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More Than A Dream

Isn't this how every males wants to be woken up? *giggles
Slowly I enter the bedroom, squinting as my eyes adjust and survey my surroundings under the dim light of the sunset coming through the open patio doors. A tropical breeze blows the curtains inward sending a pulse of warm salty air into my lungs. I look towards the large canopy king bed to find you sleeping naked on your back spread across the crisp white sheets. I pause to take in the view of you with the top sheet pushed low between your legs so your beautiful cock is exposed. Your chest moving up and down rhythmically with each breath and your lips curl in a slight smile.

Very quietly and quickly, I slip out of my clothes letting them drop into a silent pile on the floor at my feet. I inch along top of you brushing my nipples along your legs until I am straddling you just below your cock; settling so my warm pussy brushes your balls as I reach towards your cock to wrap my slender fingers around. Softly and ever so gently, I run my hand up and down your shaft and it jump in response.

In a sleepy haze, you open your blue eyes realizing that it is not just a dream, but I am there. Gazing up at me you tenderly say, “Hello Beautiful and Amazing.”

The biggest grin forms across your face. I hold your gaze and I rub the palm of my hand across the head of your cock; full, stiff, and throbbing from all the attention. Your hips rise hinting that you want more so I wrap my fingers around the base of your cock as I bring myself up and slowly guide you to my wet opening. Teasingly, I slide gradually down your cock and then back almost bringing the tip completely out before sliding back down; slowly riding up and quickly moving down your cock in a steady rhythmic motion.

I close me eyes when I realize the moaning I hear above the sound of the waves is actually coming from me. Your cock is pressed deep inside me. My hips move in the smallest circles so that I can feel your cock growing, hitting every inch of my walls. Gasping, I open my eyes as your cock rubs against my sensitive g spot during each rotation. I feel my excitement boiling through me as my eyes again met yours and lock on your passionate gaze. I see that you are enjoying feeling my pussy against every inch of your sensitive cock. While I continue to slowly work your cock my pussy is getting wetter and wetter by each minute.

I can’t control myself anymore; the desire, the longing, the want, the need, to cum all over your cock is too great. I rock faster on your trusting hips, pressing your cock deeper into me. I lean back, arching my back. My breast pushed forwards as I brace my hands on your knees, bucking wildly on your cock. I gasp as your hands reach for my breasts; they bounce wildly each time I pound you into me. Your hands lightly pull on my breast letting my movement pull and tug the tender hard nipples.

I hear your moans and grunts as my pussy is squeezing your cock so tight now, pulling you into me and not wanting to release. The room is filled with the sounds of pleasure, the smell of sex around us, the need and desire and love between us. My body is tensing and you can sense I am so close to cumming. You quickly lean up to grab my ass in your hands, squeezing and teasing, and pulling me harder down to your cock. I feel your mouth engulf my nipples and I can’t take it anymore. I wrap my arms around your back trying to pull you tighter as I start to cum in waves over your cock. My pussy is milking your cock as wave after wave of pleasure flows over my body. I shake and moan into your ear, I pull back slightly, my hands grabbing your head as I look in your eyes and tell you “I love you”.

You pull me into a deep passionate kiss leaving me moaning into your mouth as our tongues dance making me feel completely at one with you. You groan louder as I feel your cock release and shot deep in me, coating my walls with your warm cum. Feeling your fingers digging into my ass as my pussy clamps tight to your cock, milking you, until your cock is dry.

I hold you tight to me for a few minute before you collapse back on the bed with me on top of you. I rest my head on your chest, catching my breath, listening to the beating of your heart. I feel so at peace, so at home, so where I am suppose to be. I fall asleep on top of you with your cock still deep in me. 

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