”

“Okay, I think you’re a good, no, you’re a great fuck. I like fucking you, a lot,” Tamara stated.

“That’s all?” Kent asked.

“Um, no. I love it when you go down on me, you are very talented in that regard.”

Kent laughed, “So, it is just about the sex for you? You don’t feel anything for me?”

“No, Kent, I don’t.” Even as she said these words, Tamara knew she felt something for Kent she had never gave herself a chance to reflect on what that meant. She fought hard to resist giving in to the sensations of her vulnerable heart careening head first into another relationship after Craig. “You should probably leave now, Kent.”

Kent grabbed his pants and shirt off the floor and headed to the bathroom without saying another word.


Over a week went by and Tamara avoided Kent as best as she could. She told Billie to cancel any meetings she had on the books with Kent. When Billie asked for a reason why, Tamara told her to just do her job. Still, avoiding Kent wasn’t that easy.

At first, Kent played along and ignored her, too. He wasn’t surprised that she went as far as canceling meetings or sending Billie to meetings instead. The few times that they couldn’t avoid one another, Kent found himself on the verge of apologizing, but had to remind himself that he didn’t do anything wrong. Tamara was the one that freaked out and went frigid.

After a week of this Kent didn’t see a change and decided to switch tactics. He started to seek her out, wanting explanation of her actions, or non-actions.

When Tamara walked into her office there was a huge bouquet of red roses. Billie peeked in over her shoulder, “I’ve been curious all morning. Who are they from?”

Tamara walked over to the bouquet and picked up the small envelope with her name written in a neat cursive script. She pulled the card from it, read the short message along with Kent’s name then she tossed the card into her trash bin.

“So? Who sent you the roses?” Billie asked eager to know.

“No one,” Tamara said

“Oh, Kent,” Billie guessed, then added, “If you ask me, I think you are being too hard on him.”

“It’s a good thing that I didn’t ask you,” Tamara said setting the flowers on a side table.

“Tam, sometimes you can be so damn proud for your own good. I know Kent is not perfect, but he’s the best thing that ever happened to you. Kent has pride, too, he’s not going to keep running back whenever you want to get your freak on. Play your game a little too long and someone will take him away from you, for good,” Billie said then turned to leave.

At that moment while leaving Tamara’s office, Billie had a brilliant idea. She immediately marched over to Kent’s office, strolling in without knocking, as usual.

“Hey Billie, make yourself comfortable, as usual,” Kent said with a hint of sarcasm.

“So, what are you doing this Friday night?” she asked.

“Um, drinking heavily and trying not to think about her,” he admitted.

“How would you like to be my date to a party?” Billie smiled mischievously.

Kent perked up in his chair, “Now you caught my attention.”


As the day went on, Tamara tried to stay busy with her work projects and the planning of her house warming party. It was a weak attempt, she was often distracted and found herself looking at the bouquet of roses. She had to admit, they were gorgeous. She had never received such extravagant flowers before. Tamara was halfway to the side table before she realized what she what doing. She stood before the roses and inhaled their sweet floral fragrance as she fingered the velvety red petals.

Okay, so admiring the flowers wasn’t the same as giving in to Kent , she thought. He wanted her to admit so much more. More than she was was ready to admit. She knew she was being prideful, as Billie pointed out, but that was all she had left when it concerned Kent. Kent James had already turned her into a needy sex glutton. She had broken so many of her personal ethics and standards since he came into her life, from cheating while in a relationship to sleeping with a co-worker. Clinging to her pride, and her heart, was the last thing she had control of.

In a show of her strong will, she picked out one of the fullest, most fragrant roses and feed it into the paper shredder. She calmly followed that up with another and another until the paper bin was filled with mangled red petals and stems. Afterwards she released a satisfying sigh, she felt empowered and focused as she headed back to her desk to get work done.


Friday evening, Tamara helped herself to a glass of wine before her guests started arriving for her condo-warming party. She had put off having a party for a while, but thought it was a great time to have one, to lift her spirits. The last thing she wanted to think about was Kent James. Most of her guest were co-workers and old friends, all dying to see her new place and offer support over her split with Craig.

Tamara squealed in delight when Kristin was the first person to show up. It has been a couple of months since she last talked to her at the convention. It was actually Kristin that warned her about Kent James. If only she could go back in time and heed that advice, she thought, then scolded herself her even thinking about him.

