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Maison Des Lilas

Daphne falls in love with a mysterious girl.
Daphne was standing at the mall, trying to imagine herself in the baby blue bra in her hands. She wanted to get herself something special - after all, she would turn 20 in just two weeks. It was made of satin, and Daphne liked the smooth texture. But why underwear? Who would she wear it for anyway? A cheeky grin emerged on her face.

Daphne had no girlfriend, since her ex, Lola, had left just three weeks before. Daphne felt a sting of pain, as she thought about it. Lola was hot, but unimaginative. Daphne's little games in bed had become to much for her. Still it didn't mean as much any more. Daphne imagined herself lying on silk sheets wearing the blue satin bra. She would be there.

Daphne giggled. She, that girl she had seen nearly everyday at the bus station for the last week. Daphne took that bus everyday to college, but the girl had never appeared before now. She figured the girl had to be going to the same college, as she also got of on the same stop, but from there on she always took a detour. Daphne thought she had seen a glimpse of her on campus, but she wasn't sure.

There where quite a few colleges here and the region was flooded with young, horny, lesbian girls - so why was she so interested in this one when there were many others she could easily get easily? Daphne knew both boys and girls wanted her. She was tall with dark red hair, big green eyes, perky D-cups and a warm golden tan. She bought the blue bra and matching panties, and made her way to the bus stop hoping, by chance, she would meet her.

It was a warm sunny summer day. She went by the bus stop any time, she had the chance. Today there was no one there. It wasn't surprising. This was not a busy neighbourhood. Still, Daphne was sad. It was becoming more than lust. It was a crush. She sat down on the bench with the shopping bag in her hands. She didn't even know her name. She panicked a little, for what if today was the day she would never see her again?

As Daphne sat there by herself, she heard a quiet pacing. The mysterious girl arrived and sat down by her side. Daphne went mad. She was so close, she could hear her breath and smell her scent of rose soap and shampoo. "Hi," the word just flew out of her. The girl slowly lifted her head. She was so wonderful. She had dark brown eyes, black straight hair, a petite frame and extremely pale, porcelain skin. She was like a beautiful sad doll.

"Hi," she replied.

She seemed to very shy - even maybe afraid to talk to Daphne.

"What's your name? I've seen you around," said Daphne.

"Prima," she answered.

"What a strange name," thought Daphne. "Hi, Prima. I'm Daphne."

Prima went back to starring at the ground, while Daphne wondered what to say next.

"I've seen you too," said Prima. She had a slight accent.

"I know I just talked to you, but do you want to hang out or something?"

Daphne's heart stood still while she waited for a reply. Prima looked around as if she was nervous of something.

"I. I don't. I mean I shouldn't." Prima and Daphne locked eyes. "Well, that is. I have to get home. But maybe. Why not?"

She smiled timidly. Daphne smiled back.

 "Come on," Daphne said.

It was about seven am. Daphne knew this as she frequently checked the time, but she was happy that Prima did not, because it was clear that their time together would have been shorter. As soon as Prima relaxed, she became so fun and bubbly.

They had gone to a cafe, looked around in stores, but what surprised Daphne was that Prima carried nearly no money and had no cellphone. Eventually Prima realised what the time was. "Oh God, Oh God," she panicked. Daphne followed her out as she wondered why she was so nervous. But she didn't ask.

"I have to go home, Daphne." said Prima. Daphne didn't want to let her go.

"Can't I go with you?" she asked. Prima shook her head violently. "Just on the bus then? Until you get off? I'll just take another back again?" Daphne continued.

"If you want," said Prima. She was shaking. Daphne took her in her arms and held her. "I know about you. I know this was a date. I didn't want it to end,"

Prima sobbed. Daphne leaned in and they kissed softly. The bus arrived and both girls got on. They went all the way to the back of the bus despite the fact that there were only three other passengers who all sat in the very front. They wanted some privacy.

