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Lovers' First Time

Rhonda and Eric decide to take their relationship further
Rhonda felt dizzy, short of breath and incredibly aroused.

She clung to her boyfriend Eric as they kissed on his couch. He had her pressed back against the arm rest, one hand on her hip the other on the back of her neck as if afraid she was going to pull away. His tongue was deep in her mouth and Rhonda could hear soft little grunts of pleasure coming from deep in his throat.

Eric finally broke their kiss but immediately moved his lips to her neck. Rhonda took advantage of the break and breathed deeply at the same time bending her neck to give him easier access.

His hand left her throat and she expected him to grab her breast at any moment - he had been looking at them all night – but instead it moved down even further to grasp her knee. He lifted himself and pushed her leg to the side.

“Oh my god,” she groaned as he pressed his groin against hers. She lifted her knees and before even thinking squeezed her thighs around him, not even caring that her skirt was up to her waist now.

It was then that Eric took a deep breath and seemed to settle somewhat. He had been going at her for the past five minutes quite forcefully and while she enjoyed it she was glad that he was consciously trying to calm himself at least a little.

“Rhonda,” he whispered, then ran his tongue up her neck.


He lifted his face to look down at her. “I really like you.”

She smiled. “I really like you too, Eric.”

“We’ve been going out for a month now,” he said.


“Well, do you think we could…spend the night together?”

“You mean tonight?”

“Yeah,” he said, laughing nervously.

“Yes,” she said. “I’d like that.”

He smiled widely and she saw his eyes drop. Her lips parted when his hand moved under her blouse. She felt his palm cover her breast and squeeze gently. Before she could enjoy it he pulled his hand away but only to move it beneath the material of her bra. Once his hand was on her bare flesh he squeezed again, a bit harder.

Without even bothering to pull her blouse off, he lifted the material and seconds later Rhonda gasped as his lips met her hard nipple. His tongue rubbed her as he sucked greedily. His hand curved around her mound and squeezed as he sucked.

“Oh my god,” she groaned, startled by how aroused this made her. She had had her tits sucked before, but when Eric did it…she didn’t know if she could wait to get to the bedroom.

She grasped his head and he groaned in surprise when she lifted his face to hers and kissed him quite passionately. He moaned once again when she sucked his tongue into her mouth, fellating it aggressively. His fingers met her wet nipple and rubbed as they kissed.

She almost protested when he took his hand away. When she felt that same hand digging into her panties she continued to kiss him, spreading her legs even wider.

It was her turn to moan loudly as he slipped two fingers into her very wet cunt. He lifted himself slightly to give himself a better angle. His thumb found her clit and it was then that he began to thrust his fingers inside of her.

Rhonda had to break their kiss now. Her cries started immediately. She lifted her hips in time to his strokes which were becoming deeper and faster.

“Yes!” she yelled weakly. “Yes, Eric! Oh god!”

“Ah shit,” he whispered. “This is so fucking hot.” He buried his face in her neck and she buried her fingers in his hair as he bit and sucked at her throat.

She held onto him as he fucked her with his hand, his arm moving like a piston. “Ah Jesus, I’m going to come!” she cried desperately. “I’m going to come!” She yelled again but nothing intelligible came out as she bucked against his hand.

“Ah god,” he rasped, laughing, sounding very shaky. “You are so hot. I need to fuck you, Rhonda. Please, now.”

“Yes,” she said, slightly whimpering, her head still buzzing from the pleasure still coursing through her.

He pulled her panties off of her and threw them on his floor. She heard him undoing his jeans but before she could even lift her head to look at him, he was between her open thighs.

She reached down to grasp his bare ass but found he hadn’t even taken the time to lower his jeans fully. She moved her hands under the denim and squeezed his cheeks as he slid his cock inside of her with one deep thrust. They both yelled in pleasure.

Rhonda opened her eyes and looked up at him as he fucked her. He gazed down at her as well, breathing harshly. He moved fast, plowing into her with abandon and despite all of Rhonda’s romantic notions, she loved that they were so overwhelmed with passion that their first time was a hard fast fuck on his couch.

He held himself deep inside when he came, clenching his eyes shut as he cried out. Rhonda moaned, feeling his cock spasm inside of her, filling her with his come.

“Ah god,” he rasped, finally breathing again. He fell atop of her gently, wrapping his arms about her. He groaned softly, thrusting his hips forward, trying to hold himself inside of her as long as he could. “Oh Rhonda, that was so good.”

“Mmm,” was her only answer.

“Will you suck my cock tonight?” he whispered.


“Will you let me come in your mouth?”


When his breathing was normal, his hands began to move over her again despite the fact that his cock had finally fell out of her. She helped him remove her blouse and bra leaving her naked beneath him and she closed her eyes as his lips, tongue and hands explored her breasts.

She moved her own hands under his t-shirt to clutch at his back and he pulled away just long enough for her to pull it over his head. He kissed her then and she dug her fingers into his skin.

She felt his cock twitching already and asked him to let her be on top. He agreed and it wasn’t long before she was sitting up and riding him. His hands continued to roam over her body, squeezing her breasts, flicking her nipples. He lowered one hand and she cried out as his fingers slid between her pussy lips to find her swollen clit.

She came on his cock, crying out softly, making her limp. He sat up then, pushing her off. He spun her around, draped her across the opposite arm rest and proceeded to pump into her pussy from behind, pounding her just as hard as their first time.

He yelled a strangled cry when he came for the second time and moments later, he collapsed backwards onto the couch.

When she could, Rhonda stood and looked down at her new lover. She smiled, finding it rather amusing that his jeans were still on him, although pushed halfway down his thighs now.

She helped him finish undressing and it was then that they finally went to his bedroom after making a quick stop in his bathroom to shower. He wanted that blow job and she said she didn’t think she could until he cleaned up a bit.

Eric was an aggressive lover and Rhonda found herself doing things she never thought she would. Swallowing come was completely new to her and so was having a dick up her ass.

But he made her come – oh god, how he made her come – and never had she had so many orgasms with her lovers as she did with Eric. When she fell asleep around 3:00 the next morning, she fell asleep with a smile on her face and her boyfriend pressed against her back, his hand clutching her between the legs.

“Faster, Rhonda, fuck me faster.”

“I – I’m trying,” she breathed, striving to buck on top of Eric even faster than she already was. She was backwards in his lap, riding his fat cock. It was late the next afternoon, their third time to join.

“Ah god!” he yelled, suddenly clutching her hips tightly. “Ah fuck yeah, yeah, that’s it! Keep going!”

She yelled in both pleasure and frustration and yelled “Yes!” when he finally came, relieved. His stamina was amazing but she was exhausted.

And so twenty minutes later when she felt his new erection pressing against her thigh, she whined almost in agony.

“My god Eric,” she rasped around his passionate kiss. “How long can you go?”

“Are you complaining?” he asked, laughing softly.

“I don’t know,” she said, but smiled. “I – I am so tired.”

“Then let me take over,” he said, grasping her knee to push her legs wide.

“If you want to fuck again, you’ll have to,” she said.

“I think I want to make love to you now,” he said, moving over her.

“Oh yes,” she said softly as he pushed his erection deep inside of her again.

He rocked her body gently, kissing her constantly. His passion overwhelmed her and when he finally yelled loudly thirty minutes later, she was coming down from her third orgasm.

“That is it,” he rasped, breathing heavier than when he had pounded her mercilessly from behind just an hour ago. “I am spent.”

“You are such a wonderful lover,” she gasped.

“Glad you stayed the night?”


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