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Meeting Cindy

"Please return your seat backs and tray tables to their full upright and locked position; we will be landing shortly," the flight attendant announces over the intercom, waking me with a startle. I had drifted off to sleep, if anyone can sleep on an airplane. As I rub my eyes, the plane banks left and I hear the landing gear lower and the flaps come down. Lower we glide toward the runway. Row after row of homes appear below me. All look the same; there is no character in this modern world of prefabrication.

With a lurch, the tires contact terra firma and the pilot begins to brake, tossing me slightly forward against the seatbelt. Slowing down this silver bird enough to turn toward the taxiway, I at last see the terminal building. The "Welcome to Huntsville" sign is prominently displayed.

Gathering my carry on bag, I exit the plane, and make my way inside the terminal, looking around for a face I have only seen in a photograph. I'm unsure if I will recognize you. First meetings are always like this, I guess. A mixture of excitement, apprehension and fear. Yes fear, in not knowing if we will enjoy this first meeting, or enjoy each other at all. From among the crowd of travelers, I hear my name being called. Looking past the throng of people, I see you standing there. Yes, it is that lovely face from the picture.

Brushing past people left and right, I make my way to you. Stopping, I take a moment just to gaze at you. A smile crosses my face, and I see the sparkle in your eyes as you begin to smile too. "Hi Cindy," is the only thing I can think of. Not very original I suppose, but adequate, and it suits this first meeting.

"Hello Clay, so nice to finally meet you."

We begin to make our way through the crowd to the baggage claim area. Once there, I retrieve my luggage and you lead the way out to your awaiting car. Bags loaded aboard, you begin the drive to your apartment.

"So this is Alabama," I say as we drive along. "I have never been here, but understand they have a really good college football team."

"There is so much more to a state than football you know," you reply as we continue to drive, weaving in and out of traffic. We drive past the city center with its majestic old buildings, to an off ramp where you make your turn. Continuing on, we enter a residential area. Another turn down a quiet street, and we drive past old Live Oak trees, finally reaching your apartment.

We drive into the parking lot, toward the apartment building marked "F". You park and turn off the ignition. Gathering my luggage, you lead us toward the door, retrieve your keys and unlock the door.

Once inside I marvel at how you have decorated this place. "You have good taste. I like how homey this place feels," I say as I place my bags down by the doorway.

"Why not put your bags in my bedroom," you tell me with a smile. A slight blush adding color to your cheeks. I retrieve the suitcase as you lead the way, knowing that once inside your bedroom, it may be hours before we exit again. The purpose of our meeting is purely physical at best. Perhaps love or some form thereof may happen in the future, but this night is about need. Carnal, lustful, sexual need. You feel it as I do. Friendship aside, our goal, our desire is more than an exchange of Christmas and birthday cards in the mail. Long nights on the phone have led to a desire of flesh upon flesh, body on body, need met by need. Two people in need, and tonight that need will be met.

Sitting on the bed, you watch as I place my bag against the wall. I notice you as if for the first time. I really notice you. You're beautiful, with firm perky breasts, big brown eyes, a smile to die for, and legs that beg to be wrapped around a man. You have the face of an angel, a body made for sin. And tonight, I will have my fill of your body. You will have yours with mine.

I cross the room to where you sit. Bending down I place a tender kiss on your lips. "Butterfly kisses" you call them. Now and forever more, when I kiss anyone softly, that term, your term, will be forever etched in my mind. The kiss lingers. Softly at first, then with more passion, as our bodies respond to our long awaited meeting. My left hand slides ever so gently to your chest. I cup your tender firm breast through your shirt. I feel the heat, the rise and fall of your breast as you breath.

You moan through the kiss. Yes, you are as excited as I am. Breaking the kiss I stare into your eyes; I see desire, a longing to be held, to be loved. I feel that same desire as well. Tonight we will take care of each other's needs, because tonight is our night.

I begin to unbutton your shirt, revealing a plain white cotton bra. Perhaps the bra isn't sexy, but the woman radiates desire and sexuality. Bending for yet another kiss, I feel your hands on my chest, softly pushing me away, holding me at bay. Looking into your eyes, I see bewilderment.

"Give me a moment, please?" you ask, rising from the bed, leaving me emotionally deflated, rejected, wondering what I have done wrong. What did I do to upset you?

