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Making more gentle love to you

As I continue my lovemaking, you have yet another thunderous orgasm.

I’m sorry it has taken me so long to “reload.” I had a number of diversions and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to pick up the story of what you might expect when we get together.

If you’ll remember, I was digitally giving you thrills and orgasms with my fingers running in and out of your hot body. Well, now, I want to sit between your spread legs and look at your beautiful, hot, super wet pussy. I’m sure there would be that wonderful aroma of my woman in sexual arousal.

First, I would begin by gently running my hands up and down the inside of your thighs…from your crotch to your knees and back again. That part of your body is always warm and always so nice to touch. Plus, I know touching you there is so close to your pussy that you are going to get well aroused with my touching. I can almost feel the juices flowing from within you from your excitement.

I would take one hand on either side of your glorious slit and part those lips to expose the sensitive inside of your pussy. I’m sure it would be glistening with your lubricating fluids and getting more wet with each thing I do for and to you. Responding to your lover is so wonderful as you expose the most feminine part of your glorious anatomy.

I love to look at the moist pinkness within your pussy lips. I like to explore with my fingers…touching all those sensitive spots that send wonderful waves of pleasure throughout your body…from your head, right down to your toes.

Draw your legs up so I have the maximum access to that pink, glistening entrance to the inner you. Your clitoris would be all swollen and peeking out of its hood, showing me exactly where to touch to produce excitement throughout your soft, warm body.

With your pussy lips parted, I would explore up and down your slit, both with my eyes and my finger tips. How wet you are. Your clitoris is almost screaming at me to be touched and loved. Look at it quivering there…ready to send new waves of ecstasy all over your naked body.

This is the way a man should make love to his woman…gently, slowly, lovingly. And, your response is to send more and more fluids out to lubricate everything. How wonderful!

Now, with my fingers, still playing with the lips of your vagina, I lean forward and kiss the fleshy mound with that wonderful tangle of pubic hair. It feels fabulous to touch that with my face. You are truly mine with your sex organ spread wide for me.

Now my mouth moves just south and finds your throbbing clitoris. My lips surround it and you gasp at the new excitement spreading over your whole being. My lips squeeze that super sensitive, fully swollen pleasure button. You can feel the waves of pleasure spreading fast to every inch of your exposed body…not just on the surface but deep within you, to your very core.

Your breath is coming in gasps as you slide into super excitement. My tongue flicks across the exposed head of your clitoris and you feel a lightening bolt of sexual excitement race everywhere at once. Oh, please, let that happen again. Oh, yes…

Now my tongue is running across your clitoris fast and furiously. Your pussy is a flowing river of female fluids. You’ve never reached this level of extreme sexual pleasure. And, yet, it gets even more intense.

“Oh, don’t let it stop…this is ecstasy. I cannot believe pleasure could be this wonderful. It’s everywhere…tingling but rolling like a wave, crashing on shore. And, it seems to be growing more intense…every second is better than the one before. Where could this pleasure possibly end? Oh, let it never end…”

The peak is so close. It is rushing up to meet you. The tongue is creating sexual ecstasy you’ve only dreamed of. Oh, how wonderful!

Then, the wave breaks on shore and you explode. Your body seems to be rushing in all directions at once. The pleasure of your intense orgasm is in every cell throughout your body…inside and out. You don’t even notice that you are panting in pleasure. Your body is so alive and tingling. Rolling…darting…flowing…cascading…twisting…turning…like a volcano…lava spewing everywhere. Your legs are quivering…you can even feel the intensity in your toes.

How can your hair feel pleasure? But, it does. Your ass muscles flex and relax. It is like flowing in warm molasses…darting here and there…everywhere at the same instant. And, as that magnificent tongue continues to massage your super sensitive clit, you are in sexual spasm for what seems like an eternity. You are gasping for air but will gladly stay in this orgasm for the rest of your life. How can anything be so wonderful? Oh, let it never stop!

Down, down you slide as little explosions propel you to the land of physical pleasure. Everything is soft and warm and fluid. You can feel my tongue making your clitoris jump for joy. It seems to be the greatest pleasure on earth. May it never end…

And, yet, ever so slowly, the intensity subsides but the wonderful feeling is there. It is pure and true heaven on earth. And, it just continues for what seems like forever. Wave after wave seems to be breaking over you. But, it is slowing…just subsiding ever so little. It’s like a top coming to the end of its spin…ever so slowly coming down from a super high spin.

Slower now, but the tongue keeps sending showers of sparks throughout your being. You become aware that your legs are quivering with the pleasure waves that are passing through you. Slowing…turning ever so gently…like a leaf floating on a pond in the gentle breeze.

The fluids within you have slowed but you can feel the wetness that has flowed out of you and down the crack of your ass. Your breathing is slowing. You are regaining your composure. Ever so slowly coming down from the Everest of an orgasm. Drifting lower on the breeze…landing back on earth after soaring to the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Your body is settling back after arching up to increase the pleasure from my tongue. Settling, drifting ever so slowly. Oh, how wonderful it was. Like sinking into warm syrup…just so relaxed, so pleasant, so wonderful. Oh, what pleasure.

My tongue slows on your clitoris and you become aware again that I am giving you the greatest experience of oral sex you have ever experienced. You feel so totally sexually satisfied. You actually feel weak throughout your body…muscles everywhere are spent. You have come down to the valley from an enormous height. All is right with the world.

But, now, is Paul satisfied that you are satisfied…satiated…spent…done? Regain your composure again, my love. You have yet another mountain to climb and conquer. Rest and relax in the gooey warmth that you are feeling now. Feel safe, secure, and pleased that you are a woman who is loved and loves. More love is about to come your way shortly…


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