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Memoirs Of Last Week

Step In My Head, If You Dare
Several days ago, things in my life took a most interesting, pleasurable turn for the better. I was blessed to make a new friend. She's the kind of woman men like me dream of their entire life from the moment they pay the toll to pass through to puberty. She has dark, long, luxuriously thick hair. I imagine her skin is as smooth and soft as the finest silk cloth. Her figure is not know to me, but what little I have seen of her shape is not only dangerously enticing to me, but very seductive and certainly unforgettable.

Her saucy humor is the marinade for my fillet of foolery, but when I saw a good picture of her eyes, well my friends, THAT was a TKO!! It's so rare for me to be enticed so by the cyber-charms of a woman. As those who know me will attest to, most often it takes me several minutes to look at anything other than the legs and ass of a lady I find as captivating as I find her. What you won’t believe is that I've seen neither her legs nor her ass! Naturally, yes, I'm curious, anxious, hoping to discover what treats her lower body has for the seeding of my dreams of her, but I dare not mention this to her!

She was kind enough to tell me right from the start that she won’t ‘cyber’ nor post/send pictures, so you see, I cannot risk loosing her friendship just to satisfy my curiosity. Sure… she knows she makes me horny as the guy with three penises. (His pants fit him like a glove!) Alright. I’ll give you a moment or two to ponder that if needed.

Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.

(Drumming my fingers on the desk) OH! Now you get it!! Three penises and two legs - pants fit like a glove! LMAO!!! Okay. So now, back to the reason you’re reading this dissertation. Certainly! I know she likes to tease me, and I enjoy it - probably as much as she does.
She teases me relentlessly by either having her phrasing coated in the sweetness of sexual innuendo or she’ll just come right out and toss a hand grenade in my pocket when I’m not looking. If I ever meet her in person I will bow down before her. Not as a surrender. Certainly not!

I will bow before her to show my admiration and respect for her being strong enough to share her personality with me so freely. Our bantering is all in fun. We both know that we will be cyber-friends and potentially will become very close emotionally months down the road, but as for ever meeting face to face, well, let’s say it’s most unlikely it will ever happen. I’m sorry to reiterate so often, but I tell ya, her meticulous sentence phrasing is phenomenal.

If we were boxing opponents, she'd have my butt backed into a corner many times! I’d fight my way back to center ring, but I bet I’d get winded doing so. She‘s fast, clever, and intelligent. A ‘deadly’ combination for a guy such as myself. FYI: No, I cannot tolerate boxing. I think it’s stupid. In any event, it’s undeniable she enjoys trying to fluster me. I'm secure enough in my masculinity to openly admit that she has done just that very thing several times over.

She said recently that I was easy to please. My reply was, ‘No way! - LMAO!!’ I thought I had set her straight on that concept because I swear I had her staggering around the ring, but she came back swinging and landed the, "I seem to easily please you so I must be what you have wanted all your life" upper cut.

DANG! She almost landed a knock out punch there, and it was all above the belt! Damn! She's good!! I was the one staggering now. As I danced around the ring I asked her if that was a rhetorical question, thinking it would take the heat off me for a moment.

WRONG! She walked right over and kicked me in the ass with, “I‘m waiting for an answer.”

DING! DING! DING! WHEW! Round over.

Never have I been so glad to hear that bell in my life! I now know first hand how it feels to be saved by the bell. I mean, how am I to answer that question?? I sure as hell ain’t gonna lie to her, but telling her the whole truth could be fatal for me. By that I mean she’d probably turn tail and run. Honestly. Let’s face reality here.

What in the world would a young, sweet, sexy lady like her even want with an old fart like me that is probably more than twice her age? I know that the mere concept of her ‘wanting’ me is strictly the output from my fantasy fueled brain extrapolating the most improbable (but most enjoyable) of all possible scenarios to taunt me with. Still, if I know her as I think I do, she’ll let that question lay there at my feet, tormenting me for several days.

Then, when I least expect it, she’ll walk quietly up behind me, squat down, reach between my legs and grab the question without me detecting her. Then, she’d probably stand up and walk in front of me - very nonchalantly - and shove it down my throat, demanding I answer her. (All that was metaphorically speaking, of course)

Ah yes. Is there any doubt as to why I’m so enchanted with this devilish angel? No. Is there any way I can resist her? {sigh} I doubt it.

At the risk of sounding like an egotistical chauvinist, (which by the way, I passionately hate being near guys like that), she is certainly a worthy ‘opponent’ for me to spar with. I’ve not felt this alive for a long time! Her strong willed, self-confident, ‘tough enough to face you toe to toe but sweet enough to make you want to take me in your arms and love the hell out of me’ manner has given new life to me.

Yeah. I hear you...."Could I fall in love with her?" (Long pause here - not for dramatically effect either! “Well,” I say cautiously. “In a way, I guess I’d be a liar if I were to say anything other than I already have fallen in love with her in a way.” If it means anything, I love her humor, cleverness, the way she plays with my head, (the uppermost one, I’ll have you know), the emotion and feeling she so fluently expresses through the written word. The list has more, but I can’t share everything.

Undeniably, I’m more than impressed with her articulate wording in the posts she has placed here.
She has gotten me quite aroused many times just by the way she phrases things. I‘m in awe of the way she manipulates words to her utmost advantage and the way she gets me thinking in ways I really shouldn‘t be thinking. What would I do if I ever do get a chance to meet her?

Well, I’d certainly bust my ass to get to meet her in person! What the hell were you thinking when you asked that???? Beyond that, I’d certainly need to do what Johnny Cash sang …. ‘Keep a close watch on this heart of mine’.

Huh? What’s that?

No, I don’t consider myself demented, nor do I think I’ve perfected the practice of enjoying disillusioned visions of grandeur. In this day and age, more things are probable and possible than ever before. All I can tell you is that since Savanna and I have been conversing and sharing some of our thoughts, there’s been a youthful ‘spring’ put back in my step. The Almighty has granted me a glimpse of heaven when permission was given for her and I to meet online. I accept the fact that our physical paths will probably never cross but I’m still thankful for even having her in my cyber-life. She’s a dignified, respectable, compassionate lady, so don’t ever disrespect her. Even though she can more than fend for herself, I’ll kick your ass up so high you’ll be wearing your pants above your eyebrows if I learn of it!!
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