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Maybe Lovers

Dinner with the promise of something more..
Maybe Lovers

She leaned forward slowly, so slowly that it seemed that she was moving in slow motion. This gave me the opportunity to gaze at her; her face, her closed eyes with her lightly covered eye-shadow that complimented her skin, her tone, and she moved forward, still.

Her hair was swept over to the right side of her forehead parting just past the middle, falling down each side of her face, beautifully framing her delicate features. She looked totally ravishing and, if I thought this, then so did all the other men who glanced at her while we were eating dinner in the restaurant. But she was oblivious to this, or was she? And she moved even closer.

I could now feel the heat from her, the close proximity, the nearness, that invading of my personal space that I had maintained all evening. All evening I had her attention but I never touched her, brushed up against her; no; I remember now. We had embraced at our initial meeting of hellos and how are you. She was so close, that now I could feel the skin of her nose slowly brushing mine, her eyes were still closed as she continued her forward motion with no rush. It seemed that she had choreographed this moment, but how did she know that I would not pull away? I could do.

But I didn’t.

She moved closer still, even now that we had touched and she began to tilt her head to her right just a little to angle her lips to make contact with mine. Her breath, the aroma of her mouth, the intoxicating heady breath of her assailed my nostrils. Shit this was acting like an aphrodisiac rushing through me, making me light-headed. Was I smelling what she would taste like, her mouth, her tongue, her saliva? Her top lip touched mine as her nose pressed into the left side of my cheek next to my nose and I became rigid. And she continued to move forward.

Pressure; the pressure of someone else against you can happen in many different situations, but this was my situation and I wanted it. Something clicked in my brain and the result was a rush of images of possible varieties of sexual positions that I could get this woman into, if I wanted and there would be nothing she could do to stop me because I would be relentless, this the woman I have wanted for so long and she would be under me, her legs wrapped around me. The feel of her body, being buried deep inside her… STOP! The mind can sometimes fall into free-fall at the craziest of times.

Her breath was now hot against my lips making me realise that her lips were open and I should open mine, so I did. She was warm to the touch, her open lips touched my open lips and we froze for the briefest of moments to rub gently, to acknowledge this meeting of the beginning of the rest of this moment. Now she had my breath, intermingling with hers. Now I closed my eyes. She continued to move forward and applied more pressure from her lips to mine.

Lips touched, just lips, nose and cheek. There was no distance between us as she brought her bottom lip up to capture my top lip making me bring my bottom lip up to her lip sealing this union of our bodies.

I grew wings. I began to soar. I began to fly.

Now I pushed back to her as she continued to push forward. We had reached that place and time, that was already set for us and now we could do what we needed to do, to complete, or maybe even to stop

We did not stop. Well not right away. I glanced to the table next to ours and the couple there had paused to watch us. The woman looking at me then turned to look at her partner and I watched her hand cover his. Did she want the same from him? Swiftly I concentrated on the situation in front of me of the feel of her. I began to crave all of her. Her lips were of the softest, sweetest, fullest, somethings that I could not name but I wanted more as we began to melt into each other; with our lips. And then that unspoken thought between us made us both part to open our mouths, because at exactly the same time we both wanted to taste each other. For a second the cool air separated us as we opened our lips, mouths and gave the tips of our tongues to each other. The wetness began to spread on our lips only to close again not wanting to break the union. The pressure was sublime from her and I hoped mine was to her. I began to raise my hand to touch her, but thought against it. No hands just lips.

Finally, we broke the kiss and she moved back. I opened my eyes, hers were still closed and I watched her expression and her mouth as her tongue emerged and licked those lips that I had just kissed and, I immediately missed her pressure, but watched her as she opened her eyes and looked at me, smiled and pulled away.

Her kiss, my kiss that kiss was, our kiss.

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