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Moonlight Angel

The prince of hell enjoys an evening with his angelic lover.
Damien watched her, her ivory skin glowing under the moonlight. The bed clothes were a rich royal blue that made her cream colored body stand out against them. Her hair shone like a golden river and her eyes shimmered like aquamarines. She was naked, cloaked only in the light from the moon. Her breasts moved with every breath she took, her nipples hardened to pink rosebuds. Her stomach, not as flat as it had been a few months ago, was beginning to show the evidence of his heir growing within her.

Only two short months ago she had been a prisoner of the celestial war and he, the prince of Hell. He’d found her in the harem and had been drawn to her. An angel in the depths of the fiery plain he used to call home.

Things were different now.

Damien crawled over her, smiling at her longing gaze.

“Have I been neglecting you?” he asked, nuzzling against her jaw. She purred, lips twisting upwards in amusement.

“Only enough that I can complain about it.” She teased him. He nipped at her shoulder.

“Brat…” he muttered, dipping his hips so that his still clothed erection brushed against her skin. She bucked, craving the friction against her sensitive flesh.

“Damien!” She hissed, her eyes darkening. He chuckled, repeating the action.

“Evangeline, so desperate for me…” Again, “I bet I could get you off just from this.” Evangeline whimpered, squirming underneath him.

“Want you…” she murmured.

“You’ve got me.” He promised her. She shook her head, her hands tugging at the waistband of his jeans.

“Want you inside me…” she pleaded. He nodded and kissed her. Her hand unbuttoned his pants and pushed them down his hips. Now nothing separated them. Repeating the roll of his hips, the head of his cock pressed against her wetness. He didn’t enter her , instead he continued to tease her, feeling her juices drench his skin.

“Damien please!” She begged. He slipped his lips over hers the same moment he slid in to the hilt. Her back arched and two silvery wings erupted from her shoulder blades. He increased his pace, her hips looping around his waist. He was perhaps rougher than he should have been, his hands pulling feathers out as her voice urged him on. She screamed when several moments later she felt her climax hit.

He withdrew only long enough to flip her on to her stomach. She supported herself on her knees and forearms as he continued to ravage her. His hands now formed bruises on her hips, they would fade in the morning though. She collapsed moments later when she felt him spill inside her. Panting heavily he moved to lay beside her. They lay there trying to regain their breath, stealing air from one another through kisses. His hand moved between her legs feeling their combined fluids. Her passage way was still slippery and pulsated around his fingers. “No more…” she told him. He nodded, wiping his hand on the sheets before wrapping his arm around her.

“I love you.” He told her. She smiled, tucking her head underneath his chin.

“I love you too.”

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