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Miss Sanders

How my loins yearned for solice!

Lisa looked at Miss Sanders with horrified, young blue eyes. Her teacher was standing over her naked body with a long, sinister whip that dangled to the floor. Several teasing passes had been made along the inside of her thighs; and one, cruel blow had administered a searing, red welt across her backside. Now Miss Sanders was about to add a special surprise for the precocious girl.

            "It made me faint when I first experienced it," said the teacher.

            "What?" There was a quiver to Lisa's voice.

            "The oil."


            "Hot oil. It gets dribbled into the welt."

            "You can't do that!"

            "I've already decided. You'll have to brace yourself."

            "Please! No!"

            "It's from China. I don't know what's in it, but you won't believe the pain."


            Lisa's muscles tensed as her teacher daubed oil onto a silk scarf. Her body pulled at the straps that held her wrists and ankles to the table, but there was no way to break their hold. She watched as Miss Sanders approached her, tears forming in her eyes, but she was utterly captivated. Her tender, young pussy needed this torture. She hadn't thought it possible, but the orgasms brought on by pain were so intense that she spent hours every day fantasizing about what malicious abuse would come next.

            She braced against the table, and held her breath. For a moment she thought she was going to die. The oil burned her flesh like napalm. She screamed at the top of her lungs for an eternity, and begged for mercy, but there was no relief for her agony.

            "Just an hour more my sweet."

            "No! Please!   I can't take it for another second!"

            "It will all be over very soon. Relax. Let the fire tantalize you."

            "Please!" Lisa felt herself shake and started to urinate. She desperately tried to hold back, but was quickly soaked by a long stream that coursed up her chest and formed a pool.

            "That's a good girl."

            "Wipe it off me," she begged.

            "I can't."

            "You have to, have to!"

            "It's good for you."

            Lisa wrestled with her straps, and felt the oil burn with increasing intensity. Another jet of urine spouted from her pussy, and she started to feel the euphoria of orgasm.

            "I didn't know you liked to pee so much." There was a note of humor in Miss Sander's tone.

            "I'm so humiliated, please wipe it off. Please! Please wipe me down, I can't stand it. Please!" The oil began to drip toward her inner flesh. Lisa stared, transfixed by what was about to happen to her. She pulled at the straps, trying to loosen them; she felt her urine flow down her side and form a warm puddle along her back. The oil continued to ease toward her pussy, she knew that she would die if it reached her beautiful snatch. She squirmed around on the table and began to whimper as she saw the first drop of oil reach her clit.

            Just then Miss Sanders let her have another fierce blow from the whip. The coiled leather sliced her skin open across the backs of her thighs. She screamed and begged to be released but her teacher was enjoying their session too much to let her go. Miss Sanders whipped Lisa's buttocks twice with all the fury she could muster. The tortured girl screamed again and writhed in a vain attempt to free herself. Her pussy was soaked with a mixture of come, urine and the hot oil; she grew faint from the intensity of the moment but Miss Sanders brought her back with a quick slap on the cunt.

            "I have another nasty present for you Lisa."

            Before Lisa could answer, Miss Sanders spread her asshole open with her fingers and inserted the hasp of the whip an inch. Lisa cried as the whip was pushed farther inside of her. Miss Sanders leaned over her and kissed her pussy and worked the whip out and back in. In a matter of moments the teacher was pounding the whip into her, faster and faster. Lisa's head was dizzy, she was amazed at the odd things she was aware of...the sucking sound of the whip in her ass, the trickle of wetness moving to her navel, her deep moans and occasional cries. She was stunned when she heard herself implore Miss Sanders to ream her harder...harder...make my asshole scream...make my pussy come.

            Come flowed from her like a fountain. She breathed out deeply as the whip was removed. "You liked that, I could tell. That's good, we'll do it more often from now on." Lisa couldn't respond. She moaned like a wounded animal, her limbs aching from the leather straps. She felt her ankles being released and she stretched her legs. When she made contact with the table her fresh wounds caused her to tense up and pull her legs back toward her. She admired her body. As her hands became free she caressed her nipples and stroked her clit. Miss Sanders watched with growing arousal as Lisa masturbated. Come continued to pour out of her. She shuddered as a climactic orgasm erupted from her delicious flesh.


            The next day brought a soreness that Lisa had never known before. No wild masturbating or hissing whips had ever made her feel so exhausted. She spent the better part of the morning and afternoon in her bed, slowly fingering her tired clit. As nightfall approached she heard someone at her door.

            "Please let me sleep."

            "We have more business to attend to."

