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Love Offline

Love online moves offline.

It had started as a chance meeting in an online chat room for erotic literature. Chat soon gave way to private messaging and as the messages slowly become more suggestive emotions had started to become involved.
Months had passed and after many suggestions from both sides they had agreed to meet.

Saul stood at the platform waiting for her train to arrive. A light wind was blowing the first snowflakes of winter across the tracks as a weak sun tried to break through the clouds. He was nervous, worried about how they would feel once they saw each other for the first time. Would she like what she saw? Would he like what he saw? He liked to think that he wasn't shallow enough to be hung up on looks but he also knew that no matter how attractive someone's personality could be there had to be a flicker of physical attraction for things to work. He wanted it to work.

He caught his reflection in the ticket office window and corrected his hair for the thousandth time.
They had traded pictures numerous times. She knew how he looked, 6ft tall with shoulder length surf like blonde hair, lean and toned, with piercing blue eyes, but he worried that maybe she hadn't been honest with her photos. Would his expectations be met? Would the petite, olive skinned beauty with a broad smile and deep brown eyes be coming to join him? He could feel the worry gnawing in the pit of his stomach.

His heart jumped into his mouth as a tannoy cut through his thoughts, calling that the next train to arrive would be Jasmines. He felt the blood drain from his skin as the train slowly shuffled into view at the far end of the tracks. As the train pulled into the station he searched through the windows to try and find her, he checked every face in every seat as the windows passed by him until the last carriage passed. She wasn't there. She wasn't there? He waited at the end of the platform as the doors opened and people began to file off the train pulling their coats tight against themselves to fight off the biting cold. The sun suddenly broke through the clouds and time stopped for Saul.

Jasmine stepped from the second carriage. She looked up to the breaking clouds and then looked towards Saul, their eyes met, their gaze held and the rest of the world disappeared. They both smiled in unison, his shy and hers broad. She didn't compare to her photos. She couldn't. There was no way a photo could translate the way she moved and how she held herself.
"She's beautiful" he thought "She's perfect, please like me, please like me, please like me."
He remained rooted to his spot on the platform as she hurried over to him.
"Hey you" she offered.
"Hi" he replied, his tongue tripping over itself.
He leant forward to kiss her and then faltered unsure how to proceed. He wanted to kiss her, to pull her into his arms and kiss her deeply and to never ever stop.
"But what if she's disappointed?" he thought. "What if i'm expecting too much?"
His head moved from centre and to the right as he went to kiss her cheek. Jasmine pulled her head back and looked him in the eye.
"Saul" she spoke.
Saul felt crushed. She wasn't interested. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen, of course she wouldn't be interested.
"Kiss me properly Saul"
His heart skipped and he smiled wider than he ever had before, he felt that his cheeks would crack.
"Any time you want." he grinned.
He leaned in and kissed her lips for the first time. He felt like the world was moving in slow motion. He kissed her once softly, pulled his head back smiled and kissed her again more passionately, wrapping his arms around her he pulled her tight to him as she moaned into his mouth. Her perfume filled his senses and made him dizzy. He felt her smile in his mouth and looked back into her eyes.
"You're more beautiful than I ever could have imagined Jasmine"
She blushed and pulled her arms from around him, letting her hands run down his arms into his hands.
"Lets get out of this wind, you can take me to yours and warm me up."

In the taxi from the station they rode in silence, never taking their eyes from each other, exchanging smiles and giggles, sharing the occasional lingering kiss until eventually they arrived at Saul's house. Saul was proud of his dwellings, a small isolated cottage that stood overlooking the sea. A hidden path led down the cliffs between the rocks to a tiny bay from which he surfed every morning. When he had found it, it had been abandoned and after some wrangling with the local council he had finally managed to buy the land which it stood on and fixed up the cottage. It was humble, just two rooms but had everything he could possibly need. A bed, a bath, and a view to die for.

The weather had deteriorated on the drive over and the snow was now heavy. Large flakes fell as Saul tipped the cab driver and then Jasmine and Saul ran, throwing open the door and rushing in to the warmth inside.
Saul turned to Jasmine.
"Can I get you a drink? Tea, coffee?"
His words were cut off as Jasmine pushed him back up against the front door.
"I just want you, I've waited too long for this Saul!"
She stood up on tip toes and pushed her lips hard against his. Her lips were soft and tasted of cherry. She opened her mouth and her tongue slipped between his teeth dueling with his.
All Sauls previous shyness melted away and he pulled her to him, lifting her from the ground and walked her back toward his bed. When the backs of her legs met the bed he gently put her back down. Her tongue never left his mouth.

