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MBF 23 - A Surprise Gift Pt. 1

Jeanette has a surprise for her friends..
Author’s Notes: Last time we saw Jay he was having sex with Amanda and Jeanette in a room full of people seeing who had the best equipment and who could use their equipment the best. Some time has passed since that night. Things has changed between Jay and Amanda because of that night. The only question has it been a good change or a bad change. The only way to find out is read and find out for yourself. We join Jay of a bus late at night going back from. Let’s read along and find out what is going on….

“Good going gentleman.”

Coach Bradley went off on his usual tangent. Fucker woke me up.

“I’m so proud of you guys. Not only did we win our game last night. But we won the wild card tonight.”

The bus woke up and cheered loudly.

“That’s right boys next weekend. We start our week long playoffs to see who is top dog of our beautiful state.”

The bus was even louder with cheering.

“And let’s also give a round to our man, Hank Avaicio, who got a seat to play in the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl in January after tonight’s little performance.”

The bus roared for Hank.

Good for Hank for getting a seat on the Offense-Defense All-American Bowl. Seeing how this is his last year and because of the season we have been having all sorts of recruiters have been interested in Hank and a couple of my other players. Most of them have made their decisions on which school to go to, but Hank on the other hand has been holding off.

So far eight major colleges have been fighting each other for Hank’s favor. I can’t remember which ones have been fighting for him because a lot of the recruiters have been talking to all the players mainly because of our season. Hell I currently have twelve cards in my pocket of recruiters telling me they can’t wait to see what I do on the field next year.

“You boys should be proud of yourselves.”

The bus roared agreeing with him. Even I found enough energy to cheer with my teammates. Fuck how long have I been on this bus? Four hours? Five? Whatever I didn’t care I just wanted my bruises to go away.

“Well boys we should be getting into town in about ten minutes. Relax while you can boys you deserve it. Our next practice is Wednesday before we leave for states.” Coach said.

Everyone clapped and roared. Then it died down as we saw our town become bigger and bigger.


The bus pulled into the school and I looked out the window to see if Moira remembered to pick me up. I looked at my watch….Christ it was 3:47 in the morning. And now it’s Sunday morning…fuck.

As the bus pulled around to where it was designated to stop I looked around to see if I could see my car at all. I’m hoping if Moira didn’t remember to pick me up she would be kind enough to leave me my car so I could get home.

I looked and I looked around. Couldn’t find my car in the main parking area to be found.

“Alright boys. Enjoy what is left of your weekend. And remember there’s no school Monday so you all get an extra day off. Also remember our next practice is Wednesday. In the mean time enjoy your time off, you boys earned it.” Coach said.

The bus roared with the good news of having another day off. I guess I’ll get two days off like a normal weekend granted it’s not a normal weekend but it is two days off nonetheless.

A flood of exhausted football players exited the bus, including me, trying to find our cars so we could go home.

I heard a voice, “Hey Jay you need a ride home?”

I turned around to see the person attached to the voice, “No thanks Hank. I’m sure my ride is on the other side of school.”

Hank smiled at me, “Ok see you Tuesday.”

I just nodded, turned around, and started walking to the other side of the school with my bag being dragged behind me.

I made it to the other side of the school where the 2 nd and 3 rd student parking lots were. After walking onto the lots I was able to see my car. The only car in the whole parking lot. I silently made a thankful prayer that Moira remembered to leave my car behind so I could get home. I just wished she was here so I could sleep on the drive home.

I got into my car and was greeted by the smell of sex, condom, and pussy. I tried to remember if I had sex before I left for the dual football game. God the sleep cobwebs stuck in my head was making it hard to remember anything at this moment. The only thing I knew for sure was I was exhausted.

I tried to think when was the last time I broke in my car but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. After a few moments, I remembered the last time I had sex in my car was at least a week ago. So how could that smell last for so long…then it hit me, Moira.

For fuck’s sake Moira. The least she could have done was crack the window so the smell could linger out during whenever she fucked in my car and when I got back into town.

I tried to find something in my bag to take way the smell of my family member’s lower smell. I couldn’t find my bottle of cologne and said fuck it I opened my football bag hoping my b.o. would over power that horrid smell.

No luck.

I quickly fired up the car and rolled down all the windows. I slammed my shifter into drive and gunned it hoping the breeze would air out the car.


I woke the next morning and immediately checked my cell phone to see if Amanda had left me any messages.

Amanda and her family had to go out of town to visit her sick grandmother. Last I heard from her, which is the reason why my cell phone had died last night was because I was talking to her, was that her grandmother was doing fine for now. Supposedly they were going to be back sometime in the next couple of days.

