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MBF 26 - Newbs Pt. 1

Jay has a feeling something is going to happen....
Last time we saw Jay and Amanda was when Amanda and Jeanette were doing a special video for Jay as an anniversary gift. The football season has ended for Jay. He currently has been spending his free time with his two favorite girls Amanda and Jeanette. Whenever he isn’t with his girls he is spending time and cheering on his cousin Moira seeing how the soccer season has started for her. Currently Jay will be facing an interesting conundrum but he doesn’t know it yet. But let’s find out what is going on with Jay…

God! Do I love this time of the year. Well actually to be honest I love it when the football season is over mainly because I’m not constantly sore from working out all the time and football. I find having more time to myself and being less sore is always a good thing.

Currently I’m listening to Amanda and Jeanette on either side of me cheer on Moira as she plays her soccer game against one of our rival schools.

“Come on, Moira. Kick that stupid ball into the net,” screamed Jeanette. Obviously she doesn’t fully understand the rules of soccer. Granted, nor did I, but here’s the difference between Jeanette and me… I don’t really care. I’m just here to support my cousin.

“Come on blues beat those silvers,” came from two females in front of me in unison.

The two females sitting in front of me that sounded dumb in unison was Abby and Geri Cooper. Have you ever met two twins? Have you ever met twins that were redheads? Yeah neither have I until a couple of weeks ago.

Actually to be honest, I knew of Abby and Geri Cooper. I knew that they didn’t hang with any crowd in particular except one…gymnastics. That’s right these two girls have been training in gymnastics. Now you may be asking why these two girls are at a soccer game and not out training for something? The answer I’m still clueless about but for some odd reason they have been spending an awful lot of time with Amanda, Jeanette, and me.

Abby and Geri like most twins look completely identical. Red hair, both weighed between 105-115lbs. Abby stood about 5’3” and Geri stood about 5’2”. Both had about A cup breasts if not just under B cup breasts, but I couldn’t really tell or confirm it.

Other than the girls being identical twins and having an aptitude in gymnastics the two are completely different. Abby dresses like she prefers having skin tight clothing on her body showing off her curves and lack of undergarments. Geri on the other hand always dressed with either comfort or conservative but I can’t tell the difference. Somehow I have a feeling when they go off to college Abby will become the slut and Geri will become a lawyer or something along those lines, I doubt they will continue gymnastics beyond their first year of college. But this is just a guess I have no idea what their future plans are after high school.

If I were a smart man or at least put two and two together, I’d probably figure out that something odd is happening. Or at the very least something is going to bite me in the ass and blow up in my face.

“Good job, Moira! WOOOOOO!,” Amanda screamed right next to my ear.

I really need some freaking earplugs cause if this keeps I’m going to be deaf. That’s if Coach Bradley hadn’t already accomplished that.

Amanda’s screaming at the top of her lungs snapped me back to the game. I caught to see Moira still in mid air in mid kick and watched as the soccer ball sailed through the air at a good speed continuing it’s path to the net.

“That’s the way to fucking kick that damn ball.” Came from another girl next to Amanda, Sara.

Sara is another girl that has been hanging out a lot with us and by us I mean Amanda and Jeanette. Actually to tell the truth she has grown attached to Amanda and Moira sticking to them like glue or like a lost puppy dog.

Sara moved to our town and entered our high school as a new junior just like the rest of us. At first she was really shy and kept to herself for the first few months and always wore baggy clothes that looked like it was six sizes too big for her. Because she kept to herself for so long a lot of rumors began to spread about the girl how she was damaged or mental ill or came from a broken home or was abused as a little kid or she was part of a gang or something along those lines. Normally I don’t listen to rumors nor do I really care from the sources they come from at our school because about 60% of is complete bullshit.

But then Amanda and Moira took pity on the girl and started a conversation with the girl. After a couple of months say started to blossom around us and we found out the real truth about Sara. Turns out the girl has been around the world and actually lives in a normal home. Her parents like mine travel a lot, her father is an archeologist and her mother is a international designer. Sara was a small girl maybe about 5’2” has light auburn hair and had dark green eyes. For a while I didn’t know much about her measurements or weight because she always wore baggy clothes so it was hard to tell. She could be big underneath those clothes but I doubt that because of how close they fell along her body.