“So, tell me about the wedding plans,” Tamara wanted to know as she poured Kristin a glass of wine.

“We just sent invitations out, so expect one real soon. But that’s not the big news here,” Kristin waved a dismissive hand. “It’s you! Look at you! You look fabulous. Skin is glowing, you’ve got your hair down, and that smile. I didn’t know that you leaving Craig would be so transformative.”

“Well, kind of.” Tamara smiled, “It’s been a crazy whirlwind these past couple of months.”

“So, give me the goods,” Kristin inquired. “Better yet, give me the dirt. I heard about the award. Congratulations on that. So, how closely do you actually work with Kent? How’s that going for you? And who’s new on the Kent James’ Dames of Shame list? Anyone I know?”

“Well,” Tamara hesitated. She did not want to spend the night gossiping about Kent James but, was saved by the bell when her doorbell rang. “More guests. I have to get that.” she excused herself.

When Tamara opened the door, Kent stood before her, smiling, “Hey, happy house warming.”

“Um, what are you doing here? I didn’t invite you,” Tamara frowned.

“That’s because I did,” Billie smiled as she stood next to Kent, hugging his arm. Billie could swear that she saw daggers flying from Tamara’s eyes but, she held herself high and smiled. “He’s my date for the night.”

Tamara wanted to snatch Billie by the hair and smack that smile off her face, instead she cleared her throat and greeted her friend, she was using the term loosely, with a polite smile, “Billie, Kent, come in, both of you. Welcome to my condo,” she said through a tight false smile.

If Billie bringing Kent to her house warming party wasn’t bad enough, Tina arrived a short while later. Okay, award for most awkward party goes to . . . , Tamara thought as she ushered Tina into her apartment. She immediately went to refill her wine glass, she needed something to get through the evening.

As the evening progressed, Tamara was thankful that she had to play the hostess. It helped keep her attention away from Kent, Billie, and Tina, even though there was times she caught herself looking over her shoulder at Kent. Billie was tossing her goodies all over him. Tamara had only heard stories about Billie’s ‘freakum’ dress, now she and the whole party was witnessing it first hand. Billie had on an electric blue body-con dress that seemed plastered to her voluptuous curves and left little to the imagination. Billie and that dress made Tamara want to drink more. She busied herself refilling wine glasses and making sure everyone had enough to nibble on while they mingled and chatted.

Kent and Billie stood with their heads together at the fringe of the room, both grinning, laughing and having the time of their lives.

“That look on Tamara’s face when she opened the door was pure hatred. If I’m fired for this, Kent, you have to hire me as your assistant,” Billie pointed out.

“I would love for you to work for me. Your loyalty and dedication to your work is a rarity. And you’re not too bad on the eyes,” Kent grinned.

“Don’t overdo it, or you might get stuck with me,” Billie flirted, making a show of placing her hand on his broad chest. Yes, it was all a show to get Tamara jealous and admit her true feelings, but Billie was going to have fun while at it.

“I guess that makes this a win-win situation,” Kent flashed his killer smile.

After witnessing Kent and Billie being all flirty and touchy, Tamara jumped up, “Who needs more wine? I’ll get more,” she said as she headed to the kitchen.

“I’ll help,” Kent offered from across the room.

“Um, I think I can get it by myself,” Tamara said.

“I insist,” Kent said as he followed her into the kitchen.

All by themselves in the kitchen, Tamara was quick to put a lot of space between them as she went to the wine rack. She had vivid flashbacks of them having sex in this very space, including herself on her knees with his cock in her hands.

“You shouldn’t be in here,” Tamara said with a shake of her head to rid herself of those images.

“Why not?” Kent smiled as he moved towards her to grab the bottle of wine. “There’s nothing between us, right?”

“Of course not, but,” Tamara nodded toward the other room, meaning that she had a room full of guests, including his current plaything, Billie. Then she asked out of curiousity, “Billie, huh?”

Kent grinned, “Yeah, she’s something. Did you see that dress? I mean, damn!”

Tamara rolled her eyes, “You really don’t have any rules. She’s my best friend.”

“Why does it bother you to see me and Billie together? I thought we were free to do whatever we wanted.”

“She’s my assistant. You’re a superior of hers at Bagley and Stephens.”

