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Just a fictional story.

It’s funny in the non-funny kind of way how one little word can be so many things and create both pleasure and pain.

Personally, I prefer magic, one moment it’s there and the next it’s gone.

“Kiss me quickly my legs are like jelly!” I tell you and before the word jelly is out, your lips are on mine and you taste just as good as I imagined you would.

The kiss is perfect and though I might have convinced myself it was if it weren’t, it simply felt too right for a wordsmith like me to describe.

The noises that consumed me a few moments ago have disappeared and all I can hear now is the beat of my jittery heart. (God I feel sick) but it’s true therefore it has to be said.

Most of us have the power to choose certain things nowadays, we have the power to choose who we date, who we want to speak to every day, who will be our friends for a long time to come, and who we will only call if things start to go wrong, there’s just one thing we don’t have the power to choose and that one thing is the most important thing of all.

I’m a cynic nowadays and I would only quietly admit to myself that I’m crazy about you, you would still know of course, but it would only be my eyes that betrayed me and maybe I would cling to you a little bit too long after an orgasm, nothing too obvious.

I can’t call it love making because the term makes me want to bite off my own tongue, I don’t however want to call it “Fucking” either because a fuck is cheap, any day of the week you can get one and it leaves a nasty taste like the hangover from a cheap bottle of red.

I settle for “I want you” it’s simple but effective! Your reply makes me smile “You can have me” you say but really I can’t, not the way I would like. This is magic remember and though magic is wonderful, I’m no fool, it’s just an illusion, it fades to become something fantastic from once upon a time.

Your hands are cold and whilst I can’t feel it, my hair is soft and warm to the touch. Your brush it behind my ear and I screw up my face with a lopsided grin as you look at me up close. I can’t bare the scrutiny and I kiss you again, call it a distraction.

I kiss you ever so gently and as you respond our eyes smile to one another, they know!

“I want you I want you I want you damn it!” over and over in my head it’s all I can hear and when I have you because I never really will, I will still want you, that’s how it’s supposed to work when you want someone. Do you remember?

I’m starting to look flustered, I look down at myself and my chest has a taken on a new colour, only I know it’s a sign of arousal or is that still me being naïve?

I bite my lip and look up at you it’s an amber light and I can’t wait anymore, don’t you see!

I breathe all of you in and when I exhale my breath is shaky, with it comes a noise that you’d only recognise if you heard it. I hate this part but I have a tingling sensation working it’s way towards the very part of me that wants so badly to meet you, it’s an utter compulsion that would ruin this if my big mouth didn’t already take care of it.

I know it’s crude but the fuck thing just went out of the window along with the innocence I remember from once upon a time and now I want you so much I want to scream it to you until you just make this craving stop, until you have no choice but to take me like you’ve never imagined. I won’t scream though because I haven’t quite passed over into being completely socially incapable but can you hear it?

“Please!” I say and now I look pathetic, horny but pathetic, at that moment I know that I will cry out when you plunge into me, I will beg you over and over again, you wont know what I’m begging for so you’ll keep ploughing into me over and over, harder and harder, and the begging will continue, it’ll become more urgent so you’ll keep obliging me until we reach a level you didn’t know existed and then you’ll explode into me and I’ll be sated by your pleasure, not my own.

Perhaps I’ll cry a little bit but you wouldn’t know.

I squeeze my legs together now and the moisture is all desire. I haven’t yet imagined the look on your face when I first take all of you into my throat with more enthusiasm than you could muster up if you were able to actually do it yourself!

As soon as I start to imagine the expression you’d wear whilst looking down at me on my knees, I start to also imagine the look you’d have when I look over my shoulder at you on all fours and beg you to fuck my arse hard, the look of bewilderment that would arouse me as you reach the very depths of me and I rock back and forth striving to take more. The look on your face when you lose yourself as I scream that I want your delicious cum in there!

I’m beyond words now and when you really do lift me onto the table and drive yourself slowly towards my need, you put your finger to my lips and hush me.

I watch your face as you make your first journey in.

You continue to watch as you slide in and out, my muscles clinging to you each time and I wonder how much longer I can keep quiet for. I decide to give us both some extra visual stimulation and I spread myself open so we can see the juices coating us both. I can’t resist touch and then taking my fingers to my lips and sucking the taste of our combined juices.

Pleased with the taste, I go for a second helping, this time for you.

“Fuck!” I can’t keep my mouth shut. “Fuck me harder!” I cry and already it sounds like pleading. You don’t need telling twice but I continue to beg, we I knew I would.

My feet are over your shoulders now and your cock bruises my cervix as you give me what I want.

I writhe around like a deranged person beneath you. It overwhelms me and I abandon myself to the feeling that’s growing with every thrust.

Ready to let go of it, I let my head fall to the side. I focus and explode inside.

Juices squirt from somewhere I’ve never seen and spasms grab and release you in a welcome frenzy until you become paralysed by your own explosion and fill my belly with your frothy seed.

Let’s imagine now for story purposes that one of us says something funny, something cute but not so cute it induces cringing.

“Erm? I know.”

I say “Did I mention I want you?” and your response, too perfect for real life is

“Didn’t I already say you could have me?”

A perfect note to end on.

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