It wasn’t until after Winter Break I found out what Sara hid underneath all those baggy clothes. One day Sara spent the night over at our house and caught her wearing some tight shorts and a tight tank top. Turns out that Sara was completely skinny as a rail and didn’t have much in the chest department, frankly it looked like bb’s on a chalkboard. But her figure wasn’t sickly or anything like that actually it was the complete opposite. She was toned to wear you could see every muscle clearly along her body.

At first I thought her figure was because she didn’t eat much but even that surprised me. When she first slept over first thing in the morning she ate a tall stack of pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, orange juice plus a cup of diced fruit. I had to ask her how she kept her figure after watching her clear away that much food in which I found out she’s completely active and is heavily into martial arts hence why she kept a good figure. And here I thought it was a high metabolism, hell for all I knew she had that going for her as well. After that I quickly found out that she weighed about 120lbs or so, surprised me thought because of her figure she weighed between 95-105lbs but because she is so toned all her muscle gives her more weight.


All of us waited next to my car, actually me and the girls (Amanda, Sara, and Jeanette) stood by my car while the twins stood next to their SUV. Guess mommy and daddy love their gymnastics princesses.

All of us were talking about various things while we waited for Moira to get out of the locker rooms and make her way over to us. Normally we would wait for her just outside the locker rooms but we are currently parked less than 15 feet away and leaning against the car was more comfortable for us.

I really wasn’t paying attention to what Jeanette, Amanda, and Sara were talking to the twins about. Hell for all I know they were sharing trade secrets in order to help increase their flexibility. They might be talking about my own doom for all I cared about but I didn’t care the cool air against my body felt too good to actually pay attention to their conversation.

I’m too much in love with not being sore and bruised on a constant basis. Even though I’m sore from working out all the time, I’m not bruised from football on a constant basis. That fact was something I always looked forward to. That and I had more time on my hands to spend with my girls.

Before I could really start figuring things out of why the twins were hanging out with us or trying to figure out what the girls were talking about, Moira stepped out of the gym in her sweats. Right away I noticed that she didn’t shower in the gym and I knew what I was going to do…give her shit like she gives me all the time.

“Now who’s the smelly jock.”

I heard Moira sort of chuckle as she got closer, “Screw you too. I forgot my flip flops at home and I’m not about to get some funky bacteria because I forgot them. So I’ll just shower at home.”

Amanda chimed in, “Good win. You looked good out there.”

Moira just smiled at Amanda, “Thanks.”

The twins chimed in unison, “We didn’t know soccer could so enthralling.”

Jeanette just snorted, “It helps if you understand the sport better than just yelling ‘Go Blue’.”

Abby turned to face Jeanette, “Well what are we supposed to yell? Go Buckeyes?”

I just looked at both of them, “Jeanette it’s ok they can cheer whatever they want as long as they cheer for our school. I don’t care what it is they say as long as they support our school. You should be happy about that at least.”

Jeanette smiled, “You’re right Jay. I’m sorry.”

Then Sara spoke, “That was a great kick out there.”

Moira smiled at Sara, “Thanks for showing me how a jump kick could be advantageous in soccer.”

Sara had a huge smile on her face, “No problem.”

Moira looked at me, “Can we please go home? I want to relax in a hot bath before the rest of the festivities start.”

Jeanette looked at Moira, “You still want to do this tonight after what you did tonight?”

Moira, “Of course I do. I’ve always wanted to do something like this but never could find girls that were open enough to do something like this.” She looked over the twins, “You two still coming over for the festivities tonight?”

The twins smiled in unison before Abby spoke, “We’ve been looking forward to this all week.”

Moira nodded and flopped in the back seat of my car.


We have been sitting in my living room for about twenty minutes. Moira was upstairs hogging up the bathroom that was in my room because it had a huge tub. Thanks to the renovation that my parents did to the entire house expanding things here and there, because of the renovation my bathroom was large enough to have a bath tub that could fit Amanda, Jeanette, and me comfortably.

