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Making Kay's Fantasy Come True

Lovers who love pleasing each other.
Kay sat on the sofa in her apartment, waiting for her boyfriend Zack to get home from work. She sat there naked, with her legs spread wide. Her right hand draped across her body, caressing her left breast. Her left hand slowly stroked her wet pussy.

She and Zack had be living together for a few months. There relationship was very sexually charged from the start. She loved Zack sensitivity. They loved talking about ways to please each other. They spoke openly about their sexual likes and dislikes and were very open about their sexual fantasies. Recently, Zack had told her that he had a fantasy about them masturbating in front of each other. Tonight, she intended to make that fantasy come true.

She used her fingers to massage her soft wet lips slowly. She rubbed her swollen clit, hoping Zack would come home soon. She had been on the edge for far too long. She needed release. As she slid two fingers deep inside of her, Zack came through the door.

He froze in his tracks when he saw his naughty Kay fingering herself on the couch. He started to speak, but she brought her forefinger to her lips to shush him. She pointed to the chair across the room and directed him to sit down.

"Take off your clothes and stroke it for me, baby," she whispered in a breathy voice.

He did as he was told. He never took his eyes off of her fingers as they pushed in and out of her wet pussy. Her breathing grew ragged and he could tell that she would cum at any moment. He stroked his long cock. He was trying to control himself. He wanted to cum with her. He just hoped that she would get there soon. He grabbed his cock firmly to prevent his ejaculation, but he knew it was a losing battle. She was just too hot.

She saw this and knew that he was close. She let herself go and squirted forcefully. He followed soon after and a pearly rope of cum jetted out onto the floor in front of him. They continued stroking themselves, while maintaining constant eye contact. The intensity in the room was palpable. Zack could feel his heart pounding as he tried to regain his breath. Suddenly, he remembered that he had urgent news to share.

"Baby, you aren't going to believe this, but I wanted tonight to be your fantasy night," he said.

She stared at him smiling, but in disbelief. "What are you talking about, baby?"

Zack laughed, "You know, the one where you fuck me and another guy at the same time?"

"Who the fuck is the other guy," she said chuckling excitedly but nervously.

Zack looked up at the clock on the wall. "Erik will be here in about 15 minutes.

Kay knew that Zack meant her ex-boyfriend Erik Linders. Erik had been Zack's best friend until Zack had won Kay's heart. Neither Zack or Kay had intended to fall in love with each other. It just happened. There had been many hard feelings, but the three of them had found a way to get passed it. Erik ultimately realized that while he loved fucking Kay that they never would be more than lovers. Once he realized that, the pain of the break-up dissipated. He did miss the sex, however, Kay was truly a great fuck, so when Zack proposed this little get together, he agreed quickly.

Kay had always loved Erik's strength and masculinity. He spent a great deal of time in the weight room and always kept himself in great shape. As much as she loved Erik's ruggedness and chiseled features, she loved Zack's warmth and sensitivity more. She knew that Erik was more about pleasing himself while Zack made sure he made it his business to please her.

She couldn't deny that the thought of having both of them at the same time was making her pussy melt. Together, they were the perfect man. Forceful and dominating on one hand and sweet and considerate on the other.

She thought about taking a quick shower, but there was no time. She moved across the room and got down on her knees in front of Zack. She took his still semi-hard cock into her mouth. She could still taste the cum on it. The taste on her lips and the thought of the threesome to come was making her pussy boil.

As Zack became fully erect, he began pumping his hips at her. She took as much of his long cock as she could. On a particularly deep stroke, she heard the apartment door open and turned her head slightly. She watched Erik come in and saw him removing his clothes without a single word. He quickly moved behind her. He grabbed her hips and pulled her into position to take his thick cock. He wasted little time. He thrust forward, taking her deep with one fast, powerful stroke. As Erik fucked her pussy fast, she came hard. She moaned loudly, but the sound was muffled by Zack's throbbing cock deep in her throat.

Erik sensed that she came, but did not wait for her to catch her breath. He continued to slam into her wet pussy. Kay steadied herself and felt another orgasm begin to build. She felt Erik slide one finger into her asshole. She hoped that a finger was all that he intended. She knew Erik loved having his cock in her ass, but his girth made it a little painful. Still, she offered no protest when Erik pulled out of her pussy and forcefully pushed his way into her ass.

There was not as much discomfort as she anticipated as Erik rammed deep into her ass. She loved how full she felt as she reached between her legs and rubbed her clit. So many sexual sensations were ripping through her body. She felt like she was on fire.

Zack neared his second orgasm. Kay sensed this and prepared to take his load down her throat. Suddenly, he pulled away from her mouth. She started to express her disappointment until she realized that he was carefully working his way underneath her so that he could sink his cock into her soaking pussy.

Soon, she had both cocks inside her. It was Kay's first threesome and she was relishing the bliss that these two men were bringing her. She felt Erik's pace quicken and sensed that he was about to cum in her ass. He started smacking her right ass cheek and he moaned loudly. Her stinging red ass only intensified the orgasm building inside her. Kay sensed that this orgasm would be the strongest yet.

Zack started grunting and moaning loudly. He worked to find a rhythm with Erik's thrusts. When he set this whole thing up, he worried that this threesome would turn into a competition to see which one of them could fuck Kay best. Instead, it was exactly what he had hoped; the three of them sharing a wonderfully intense sexual experience. In fact, the experience was exceeding all of his previous expectations.

Kay began to tire, and although she never wanted all these sensations to stop, her body hoped that they would all come soon. She desperately needed some rest. Then, Zack groaned and erupted deeply inside her. Erik followed close behind. With the cum of both men filling her, Kay came for the third time. The orgasm was like none that she had ever experienced before. She felt ripples and waves rolling through her body. She collapsed on top of Zack, and held him tightly. Erik eased his cock from her ass and collapsed backward on the floor.

Kay dozed off for a moment in Zack's arms. When she opened her eyes, Zack told her Erik was in the shower and suggested that they join him for more fun.

"Not just yet, mister," she said as she kissed him deeply and smiled. She reached between and found his cock and guided back to her pussy. As they fucked, Kay wondered just how far this wonderful fantasy would go.

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