They scrabbled at each others clothes removing the heavy outer coats. Saul lifted her tight black jumper as soon as it appeared, lifting it over her head and tossing it to the side. She in turn pulled at the buttons on his shirt, a few popped in her hurry and fell to their feet.  Pulling the shirt down his arms Jasmine stopped to take in Sauls upper body. She knew he was a surfer and swam every morning but nothing had prepared her for how toned he was. Broad upper shoulders led to a well defined chest and flat washboard stomach. She hated muscles, there was something about men that spent too long preening over how they looked that turned her stomach but she could tell that with Saul it was an off product of doing what he loved and not something that he tried to achieve. She ran her hands across his chest, his nipples hardened as her cold fingers pulled softly on them.
"We are going to have a lot of fun you and I." she giggled looking up into his eyes.
Saul returned the laugh and took in the beauty before him.
Jasmine curled black hair reached halfway down her back. She stood before him in a black bra and tight denim jeans with knee high boots.

He leaned in and kissed the nape of her neck, reached behind her and with a single flick her bra unclasp. He leaned back and gently lowered the bra down her arms and tossed it with her top. Her breasts were the most amazing he had ever seen. He guessed she was a 32C, and as he removed the bra they hadn't dropped at all. Small brown nipples stood perfectly atop her breasts already hard and pointing at him, begging him to take them in his mouth.
"You're an angel." He whispered, and pushed her back onto the bed.
He took her right boot and pulled it free, followed by the left. She was wearing socks beneath the boots and these soon quickly joined the rest of her clothes. Lifting her feet to his mouth he kissed each of her toes.
"I didn't know you had a foot fetish" Jasmine breathed.
"I don't," Saul smiled, "I have a Jasmine fetish."
He clambered up onto the bed and again kissed her deeply, holding himself above her on his knees and elbows he slowly kissed from her lips to her cheek and down her neck. Jasmine rolled her head to her side giving him more room to go at. Saul smiled to himself as he kissed and licked at the side of her neck, gently nipping at her skin causing Jasmine to catch her breath and cry out softly. She ran her fingers into his hair and tried to pull him back to her lips but Saul had other plans and kissed at her collar bone before trailing his tongue down to her breasts.

Jasmine body rose as Saul captured her left nipple between his teeth and flicked his tongue across it before sucking it deep into his mouth and then releasing it. He slowly licked in an outgoing circle from her nipple around her areola before returning back and sucking her nipple into his mouth. Again he released it then sucked in sharply causing cold air to rush over her wet nipple. She cried out as a shiver ran from her body down to the very core of her sexuality. Saul then moved to her right nipple and repeated the process.
"Take me Saul, take me now, I need you, I need you in me"
Saul smiled mischievously.
"I'm taking my time with you."
Saul sat back and reached for Jasmine belt. Slowly he undid the buckle and pulled it open. Then opened the top two buttons of her jeans. Jasmine lifted herself so he could pull them down.
"I said I'm taking my time"
Saul backed himself off the bed and looked down at the vision before him.
Jasmines hair had splayed over the pillows in a halo around her head. Her chest was rising and falling as she looked up at him. Slowly she moved her hands to her breasts, capturing them and pulling on her own nipples.
Saul's hands went to his own belt and as he undid it he pulled it off in one motion. It dropped to the floor as he then removed his boots and socks. He undid the buttons on his jeans and Jasmine saw straight away that he was nude beneath his jeans. The shape of his penis was clear to see in his trousers. It was clear he was excited.
Saul leant forward and pulled on the bottom of Jasmine's jeans and slowly pulled them down her legs, her lace thong coming into view. It was clear that she too was excited.
"Take off your underwear." he commanded.
A glint shone in Jasmines eyes as she looked up at him, she tucked her thumbs into the hem of her thong and lifted her legs vertically off the bed pulling the thong off her.
Saul licked his lips as her smooth pussy came into view. Jasmine threw her underwear at him.
"Those are for you." She said. "So you always remember today."
Saul bunched the panties in his hand and brought them to his face, he could smell her excitement.
"I want you to open your legs Jasmine."
Jasmine looked him straight in the eyes as she slowly spread her legs for him. She had never been as excited as she was now, she was sure her heart would burst through her chest at any moment it was beating so hard.
Saul was mesmerized as slowly her pussy opened up before him. She was totally smooth. She had little brown lips that parted revealing what she truly wanted from him.
"Touch yourself." He breathed.
Jasmine gasped but her right hand left her breast and travelled down between her legs, she spread her fingers as her middle finger slipped between her lips and came back out to flick across her clit. Jasmine closed her eyelids as her eyes rolled back into her head.
"Look at me Jasmine" Saul again instructed.
Jasmines eyes shot back open and she stared straight at Saul as her finger again slipped down into pussy.
Saul stroked himself over his jeans then reached down and shucked his jeans to the floor before stepping out of them. For the first time they were naked before each other. Every fantasy the two held for the other paled in comparison to how they felt in that moment.

