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Magic in her eyes

She came for a job, but got much more.
“I can type over 100 words per minute” she said, shifting in her chair. There is magic in her eyes, I thought.

“I can file your papers, I'm good at short hand during business meetings.”

Sparkling, dancing, teasing, tempting. Fascinating whirlpools, drawing me in.

“And I can entertain you or clients when needed. I would take this job seriously, Greg”.

I leaned back in my chair, unable to release my stare. I mumbled something about needing to ask her more questions, not really aware of my words. This rare, incomprehensible happening: to see a person for the first time and to be irrationally overwhelmed, entranced, captivated. I told her that her entertaining skills would be invaluable to my clients, but my voice seemed distant and almost not a part of me. I wanted this woman with every fibre of my being. My body was tense and glowing. I could feel growing hardness, intense desire, and feelings that I could neither name nor describe.

Incredibly, she rose and came towards me. She released the belt of her coat to reveal just her underclothes beneath – but I did not want her in underclothes, I wanted her naked.

Her eyes discovered my hardness and her soft hands released it.

“Amy,” I breathed. I took her hands and held them tightly. Oh yes, I wanted her, but I wanted to prolong this unsought experience indefinitely. She is worth more than a few cheap minutes on a desk, and I have more to give than a swift climax and the disappointment of having missed something that could have been inexpressibly beautiful.

“Amy, come with me.” I adjusted my clothing, and looking directly into those eyes, I wrapped her coat around her again, took her hand and led her away.

The restaurant was small, quiet and discrete, and we found a table in an alcove. We savoured the exquisite dryness of a white wine from the Valley of the Loire as we talked about Canada, Florida and France, of poetry and music, of books and of films, and all the while we gazed into each other’s souls and hardly knew what we ate. Beneath the table my feet enclosed hers, whilst above, tentative, accidental touchings of fingers became entwinings, and we both knew that we wished to be entwined completely.

Who know what time we left, or how long it was before we closed my door behind us and left the rest of the world outside to get along without us? Who knows for how long we kissed? It was almost an eternity – with my lips I explored every feature of her mouth, her lips, her tongue; tasting, savouring something more exquisite than any wine. Out tongues danced a deliciously slow waltz of desire as I gently removed her clothes and mine and pulled her beautiful softness into me.

Oh that kiss, we wanted it to never cease. But that body – that skin, that warm, pulsating creature, that woman who was becoming a part of me, oh how I desired all of her. My lips traveled. I kissed her neck and shoulders. I laid her on the bed and devoured her breasts. I fondled her nipples with my lips and coaxed them to grow and harden as her body began to squirm beside me. My hands enclosed those silken breasts as I made love to them and her fingers, with growing urgency, grasped my hair. I explored the length and breadth of her with my lips, my tongue and my hands, which slowly traveled ever closer to the core.

How wet she was. How wet, hot and sweet. To kiss her there! To pull that lovely bud between my lips and feel it grow! To dart my tongue in and out of that cavern of delight!

Now Amy was writhing, hips rising as I teased and tantalised, drinking in the superlative wine from the valley of this lovely woman.

Then I stopped. “Please!” she pleaded, pulling my head to her again. But I escaped her grasp and lay beside her, my head next to her groin and hers next to mine. Swiftly I pulled her onto me so that I could continue my attentions to her, but now from below; and just as swiftly she understood and I felt her wonderful lips enclose my eager length. And oh, thank goodness for an intelligent woman. She was gentle and sweet. No desperate sucking and plunging to bring an early conclusion to our ecstasy, but the most loving, delicate oral caresses. And now I could feel a tension rising in her – a slow contraction of muscles, then quickening, faster and faster as her body twisted. I felt that vital pulse of her vibrate and orgasm between my lips, while her hot tide washed over me.

Her body drooped and I took myself from under her. Whilst still kneeling and emitting uncontrollable, sensual moans of pleasure, she cushioned her head on the bed. I gently knelt behind her and feeling bigger and harder than I could ever remember, I began to push into her. It was so wet, so wet. Gently I entered her as her moans began to increase again. I slid in further, then further – very slowly, but not stopping. I held her hips so that I could penetrate to the very depth of her, and as if I had struck a musical chord she sang out a long, long "ahhhh" that seemed to go on and never end. And then I began to pump, slowly out then in and out, in and out, gathering strength and speed as the music rose in the air, louder and louder, a duet now, a wonderful, carnal harmony.

I wanted her in my arms. I turned her over so quickly she had no time to protest. I thrust myself into her to the very hilt, arms tightly around each other, and pounded, pounded, pounded until I exploded within her as she screamed the electrifying scream of erotic passion.

She got the job. But who cares about 100 words a minute?

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