            "I can't. I...please let me stay here tonight."

            "If I let you off tonight you might become spoiled. I wouldn't like that."

            "I promise I'll be good. I need to sleep."

            "Is that all you're doing, sleeping?"

            "Yeah, I haven't been able to move."

            "If I check your clit will I find out that you've been playing with yourself?"

            "Only a little."

            "Well, in that case, I must punish you. Get up."

            "I can't. Please let me have tonight off. I'll be so much more fun tomorrow."

            "Is that a promise?"

            "I promise. I'll make you come all day."

            "Don't speak to me in that tone. If we wait until tomorrow I'll have to strap your ass all morning. Is it a deal?"

            "All morning?"

            "All morning. Bare. You'll be tied up again. I might even get the oil out."

            Lisa considered her alternatives, but she knew she needed sleep tonight, she also needed a respite from her torture. "It's a deal. We'll do it all morning."

            "I'll also exercise you, it's been too many days since we've done that. Miss Sade will be angry if she finds out you've gotten out of shape."

            "What kind of exercise?"

            "Laps around the gym. Nude."

            "All right."


            Lisa found it hard to sleep that night. The oil left a burning sensation in her loins and along the welts on her legs and buttocks. Her asshole was aching and felt loose. She was afraid that she might soil the bed and slept on her side all night, her ass cheeks pressed together as hard as she could squeeze them. She woke up a little before dawn and rubbed her backside and thighs. She felt the raised flesh that formed crisscrosses along her skin and wondered how many fresh welts there would be after Miss Sanders was through with her that morning. Poking her ring finger between her closed thighs, Lisa pressed her clit hard against her pelvis and then stroked herself until she was wet. With her other hand she traced the outline of her nipple and then pinched it as hard as she could. She began tugging on it and forced another finger into her pussy when suddenly the door opened.

            "What are you doing Lisa?" It was Miss Sade, the schoolmaster.


            "Don't you lie to me, I can tell you've been masturbating. I will not permit that kind of behavior from my girls. Do you understand?"


            "Do you understand?"

            "I do. I can explain..."

            "There is nothing to explain. On your feet."


            "On your feet. Move."

            Miss Sade pulled the sheets back briskly, exposing Lisa's naked body. "Sleeping in the nude? I will not tolerate your wickedness for a second longer young lady. Get out of the bed and come with me."

            Lisa began to protest, but Miss Sade retched her by her arm and dragged her out of the room. They proceeded down the hall to the main office where Miss Sade announced her discovery to the receptionist and school nurse who had been chatting at the desk. Lisa felt their eyes stare her down as Miss Sade pulled her into the inner office. She caught a glimpse of them beginning to laugh as the door closed.

            "To the wall, Lisa."

            "Please let me explain."

            "Grab the bar and be quick about it."

            Lisa placed her hands around the bar that ran the length of one wall. She resisted only the slightest bit as Miss Sade bound her wrists. In so doing this she had to lift Lisa partially off the ground. The young girl's feet dangled helplessly until the woman bound them to a set of rings in the floor.

            Already wet from her masturbating, Lisa was now nearly soaked with the fear and anticipation of the punishment she was about to endure. She watched as Miss Sade went to the tremendous oak desk across the room. Lisa knew why she was going to the desk. She heard the drawer open. There had been other times in this room. The drawer closed and Miss Sade approached her with an evil leather crop. She stared ahead and awaited the blow. She didn't wait long. A brutal hissing preceded the horrible sting of the crop. Up and down her buttocks and thighs the cruel device tore at her skin, still swollen and sore from the previous day. Lisa cried and cried, tears pattering to the wooden falling in her face...her wrists and ankles again desperately trying to break their bonds. She lost count at eight. There were at least as many more that followed.

             Lisa fell back to the floor as Miss Sade untied her. The woman's arms catching the girl before she collapsed. Lisa always tried to bear up to the punishment but this time she found herself unable to hide her emotions. Tears kept flowing down her cheeks and she couldn't stop crying. Her battered and whipped naked body trembled. Her eyes looked down at the ground and she noticed the worn pattern of an area carpet. She saw that her nipples were extremely hard, erect out of her breasts so much that they almost seemed to be on top of them. She walked to the desk with Miss Sade and as she did she felt the juices of her pussy rub between her thighs. She swallowed as she sat down in the chair. Miss Sade began admonishing her for continued disregard for the moral code which the school lived by. She warned of further whippings and worse...but Lisa could only shift in the chair, her new welts angrily reminding her that sitting was going to be impossible for quite some time. She thought about Miss Sanders. She stopped crying and looked at Miss Sade.

