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My 16th birthday - Part One

Sorry I haven't written in a while. This is a true story, and there's more to come...
This was it, the day of my 16th birthday! I was filled with joy, as I made my way to my party at the local roller skating rink. I hadn't booked out the place, instead people were just showing up and having a laugh. Roller Rink is the name of the place, and I go there most weeks.

There's this guy there, Jake, and boy is he fit. He has short brown hair, and is about 5'11. He has the most gorgeous eyes ever, they are dark brown, and they look so sweet. He also has amazing cheek bones and dimples, two of my soft spots. He wore a pair of red chinos, and a white top--and he looked sexy as hell in it!

I have straight brunette hair which comes to about half way down my back. I have hazel eyes, which are quite light, and have a reasonable amount of green in them. I'm about 5'8 and have tanned skin. I'm also a respectable size 10 (UK size- cant be perfect, can we?). I was wearing a pair of white denim shorts, which were about 10 inches long from my hips, and a blue polo top from Ralph Lauren.

I arrived at Roller Rink as my friends did. They got out of their cars and came over to me as I got out.

"Tara!" said one of my friends, hugging me. "Happy birthday!"

"Thanks Emma!" I said, as we all made our way to the desk inside.

We all paid and we hired skates for the evening. Tara and I sat down at two of the available chairs left and put our skates on, making sure they weren't going to fall off. The others sat down at a table away from us, as they ran into people they knew.

As a joke, Tara said we should put them on in the most sexy way we could.

I sat on my chair and slipped my skates on, then I stood up, put my other things on the chair, and bent over, rubbing my hands down my legs as I did so, and tied up my shoes, still bending over. My hair fell over onto both sides of my shoulders, so I flicked it over onto one shoulder. After tying up my laces, I ran my hands over my legs, as I stood up straight.

"Tara," my friend shouted,giggling, over the loud music, "he's looking at you!"

"Who?" I shouted back, looking around, blushing.


What I've failed to mention, but what you've probably also guessed, is that I have a huge crush on Jake, and everyone knows it.

I looked over to where she was pointing to, and sure enough, there he was, looking at me. When he saw me looking at him, he quickly skated off, and went onto the rink, with a 17 year old girl, Laura.

Deciding that probably meant nothing, I went to a locker, put my stuff inside it, and waited for Tara to finish putting her skates on. Our other friends had completely disappeared but I didn't really mind. We went onto the rink and started skating.

My friends, the ones that had disappeared, got the DJ to say happy birthday to me, and they surprised me with a massive happy birthday badge. I put it on, and saw Jake out of the corner of my eyes, looking at me. I took in a deep breath and carried on skating, laughing as my friends fell over and fell into a bunch of boys.

"Tara!" screamed one of my friends, as she skated into me, making me fall over. "Oops! Sorry!"

"It's okay!" I replied, laughing it off.

As I started to stand up, I saw Jake come over to me. "Hey, are you alright?" He spoke, offering me a hand up, which, of course, I took. As I stood up with his help, I noticed that my friends had skated off and were leaving me alone on purpose.

"Yeah, I'm fine," I said, thankful that he couldn't see me blushing because of the lights.

"Good, oh, and happy birthday," Jake said, leaning in towards me. His arm bent back, pulling me in towards him as he did so (because I was still holding his hand). He had pulled me in so I could hear him and he flashed me a cute smile as he did so, which made me blush.

"Thanks!" I said, as I felt his cheek brush against mine.

"I'm Jake," he said, smiling at me.

"I'm Tara," I said, smiling back, his hand still in mine, from when he helped me up.

"Its nice to properly meet you Tara," he said, his smile getting even wider, as he looked into my eyes.

"What do you mean?" I said, laughing at my own stupidity, looking back into his eyes.

"Erm, I just mean, I see you around here, but we never really speak." His voice trailed off at the end, and I could see him blushing slightly.

That's when I knew my friends were right, he had been looking at me, not just this week, but every week!

Every single part of me wanted me to grab him, and kiss him, then and there, but my body knew better... There would be plenty of time for that later...

Hey guys, thanks for reading this. It's based on what happened on my 16th birthday, and there is more, but I just don't have the time to continue- besides, better to leave it as a cliff hanger. I hope your imagination will think of all of the possibilities of what might have happened. Only people that were there will know, but maybe I'll think up a different ending, instead of it ending like it did. Love you all!

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