You disappear from the bedroom, across the hall into the bathroom. I sit on the bed's edge. A range of emotions fill my heart. A thousand questions run through my mind. What did I do that made you leave? Will you return? Has this night ended before it even began? I feel nauseated, sick. A hundred feelings flood my mind, body and soul all at once. I contemplate leaving, but I am your guest, I have no transportation. Even so, to leave unannounced is not something I would do, not how I was raised and not who I am. As these things haunt me, I hear the bathroom door open, the light behind you illuminate the body before my eyes.

The sight I behold is breathtaking, for there you are, in a chiffon robe and nylons that encase those long lean sexy legs. A hint of bra and panties lay underneath. All my fears dissipate as you cross the hallway back toward the bedroom, where I await.

"I thought this more appropriate for tonight," you tell me. I agree. My desire, my arousal, are more prominent than ever before. You look like Aphrodite, a true goddess of love. My eyes behold your beauty and my heart leaps for joy at such loveliness.

You sit beside me and again our lips meet in a tender kiss. My hand once again caresses your breast, this time through the silkiness of your robe. Breaking the kiss, my eyes plead silently, no more running away. I peel the chiffon from your shoulders. I watch as it pools around your hips. I marvel at your breasts, so full and firm. A sculpture could be no more attractive than you are at this moment. Eyes drifting lower, I see you have changed from the white cotton bra to a sheer turquoise one and matching panties, equally sheer. Your nipples are poking through the material, begging to be freed from the entrapment of the garment. Soon, they will be.

The forefinger of my other hand traces your lips, soft and sensuous as they are. Leaning into you yet again, my lips replace my finger as I take your bottom lip between mine, slightly pulling it toward me. I taste you. You taste me. Breaking away from your lips, I nuzzle your neck, smelling the intoxicating aroma of your perfume. Kisses almost too soft to feel grace your neck, behind your ear, along your throat; your breathing becomes more rapid. Excitement fills both body and soul.

Kisses linger, soft like a hummingbird's hover. I move slowly downward, past the collar bone, the object of my focus now the breasts I find so tempting, so rewarding. My hand ever so softly has yet to leave you, squeezing, alternating between soft and firm, fingers tracing the nipple through the bra. Kisses are placed on cleavage, so prominent and rewarding. I draw away to find the clasp and undo it so your magnificent breasts are free. The straps slide from your shoulders, as the garment is discarded for the night.

My mouth finds your right breast, as my hand tweaks the nipple on the left. I feel their hardness, like pebbles, as they fill my mouth. Tongue snaking out to run slow lazy circles around the areola, giving pleasure to you is my only focus now. I want to make you feel like the woman you are, the lover I hope you become. Your body responds with a quick jerk, a shudder, letting me know you approve. The hand on your breast glides downward toward your panties. Cupping your womanhood, I feel your heat, your arousal.

Removing my mouth, I say, "Cindy lie back, that I may admire you, love you with my eyes."

As you scoot toward the headboard, I see the object of my desire. Hidden under the sheer panties, I see the indention of womanhood. I have felt your heat, detected your arousal. Now I see the faintest hint of dampness on the material. Beginning at your knees, my head descends. I plant more kisses on your left leg, while my left hand begins a slow circular pattern of massaging your right leg. Working upward with both mouth and hand, my tongue licks gently, lips grazing your leg.

Each kiss brings a shudder from you. They become more pronounced as I work my way to the center of your womanhood. Hands grab your hips, the lacy panties so delicate to the touch. My mouth grazes the indention that men the world over worship. A kiss on the fabric reveals both moisture and heat, your aroma filling my nostrils. A smile crosses my lips, then a sudden shudder.

"Oh My God!" you cry out. A jerk, a release, all for pleasure, then a moment of upheaval as your body trembles.

Pulling slightly away, I grasp the waistband on each side. You lift your butt just enough to allow me the freedom to remove your remaining article of clothing. Now, Cindy, I see you in all your glory, as nature intended you to be. Past the knees, the ankles, the feet, and at last you are free from the last vestige of clothing. I see your juices glisten in the pale light, the swelling of your vaginal lips as they pout, opening like a flower before me. Again my face lowers, taking one into my mouth. I pull tenderly on your pussy lips, feeling the texture. My tongue darts out, up the outer lips from bottom to top, across the hooded clitoris to the other side, then down again. I marvel at your wetness, the musky aroma filling me with desire. I want you.

