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Meg Makes Dessert

He went home for lunch and got dessert instead.
With the kids in school, my wife, Meg, has had more time on her hands during the day. I've started coming home for lunch when I can, and she always greets me with some new culinary delight - yesterday was no exception.

I arrived home and and found Meg busy on the deck. She had a large, ripe strawberry in her hand and I watched with intense interest as she brought it to her red lips. After so many years together, I easily recognized the desire in her eyes, and my body responded to the tease instantly.

"I was just thinking about you," she cooed, extending her finger to my mouth for me to taste the juice of the berry.

"Mmm.. fresh berries for lunch?" I asked as I tasted the sweetness on her finger, letting my teeth linger gently as if it was her nipple in my mouth.

"Berries, cream, and me." A decidedly wicked grin spread across her face. Even after ten years of marriage she still could turn me on immediately.

She eased herself back into the chair, and reached for the can of whipped cream. "Let's start with dessert for a change," she said as she sprayed a bit of cream on each nipple. I watched her, completely transfixed.

"Allow me, dear." Taking the can from her, I created my own tempting dessert. I made a long line of cream beginning between her breasts and ending in a small dollop at the crest of her mound. Stroking a wayward strand of hair from here face, I leaned down to kiss her. Her full lips pressed against mine. She tasted of strawberries, and I could sense the passion rising between us.

"Your dessert is ready, but you're a bit, um, overdressed."

After removing my clothes, I bent to kiss her again. The kiss was wet and eager, a delicious beginning. Wishing to savor other parts of my sweet love, I licked and sucked the cream from her erect nipples. My mouth slowly circling each breast with my tongue, then gently taking each of her nipples into my mouth. The suppleness of her areolas offered a pleasing contrast to the firmness of her nipples. She purred like a languid cat, relaxing as I followed the line of cream with my tongue. I fluttered my tongue down her soft belly and traced her navel with teasing little flicks.

Continuing my descent, I dropped to my knees, greeting Meg's lovely, fur-lined crescent. her familiar scent mingled with the sweet smell of the cream, beckoning me to bury my face between her thighs. As I got closer, I blew hot breathes where she is most sensitive, teasing her wickedly, bringing my mouth close but never touching.

Finally, I stretched out my tongue, tickling the edges of her nether lips. Meg arched and brought herself close against my face. Her body eager for more. I was happy to comply with her desire and, while probing and bathing her deep recesses, I enjoyed the delicious combination of cream and my wife's ambrosia that spilled into my mouth like a hot love potion.

Meg began to moan softly, her fingers tangled in my hair and her hips moving slightly and gaining rhythm. He breathing was deep, and I could tell she was getting close. A near growl came from her throat, "Now, Jeff, now. Put it inside me all the way."

I stood up and licked my lips tasting her juice smeared all over them. Meg's scent and the taste always causes an incredible primal stirring in my loins. Heat pumps through me until I break out in a sweat, my breathing becomes heavier and my cock gets full enflamed with desire. She'd gotten me more than simply turned-on, and I was ready to submerge myself inside her. With her hand, she guided me to her and I sank myself into her inviting depths. I groaned with pleasure. Being inside my wife has always felt like heaven. She moaned in response, urging my shaft to plow her deeper and harder. Her eyes widened, her skin flushed, and her ample bosom jiggled seductively as our tempo increased.

"Oh, God, there, push, make me come," she implored, arching upward to meet my frantic thrusts. She adjusted her hips to get the pressure just where she needed it. I knew the angle she was after. The one that gives her the stimulation she needs on her clitoris, and I love to watch her come. With expert skill, she clamped the inner walls of her vagina tightly around my cock, driving me wild with ecstasy. Knowing what pushes her over the edge, I placed my fingertips on the hood of her clit, massaging it over her hard, little berry as our bodies crashed together again and again. In an instant, she erupted in a shattering climax, her fingernails digging into my shoulders. Seeing her pleasure and feeling her tighten around my cock was too much for me, and I followed her into bliss.

After taking a moment to regain our senses, I helped her to her feet. "Come, love, and we'll get cleaned up." A warm shower together, caressing each other as we cleaned our bodies, used up what remained of our time. "I'm afraid I have to get back," I sighed leaving her to towel off while I fetched my clothes.

"Jeff, you haven't eaten anything yet, " she said when she joined me in the kitchen moments later.

"On the contrary, I ate my favorite treat, my sweet. I'll grab a burger on my way back to work. You know, I'll be thinking of you all afternoon."

"And I'll be waiting here for you. Spaghetti for dinner, so grab a loaf of garlic bread on your way home."

Mustering my most wicked grin, I said, "Spaghetti, hmm... what's for dessert?"

Shaking her head, she lifted her smiling face to mine for our routine good-bye smooch. Kissing her good-bye never gets any easier. "I love you, Meg."

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