“But this isn’t work. This is my free time, and during my free time I want to be with her.”

“Really, huh? Seems like just a short while ago you wanted to be with me.”

“Yeah, I did want something like that, but you didn’t want that. I realized, why waste my time trying to commit to someone who doesn’t want me. If it’s just sex, then I can get sex without the drama. And Billie, she’s no drama, well, except that dress.” Kent said laying it on thick when all he wanted was to pull her into his arms and tell her that he will wait hell and high water to be hers.

Tamara had to call on every fiber of her being to not slap him in the face. She took a deep breath, keeping her cool exterior, “Kent, if you don’t want drama, you and that cheap backstabbing hussy should leave. I’ve had one too many drinks and if I have to see you ogling her ass for one more minute . . .”

“Hey, what’s taking so long with the wine?” Tina asked as she walked into the kitchen with an empty wine glass, then she stopped when she saw Tamara and Kent.

Kent stepped back as the look on Tamara’s face was serious and threatening. He wanted to throw his hands up in the air to tell her it was all a ruse, that he had no interest in Billie, but having Tina in the room made the tension even more heightened.

“Did I just interrupt something?” Tina asked clueless.

“No, not at all. I was just saying my goodbyes,” Kent said walking away.

Tamara opened the bottle of wine and poured herself another drink. Tina helped herself, refilling her own glass, too.

“Can you believe that guy? Showing up with that woman?” Tina said after taking a big sip.

“That is a train wreck.”

“When Kent told me that he wanted to be with someone else, I had no idea it was her,” Tina then laughed. “Actually, this is kind of funny, when he told me he was seeing someone else, I kind of thought he meant you, Tamara. I mean, you do spend a lot of time with him, all those meetings, and working late, and business trips you two take together. It would be natural for you two to form some kind of affection. But, that’s silly, right?”

Tamara took a swig of wine.

“He actually told me that he was ‘in love’ and ‘saw a future’ with this woman.  That woman? How can he see the future when he’s blinded by her big ol’ ass.”

“He told you that? That he was in love?” Tamara asked curious.

“Yeah, and that he didn’t want to string me along because this woman made him complete, or some bullshit like that.” Tina was clearly drunk and getting bolder with her speech. “That woman? That’s the woman he’s so in love with?”

“No, actually, I’m the woman. I’m the one that Kent’s in love with,” Tamara admitted then took another big drink from her glass.

“What?” Tina said in a daze. “No, he’s fucking that slut out there.”

“No, he was fucking me. We were fucking, well, until about two weeks ago.”

“Tamara, you? And Kent?” Tina asked surprised.

“Yeah, funny, right?” Tamara smiled awkwardly.

“Then why the hell is he with her?” Tina asked confused.

Tamara shrugged, “Who knows. Maybe because I drove him away, I got cold feet, and I just kept pushing him away. He said I’m ‘too much drama’. Whatever.”

Kristin walked into the kitchen, “Hey, people are leaving now. Kent just left in a hurry with Billie. We all know what that’s about,” she said knowingly.

“Good. They are actually kind of perfect for each other,” Tamara said.

“No,” Tina disagreed. “You two are perfect for each other.”

“Tamara and Kent?” Kristin asked confused.

“No.” Tamara said shaking her head.

“Tamara, yes, you are. He’s in love with you, and I kind of think you feel the same?” Tina asked.

“Wait, what? What is going on?” Kristin was very curious.

Tamara pulled out another bottle of wine, “I think we’re going to need more of this as we inaugurate the newest member of Kent James’ Dames of Shame list.”


When Tamara arrived at work on Monday, Billie’s desk was vacant and her phone was ringing. Tamara stopped to answer it. As she was doing so, Billie strolled up smiling from ear to ear.

“Good morning.” Billie sat her bag on the desk and made a show of yawning and stretching.

“Billie, you’re late.” Tamara said when she hung up the phone and walked into her office.

“Sorry, we, Kent and I, were up all night. Well, you know how it is. That man is insatiable.” Billie grinned as she followed her boss.

Tamara just couldn’t resist any longer, “Ugh! Billie, how can you be so damn stupid! He’s using you, you know.”

Billie smiled, “I know, and I’m using him. Sex is good that way.”

