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Melanie Gets Fucked: Part One

He takes me hard and deep as his balls slap off my pussy.

Hel squeezes my hand as we walk along the embankment; we have spent the morning meandering through London before returning to our apartment with my bags in hand. My indulgence has always been lingerie; I love how sexy it can make you feel when you show it off to your partner in preparation for a hot session in the bedroom. Today’s buys include a black lace lingerie set, back seam hold ups, and a new pair of killer black high heels.

I have not let Hel see what I have bought yet, it will be a surprise fashion show when we get home, but the infamous black and pink store bags betray the contents. Hel spontaneously kisses my cheek as we walk through the park, his arm wrapping around my waist to hold me closer. It is a cool November day with the chill of autumn making its’ presence known. Once we reach the apartment, we strip off the scarves and coats; I tug off my knee-high boots and pad into the kitchen. Hel follows me with his signature hat still on, his arms go around me while I make coffee and I feel his beard brush my skin as he kisses my cheek.

“You’re beautiful sweetheart.”

I smile at his affection, bumping my behind against his crotch before turning in his arms to touch his face. We kiss slowly, sensually as our lips melt into each other. His body presses me back against the counter and his hands traverse my back to settle on my hips. Our kisses deepen in time to our heavier breathing. Arousal radiates off Hel as his hand slides up my top to feel my DD cup breasts as his mouth turns to my neck. His six foot two frame towers above me so that I scoot up onto the counter. Wrapping my legs around him while rubbing the front of his jeans with their tell-tale bulge.

Our bodies press tightly together as we kiss harder, Hel sucks my tongue and I catch his bottom lip between my teeth. His hands fondle my chest, tweaking my nipples through the thin lace of my bra before he reaches down to grab my ass. Picking me up, he takes me into the bedroom, lying me down on the bed before I pull him on top of me. We grind against each other like teenagers, Hel’s hardness rubs through my jeans and I squeeze his bum. Hel pulls up my top to kiss my breasts before tugging it off entirely and undoing my bra. My nipples go into his mouth, his teeth tease my sensitive buds to illicit a moan before he kisses down my stomach and undoes my jeans.

Hel’s hand goes into my knickers and within seconds, I feel him touch my wetness. I cry out with the sudden pleasure and hear his chuckle as he moves up to rub my button before pushing a finger into me. His fingers feel thick inside me to the point that I moan with pleasure. His fingers tap my g-spot and an intense rush moves through my body. He withdraws his hand and pulls off my jeans entirely, he strips to show his broad shouldered slim build with his masculinity on clear display. I lick my lips at the pronounced tent of his boxers and reach out for him. I stroke his manhood as he pushes my knickers aside and continues to finger me, spreading my legs with his other hand. Hel fingers me harder until cream gushes onto his fingers.

Hel grins and kisses me softly before tugging down his boxers; he smears my cream around his cockhead and lines himself up to me. Our eyes lock as he slides his tip into me, my muscles clutch at his head and we each let out a low moan, he pushes in further, then backs out a little before gliding in all the way. His flesh is embedded within me, wrapping my arms around him; we kiss lovingly and cleave together.

Hel moves slowly within me in long, smooth strokes, my wetness is clearly audible as we make love and I rock my hips in time to his thrusts, as our pleasure builds the speed increases. My nails scratch down his back as I thrust up to him, hungry for the satisfaction of orgasm; we get more passionate as he drills himself into me.

Moaning loudly, his cock hits the back of my pussy on each thrust to create a delicious burn in my muscles. I cry out with a gush of cream drenching his cock and trickling onto his balls. I fall back into the pillows, panting heavily before I beckon to Hel to change positions. I kneel on all fours at the edge of the bed so that he can mount me from behind.

His meat fills me entirely with his thickness; I hear his intake of breath at the increase in the narrowness of my love channel as he pushes into me. He takes me hard and deep, his balls slap off my pussy and my breasts swing before being fondled in Hel’s large hands. He leans down to kiss my shoulder and returns his hands to grip my hips. I feel him swell within me before spurting out ropes of cum, we gasp in unison and Hel puts his arms around me again. I lie down onto my front with Hel moving out of my wet heat.

Hel holds me close in a tender embrace as we cool down. On my first shiver; he pulls the bed sheets up over me and kisses my temple. We doze off at some point before waking a few hours later, we shower together then dress again. Lazing around the apartment before Hel’s hand moves onto my thigh and I catch his eye. I mirror his action to place my hand up on his leg.

Hel kisses my neck and I tilt back my head with a soft sigh of pleasure, that’s my weak spot when it comes to sex. I love having my neck kissed, love bites just remain as tokens of passion. Hel draws me into him while his hand moves to rub the crotch of my jeans, his fingers teasing me through the light denim.

“Is your pussy wet for me baby?”


I whisper, kissing him softly as I palm the bulge of his jeans.

“I want my master.”

Desire appears in his eyes as he gives a low growl, lust clear on his face.

“Strip for me, slut.”

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