Prima was still sobbing quietly, but mostly because she was so moved by Daphne's proposal to escort her. They sat down where they were nearly out of even the drivers view. Daphne took Prima's hand.

"I... I don't think. They wouldn't approve," said Prima.

"Who wouldn't?" asked Daphne. "Just let go of everything. We'll do whatever you want to." Prima squeezed her hand, and then leaned in to kiss her.

"This is so silly," said Prima.

"Have you never wanted a girl?" said Daphne.

"No, I mean... I'm only 18. I haven't even..." said Prima.

"What? You haven't even what?" said Daphne.

She didn't have to ask. She had never been with a girl who was a virgin before. The idea was exciting and a little terrifying. But Prima did not give her time to consider further because she gently pulled her in. They both knew it could not be more right. Prima held Daphne tight as they kissed, their tongues passionately dancing with each other.

Daphne could feel Primas hard nipples through Prima's blue summer dress and wondered if Prima could feel hers too. Daphne's hand caressed Prima's bare thighs and made it way up under the knee-long dress to her hips. Prima lay down on the seats with Daphne on top, and so they both disappeared completely from view.

"Go on," said Prima.

Daphne pulled the blue dress up and revealed Prima's wet white panties. She let her hand slide down across Prima's stomach and rested it there with but a a thin fabric between her hand and Prima's untouched womanhood.

Daphne was unaware that the top buttons in her white shirt had opened and gave Prima the view of her beautiful curves. They locked eyes. Daphne kissed Prima's body from neck to panty line, and then pulled the panties down. Prima's pussy shivered slightly with excitement, like a small bird it was with a few soft feathers. Daphne lifted Prima's legs up, which completely unveiled Prima.

"You're so beautiful," Daphne said.

"Be with me," answered Prima.

Daphne bent down and slit her tongue in Prima, pressing her tongue slightly against her unpopped cherry. Prima moaned a little. Daphne put her tongue to good use. Prima raised her ass a bit, urging the girl eating her pussy to continue.

Daphne circled her clit. She wasn't about to let her come yet. She stopped and looked up at Prima, who looked back curiously. Daphne moved up and they made out, Prima tasting her own pussy on Daphne's lips. Prima cautiously caressed Daphne's breasts through the shirt.

They giggled, and the driver yelled, "Quiet back there!".

It excited them both, doing each other in hiding.

Daphne began rubbing Prima. With the other hand she held her across the mouth as Prima was about to come and might give them away. Prima's body shook in Daphne's arms, and an expression of love and gratitude.

"I'll take you completely the next time we meet," whispered Daphne.

"No. Now," moaned Prima.

"Next time," said Daphne as she wanted to insure there would be a next time.

"I can't. I mean," said Prima.

"Yes?" answered Daphne.

But Prima did not answer. Instead she unbuttoned Daphne's shirt completely and revealed her breast, as she wore no bra. She kissed them passionately.

"She is trying to convince me," thought Daphne.

Prima began biting slightly in the nipples. It filled Daphne with such ecstasy.

"Is this even possible?" thought Daphne. "Could she really make me come this way?" She looked down at the girl she had fallen in love with. "I'll never leave you," she thought.

Prima looked up in a manner which said she was eager to please and seeking approval. Daphne felt she could really come from this. Suddenly Prima let go with an expression and dread upon her face. Daphne realised that they had to be close the her stop. They quickly dressed in time to get of the bus.

They stood on at country road in the dark. Prima took out a pen and wrote down a number on Daphne's hand.

"Don't text. Just call," Daphne hugged her.

"Shall I take you to your door?" Daphne asked, wondering where she lived, as there where apparently only trees along the road.

"No, we say goodbye now. Until next time, Daphne."

Daphne nodded. "Until next time, love."

She remained at the stop, as Prima began to walk in to the darkness. Daphne waited a little, and then followed. She followed her to a long driveway with trees on each side. Prima disappeared behind a big iron gate, which read Maison Des Lilas. Daphne shuddered.

"I'll never leave you," she said, "No matter what you're not telling me."

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