I checked my phone and was happy to see that she had left me three text messages.

Msg 1: Amanda – Hey I just wanted to let you know that my dad is looking forward to the states game.

Msg 2: Amanda – Sorry baby I was being watched. Are you up yet? I love you.

Msg 3: Amanda – I guess you’re still asleep. Well my dad has informed us that we are staying and few extra days so we’re going to meet you at states, which sucks. I love you and miss you baby.

Well crap that sucks. So instead of seeing my love in a couple of days before states, now I have to wait until states before I can see my love again.

Suddenly I felt someone stirring in my bed. I turned around to see Jeanette waking up in my bed. Did she spend the night again?

“Hey Baby! What time did you get home last night?” Jeanette said as she stretched and groaned trying to wake up.

I turned my head so she could see I was talking to her. I shrugged my shoulders, “Honestly, I have no idea. I think a little after 4am.”

Jeanette stretched again, “What time is it now?”

I turned my head to my end table next to my bed where my cell phone was and looked at my alarm clock. “It’s 11:17am.”

Jeanette sat up showing that she had slept in the nude. Seeing this instantly made my soldier stand at attention but her hair looking like she stuck her finger in an electrical outlet made me want to laugh.

She looked at me, “Has Amanda told you anything?”

I sighed, “Yeah her grandmother is doing ok but she has pneumonia. So they’re sticking around a couple of more days until Amanda’s aunt can come down and take of her. They should be able to meet us at states.”

Jeanette got out of bed and stretched, “Well at least she’s going to be at states.” She rubbed her belly, “Well I’m going to take a shower. Want to join me?”

I shook my head, “Na, I’m gonna go for a jog.”

Jeanette shrugged, “Suit yourself. Don’t take too long we have to meet up with my sister at 2pm.”

Shit! I completely forgot about this. I promised Amanda and Jeanette a couple of weeks ago that I would talk to Jeanette’s sister because they had a surprise lined up for me. At first, I was hesitant but lately their surprises have been actually fun. So naturally I agreed.

As I walked out of my room leaving Jeanette to take her shower I just said, “Ok.”


Jeanette and I arrived at her sister’s place. Jeanette simply opened the door and walked in because she lives here. Actually technically she has been spending the majority of her time she spends at my place.

When Jeanette and I walked in I was greeted by all sorts of people were walking around the place doing something.

I walked in seeing two guys carrying all sorts of equipment from one place to another. I saw a girl walking around stark naked with curlers in her hair asking if anyone has seen her bag. And there was at least six girls sitting on the couch taking everything in.

What the hell was going on here?

I must have been standing in the main walk way for ten minutes before Jeanette came back with her sister in tow, and a guy following right behind her.

“Jay, you remember my sister, Jenna?”

Jeanette’s sister, Jenna, extended her hand to me. I naturally shook her hand.

I asked her, “What’s going on around here?”

Jenna looked around before returning her attention to me, “Oh. We’re doing a shoot here the next few days.”

I just nodded my head. I knew what she meant by that….they were shooting a porn film at her place.

I wanted to ask what type of porno they were shooting but in reality I really didn’t care. More than likely Jeanette will bring over the finished product and make Amanda and me watch it.

Before I could think more about what the hell was going on Jenna spoke.

“So, Jay, do you know why you are here?”

I thought about why I was here but for the life of me I couldn’t remember. I know Amanda and Jeanette had lined up a surprise for me and they begged me for a week solid before I agreed. Naturally whenever those two have a surprise in store for me I’m naturally hesitant but lately their surprises have been really fun. So I’ve been agreeing more and more without having to really weigh the pros and cons if I do it or not.

I shook my head and said, “The only thing I know is that you are helping them with a surprise that they have lined up for me.”

Jenna smiled at me, “Well here let’s go to a room we have sectioned off for you today. Don’t want any interruptions with what’s going on out here.”

As we started walking I noticed Jeanette wasn’t following.

“You’re not going to follow?”

Jeanette looked at me with a smile, “Na. I’m going to stay behind and help out here.”

I shrugged and continued to follow Jenna and this mysterious guy until we reached a room that Jenna was looking for. Jenna opened the door and allowed me to go into the room. As I entered the room I noticed there was a chair with a camera facing it. To the side of the camera was a TV facing the chair. There was a chair on the other side of the camera. And finally there was a computer in the back with the TV and camera connected to the computer.

What the hell is up with this shit?

Jenna spoke, “If you could sit down there that would be great.” Jenna motioned for me to sit in the chair where the camera faced it.

Crap! How much trouble am I in?

I sat down in what now felt like the hot seat. As soon as I sat down the mysterious man came up and clipped something to me before the light on the camera turned on and I couldn’t see anything beyond the light.