“Really? Knowing everything you know about Kent, you still fucked him?”

Billie stood with her hand on her hips, “Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black, or something?”

“But you knew Kent and I . . .” Tamara started then trailed off.

“You’re what? Over?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know,” Tamara said frustrated. “Yeah, if you fucked him, we’re over.”

Billie smiled, “Then relax. I didn’t fuck Kent, although I was really up for taking one for the cause,” she teased.

“What cause? What are you talking about, Billie?”

“Well, before I say anything more, you have to promise me that you’re not going to fire me.”

“I’m very tempted to do just that if you don’t explain. Just tell me what the hell is going on.”

“And remember how you owe me. All those times I covered for you as you both went off to fuck in your office.”

“Billie! “

“Okay, okay. I didn’t sleep with Kent. I just invited him to your party as my date to make you jealous. To make you open your eyes and see what you have in front of you. A really good man who’s in love with you.”

“He didn’t look like a man in love the way he was all up on you.”

Billie grinned, “You can’t blame him for that. No man can resist my freakum dress. Besides, you didn’t see him when we left. He was fuming mad and all he could talk about was you.”


“Of course, you! Tamara, admit it, you were jealous when you thought I slept with Kent. You were ready to kill me.”

“So, maybe I was jealous. Maybe I do have feelings for Kent. I can’t stop thinking about him, even when I know I shouldn’t. It’s driving me crazy! I don’t even know who I am anymore.” Tamara admitted.

“Tamara, you’re in love,” Billie explained. “Somehow during all your hot freaky sex, you fell for Kent. And he feels the same way. Go to him. Tell him how you feel.”

Tamara headed towards the door, then stopped, “And by the way, I wouldn’t have killed you, just severely hurt you.” she said before leaving her best friend in search of Kent.


When Kent walked into his office, he was surprised to see Tamara waiting for him. He wanted to go to her, sweep her up in his arms, and kiss her passionately as he confessed his love to her. Instead, he strolled in coolly, “Sorry, do we have a meeting or something? I kind of had a long weekend, you know.”

“With Billie, right?” Tamara was game to play along with his pretense.

“That girl is wild! I mean, she surely knows how to make a guy feel needed,” he said going to stand behind his desk. He thought it was best if he kept some distance between them.

“I bet she taught you a trick or two. That’s Billie.”

“Damn it, Tamara! I can’t keep doing this,” Kent admitted. “I didn’t sleep with Billie. It was all just a ruse to get you jealous enough to admit how you feel.”

“I know,” she admitted with a sly smile.

“What do you mean, you know?” Kent asked.

“I had a talk with Billie this morning. She told me all about her plan, and how I was suppose to get jealous and confess my love to you.”

“So?” Kent said waiting for her confession.

Tamara shrugged nonchalantly, “It was a good plan, in theory.”

“What do you mean, ‘in theory’?”

“I mean, if I actually had feelings for you. If I thought you were mine, exclusively.”

Kent couldn’t stay away from her any longer. He strode over to her and grabbed her waist as he brought her close to him. His lips just a breath away from hers, he spoke her name in deep need, “Tamara.”

“Yes?” Tamara asked, anticipating his kiss.

“I’ve always been yours, since the first moment I’d met you, and you have always been mine.”

“Since the first moment I’ve met you.” Tamara added.

“Then say it, Tamara.” he encouraged her.

“I love you, Kent.” Tamara finally said with a deep exhale. She felt the bubble burst and it was a joyous feeling of strength and freedom, not surrender or weakness.

“Of course you do, that’s the Kent James effect,” he teased even at this moment of heightened intimacy.

Tamara smiled, “Really? And what effect do I have on you?”

“You have the best effect on me, you’ve tamed the wild beast. I love you, Tamara.”

Tamara tingled, she loved hearing those words on his lips. God, why did he have to be so right? , she thought. And why did he still make her act like a needy wanton slut?

“Not too tamed, I hope,” Tamara grinned

Kent could see the fire in her eyes, he grinned, “You want to fuck me right now, don’t you?”

“You know I do, Kent,” she admitted pressing against his tall hard body. “It’s been too long.”

Kent’s cock immediately jumped in his pants, his restrain on the brink, as he lowered his lips to the woman he loved. With the joining of their lips, it was a completion of their declarations, as their love manifested in their actions.

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