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Love is in the air, but will it break?

Hey guys! This is my first story here so criticism is needed. More stories will come, and I hope you enjoy this one!

THERE WAS always something missing in Anney's life. It made her sad to think of never finding out the reason why. Sure she was pretty, with her deep mahogany hair and piercing green eyes, and she never had problems with guys. Well, until she had met a man one day in the local bar. Just by looking at him had made her wet. It was so sad that she had to go anyway, leaving the beautiful stranger alone. His sheer smile had hooked her first. Then those piercing icey blue eyes. But it had been months since that time.

As she walked down the busy New York sidewalk, hoping to get to her art studio quicker, she noticed a man, sitting on a park bench, looking down at his clasped hands. By the way he appeared, he was obviously deep in thought. She couldn't make out his face, his had was bowed down, hiding her view.

Deciding she needed to help, she strutted over to the man, bending to tap his shoulder. With her sharp movements, his head jerked up so fast his face was only inches away from hers. She saw blue eyes first, holding her captive with his gaze. He lifted his head more, giving her a quick view
of his pale blond hair. But now that her gaze had shifted, she was looking at a pair of cupid bow lips, light pink from the moisture in the air. Hell, it wasn't the only moisture roaming around. She hoped the south pole was staying cold right now, rubbing her legs to make sure.

It was then that she realized something. This handsome man before her was him. His eyes softened as he noticed who she was as well, and liking what he saw by the bulge between his pants. She tried looking away, not letting her mind wander about that little insight.

"Oh, um, how are you? Wait, I meant are you okay?" Her nervousness made him laugh, and it was so lovely. Like music.

"Well, I guess so. How about you?" His lips bit back another laugh, probably guessing what a fool she was.
"I guess you could say I'm the same."

"You're the girl from the bar, aren't you?" His question shocked her at first, then surprise turned to understanding.

"Well, yes, I am."

"Hmmm... what's your name? I never did catch it."
"Anney, uh-um, Anne, I mean." Yep, nervousness it was.

"Nice to meet you Anne, again. I'm Sam." She greeted him the same way, and began chatting with him, hoping to find out everything about him.

Right now, he was single, at his wonderful age at 25, only two years ahead of her. He worked as a Realtor for the thriving business offered by Tri-Up Inc. and laid down tile as a second job. Through their conversation, they shared laughs and blushes, and didn't mind the surrounding people eyeing them. She had finally met her dream guy, and she wasn't about to lose him.

"Anne, would you coming back home with me? It seems I haven't guests in awhile, and I would love to have you." That wasn't the only thing he was having.

"That would be perfect!" She was utterly thrilled at the idea.

"Okay, well, why don't we catch the next bus home?"

Once inside he offered a glass of wine, which she greedily accepted. His home was beautiful, like he was. Soft leather couches and decorative pillows covered the living room, and cherry oak cabinets filled the kitchen. His bedroom was stunning as well. Silk sheets topped the bed with a fireplace warming up the room. He had a jacuzzi in his bathroom, as well as a shower which doubled the size of hers at home. Probably meant to be for two people.

As he watched her take in his home, he couldn't help but trace her body with his fingertips. She shivered in moaned in pleasure at him finally touching her. To hell with a nice evening! She wanted him now.

Twisting around to face him, she grabbed his face, pulling it seconds from hers. Then very softly, she kissed him. He wasn't prepared for the rage of desire building in him at the moment, the burning love soaring through him. Picking her up, he tossed her on the bed, growling at the feel of her body. Now he needed her naked. She was ripping every piece of clothing off she could find, only wanting the feel of him. She wanted him, his love, everything. She didn't know what it was about this man that turned her on, but she sure loved it.

Their tongues danced with each other, nibbling, tasting, feeling. His aroma was intoxicating. He pleasured her, rubbing her breasts in his hand, tweaking her nipples until they pointed up at him like a pair of binoculars. Her tasted them, her. Feeling her hot and heavy mound brush his erect penis, his leaned down, kissing every inch he could find, before stopping at her hips. He lightly kissed her inner thighs, teasing her until she was moaning and screaming for more, for him. He finally laid his mouth on her and devoured her whole, licking deep and loving it. 

Grabbing her, he finally thrust into her, feeling her flower open to him. He groaned loudly, feeling her body. She was thrashing around beneath him, taking him in whole. Kissing her again, he thrust harder and faster, echoing her screams until they both fell on top of one another, soaked in sweat and after smell of making love. During the entire time you couldn't understand her words, since she only mumbled bizarre things.

Leaning over her whispered in her ear such sweet nothings, breathing her in. She kissed him lovingly, telling him to never leave. He made her that promise, if only she never believed it.

SO HERE she was now, eight months later, no longer believing that stupid jerk. He made love to her, then disappeared, the bastard.

As she hopped off from the bus, she followed the path into the studio, relishing in the hope of painting something new. When she finally opened the door to her workroom, Sam was standing there, holding a bouquet of flowers.

"What the hell are you doing here?" she demanded.

"Well, I came her in hopes of marrying you actually." he smiled that secret smile he only gave her.

"I decline, now leave."

"Oh, no, my dear. I will have you as my wife, and forever after that. The only reason I left was because I know you didn't need a scumbag like me."

"Why the hell would you think that? I love you so much it kills me! When you left I was torn!" Tears started flowing and somehow she couldn't stop them.

"I have always loved you, from the first time I even set my eyes on you. Will you marry me?"

"Yes." she whispered. 

They fell as one, and awaited their future together as one.

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