Before I could figure out what the hell was happening, Jenna spoke, “Now that we got you all mic-ed up I’m going to tell you what’s going on.

About a month ago, Jeanette and Amanda had come to me asking if I could do a whole video for you three sort of an late anniversary gift from Amanda and a gift from my sister. Now with that said. All I’m going to do is ask you some questions. You’re free to answer the questions however you want to. Or you can stop this at any time if you feel uncomfortable about any of this. Is this ok?”

The whole time Jenna was speaking I noticed that a red light on the camera was on telling me that I was being recorded. I realized that Jenna had been waiting for an answer to the question. I simply nodded saying that was fine.

Jenna spoke again, “Ok. Before we start with some questions let’s watch some footage of what we have of the girls first.” Before I could say that was ok the light on the camera died down and the tv switched on.

I could immediately tell Amanda and Jeanette were sitting together. Amanda spoke first, “Hey baby! We’re doing this video as a way we can show you how much we love you and how lucky we feel that you are in our lives. This video is our gift to you and my late anniversary gift. Enjoy.”

Jeanette spoke next, “Yeah baby! This video shows our feelings for you, we’re going to share some stories about each other and stuff like that. Hope you enjoy.”

With that the TV switched off and the light on the camera flickered back on blinding me again.

Jenna spoke, “So, Jay, how long have you been dating Amanda?”

I didn’t have to think about this for very long. “We started dating shortly after we started our freshman year in high school so a little over two years.”

“And how long have you known Amanda?”

“Since we were kids.”

“And when did you and Amanda start having sex?”

“About the same time we started dating.”

“And how do you feel about Amanda?”

I didn’t have to think about this one, “I love Amanda. Her and I just click. We’ve known each other for so long that it was just natural.”

Jenna spoke, “Alright. Let’s move on to Jeanette. How long have you known my little sister?”

I actually had to think about this one, “I’ve known Jeanette for a while but me and her weren’t friends originally. She was originally Amanda’s friend first because they were doing cheerleading together since middle school. Me and her didn’t become actual friends until about a year ago.”

Jenna spoke, “Now I understand that you are dating both Amanda and Jeanette. How did this come about?”

Crap! I was hoping she wouldn’t ask this question. I tried thinking back when we first started dating and how it came about.

“Well the conversation was first brought up about seven weeks ago. Somehow Jeanette convinced Amanda that all three of us become mognominous towards each other and she agreed. When they came to me I was completely against it.”

Jenna spoke, “Why is that?”

“Well first of all I didn’t want to lose Amanda. And as much as I liked Jeanette, I just didn’t see her as girlfriend material for me. Granted I didn’t want to lose Jeanette as a friend, but I’m more afraid of losing Amanda more than anything else.”

Jenna, “And do they know this?”

“Yes. I was very vocal about that.”

Jenna, “What led you to agreeing to the dual relationship?”

I sighed, “After about three weeks of them begging I saw that they were serious about both of them wanting to date me. After they agreed to some rules, I finally said yes.”

Jenna spoke, “And what were the rules?”

“If I feel this relationship is causing a conflict between either of us this whole deal is over. If Amanda changes her mind then Jeanette would go back to being friends. If Jeanette decides she wants to date someone else then we go back to being friends and Amanda and I continue dating.”

Jenna, “And they agreed?”

I nodded, “They did. And they told me I could have sex with either of them without any repercussions.”

Jenna spoke, “That must be nice. So how do you feel about Jeanette?”

I really didn’t know how to respond to this. Should I be completely honest how I feel about Jeanette? When this whole double dating originally started I kept myself guarded expecting this to blow up in my face. Originally I saw Jeanette as a nuisance, along with a few other unkind thoughts about her.

But over the past month of all three of us dating Jeanette, she has slowly grown on me. I’ve actually started caring for her but nowhere near as I cared for Amanda. And lately I’ve actually started having sex with Jeanette more often but not nearly as often as I have sex with Amanda. Amanda is still my girl.

I decided to go with a half truth mainly because I know Amanda and Jeanette will see the finished product of this. My only question is how much of this will be in the finished product?

“Well honestly, I see her as a friend. But over the past month she has been growing on me. So do I care for her? Sure but not as much as Amanda.”

Jenna spoke, “Well that’s good. Let’s move on to some of the more juicier questions. But before we do let’s watch some of the footage we got from the girls first.”

The camera light finally turned off the same time the TV turned on. Within a few seconds a video played and I instantly knew it was Amanda.

Jenna’s voice came over, “Tell us a recent sexual act that you had with Jay that surprised you?”

