Lover's Reunion 3

By Navin

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A reunion moves a step farther.
Deb and I had been together for two months since our amazing reunion. We spent every free moment together, but unfortunately, those free moments had become fewer and fewer. The time demands of my job meant that our free time together was diminishing.

I could see that the Deb was getting more and more disappointed that we weren’t spending more time together. I was determined to make it up to her somehow. Then, an opportunity arose.

I found a window in my schedule for a long weekend. I had to work fast. I decided that we would go to the coast for a romantic weekend. I made the arrangements and dropped by to see Deb at her office.

When I got there, her face was beaming with delight. “What are you doing here, babe. I thought you were all tied up today?” she said.

“When are you free today, Deb?” I asked.

She told me she was off in 10 minutes. I told her to grab her coat and follow me, because we were going to take some “WE” time. She smiled, wondering what surprises I had in store this time. When her work day ended, I hustled her to the car.

I signaled the driver to take off as we hopped in the back. Deb noticed that her bag was with us in the back seat. As we sped off, Deb hugged me so tight. We kissed, our mouths locked together, never wanting the kiss to end. We both moaned as our hands were all over each other.

When we finally broke the kiss, I told Deb that this weekend was just about us and not to expect any wild orgies or sex fantasies come true. This weekend was “WE TIME”. Deb hugged me so tightly, her eyes full of desire and love.

By the time we got to the coast, it was dark outside. We could hear the waves crashing on the coastline, but seeing them would have to wait for morning. We checked in quickly, and hurried to our cottage. When we got in, we found a beautiful room with a massive fireplace, big screen TV, and a large whirlpool tub twenty feet away from the king size bed.

As we dropped our bags, I started a crackling fire in the fireplace and Deb checked out the tub. When I looked up, she was shedding her clothes and had the tub filling. I started shedding my clothes as well. After adjusting the temperature, we both hopped in. We were giggling like teenagers.

We kissed and hugged and fondled each other as the tub filled. When it was full, I started the jets. We continued kissing. My fingers found Deb’s smooth pussy mound and I began playing with her sexy lips. Her hand immediately found my hard cock. In between kisses, we stared into each other’s eyes as we continued masturbating each other.

The feelings welling up inside me were so intense. I knew that Deb was the only woman that I would ever love. I wanted her so very badly. I pulled her to my lap. She sat on me with her back to me. I wrapped my arms around her and we sunk deeper into the bubbles, enjoying the warmth of the water and our bodies pressed together.

We sat there, cheek to cheek. I caressed her breasts and rolled her sensitive nipples between my fingers. Deb moaned and ground her firm ass against my stiff cock. She turned her head to me and we kissed softly again and again.

After twenty sexy, relaxing minutes, we hopped out of the tub and dried each other off. We quickly hopped under the covers, hugging and kissing, enjoying the roaring fire.

It was nice to take our time. We had the whole weekend to enjoy each other. We made love the first time that night slowly and sensually with only the fireplace glow lighting our bodies. Deb looked so lovely bathed in the firelight. As she straddled my hips, my hard cock was enveloped by her wet pussy. Our bodies worked together with each thrust sending wonderful electric charges through our bodies. Neither of us wanted those feelings to end, but soon we both came as hard as the waves crashing outside of our cottage.

Deb collapsed on top of me. We held each other tight. She rolled to my side and we cuddled together and soon fell asleep. We woke in the morning when the room service I ordered the night before arrived. We enjoyed breakfast and talked about what we would do that day.

We spent the day just enjoying each other’s company. We walked the beach holding hands, watching the seabirds, and loving the cool brisk wind in our faces. We did a little sightseeing and in the late afternoon we headed back to the room to get cleaned up for dinner.

As we dressed, I noticed that Deb didn’t put on any underwear. I smiled and indicated that I knew she wasn’t wearing panties, and Deb told me she wanted to relive our reunion meeting at the restaurant. My cock started to get hard in my pants.

As we were seated at the restaurant, Deb wasted no time fishing my cock out of my pants. As she stroked me, I moved my hand under her dress. Her pussy was soaking wet. I leaned over and whispered to Deb, “I need to fuck you now.” We both got up and told the waiter I had forgotten my wallet and would return soon.

We left the restaurant. I stopped at the car for a blanket and we walked toward the beach. It was cold, but we were both on fire. We found a spot relatively secluded from the wind, and spread out the blanket. We snuggled together. I got between Deb’s legs and pushed my hard cock deep in her pussy. We fucked wildly. The passion drove us to quick, intense orgasms. We decided to skip dinner and hurried back to the cottage for another night of lovemaking.

The next day, we spent the entire last full day in the room. We’d fuck, then relax, and then fuck some more. It was the most luxurious, intense, and sensual day I have ever had. I enjoyed her in every way that I could imagine and I knew that I never wanted to be apart again.

As we were lying in bed that night, after yet another mind-blowing orgasm, I reached over to the nightstand next to the bed. I grabbed the engagement ring that I intended for my beloved. I presented it to her and said, “Would you do me the honor of making me the happiest man and the world, and agree to be my wife?”

Deb burst into tears and shook her head yes. We embraced tightly. Our mouths locked together in a deep emotional kiss. After all of these years, I had finally found my soulmate. I knew I could never let her go again.