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Loving Carlton

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I always felt the heaviness of his sexual release pool at my internal base
The dim light of the room was enough to highlight Carlton's body lying under the covers of our bed. His long frame was silhouetted delicately as the sheet and blanket draped over his naked body. Every muscle of his slender frame was showing through the somewhat thin fabric placed over him. The contoured mound of his manhood, prominently showing, was highly erotic and stimulating. My pussy began to water slowly as I stood in the doorway just staring at my new husband.
I leaned against the molding of our room door and felt one of my firm little breasts with my hand. My nipple instantly hardened as I pressed onto my small mound with which God had blessed me. I stared at my sleeping husband as I massaged my breast and felt the heat flow into my stiff nipple. The tiny bumps around my areola puckered as well and I silently moaned as my fingertip rolled around it.

My pussy was now slick with my internal naturalness. I felt the warm trickle of my inner desire flow out and coat my now engorging inner lips. My outer folds of personal smoothness began to warm gently also. On instinct, I ran my hand between my legs and slowly covered what was there. My middle finger sank slightly into my personal crevice. It was warm and damp and my finger was generously coated with my wetness.

As I stared at Carlton lying there on the bed, I slowly slid my finger through my pussy lips. The soft warmth of my pussy as I glided my finger through myself sent feelings roaring all over my body. The tiny hairs that covered my skin raised and the tingling chill that I could only describe as that, covered my whole being. I closed my eyes as my hand covered my tender entrance. It was warmth upon warmth as I felt the blood vessels pulse my sensitive spot.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder and another cover my hand between my legs. There was a warm breath on the back of my neck and then the touch of hot soft lips upon my skin there at the same time. Carlton had joined me.

I did not open my eyes. I let my husband feel me. I felt my husband's hot body tenderly touch mine. His damp skin tenderly brushing mine sent desire rushing through me. Carlton slowly pressed his erection against my body and I could feel it throb as the blood rushed through it.

Carlton slowly planted tender kisses to the back of my neck. His warm lips felt good on my skin and the tingles from his loving touch made me shiver in delight. I tilted my head to the side slightly and Carlton moved lower with his lips. His hand suddenly replaced mine that covered my tenderness. The jolt of Carlton's hand on my place of sensualness made me moan with euphoric pleasure.

Slowly, Carlton ran a finger through my hot wet divide. My hot core flowed onto his finger as he moved it up and down, letting it sink into my soft pink fold. I felt my vertical line fold over his finger, contouring to the shape of his digit sliding easily through my sexual lips. I felt my clit come to life and my hood peel back exposing it.

Carlton ran his fingertip over my hard pink sensitive knob of pleasure. I shivered and let the moan escape my lips as he felt my moist pleasure point. Then his other hand covered one of my small breasts and he squeezed hard. My nipple, as hard as it already was, filled with more blood and felt as if it was going to actually pop off my body. The intense feeling made my body quiver.

Suddenly and with a swift move, Carlton swung me around. I made a little whimper as he did. Now, I was looking at him. His handsome face was smooth and his eyes were now an even deeper blue. It was very becoming. I touched his cheek softly and ran my fingertip over his lips. Carlton looked at me with that caring look he often had; the look I fell in love with the moment we met. He wrapped his arms around my delicate warm body and brought his lips to mine. He kissed me tenderly and long and I felt my breath leave my lungs like it always did. Carlton knew just how to leave me breathless.

My body pressed softly upon his as we kissed. His long hard erection pressed upon my smooth mound that led to my partition of passion. My firm meager frontal mounds pressed into his warm chest. My hard nipples touched his as our bodies collected each other's sensual heat. I never got tired of that feeling.

Carlton ran his hands over the soft roundness of my ass and I felt my feet leaving the floor. I wrapped my legs around his waist and and rested my head in the crook of his neck and shoulder and let him carry me to our bed. As he laid me down on the satin sheets, my fingers trailed a path down his broad chest. Carlton straddled my top half with his arms as he looked into my eyes. My long hair splayed along the pillow and I smiled at him as I spread my legs to accept him once again.

My body shivered from the jolt of Carlton piercing my womanly entrance. That initial insertion was what I looked forward to the most. The feel of his erect hard round head poking through my pink membrane always filled me with a lovingly intense pressure that showed me what he felt for me. In return, my body passionately gripped him as he slowly filled me.

I let out a whimper as Carlton's body finally connected to mine, touching my tender shaved Venus. I scraped my nails on his back in a soft touch as the feeling of him touching my skin sent tingles through me. Carlton groaned as I did and began rocking on my body slowly as he always did. I felt every ridge of his long erection in my sensitive supple walls as he slid out. When he slid back into me, I moaned long and soft as the pressure filled me once again. The warmth of his cock inside me made me glad he was my man and I was his woman.

I scraped my fingernails long and slow and harder along his back as he continued the slow rhythmic movement into me. My breathing quickened as he pulsed inside my pussy. I could feel each beat of his heart in his hard cock buried deep inside me. It was not only the rhythm of love that pounded there, but also the passion he felt for me. I became wetter and wetter as my love for him coated his hardness. This was what making love truly felt like.

Then, even through my sensual moans, the slick slurping sounds came from me as Carlton slipped in and out and resonated off the walls in our room. The sound of our lovemaking was beautiful. The slapping of our bodies together every insertion Carlton made into me reverberated in my ears and made me bite my bottom lip. The plunging tones from wet friction as his rock hard cock filled me made my body writhe with pleasure under Carlton. He was the only guy that made me feel like he did.

I gripped the sheets into my fists as I felt myself getting ready to cum. Carlton's movements even began to slow as I could actually feel him getting close. My clit was pounding against him every time he sank deeper into me. I began to breathe deeper and quicker as my climax sprang forth. Carlton was almost at a snail's pace as he began to let his spasm fill his manhood in my womanhood. I felt him get even harder as he entered the point of no return. I felt little bursting spasms happen and slowly leak all over Carlton's now throbbing cock inside me. We were about to cum in unison again. God, I loved how we almost always did that. It was such a passionate euphoric feeling.

Then as Carlton paused and grunted and I felt his first warm jetting spurt land deep inside me, I moaned loudly as my body tensed and my pussy released it's gooey lushness at the same time. Carlton's cock pulsed inside me, releasing his hot core as mine soaked him. I felt like a sponge soaking up each one of his hot streams that trickled down my carnal canal. Carlton always released so much thick goodness, I always felt the heaviness of his sexual release pool at my internal base. That feeling never got old. And I hoped it never did.

My body began to relax in sexual gratification under Carlton as he waited for himself to subside inside me as he always did after he had expelled himself. The feeling of his cock going from hard to soft inside me felt so wonderful. And God,when he slid it out! The slide of his softness on my wet sensitive walls was so tantalizing. It was a feeling that I could never describe. But it was what always happened afterwards that made the moment even better.

Carlton would turn on his side as I faced my back towards him and take me in his arms. His body would wrap around my tiny frame and he'd hold me all night long. I always intertwined my hand into his and held it then closed my eyes. As his heartbeat pounded a rhythm against my body, I'd fall asleep to it knowing that our love would be just as strong when we awoke together in the morning.

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