I could see Amanda think about it for a few moments before she found the memory she was looking for and spoke, “Well the most recent one was about two weeks ago when I squirted for the first time.”

Jenna spoke, “Ok. Stop it.”

The video on the TV stopped, the camera’s light turned red, and the light was beating on me again.

Jenna spoke, “That was a juicy story from Amanda’s point of view. Let’s hear your side of the story.”

I knew which day Amanda was referring to. To be honest that was an interesting day. Just thinking about that day instantly gave me a hard on. I shifted my weight in the chair trying to hide the fact I had a hard on from Jenna.

“Well the day that Amanda is talking about, it was a normal day. We were about a week into the whole me dating both Amanda and Jeanette. I had gone out for my normal job first thing in the morning.

When I got back from my jog, I usually take my shower. Well after my shower and went down stairs to see Amanda and Jeanette completely naked laying on the floor watching a movie.

As soon as I sat down they noticed me. Jeanette and Amanda turned to me and Jeanette saying that her and Amanda wanted to play a game. Initially I was hesitant because our relationship was still fresh. But after Jeanette explained the game it sounded fun”

I chuckled and scratched my head, “Hell the idea actually had me aroused.”

Jenna interrupted me, “What was the game that they wanted to play?”

I thought about the exact game, “Basically they wanted to see who could ignore me playing with them and having sex with them the longest while they watched a movie without succumbing to what was happening to them.”

Jenna, “Ok. Go on.”

“Well they popped in the movie they wanted to watch. I initially waited about five minutes into the movie before I started playing with them.

I actually waited about ten minutes into the movie when I knew Amanda and Jeanette were into it before I made my move.

I came up behind Amanda spread her legs as she laid on her stomach and began eating her out. Initially she didn’t make any sounds besides beginning to breathe differently. I continued to slowly eat her out until I could tell she was about to cum. Then I stopped.

I moved over to Jeanette and did the same to her.

I then waited a few minutes to let them settle down before I sat in between them and put my fingers inside both of them. I slowly moved my fingers until I felt them tighten around my fingers and then stopped.

Then I flicked the head of my dick along their pussies. Then stopped.

During their cool down time after that I noticed that Amanda had begun to look slightly more wet than Jeanette. It almost looked like she was beginning to drip some of that wetness. But their bodies by this time were glistening and little pools of sweat had formed on the lower backs so I wasn’t too sure at that time.

I kept this process up for quite some time on Amanda and Jeanette both. It was the third or fourth round me eating them out to fingering them to flicking my dick that I couldn’t take it any longer. The veins in my dick were throbbing something fierce but they both hadn’t succumb to what was happening so I had to step up the game before I was going to burst.

I started slowly fucking Amanda. The moment I was up to the hilt I felt a double throbbing going on. The throbbing of the veins in my dick and the throbbing of Amanda’s pussy pulsing on me. I slowly exited out of her until I was to the tip then slowly forced myself into her. Each time I got myself to the hilt the throbbing from Amanda’s pussy felt got stronger.

About the seventh or eighth stroke Amanda finally panted “Pull it out.”

I didn’t listen and got about six more strokes in feeling a stronger and stronger pressure build making harder and harder getting myself to my hilt.

This time Amanda in short quick pants uttered, “Pull it out. Pull it out. Pull it out…..please!!!!”

I smiled thinking I had won I pulled out fully and was hit just above my dick with high pressure of liquid spraying out of her pussy and she tried to hump the air before convulsing and collapsing not moving.”

Jenna interrupted me, “And what did you initially think when that happened?”

I laughed, “Initially I thought she has pissed all over the place. But then I realized she has squirted when I figured it didn’t smell like urine. Plus Jeanette had to explain it to me. I thought that was something only porn stars could do or it was a myth or something like that.”

Jenna spoke again, “Is that the only time she has squirted?”

“Up until that moment she hasn’t squirted. Maybe gotten extremely wet or an overflow leaking down me when she’s on top but no.”

Jenna, “Can she do it all the time now?”

I scratched my head smiling and pushing my free hand down on my crotch trying to reposition my dick so my tent would disappear, “Most of the time now, sure. She squirts quite often some days more often than normal but yeah.”

“What positions does she squirt the most?”

I put my hand to my chin trying to think which positions she squirts the most, “She usually squirts in any position but she really squirts the hardest when she’s in the doggy position, or if I bend her in half.”

Jenna spoke again, “Ok. Let’s move onto the next video.”

The camera shut down and the TV turned on. In that moment I thought to myself, what the hell is going on here? Is this a trap? Will Amanda and Jeanette see this finished product? What will the finished product be? Will this video be the beginning of the end of my relationship with the girl I love? Or am I just being paranoid?

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