            "I'll be better."

            "If I have to bind you to your bed I will."

            "I'll be good. I will be."

            She rose to her feet with Miss Sade and together they walked back into the outer office. The nurse examined her buttocks and told nobody in particular, "she'll live." In a short time she was back in her room. She made her bed and stood, looking out the window over the forest nearby. She wished she was running through the forest. It reminded her of the grove of woods by her house. She thought about her sister. Her parents. Caryn. Chris. She followed the flight of a bird and wanted to fly. She fell into a sort of trance, unbroken until Miss Sanders walked in.


            "Let's go."

            "OK." Lisa walked out into the hallway with Miss Sanders. She was still naked and the fresh welts administered by Miss Sade stood out in sharp contrast to her tender young flesh. They walked down past the office where she had just been, and through double doors to a stairwell leading down to the gym. At the bottom of the stairs they went through another pair of doors and past several storage closets before coming to the entrance of the locker room. Once inside, Miss Sanders made her wait while she went into the small office for a moment. Lisa looked around the locker room and noticed how drab and bleak it was. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other on the cold concrete floor and crossed her arms over her chest to stay warm, underneath them, her nipples were like rocks. Within minutes Miss Sanders had returned, brandishing a stop watch, whistle and clipboard.

            "I'll time you. I expect that each lap will be better than the previous one. If not, then you'll receive 5 additional straps for each lap that is slower. Do you understand?"


            "Yes what?"

            "Yes, ma'am."

            They went out into the gym and Miss Sanders turned on the lights. Lisa stretched her legs before starting off on her first lap.

            "Get moving. I won't let you open with a deliberately lax pace."

            Lisa ran a little harder, her feet making a slapping sound on the wooden court. She pumped her arms faster, so that Miss Sanders would think she was really giving it her best effort, and rounded the far corner of the gym. Her small breasts heaved with each step. She began to feel her nipples grow even harder than they had been in the locker room and she felt a wave of adrenaline course through her veins. As she passed Miss Sanders, a blast of the whistle jolted her, and she was told to get the lead out. She ran faster. Her breasts were jerking up and down in time with her knees, she noticed a bead of sweat trickle down the side of her forehead and the balls of her feet were starting to become sore from the incessant pounding on the hardwood floor.

            She completed another lap, and Miss Sanders blew the whistle again, yelling at her that she was moving too slowly. If she didn't improve there was going to be trouble. Her heart was beating furiously, her sides cramping and her lungs burning. She was sweating around her hairline, and from her armpits. Droplets of water ran down her sides and she felt wetness at the base of her back. Within seconds there was a rivulet of sweat moving down the crack of her buttocks. It concentrated between her vagina and rectum and then pattered to the floor. She experienced another burst of adrenaline and more sweat drenched her. Passing Miss Sanders she kept her head down and her eyes fixed on the ground in front of her. Miss Sanders slapped her ass with the clipboard and told her she still had 7 laps to go.

            "There's no way...I can't finnish," Lisa thought. She knew that she was going to be beaten afterwards. She started to rationalize, "what do I care if she hits me 30 times or 40. What difference does it make. I should just start walking. Screw Miss Sanders." But she didn't walk, in fact, she completed 3 more laps faster than the earlier ones. Her pain was almost too much, though. Dizzy, soaked from head to toe in her own perspiration and acutely aware of the cramps and aches that were overcoming her, Lisa began to slow down.

            The whistle blared. "That's 5 straps. Keep it up and you'll get 10."

            The last several laps were torturous. With half a gym separating her from deliverance, she stopped altogether. Her hands pressed hard against her knees, her hair hung over her eyes, matted and dripping. She looked up at Miss Sanders, standing disapprovingly across the room, and then looked back down. She was in for it, she could tell. She slowly stood up and walked the remainder of the way to her teacher. Miss Sanders said nothing. Lisa stared blankly in front of her, not wanting to see the look in her eyes. Suddenly the clipboard was thrust in front of her, and she was informed that each of her last 4 laps had been inadequate.

            "That's 20 straps."        

            "I couldn't run any faster," Lisa protested.

            "I won't tolerate excuses."


            "That's enough. You'll receive 20 additional straps to your punishment. I will not stand for your laziness. You're a young girl, you should be able to run 10 laps on a moments notice. The fact that you cannot perform even the easiest physical tasks is unacceptable. There is no wonder why your grades are so bad. There is no wonder why you are doing so poorly at this school."