Jasmines eyes dropped from Sauls, down his defined body, down to the object of her desire. He was hard, very hard. Probably harder than he ever had been. His cock was tight against his stomach. He gently ran his hands over his cock.
"Tell me what you want Jasmine"
"You! I want you. I want to feel you in me. I want you to fuck me Saul"
"In time"
Saul knelt and ran his tongue slowly from her ankle to her knee, then blew cold air where he had licked. He then repeated the process on her other leg. Then from the back of her knee up her inner thigh, stopping just shy of her wet pussy, then back down her other thigh down to her knee. He traced his tongue back up and grabbing her hips he pulled her down onto his tongue, piercing her wetness.
Jasmine cried out as Saul tasted her for the first time. He scooped from the bottom of her pussy up to her clit, lapping her juices and drinking deeply.
"You taste amazing, I could drink from you forever."
Jasmine grabbed his hair in her fingers and pulled his face back into her pussy.
"Make me cum Saul, I need you"
Saul attacked her clitoris with abandon, his tongue flat against it, he rolled it as she cried his name, he caught it between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue, sucking it deep pulling it into his mouth.
Jasmine was cumming quicker than she ever had. His technique was made for her, every previous partner that she had had to try and teach, who had ever left her hanging, she had had to teach them Saul's technique. He was the one. He knew every trick she wanted.
Stars exploded behind Jasmines eyes as she came, electricity fired in every cell from her toes to the tip of her scalp, she felt like her curled hair was straightening she was cumming so hard.
"Enough, stop" She cried, "I cant take any more."
Jasmine pulled him up to her and kissed him deeply, tasting herself on his lips.
"You're turn." She smiled.
"No, this time's for you" Saul stopped her and pulled her back up.
A look of confusion spread across Jasmines face then Saul leant forward and pushed himself into her.
Jasmine gasped as he entered her and her chest rose into his.
"Fuck!" She moaned as inch by inch Saul pushed forward until he was deep into her. Her legs wrapped around his back and she clawed him, trying to pull her further into him, she didn't want the feel of him entering her to ever stop.
Saul kissed her and looked deep into Jasmines eyes.
"Its all been leading to this. Everything has happened to get us to this moment"
Jasmine returned his kiss deeply and he moved inside her.
Saul wrapped her up in his arms as he moved, pushing deep into her before pulling out until just his tip remained inside before pushing deep back into her. She was so tight around him, they fit perfectly almost as if they had been molded from the other. Jasmine sucked on his ear as he pulled him tight to her her fingers grabbing at his hair.
"Fuck me Saul, fuck me!"
Saul fucked her harder, leaning above her as he drove himself into her. He wasn't thinking he was acting on pure animal lust.
Saul rolled over onto his back pulling her on top of him. She rode him hard. Putting her full body weight onto her hands as she leant on his chest, throwing herself back against him. Jasmine felt like a virgin again, certainly sex was never like this before. This wasn't sex, this was something more.
Jasmine collapsed on top of Saul as she came again, shuddering against him.
"I want to taste you" she said as she pulled herself off him and lowered herself quickly down his body. She grabbed his cock and pulled it to her, greedily sucking her own juices from it, licking it clean.
"We taste great" She laughed.
She went back down on him. Circling the crown of his cock with her tongue she pushed it down the base as she took him into her mouth.
Saul moved her hair from around her face so he could watch.
Slowly she rose and fell on his penis, slowly picking up speed. She looked up at him looking down at her and smiled around his cock, before focussing again on sucking him. She pulled him from her mouth as she took his balls in her mouth, sucking on each one as she jacked him off with her palm.
"I'm gonna cum!" Saul moaned.
"Yes, cum for me, I wanna taste you" Jasmine cried.
"No, I want to cum deep in you the first time" Saul moaned as her pulled her off him and turned her on all fours.
Jasmine cried out as he entered her from behind. He was able to go so much deeper this way, she had never felt as full. Saul pulled back on her hips pulling her further onto him and started quickly fucking her.
"I want to see your eyes when you cum" She moaned as she was thrown around on the bed, "Oh God fuck me Saul"
Saul felt it building, the pressure started behind his eyes and travelled down his spine. He turned Jasmine over onto her back.
"Cum for me, give it to me, I want to feel you cum in me Saul"
Saul stared into her eyes and then smiled. His cum blasted into her. Jasmine felt every rope enter her. As the first hit she came again.
"Oh fuck Saul" They shook together collpasing on each other, stars burst and sparks flew over them.
Slowly life returned around them.
Nether spoke a word as they looked at each other, breathing deeply and smiling. They lay together catching their breath.
"Are you the one?" Jasmine asked.
"No," replied Saul "you are."



This is my first story and is the by-product of a lazy Christmas afternoon when my office was dead. I hope you enjoyed it. Please rate it and give me any feedback... its ALL constructive. 

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