While Moira was taking her bath, Amanda, me, and Sara were sitting down watching TV waiting for Jeanette, and the twins to get back. Jeanette had to go back to her actual house and get what she needed for the event that Moira and her had planned. Naturally she asked the twins to help her out for whatever she needed.

I still have no idea what the girls were planning to do. All I know is Moira talked to my parents to do whatever they have planned and she had to promise to some rules for whatever was going on. I know that no boys are allowed at the house for whatever this was because Moira told me that much. And she told me either I have to go out for the night or hide out in my room when all the girls show up for the event. Naturally I agreed to hide out in my room because 1) I really didn’t feel like going out partying with the rest of my team mates and 2) I wanted to be home for when the event was over so I can have sex with the love of my life.

Because I knew Jeanette pretty much lived on the other side of town we had about another 50 minutes at the very least because it takes about 30 minutes to get from my house to her house. No telling what she has to pick up so if she already has everything packed I guessed she would be back in an hour and 10 minutes to maybe 2 hours or so if she didn’t have everything packed maybe more.

With that much of a time gap I would try to make moves and actually have a good session of making love to Amanda but with Sara here it would be kind of rude to that. I mean what am I supposed to do make Sara watch a movie while I take Amanda into my room so I can have my fun? Or am I supposed to have sex with Amanda while Sara is sitting right next to me?

If I were a dick I would probably just fuck Amanda with Sara right next to us. But because I’m mister nice guy I decided I could wait until everything is winding down then I could have sex with my girl. Choosing to wait seeming like a more logical decision.

We watched TV for some time before the boredom of none of us talking was broken by the sound of Moira walking down the stairs. She walked down in a tank top and mini sweat shorts that barely covered her ass and looked like it was painted on. She lightly ran her fingers through her wet hair letting it air dry.

“Fuck that bath was good,” Moira said as glided down the stairs.

I looked at my cousin, “So is my room all steamed out or should I wait a little bit before I hide in there while you girls have you’re party or whatever it is.”

Moira looked at me and waved her hand, “I just told Aunt and Uncle what they wanted to hear. If you want you can stay while we have our little shindig.”

My eyebrow lifted, “What are you girls planning on doing?”

Amanda smiled, “We’re throwing a passion party.”

I looked at Amanda, “What the fuck is a passion party?”

Moira spoke, “It’s like a tub a wear party but with sex toys. We test out different toys that are available and put in our order if we like what we try out.”

I looked over at Moira, “How many girls are going to be here?”

Moira shrugged, “Well there’s me, Amanda, Sara, Jeanette, the twins, and six other girls.”

I laughed and got up, “As much as I would love to watch you girls try out different sex toys I’d rather just go somewhere else.”

Amanda got up and hugged me looking at Moira, “And I already have my best toy right here. I love him and he always satisfies me.”

Moira laughed. Amanda turned her attention to me, “You sure you don’t want to stay baby?”

I smiled down at her, “Na, I’ll just hide out in my room.” I bent down and kissed her, “You girls have fun.”

I walked up to my room shaking myself and have had a nice silent argument with my hard on as I walked upstairs threatening it with an ice cold bath.


I must have been in my room for the better part of 3 hours just kicking back on my bed playing games on my system before my bedroom door opened…Amanda. She was completely naked and looked like she has had some fun because she shimmered and glistening like she just freshly had sex. Her hair was semi roughened up a bit. Her breasts were demanding that they were given attention. Her whole body shimmered demanding that I make love to her.

Before I could answer the spell she was simply weaving on me, she spoke, “Hey baby.”

I smiled at her, “Hey baby. How was your passion party?”

She walked over to me and gave me a deep kiss lightly gliding her hand over my rising tent in my sweats.

An explosion happened in my head. Nothing seemed to make sense. My hormones went into over drive. My need to be inside her demanded I answered.

Just then Jeanette walked into my room and leaned against the doorway. I barely recognized her until she spoke, “Hey Honey.”

The only thing I could answer was a grunt. By this time Amanda had already pulled down my sweats and begun licking my dick. All my blood for cognitive thought disappeared.