            Lisa was numb. She didn't know what to say other than she was trying. She would do better, she promised. It was just like being at home with her father before he punished her. She felt an overwhelming sense of dread toward what awaited her, but at the same time she was aroused. She felt herself become aware of the slightest sensations. Her feet pressed flat on the grain of the wooden floor; her sweat dripping from every pore; the coy look on Miss Sanders' face. It was quite exhilarating.

            Miss Sanders grabbed her by the arm and broke the spell she had been under. They went out another door and down a rarely used staircase to a sub-basement. Another series of storage closets were here, built on top of the old locker room. Here and there remnants of the old room remained. They walked past a grouping of metal lockers and through an enormous metal door. It was if they had passes through a new dimension. Where the old room was dark and dingy, the vault they were in now was brilliantly lit and seemed to recall Ancient Rome. The walls were made of solid stone, and they shone in the bright light. The floor was ornately engraved, an image of the sun rising over children with a flock of birds flying majestically by. A number of doors led off to ante chambers from this room, and Miss Sanders unlocked one. She brought Lisa into the same room they had been in the day before, only it took her a moment to recognize it.

            Miss Sanders helped Lisa onto the dais in the center of the room, and laid her on her back. Lisa felt her arms being brought above her head, and her wrists bound to the table. Next, her legs were brought over her head, one after the other, and her ankles were also bound. In this position her vagina was only inches from her face and her backside was facing straight into the air. Miss Sanders had begun doing this only a short time before, and Lisa was somewhat nervous at the potential the position held.

            Peering to her right past her suspended thigh, she saw the leather strap that would administer this day's penitence. She took a deep breath and felt the first swat burn her buttocks. The wounds from Miss Sade were quick to open, and Miss Sanders concerned her efforts more with Lisa's tenderest region. From her position on the dais, Lisa was stunned to see the edge of the strap come down lengthwise on her vagina. She howled in fear and pleaded for mercy but Miss Sanders brought the strap down, again and again on her pussy, burning the soft folds of skin with unremitting fury. Lisa cried like a little baby, tears swelling her eyes until she could hardly see. The strap continued to beat her. The slapping sound followed by a new round of shrieks and cries for help.

            After 10 minutes, Lisa could barely remain conscious. Her legs were unhooked and Miss Sanders brought them down on to the table. Lisa was permitted to writhe in agony for some time before her antagonist grabbed her jaw and looked dead into her face.

            "Will you need any further instruction today?"

            "No...please, I can't bear it. I'll do anything, but please don't whip me any more."

            Lisa cried for another minute and then felt Miss Sanders release her from her grasp. She turned her head so that she could cry in private but then noticed her teacher caress her legs, and the sides of her buttocks. As the hand, which only a short time earlier had wielded the instrument of terror, reached her abdomen, Lisa turned to face her tormentor and was amazed at what confronted her.

            "Miss Sanders!" The teacher was nude, one hand on Lisa, the other pinching her own nipple. She climbed on top of the table and straddled the young girl. Her hands worked their way up Lisa's ribs and along her outstretched arms. As Lisa lay mesmerized, Miss Sanders brought her mouth down on those delicious breasts, suckling each with her tongue and lips, then biting playfully until they stood upright.

            Lisa shifted on the table, but could only move so far as her wrists were still bound. She arched her neck while Miss Sander's licked her way from her collarbone to her chin. Lisa gazed into the older woman's eyes and then they kissed. Hard. Wet.

            They intertwined their legs and Lisa felt a finger penetrate her pussy. She moaned and Miss Sanders inserted a second finger, then a third. She halted abruptly and sat back, taking the shapeliness of her student to heart. She then went down and made Lisa's sore love nest feel warm and loved with careful, measured flicks from her tongue.

            Lisa came like a majestic waterfall, juice slithering along her lips and down her crack. Miss Sanders sucked her clit like a baby's bottle and another stream of come poured forth. Lisa moaned, a deep throated moan that she couldn't have replicated if she tried. She twisted on the dais, the agony from her beating encompassing the ecstasy from her lovemaking until she fell into the soft cocoon of her inner mind. It provided a haven of all she knew and secretly adored. Miss Sanders stroked her lovingly, and shortly thereafter helped her off the table. Lisa allowed her weight to rest gently on her teacher, and she nuzzled the soft breasts which dangled in her face.

            She felt like she was in a dream as they walked back to her room. Once in bed, Miss Sanders kissed her gently and they shared a long cuddle. Miss Sanders bade her sweet dreams as she shut the door and Lisa lay on her pillow, her eyes gradually shifting back to the window and her secret world of fantasy and desire.

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