My thumbs gracefully open you up, like the petals of a rose. I am awe struck by your body, your desire. Licking from bottom to top, your juices pour forth, coating my face. Rolling my tongue back and forth brings moans from your lips. Quick jabs with my tongue, as if a mini cock begins to penetrate you, and with each thrust, your wetness covers my tongue. Your taste is sweet. Food for the gods. As my ministrations continue, I work myself upward, teasing your hooded clit, until it peeks out. A gentle kiss, followed by a rapid flickering brings you ever closer to orgasm.

Your hips buck, forcing me to hold tighter. Fingers now separating the walls of your pussy, I saw them in and out, stretching you, feeling you. Your release is imminent.

Shuddering, and shaking, then, "Oh my God!" The upheavals are great as your body responds. "Fuckkk, I am coming!" you shout, hands griping my head, hips now thrashing about. The profusion of your nectar pours forth, painting my face and coating my tongue.

Your breathing near normal, and chest flush with a light blush, you tell me, "Clay, I want to suck your cock."

Changing places on the bed, you kneel between my thighs. You seem to attack my manhood with a hunger, a need. Taking my cock in your hands, you feel my need, the throbbing evident as you examine me. Your eyes meet mine, a slight smile crossing your lips. You lower your face and nuzzle my cock. A darting tongue caresses the soft tender head as you lick slow tantalizing circles, bringing a moan to me. Moving up and down the shaft, you engulf me fully. Now it's my turn to squirm and thrash about.

"God, Cindy that feels so good, baby," I mutter between clinched teeth.

You continue to glide up and down. Pulling off momentarily, you use your index finger to collect then smear the precum that seems to spring from a never ending well. Then once again, your mouth descends upon me with a slight raking of the teeth. You do it not to bring pain, but even more pleasure, causing yet another moan.

"Enough Cindy, God baby, I don't want to cum yet. I want inside you, now!" I state simply but with an urgency that lets you know that you have driven me near the edge I had hoped not to cross just yet. One last lick from bottom to top and you pull off me with an audible pop. As you crawl up next to me we share a kiss. You lay on your back awaiting the inevitable.

Legs slightly spread, I see the object of my desire, the inviting place all men long to be. Your vaginal lips are swollen and wet, the moisture so evident. I gaze with wonder and lust. You use forefinger and thumb, opening yourself for my arrival. I move ever so closer to paradise. Your other hand grasps my cock, guiding it into you. As I push deeper, your body opens up to me like a gateway, letting me enter into that most elusive of treasures.

Removing your fingers, entrance now gained, I slide deeper inside you. I feel the tight confines of you, hot and wet, as your arms now embrace me. Fingers stroking my back as I reach the depths of your body, I slowly slide inside, making the feeling linger until my balls are nestled against your ass. I pause. Using your muscles you clinch me; you release me, driving me crazy with lust. I begin a slow withdrawal. Only the head remains inside you. I pause again momentarily, then thrust deep inside again until I am buried inside once more.

Over and over the pace is set. We share the oldest form of pleasure known to mankind, bodies responding to our hearts' desire. I work myself inside you. The squishing sound of your wetness fills my ears, just as I fill you. You meet me thrust for thrust, our hips a blur as our passion rises and heat of our coupling expands.

"Damn Cindy, you are so tight, so wet!" I exclaim. "I may not be able to last much longer, baby."

"Then cum for me Clay, cum with me, let me feel you cum inside me!"

"Oh shit girl, I am so close. Oh God, I am about to cum."

With that my balls retract, and I feel as you do the pulsating and throbbing as my cock grows yet larger. The head already bloated, swells more. The cum I tried to hold back will not be denied its release. Our mutual moans pierce the room as I bury myself deep within the sugar walls of your pussy. Like an artesian well, I cum, offering you all I can, all I am. Within that one moment, two bodies become one, two hearts find common ground.

I slowly withdraw, spent. As I pull free, your pussy is reluctant to give me up. The wet spot we created is evidence of our coupling, of mutual desire to be held, to be loved.

I slide up on the bed next to you. We share a kiss of love and desire attained. My hand reaches out and softly caresses your tender breast. Like the color of rouge, your breasts still seek to calm down in the afterglow of the passion we have just explored. As our bodies slowly relax, we share another kiss, this one ever so tender, like your "butterfly kisses". You lie in my arms content and drift off to sleep. I marvel at the woman you are, and in that moment, I know I have met my match. Yes, my love, I am yours and you are mine. Our destiny awaits, our lives to share, an eternity of life and laughter yet to begin.
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