Jeanette purred, “We have a surprise for you.”

When she said that all the blood rushed from my stiffened member back to my brain. “What surprise?”

Amanda didn’t even bother to stop licking my dick, “We have new girls for you.”

“What girls?”

Amanda continued licking, “Some new girls to bring into our fold.”

I pulled her up to face me the moment I did my dick wanted to detach itself from me and literally bitch slap me for stopping the enjoyment it was receiving. “What do you mean you have new girls to bring into our fold? What is wrong with what we have right now?”

I got a close look at Amanda’s eyes it looked like she was in a trance like she had been hypnotized or something. Maybe her mind was stuck in horniness mode and couldn’t get out of it. She literally dripped from her pussy onto my leg. That one drip told me she couldn’t think beyond the vibrating demand and need that was between her legs.

Even though Amanda looked like she was in a trance she still spoke, “To help us baby.”

That completely confused me. How was bringing new girls into our situation supposed to help them?

I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t pissed. I wasn’t angry. That one statement completely confused me. The only thing I could think of saying, “Explain.”

Jeanette sighed, “What Amanda means is there are times when your stamina is too much for us baby.”

I wanted to laugh. Actually I did laugh. My stamina too much for them. That was the real joke. More like they reveled in draining my balls. I cocked my head sideways obviously showing my curiosity, “How so? Explain.”

Amanda spoke still in my grip, I had forgotten that she was locked my hands a complete arms length away, “Baby, there are times when you have sex with us when you go past our limits and before we can recuperate you keep going. Hell there are times when it feels like you have turned my pelvis into dust which I enjoy. But it feels like that I can’t fulfill your need.”

That definitely made me laugh, “What are you talking about? I only have sex with you two showing you my love and yet you two tell me it’s too much. How is my stamina too much?”

Jeanette spoke, “What she means is there are numerous times when you have had sex with us both you go way beyond our limits and while we are at the end of rope and need a rest. You keep going when we’re not ready for a second round. Ask Amanda how many times she has passed out from you fucking her while you kept pounding her.”

I looked at Amanda. She just blushed, “Mind you I’m not complaining. But you have fucked me into a stupor where I have passed out and I don’t know when you have finished.”

I was still confused. It sounded like they were speaking Russian or something. None of it made sense.

I looked over at Jeanette. She smiled and only nodded. I looked at the girls, “Who’s idea is this?”

Jeanette smiled, “I figured you’d ask that. The answer is simple the person you’re holding is the one who suggested this. I only found the girls willing to do.” She interrupted her ownself, “Let me rephrase that. They asked us why WE,” she pointed at herself and Amanda,” get to have you and why WE aren’t fighting each other for your attention.”

I looked between the girls still confused as to what is happening. “So what are you trying to tell me?”

Amanda grabbed my dick and yanked it towards herself forcing me to look at her, “What we’re saying is we love you you dolt and we wanted to add girls to the rotation.”

She saw the confusion hasn’t sunken in and sighed, “Come on baby didn’t you ever wonder what it would be like to have more girls?”

If Amanda wasn’t holding my dick it would have nodded for me. Actually I was more in shock because Amanda has NEVER done this. Usually she is the shy one and she has never grabbed my dick yanking it and controlling a conversation. Usually that was my job.

What the HELL was going on? First I get suckered into taking Jeanette to my bed with the girl I love…Amanda. Now Amanda wants me to bed multiple girls along with herself. I mean it has been nice have Jeanette around because she has helped not only Amanda but me as well when it comes to our sexual desires.

If I do agree to Amanda and Jeanette of adding more girls to our bed what does that make our relationship? How has our relationship gone from best friends to lovers, then from monogamous lovers to sharing lovers. Is this how swingers were started? What’s next? Leave your keys in a bowl if you get chosen then you can join our bed? Will these additions be the only ones that will be added or will there be more? Will they permanent or will they be floating? What is going to happen between Amanda and me? Will we stay together or is the beginning of something new?

Either way I’m going to have to make a decision and no matter how I look at this it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy for me.

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